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It Is Not A Good Idea
To Act As If You Can Not Accomplish
What You Were Elected To Do


Friday, June 01, 2018

Danish parliament bans the wearing of face veils in public

From Reuters:
COPENHAGEN (Reuters) - Denmark has banned the wearing of face veils in public, joining France and other European countries in outlawing the burqa and the niqab worn by some Muslim women to uphold what some politicians say are secular and democratic values. 
Parliament voted on Thursday for the ban proposed by the centre-right government, which says veils are contrary to Danish values. 
Opponents say the ban, which will take effect on Aug. 1, infringes women’s right to dress as they choose. 
Under the law, police can instruct women to remove their veils or order them to leave public areas. Justice Minister Soren Pape Poulsen has said that officers would in practice fine them and tell them “to go home”.
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