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Wednesday, June 13, 2018

The Rise of the UK Police State

A report on the Tommy Robinson Rally:
These are the repressive, dishonest tactics the British police used to try to suppress turnout for the Tommy Robinson protest: 
About 30,000 turned out to the #FreeTommy rally over the weekend, but it would have been bigger except the government didn’t want that. 
Just get a load of the tactics used to try to suppress, minimize, and discredit the protest.  
Quite frankly the police tactics today just re-enforced the reason why we were all protesting. This government is operating a dictatorship style police state. 
The police at Manchester Train station issued everyone section 35 dispersal orders and threatened people with arrest if they boarded the train to London. 
The Press issued fake headlines today about the protest being cancelled to deter travellers. 
The police were issuing announcements across the tannoy system in London train stations informing the public that the protest in Whitehall had been cancelled, again to try and reduce numbers 
The police moved the time back that the guys could get in to set up the stage from 12 noon to 1.30 at the last minute (just one hour to set up stage and scaffolding etc) to try and mess the whole thing up. 
The police refused to let the van through with the screen which we had hired for the protest. 
They held a huge group of protestors from moving from Trafalgar Square to the demo point in Whitehall. 
They applied extremely heavy handed tactics with batons raised, pushing protestors and forcefully removing people signs! These tactics were probably ordered by the home office to cause chaos and provoke a reaction which is quite frankly a disgrace. 
Despite all this tens of thousands of normal British citizens stood to support Tommy and tens of thousands more will be at the next protest! #FreeTommy #Policestate
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