Tuesday, October 31, 2006

God Destroy The Monarchy

(Big time hat tip to Gandalf at UpPompeii).

Camilla, wife of Prince Charles, yesterday, removed the Remembrance Day poppy she was wearing (that's the way Brits memorialize their fallen soldiers),


God destroy the monarchy now, please, before Prince Charles is King.

Please God, destroy the monarchy, motivate the people of Britain to do whatever they have to do to get rid of these evil, horrible people who live in palaces at the expense of the British people.

Palestinian Legislator 'Prays for Earthquake'

If I weren't an atheist, I would say "from your lips to god’s ears".

(IsraelNN.com) A Palestinian Authority (PA) legislator from Bethlehem wrote that he is so fed up with politicians and media and so afraid of security forces that a strong earthquake may be the solution to end Arab suffering.

Issa Kakaki, a Fatah legislator from Bethlehem, addressed his newspaper article to "Mr. Earthquake expert" and asked for a strong earthquake, "at least seven degrees, accompanied with a tsunami to hit this land as soon as possible. Maybe this will be the solution … an earthquake to take all of us, clean us from our sins and send us to hell. Tell it [the earthquake] to move fast, not slowly, and not to imitate [sic] the politicians in postponements and time-wasting … Amen."

He explained that he is not pessimistic but that his article represents reality. "I do not exaggerate when I say that I am afraid of the newspaper or the daylight.... Civil wars are in the horizon, starvation also. These are our news, and this is our reality... We are people who do nothing except issue statements and accusations, and the clans clash and then we solve these clashes and differences."

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No one trumps John Kerry


Statement of John Kerry Responding to Republican Distortions, Pathetic Tony Snow Diversions and Distractions

Senator John Kerry issued the following statement in response to White House Press Secretary Tony Snow, assorted right wing nut-jobs, and right wing talk show hosts desperately distorting Kerry’s comments about President Bush to divert attention from their disastrous record:

“If anyone thinks a veteran would criticize the more than 140,000 heroes serving in Iraq and not the president who got us stuck there, they're crazy. This is the classic G.O.P. playbook. I’m sick and tired of these despicable Republican attacks that always seem to come from those who never can be found to serve in war, but love to attack those who did.


What's this about?

Kerry telling students it's pointless to study hard and end up in stuck in Iraq....isn't that sweet for those who serve voluntarily and are told it's pointless in this way...oh and by the way. Messr. Kerry est sans "clue" ..one of the right wing nut jobs....

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We interrupt this cup of coffee for a spit take

New U.S. counter-insurgency partnership in N. Africa to include Libya

WASHINGTON — The United States plans to include Libya in a North African counter-insurgency network. khadaffi.jpg

Libya would become a major partner in the Trans-Sahara Counter-Terrorism Partnership. The group involves nine African states, including Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia. Morocco joined the group in 2005.

The plan to include Libya would increase the intelligence exchange between Tripoli and Washington and lead to U.S. defense and security aid to the regime of Col. Moammar Khaddafy. Officials said Tripoli, opposed by the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group, would help prevent Al Qaida from establishing a sanctuary in North Africa.

The U.S. European Command has been discussing with Libya its inclusion in TSCTP, an annual $500 million program that helps train and equips special forces in North Africa. The State Department and Pentagon have encouraged the effort as part of enhanced U.S. military and diplomatic ties with Tripoli.

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Awesome Video!

Check out this awesome video tribute to the ‘diggers’ – Aussi soldiers – from a ‘Poster Girl’.


Storm Tack Appeasement: CBS Fawns Over the Muslim Brotherhood

From The Gathering Storm

Good little dhimmis CBS is. In its puff piece, CBS chides the White House for it’s ignorance of all the good the Muslim Brotherhood (also known as the Ikhwan) is doing in the world - WH On Wrong Side Of Muslim Brotherhood.

Kemal Helbawy is a founding member of the Muslim Association of Britain and a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, the Egyptian-based Islamist movement with chapters throughout the Islamic world, including Hamas in the Palestinian territories. It comprises the largest opposition bloc in the Egyptian parliament, with eighty-eight seats, and it administers a network of social services that is far more efficient and responsive than those provided by the state. Brotherhood leaders have been at the vanguard of Egypt's grassroots push for political reform, consistent with the Bush Administration's policy of democratizing the Middle East.

Of course if they would just visit the Muslim Brotherhood web site they will find the following objectives of the Brotherhood.

1- Building the Muslim individual: brother or sister with a strong body, high manners, cultured thought, ability to earn, strong faith, correct worship, conscious of time, of benefit to others, organized, and self-struggling character

2- Building the Muslim family: choosing a good wife (husband), educating children Islamicaly, and inviting other families.

3- Building the Muslim society (thru building individuals and families) and addressing the problems of the society realistically.

4- Building the Muslim state.

5- Building the Khilafa (basically a shape of unity between the Islamic states).

