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Thursday, January 03, 2013

Tooheyville - John Boehner is essential to the nation

er,…well„ to us.
Boehner has been able to combine the ineffectiveness of his efforts to control the radical tea party racist, tri-corner hat wearing, witchphilic, seccesionist, freaks to his right, with his farcical efforts to fake negotiating with  the director of progressive and just policies of the USA.
He has managed to help us along at every turn by having no ideology except the transparent one to be elected back in Ohio by attempting to be perceived as reasonable.
Of course, probably a near or real majority of his own party elected by the gun nut ammo hoarding, banana clip, bible quoting, worried that faces darker than their own will be schtupping their daughters, - whackos of the far right, perceive him for what he is.
But you see, we will all be speaking for his re-election as Speaker of the House of the insane clown posse of republican asylum inmates. He is their best.
The best for the nation, you see.
That is our truth.
That is, therefore, THE TRUTH. If you don’t believe this, we can explain to you in Room 101.
But, you see, he is so very amusing.
Actually this week, with the director of Progressiveness refusing to even DEBATE over the debt ceiling, it is ALL SO AMUSING.

Your Pal,
Ellsworth Toohey
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