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Thursday, June 07, 2018

WHAT THE FUCK?!!?!!???!!??? Attorney General Jeff Sessions REFUSES to Bring Charges Against Pakistani Awan Brothers

STUNNING: AWOL Attorney General Jeff Sessions REFUSES to Bring Charges Against Pakistani Awan Brothers (VIDEO)

Something is very wrong with our government.

I really hope Jeff Sessions gets a brain cancer like McCain.

Luke Rosiak (reporter from The Daily Caller): There was a second hack that occurred the same week that the DNC was breached. The same week that Wikileaks started putting up those DNC emails the House of Representatives Inspector General briefed authorities that there was this ongoing hack by Pakistanis who the Democrats hired as IT guys. 
Ordinarily they would have been arrested on the bat obviously but, think about it, that Russian narrative that they just decided to start pitching that very weak, you know how tenuous it is, how backed by nothing it is. 
You throw into the mix arrests by Pakistanis hired by Democrats and unvetted for a similar hack at an identical time the narrative about Russia would have been impossible to secure… 
What the Democrats did here was treason. They allowed the United States t continue to be hacked by these guys so they could spin this Russian narrative… … 
The DOJ under Jeff Sessions is covering up a scandal that exposes the entire Russian narrative as a hoax. It is in Jeff Sessions’s power to demolish this Russian narrative and once and for all charge the Pakistanis with hacking Congress and exposing Democrats hypocricy and negligence. He has a list of witnesses and his FBI is refusing to interview them… They have all the goods. It’s in the server logs. This case is open-and-shut. And Jeff Sessions is refusing to bring the charges.
In other words, Jeff Sessions is aiding and abetting treason.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

On the other hand, from Sundance @ TheConservativeTreehouse:
Senate Intelligence Committee Under Pending DOJ Investigation for “unauthorized disclosure of information”….
This is one of those little snippets of information, buried in the swamp and avoided by the media, that seems small and disingenuous unless you know the corrupt record of the Senate Intelligence Committee.

According to Wall Street Journalist Byron Tau, the Senate Intel Committee unanimously voted today to release documents to the DOJ “in connection with a pending investigation arising out of the unauthorized disclosure of information.“:
The Senate Intelligence Committee is one of the most politically corrupt committees in congress.
(read the rest at the link)

Thursday, June 07, 2018 3:33:00 pm  
Blogger Always On Watch said...


Thursday, June 07, 2018 4:02:00 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Our Justice Department must not let Awan & Debbie Wasserman Schultz off the hook. The Democrat I.T. scandal is a key to much of the corruption we see today. They want to make a “plea deal” to hide what is on their Server. Where is Server? Really bad!

Thursday, June 07, 2018 10:08:00 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Thursday, June 07, 2018 11:44:00 pm  

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