6- Mastering the world with Islam.

Oops/ CBS must have missed number 6. And of course this motto of the Muslim Brotherhood must have escaped t heir attention.

"Allah is our objective. The Prophet is our leader. Qur'an is our law. Jihad is our way. Dying in the way of Allah is our highest hope."
If the reporters of the 1930s were around they would quickly note all the ‘good’ that the Nazis had done for the German people before they led their country to national suicide.

CBS – post this on every reporter’s terminal. “Those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it.”

The Law of Unintended Consequences, and Irresponsibility in History

N Korea 'hides nuclear village network

Yells the headline...is there any surprise? More than a yawn. Any thoughts about possible corrective plans?

No. None, right?

Here' a big 'SO WHAT'?

NORTH Korea has established secret towns with thousands of closely guarded residents whose sole mission is to develop nuclear weapons, a South Korean lawmaker said today.

Up to 36,000 people, including the North's top nuclear scientists and their families, live in the villages in complete isolation in the already reclusive country, Conservative Grand National Party lawmaker Song Young-sun said in a report.

Earlier we read how AQ Khan's little enterprise actually SOLD P-2 centrifuges to Iran.

Bush says this is all unacceptable, but unless I have missed something, we HAVE in fact, accepted this.

What are they REALLY saying and thinking, in Tokyo, in Seoul, In Canberra, as they read the words of John Murtha, Nancy Pelosi, Dennis Kucinich, John Kerry, and and Al Gore?

What are they REALLY saying and thinking, in Tokyo, in Seoul, In Canberra, as they read about Baker in Iraq, and think back to Scowcroft's op-ed's and editorials about realpolitik?

They are thinking the USA cannot be depended upon, that in the end, nomatter how we begin, Hassan Abassi is correct, and the risk averse american PEOPLE themselves restrain the judgment of some leaders in the end about unpleasant realities.

What are the consequences of this?

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Value of Meat II

I wrote a few days ago:

[...] the thing about Islamic nations [is that] rapes and physical assaults on women aren't reduced at all. They're just not reported because women have less means to do so.

Echo left a comment in a different post:

You should go to Sandmonkey.org to see a disgusting example of how "covered meat" gets treated in Egypt. Including niqabis. Including pregnant women. Your blood runs cold.

The Sandmonkey post. There is no solace in Islam.

Iran: Who's the fool?

Another day, another nightmare headline about Iran:
Iran warns of response to nuke sanctions

TEHRAN, Iran -
Iran's firebrand president warned on Monday that his country would respond with an "appropriate and firm response" to any U.N. sanction over its nuclear program.

The comments by Mahmoud Ahmadinejad came as key United Nations Security Council members were considering a draft European resolution that would impose punishing measures on Iran over its disputed nuclear program.

"Efforts by the big powers will only incite anger and hatred," the hard-line leader told a large crowd on the outskirts of Tehran.

"The Iranian nation will respond to restrictive activities with an appropriate and firm response," he said without elaborating.

Meanwhile, Mohamed ElBaradei, who heads the International Atomic Energy Agency, said at the U.N. that his organization has not been able to verify that Iran's nuclear program is peaceful.

Tehran insists its nuclear efforts are solely geared at peacefully producing electricity.

Five Israeli Arabs arrested on terror charges

From Israel National News:
Five Israeli-Arabs were arrested Sunday in the Arab village of Um el-Fahm just hours after it was released for publication that a young Israeli-Arab woman was arrested for planning a bombing.

The entire Wadi Ara region of north-central Israel, where Um el-Fahm is located, was placed on high alert Sunday due to intelligence information that a terror cell was hiding in the Israeli-Arab villages in the region. Heavy traffic resulted, as police set up checkpoints along major arteries and checked all vehicles leaving the villages.

Another resident of Um el-Fahm, Ahmed Mohammed Mahmid, was arrested in recent weeks for burning vehicles belonging to local Arab residents he suspected of assisting Israeli security forces.

Mahmid confessed to the crimes, but claimed the vandalism was not driven by ideological motives, but because he blamed the owners of the cars for the death of his friend.

The Um El-Fahm arrests were announced the same day that Yisrael Beiteinu joined the government coalition. The party's chairman, MK Avigdor Lieberman, has called for the revocation of the citizenship of Israeli-Arabs in Wadi Ara and and the transfer of control of those villages to the PA. In exchange, Israel would annex Jewish populated areas in Judea and Samaria.

It was released on Sunday for publication that a 20-year-old Israeli-Arab female terrorist was arrested before she could place a bomb in a Raanana restaurant. She had been working in an Israeli supermarket in a Jewish neighborhood and her cousin, who was from PA-controlled Shechem (Nablus), had in the past been employed illegally at the very restaurant they sought to bomb.
See what happens when you employ illegally? You get no gratitude, only more hate.

Debkafile: Massive US-led naval war games in the Persian Gulf

In other words, 4 (four) US Navy carrier strike groups accompanied by a wide variety of friends are in the neighborhood to say "Wassup?" to Iran.

