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It Is Not A Good Idea
To Act As If You Can Not Accomplish
What You Were Elected To Do


Friday, January 11, 2013

With Tomorrow In Doubt

Excerpt from "With Tomorrow In Doubt," an excellent essay by T.L. Davis:
...Is an Executive Order legal to alter an Amendment to the Constitution? No, but it will take months and months to work its way through the courts and by the time it gets to the Supreme Court it will be handled exactly the way Obamacare was handled. Having been in place and having done all the damage Obama needs for it to do, the Supreme Court can rule any way that it wants to no effect. Meanwhile, the supposed Second Amendment advocates will have sat on the sidelines, waiting to get their confiscated weapons back without a peep. Oh, yeah, maybe one or two weapons go off in the struggle, but it will not be significant.

That is unless we take a hard look at the realities of our position and realize that our fight is not just over the Second Amendment, but all of them. That if they force us to raise our weapons over this issue, we should not lay them down until all of the others have been resolved. Including a Supreme Court more accountable to their oaths.

Hunters, sportsmen and veterans of wars, I ask you to look out on Arlington Cemetery, at the rows and rows of headstones there and ask yourself if their lives were worth less than yours? If their time was more desperate than these? They had children, they had wives, they had mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters. Each stone, and others elsewhere, represent a life cut short in service to the Constitution, which guarantees the rights you risk by your silence and your inaction....
Go read it all HERE. Worth your time.

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