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Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Kim – Trump Summit: Heads and Heart

From The Last English Prince:

Is it just me, or did Kim Jong-un show up at the Singapore summit with a map-of-North-Korea haircut?

Check it out.

Check out the map

Not all recognize Trump’s style – but I get it.  
Here is a snippet from my e mail sent to a friend on June 10th. 
“He is about to humiliate Kim Jong Un in private. Big time. In front of his aides. 
And then he will humiliate him again by praising the man in public. 
MSM will gasp about the nice things he will say. I will just sit back and smile because now I have figured out how he plays the game. And he is unbelievably good regarding emotions, psychology, and human need for approval.” 
We know which one is the real genius 
So Chairman Kim Jong-un can keep his map on his head. 
America has a President who is a tough negotiator who has a Marine Corps Drill Sergeant manner of breaking down to build up: 
“It is about mind over matter. I don’t mind. And you don’t matter.” 
Kim Jong-un has been broken down, so that the Korean Peninsula can rebuild in healthy manner.
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