Are things really getting interesting?

Storm Track Disinformation: We Were Wrong. It’s the French Cops Fault

Listen up IBA and especially FOX News. You are all wrong! There are no Muslim riots in France.

“The riots, as anyone who lives in France will attest, are nothing to do with jihad - and are nothing to do with religion. They are the result of a combination of an oppressive police force, a lack of hope and an appallingly easy recourse to violence.

So says today’s article at Paris Link.

We have received several e-mails from the US claiming that the riots taking place in the suburbs of France's major cities are part of an Islamic jihad. We want to take this opportunity to put the record straight. They are not. They are nothing to do with religion, and not all of the rioters are Muslim... Fox News would do well to learn. This may seem like a radical statement to the Fox News-watching public who have seen headlines like "France in Flames", but the vast majority of its immigrants are proud to be French. In fact, the vast majority of Muslims in France are very happy to live in a secular society, and the current rioting is not an Islamic jihad. All of this may make me sound like a liberal loony, but it is the truth. One e-mail I received this morning called for France and Europe to have more "cojones" in tackling the Islamic menace. The fact is that France has more experience and more "cojones" when it comes to tackling radical Islam, than any other country in Europe.

Here’s the real problem according to Paris Link.

First of all, though, it pays to understand these suburbs. France's first wave of immigration from its former colonies resulted in the housing estates that we see today. The de Gaulle government created the miserable tower blocks to the north and south of Paris, and around other major French cities that we see today. Their expectation was that the immigrants would do their job and leave. At no point did de Gaulle or his government consider that the immigrants would wish to stay in France. This in itself caused problems. The immigrants came with their families. The children of these immigrants, born on French territory, were French. They grew up between cultures - that of their family, to which the original immigrants clung on to, and that of the République, which is enforced by the state. France's political élite has never been able to truly tackle the growing problem of the suburbs. Refuting positive discrimination as a non-republican measure, they fall back on the idea that the République makes everyone equal. However, if your name is Mohammed and you are applying for a job - good luck, you're on your own. The noble aims of the République leave room for the ignoble roots of racism to take hold. The result today is that the children of the immigrants, and even their children - are NOT immigrants. They are citizens of the Republic, on a par with Dominique de Villepin and his ilk. At least, that's what the Republic says. They have French nationality, and they have no problem with secularism.

So whose fault is it?

They do have a problem with the police. France is repeatedly hauled in front of the European Commission of Human Rights for its police brutality. This is not fiction, and it is not myth - there is a minority of police officers in France who are overtly racist, and who regularly attack youths of immigrant origin. They only ask coloured youths for identity papers - never whites. Further to this, the removal by Nicolas Sarkozy of the police de proximité meant that the local police force that operated in the suburbs around France's major cities was replaced by a less welcoming CRS force, told not to repair links with these communities, but to punish them.

And of course….

Lack of jobs, lack of hope, police brutality and a desolate landscape add up to one thing: trouble. It is simplistic and wrong to say that these youths are muslims - in many cases they are not in fact Muslims, and religion does not enter into the equation. The riots are part of an on-going confrontation with police officers in which they see themselves as the oppressed opposition. They are the result of a combination of an oppressive police force, a lack of hope and an appalingly easy recourse to violence. They should be condemned and ended as soon as possible, but it is wrong and it is dangerous to say that it is anything to do with radical Islam.

So all is peachy keen with Muslims in France. They’re not any different from any other Frenchman. We were wrong. Should we admit our mistake?

Monday, October 30, 2006


In the near future you may see mosques at all the service stations along the motorways of the UK, "pray as you go" is coming, the Muslim Public affairs committee have received the following:

"Just had confirmation that a wealthy muslim family have decided to build a prayer facility on a motorway service station. This will include ablution facilities as well. There are in the process of talking to more service stations to get permisiion so more can be built on service stations. Alhamdulliah, may Allah bless the family. they have done this without hu-ha, without pomp and show. Teaches everyone a lesson.This facility will be on the hilton service station on junction 10a(i think, i will double check). Now there is no excuse to not pray salaah.Dont know when it will be open,like i said, will post when i have more info."

Can you imagine the shopping experience in the motorway stop offs, "Prayer mats "R" Us
Kufr shops to the right, Halal shops to the left, what next I ask, will we be rows of raised posteriors in the car parks.

Interestingly they say this has been done without a hu-ha, well the cat is out of the bag now.

These people obviously wanted to keep this quiet, for very obvious reasons and the planning authorities MUST have also kept this quiet, I wonder why...........Gandalf

Dr.Paul Williams

I received this as a comment on Crusader. If anyone can help, please do.

North American Hero under attack by Jihad University Ca.

Dr.Paul Williams, the man directly responsible for preventing an Islamist attack on the Canadian Parliament (June-2006)and the assassination of the Canadian P.M., is being sued by McMaster University (to the tune of 6 Million dollars!) for his efforts.

Since the lawsuit against Professor Williams was announced his "friends" in Canada have cut all communications with him (obviously out of fear that they also will be sued), leaving Paul up some Northern river without a paddle. We never expected a "thank-you" or other expression of gratitude from the Canadian public (and none was forthcoming), however, Williams' being treated like a leper was/is totally unexpected.

Paul Williams is in immediate need of a Canadian lawyer. He is required to file a response to the lawsuit within a few days (Friday actually). If anyone know of an experienced and committed advocate willing to take on such a case, please contact me at Michaelmgr@Gmail.com

Thank you,

Michael Travis

Michael Travis is solely responsible for the above letter.................so sue me, our Israeli courts will bleed you dry!

No Excuses For Terror

A very worthwhile British documentary from David Aaronovitch.

Part I:

Part II

Part III

Part IV

A Whimper, Not a Bang

Victor Davis Hanson on how with all its power and wealth the West can fall again:

First, the Western liberal tradition is fragile and can still disappear. Just because we have sophisticated cell phones, CAT scanners and jets does not ensure that we are permanently civilized or safe. Technology used by the civilized for positive purposes can easily be manipulated by barbarians for destruction.

Second, the Enlightenment is not always lost on the battlefield. It can be surrendered through either fear or indifference as well. Westerners fearful of terrorist reprisals themselves shut down a production of a Mozart opera in Berlin deemed offensive to Muslims. Few came to the aid of a Salman Rushdie or Dutch filmmaker Theo van Gogh when their unpopular expression earned death threats from Islamists. Van Gogh, of course, was ultimately killed.

The Goths and Vandals did not sack Rome solely through the power of their hordes; they also relied on the paralysis of Roman elites who no longer knew what it was to be Roman — much less whether it was any better than the alternative. [The Romans were simply unable to find enough young men to man the legions]

Third, civilization is forfeited with a whimper, not a bang. Insidiously, we have allowed radical Islamists to redefine the primordial into the not-so-bad. Perhaps women in head-to-toe burkas in Europe prefer them? Maybe that crass German opera was just too over the top after all? Aren't both parties equally to blame in the Palestinian, Iraqi and Afghan wars?

Last night I watched for a few minutes Scott Ritter on CSPAN. He is a world class whimperer and shill for the Mad Mullahs. A sad case and a favorite of the Islamofascists.

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First Things First In Iraq: Kill Muqtada al-Sadr

(AINA) [...] The first thing we need to do is to kill Muqtada al-Sadr, who's now a greater threat to our strategic goals than Osama bin Laden.

We should've killed him in 2003, when he first embarked upon his murder campaign. But our leaders were afraid of provoking riots.

Back then, the tumult might've lasted a week. Now we'll face a serious uprising. So be it. When you put off paying war's price, you pay compound interest in blood.

We must kill - not capture - Muqtada, then kill every gunman who comes out in the streets to avenge him.

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Storm Track Disinformation: Reading Between the Lines

From The Gathering Storm

Like most current event bloggers, I read hundreds of articles staying up to date on facts and opinions looking for ideas for posts. In the process, you can learn a lot from articles by al-Reuters. So I decided to dissect one reading between the lines that shows the perfect picture of the entire problem that Europe faces today with its Muslim communities. My comments are underlined.

  • PARIS (Reuters) - Britain's heated debate about Islamic veils reflects a growing frustration with Muslims in Europe that risks further isolating these minorities rather than integrating them (And just how have they been isolated before to be further isolated? Perhaps it’s because of their documented refusal to assimilate? Reuters again makes it sound like it was Europe’s fault.) leading European Muslim activists say (Consider the source.). The new tone in Britain, which Muslims on the continent long saw as a model of tolerance where criticizing minorities was politically incorrect, marks a watershed in the way Europeans talk about Islam, they told Reuters. Islamist radicalism, ethnic segregation and clashes of values must be discussed openly, they agreed, but the increasingly polarised debate squeezes out moderates on both sides (Read dhimmis on one side and “Muslim moderates? That often read about but seldom seen species of Islam?). "Intolerance is growing in Europe," said Dalil Boubakeur, president of France's Muslim Council, who saw the new mood as a response to security fears and the radicalisation of a small minority of Muslims who do not accept European values. (There’s that small minority again. Let’s see, most surveys say that less than 5% of Muslims fit into the extremist category. That means given the population of 1.2 billion Muslims in the world, ONLY 500 million are extremists. How nice.)
  • "There is a sense we are living in a different time," said Dilwar Hussain, head of policy research at the Islamic Foundation in Britain. The activists said politicians and the media blamed religion for problems that are really economic and social, such as unemployment and discrimination (That’s the same old Islamist line. But most of the 9-11 terrorists were well educated and come from middle class families. It’s not economic and social factors that produce extremists – it’s the ideology, stupid!) "Before, we were just immigrants from Turkey or Morocco or other places, but then they found something to combine us (We ‘found’ something to combine you? Are you all Muslims or not?)," said Famile Arslan from the Dutch group Islam and Citizenship. "All immigrant problems have been Islamised. All Muslims have been criminalised," she said. (99% of all terrorist acts committed in Europe over the last 10 years have been committed by Muslims.) European policies towards Muslim minorities have ranged from the tolerant British and Dutch "multicultural" path to France's strict ban on Muslim headscarves in state schools. But the murder of Dutch filmmaker Theo van Gogh and the bombings in Madrid and London have deepened concerns about whether Europe's 15 million Muslims all accept European values. "Europeans were stunned to see that even people who were quite integrated could do these things," Boubakeur said. Ali Kizilkaya, head of Germany's Muslim Council, said Muslims were now seen "as a kind of security problem" (And for good reason).
  • Yazid Sabeg, France's most successful Muslim businessman, accused the media of tarring all Muslims with the terrorist brush. "Demonising Islam by confusing it with Islamism is the new opium of the people," he complained. One reflex by politicians and the media -- to call on Muslim leaders to denounce violence any time Islamist radicals strike -- was misguided because it identified the peaceful majority with crimes they did not support, the activists argued. (And that’s the gist of the problem. Islamism is the ideology and we must hold every Muslim’s feet to the fire and have them stand on one side the fence of the other. Non-Islamist Muslims need to get visible in their host countries and visible fast or else they risk being grouped with those who support the Islamist ideology.) "Muslims in Europe feel the need to apologise for deeds they didn't contribute to," Arslan explained. (Umm. Am I missing something? I heard no such apologies.)
  • "Muslims are not a homogenous group," said Arslan. "There is no Muslim community. Maybe that is our biggest problem." Hussain agreed: "There isn't anything like a coherent group of people you can tell what to do or what not to do." (Really? I thought all good Muslims believe in the Koran and the teachings of Mohammed. And that doesn’t tell Muslims what they can and can not do. Yeah, sure.)While most activists said public clashes could degenerate into anti-immigrant campaigns, one Danish Muslim leader said the uproar over caricatures of the Prophet Mohammad there earlier this year had helped calm tensions by promoting a dialogue (DIALOGUE? It was pretty much one-way and more like appeasement when other papers refused to support the right of the free press to defend the right of free speech.). "The cartoon crisis did function as a wake-up call for both Danish politicians and Muslim leaders," said Yildiz Akdogan, spokeswoman for the Democratic Muslims group. When more such cartoons surfaced this month, the government promptly denounced them and Muslim leaders avoided exploiting the issue, she said. "The final outcome is good." (Sure was. Good little dhimmis. Don’t defend the rights that millions have died for in Europe over the centuries.)

The bottom line is this.

If political correctness and multiculturalism programs were so successful, why the terrorist bombings in Europe? Europe is learning a hard lesson that by not defending its culture by appeasing another will result in Western Europe being absorbed by a culture that is the anthissis to its own.

Are we having fun yet with Pakistan?


Al Qaida rallies with new funding, recruits and safe havens in Pakistan and Somalia

The bad news is that Al Qaida is staging a comeback.

The worse news is that the comeback is taking place in the most sensitive of U.S. allies — nuclear Pakistan.

Western intelligence sources report that Al Qaida has reorganized and grown far stronger over the past six months. Al Qaida has received fresh funding from a range of prominent Sunnis who see the movement by Osama Bin Laden as the last line of defense against Shi'ite Iran.

Bin Laden has been grateful for the Gulf Arab support. He has eased plots in such countries as Kuwait and Saudi Arabia and has been working on consolidating power in Pakistan and Somalia.

Al Qaida already has all of Somalia for a haven. In Pakistan, the entire frontier with Afghanistan belongs to Al Qaida as the movement has recruited thousands of young Muslims throughout major cities.

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You have to be kidding ..I express doubt over this one - Iran about to 'grab' Kuwait? Too overt ..or just bold enough?

Well, first, about two weeks ago we get this:
October 18, 2006: Kuwait announced that it's police and intelligence services had discovered an Iran espionage and sabotage organization within Kuwait. The Iranian agents, recruited from among the Shia (who are half the population) in Kuwait, were often trained in Iran. The Iranian network consisted mainly of "sleeper cells" (agents who were inactive, and went about their normal lives until activated by their Iranian bosses.) Kuwait is still trying to discover the extent of the Iranian networks, but fears that it may be a large one (several thousand members).

then it's repeated today by Strategypage, not exactly a bunch of overexcited hysterical types.

Infidel babe of the week

Fox News Channel's Rudi Bakhtiar.

More pictures here (keep refreshing that page for even more pictures).

Sunday, October 29, 2006


First thing I must make clear that this post isn’t against pagans or paganism, not even against modern paganism in its entirety. Its central subject is identity politics, the politics of national revival, touching upon neopagan revivalism as a window into the mindset of identity politics, and from there tying it to the new nation that calls itself Palestinians.


In full on Our Children Are The Guarantors »

Storm Track Infiltration: The Proof’s In the Survey

From The Gathering Storm

Muslims for a Safe America conducted a survey at the Islamic Society of North America’s 43rd Annual Convention in Chicago from September 1, 2006 to September 4, 2006. 307 Muslims who are American citizens participated in the survey at the Muslims for a Safe America booth at ISNA.

They were asked many questions to better understand the views of American Muslims on issues relating to Islam, Muslims, and American national security. The answers to one of the first few questions proves the two question test that Muslims should be asked about loyalty to their host country.

They are:

  • Which nation do you owe allegiance to? The country you live in of the ummah?
  • Do you adhere to the Sharia Law or the secular laws of your country?

If their answers are:

  • The ummah
  • Yes

You are talking to a real Muslim. If other than those answers, ask them why they consider themselves true Muslims? Here are the responses to the first few questions in the Muslims for a Safe America survey.

1. Are you a U.S. Citizen? (If no, then don’t fill out survey.)
YES 307
NO 0

2. Do you consider yourself to be a Muslim first, an American first, or both equally?

There you go. A Muslim-American, not an American Muslim. Then this.

3. Is the American government at war with the religion of Islam?
YES 208
NO 79

No surprise here based on the response in question #2.

4. Can a good Muslim be a good American?
YES 292
NO 11

A perfect example of Taqiyya at work.

Huge outage hits us and our servers

Sorry folks...if you were looking for us at Villagers with Torches since about 5PM EDST yesterday, we had a huge storm with 70 mph + winds for about 12-20 hours, and 3+ inches of rain, and 5 foot waves on the lake crashing over the shoreline...trees took out power and phones...in effect we had an unannounced force 1 hurricane.

Back up as of 10:14 AM EST

It's The Jihad, Charlie Brown!

Good Grief!

The Long, Lonely Struggle

The counter jihad struggle in Malaysia is a lonely one, against near-impossible odds. The Islamic government can swoop in at any time, and arrest or detain anyone at will with minimal pretext or none at all. One well-placed phone call can ruin a life.

The Mainstream media is often called, with cause, the “Treason Media” by our counter-jihad brothers and sisters in the free world. My friends, it is far worse here. The Malaysian MSM is openly and hopelessly co-opted by the Muslim-dominated Government into silence… or cowed into total compliance with the Party Line. Self censorship, thoroughly ingrained dhimmitude in non-Muslims, occasional (unofficial or otherwise) veiled threats from “Muslim Interest Groups”, intimidation, legal action, and the draconian Internal Security Act are a fearsome combination to be reckoned with.

Please read the rest at Pedestrian Infidel.

The Rioting In Europe Is Planned - The Jihad Is Worldwide And Coordinated

Thanks to Jeremayakovka for making me aware of this video.

Paul Belien discusses the New Intifada which is just starting to brew in France. It is clearly planned. (My opinion is it is probably planned by one of the major terrorist organizations. Think of it as similar to boxing. They want to hit us from all angles, so we become confused and start to lose our will):

Some Europeans are already giving up:

We Are Watching The World Of Yesterday

The German author Henryk M. Broder recently told the Dutch newspaper De Volkskrant (12 October) that young Europeans who love freedom, better emigrate.

Europe as we know it will no longer exist 20 years from now. Whilst sitting on a terrace in Berlin, Broder pointed to the other customers and the passers-by and said melancholically: “We are watching the world of yesterday.”

Europe is turning Muslim. As Broder is sixty years old he is not going to emigrate himself. “I am too old,” he said. However, he urged young people to get out and “move to Australia or New Zealand. That is the only option they have if they want to avoid the plagues that will turn the old continent uninhabitable.”

Many Germans and Dutch, apparently, did not wait for Broder’s advice. The number of emigrants leaving the Netherlands and Germany has already surpassed the number of immigrants moving in. One does not have to be prophetic to predict, like Henryk Broder, that Europe is becoming Islamic. Just consider the demographics. The number of Muslims in contemporary Europe is estimated to be 50 million. It is expected to double in twenty years. By 2025, one third of all European children will be born to Muslim families. Today Mohammed is already the most popular name for new-born boys in Brussels, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and other major European cities.

Broder is convinced that the Europeans are not willing to oppose islamization. “The dominant ethos,” he told De Volkskrant, “is perfectly voiced by the stupid blonde woman author with whom I recently debated. She said that it is sometimes better to let yourself be raped than to risk serious injuries while resisting. She said it is sometimes better to avoid fighting than run the risk of death.”

In a recent op-ed piece in the Brussels newspaper De Standaard (23 October) the Dutch (gay and self-declared “humanist”) author Oscar Van den Boogaard refers to Broder’s interview. Van den Boogaard says that to him coping with the islamization of Europe is like “a process of mourning.” He is overwhelmed by a “feeling of sadness.” “I am not a warrior,” he says, “but who is? I have never learned to fight for my freedom. I was only good at enjoying it.”

Here's what I have to say about that:

Listen, my European friends. Do not listen to this old pussy of a man, this author Van den Boogaard. What a pathetic admission. "I never learned how to fight for my freedom. I was only good at enjoying it." I mean, I admire to guy for admitting it, in a way, but for God's sake, why attempt to inure a whole younger generation with your failings.

It's time to fight, Europe. The streets are yours. The government is yours. You are yours. You belong to yourself. You own yourself. The government does not own you. The government exists because you give it power. If you take away the people there is no France, there is no Germany, there is no Sweden.

If the government will not protect you, then fuck the government. Protect your own streets. They are yours. Walk down them and think to yourself, do I want these to be taken away? Do I want to lose the museums, opera houses, the cathedrals, the restaurants, all the things European culture has built up over the years? They belong to you, not to the government.

The government is temporary. There have been many Kings and Queens and Prime Ministers. It is the people and the culture of Europe that are permanent.

The Islamists are nothing. They are backward. Europe has more power in its pinky than Muslims have in their entire world. The question is, will Europe use that power. All you have to do is choose to use the power you have.

Time to fight. Get up and do it.

I Have Had An Epiphany

Now I understand why the Muslims say the West is decadent. Now I understand why Muslims move here and become increasingly disgusted by us, and therefore, increasingly radical. I think I even kind of understand why they want to blow shit up.

Check out this European commercial (don't know the language, maybe someone can help me out there):

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Storm Track Disinformation: Wait a MInute. What Century Am I In?

From The Gathering Storm

Here’s a perfect example of why Islam, as it stands today, can never co-exit with a 21st century civilization. Muslim Court Finally Deals Some Justice in Rape Case.

It's taken a year but rape victim Imrana has finally seen the Muslim court sentence her father-in-law to ten years in prison and a fine, most of which is to go to the victim. This was after some considerations influenced by extreme Muslim clerics.

The solution by Muslim clerics. Don’t punish the father-in-law!

Initially the clerics decreed that the victim and her attacker should marry, but the All India Muslim Personal Law Board did not accept this.

Wait a second. We were wrong. This is what she should do according to the wise clerics.

They then said that, because of the circumstances of the rape, she should now treat her husband as her son.

Umm…no. That’s not right. How about this?

Then, clerics demanded that the husband of the victim, Nur Ilahi, should desert her.

Ah, but justice prevailed.

All these opinions were eventually ignored and Imrana's case given a more logical verdict of imprisonment of her 65-year-old father-in-law, Ali Mohammed.

I wonder whose civilization mores pressured that outcome.

CAIR: No Comment?

Today on Fox News Channel, there was some discussion of the documentary Obsession: Radical Islam's War Against The West, recently released on DVD. The moderator of the discussion stated that CAIR had been invited to participate in the discussion, but had declined.

Now, why is that? One would think that such a discussion on cable news would be an excellent opportunity for CAIR (1) to debunk the film and (2) to issue a call for moderate Muslims to speak out against Islamic radicals.

A recently released twelve-minute version is available for online viewing HERE. Better yet. Buy the DVD and watch the entire documentary.

NYU FORUM ON MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD Islam's Useful Idiots Impugn Truthteller

Dear friend,

I notice that you published a report of the meeting last week at NYU on the Moslem Brotherhood. Your report is, unfortunately, full of inaccuracies. I was one of the platform speakers and you will find below my speech as it was delivered. Please compare it against the spiteful and ill-written account from your correspondent. I would be very happy for you to publish it in its present form or to reply to the ludicrous comments in your article. Free speech anyone? Letter here

This is what the enemy does. This is their MO. They lie. It echoes ex-Nazi Hilmar von Campe foreboding remarks at the Walid Shoebat event at Columbia here (audio here) who now lives in Alabama. He was 7 years old in 1933 when the Nazis came to power. He reminded the audience of Josef Goebbels, their chief liar, and the constant repetition of lies, lies and more lies that infected the national consciousness. Constant rhetoric.

Alyssa A. Lappen, Senior Fellow at the American Center for Democracy, covered the New York University Center for Law and Security forum on the Muslim Brotherhood on Oct. 19 for American Thinker here. Read it all before you continue.

The international press cried foul on October 19 after the U.S. denied a visa to a senior Muslim Brotherhood leader. Newsweek, Reuters, ABC News, The National Interest and other media complained that the “moderate” Muslim Association of Britain (MAB) founder Kamal Helbawy was barred from appearing at New York University’s Center for Law and Security. The U.S. also barred entry to Egyptian doctor and MB “guidance counsel” Abd El Monem Abo El Fotouh, who was scheduled to speak in the same discussion on the Muslim Brotherhood.

Helbawy claims to be “moderate.” The U.S. should not prevent “moderates from talking and discussing,” Helbawy stated after being pulled off his flight. El Fotouh is purportedly also temperate.

“At the end of the day, [Islam and the West] have a set of common humanist values: justice, freedom, human rights and democracy,”

he told The Economist in September 2003. Arabists consider El Fotouh “one of the brightest stars of the MB’s so-called “middle generation.”

The Department of Homeland Security didn’t explain their actions. One can only surmise—and applaud.
Today, the MB still calls for “Building the Muslim state…Building the Khilafa…Mastering the world with Islam.”

MB spiritual leader Yusuf Qaradawi, an Egyptian member of the European Council for Fatwa and Research, likewise calls for an Islamic conquest of Europe (starting with Rome and Italy). “[T]he patch of the Muslim state will expand to cover the whole earth....,” he writes. Qaradawi also praises suicide bombing, readily accepts wife beating and calls upon Muslim women to detonate themselves in order to kill Jews.

Despite all evidence to the contrary, on Oct. 19, the Open Forum on The Muslim Brotherhood nevertheless praised Helbawy and El Fotouh as peaceful moderates, and their organization as a peaceful, just, and moderating influence on Middle East and global politics. Their absence was yet another strike against the Bush administration, executive director Karen Greenberg stated. “This center tries to educate one another, policy makers and the public,” she added—a job Greenberg apparently considers more important than public security.

Former Sunday Times senior reporter Nick Fielding then took the floor. He denied the risks the MB poses to the West. Helbawy is “a wonderful human being,” he stated, adding that the 2005 election of 22 Muslim Brothers to Egypt’s parliament-and the Hamas victory in the January 2006 Palestinian Authority votewere cause for celebration. Fielding objected only to “the reward” Muslims received for their free elections-”the silence of the U.S. State Department in the face of Egyptian government abuse,” and the U.S. and international boycott of the Hamas-controlled PA.

The MB is “reformist,” according to Fielding. It provides “the best possibility in the Middle East of leaders who can make deals and stick to them,” he stated, noting their solid political backing in Jordan, Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria Kuwait and Yemen. The MB, he insisted, has “for the past 30 years…[consistently] followed a non violent” path. The brotherhood’s only problem, Fielding claimed, is its ostracization by such analysts as “The Counterterrorism blog,” whose data he derided.

True democracy would never take root in the Middle East, Fielding predicted. It’s “about as likely as Shari’a being adopted in Washington D.C.,” he joked.

Since then, Lappen has advised me that American Thinker has received complaints from both Mr. Debat and Mr. Fielding as to her representations of their comments.

Lappen's respective replies to Mr. Debat and Mr. Fielding were published yesterday here , and today, here. Go over to American Thinker and read them both ...now.

Dear Editor—

It is interesting, and ironic, that both Mr. Debat and Mr. Fielding accuse me of leveraging their respective comments on the Muslim Brotherhood for political gain, when their presentations were both so blatantly political.

Indeed, an altered, and shorter, version of Mr. Fielding’s ostensibly neutral Oct. 19 analysis has been posted at the “official” Ikhwan website. Presumably, he sent them this text. In any case, the “official” Brotherhood apparently views Mr. Fielding’s remarks as a political endorsement—similar to Democracy Now’s far-left political “analysis” of the MB’s purportedly softening line.

Everything on which I quoted Mr. Fielding, he said.

Unfortunately, Mr. Fielding’s supposed “speech as it was delivered” is neither complete nor a precise duplicate of his remarks. Possibly, the text he provided to American Thinker and the “official” Ikhwan website served as his outline. In any case, in his delivered remarks, Mr. Fielding strayed from the above-cited text, and added many other points besides. Certain of Mr. Fielding’s quoted statements hailed from the question and answer period, which the above text also excludes.

And some of those remarks—unaccountably not contained in the text of Mr. Fielding’s “speech as it was delivered”— were also cited elsewhere. Mr. Fielding not only described senior Muslim Brotherhood leader and Muslim Association of Britain (MAB) founder Kamal Helbawy as a “wonderful human being,” (as I reported), but also as a “voice of reason,” as he was quoted in the New York Post. The New York Sun likewise reported on the panel’s praise for the MB and its absent speakers.

But Mr. Fielding and Mr. Debat should not pretend to be vindicated by any audio tape of the event, to be posted on the Center’s website( as promised on Oct. 25) “before the end of the year at the latest”—unless it is complete and unedited. But that may not be in the cards. Asked if the Center would post the entire session, including the question and answer period, a spokesman stated, “We are considering editing the content,” a process that could easily also exclude many controversial remarks that I quoted from the respective experts. The excuse is time limitation, although streaming digital MP3 downloads are not limited by time. Who is dishonest now?

In another comment not documented above, Mr. Fielding stated, “Saudi Arabia has never adopted the program of the Muslim Brotherhood.” On this point, moderator Peter Bergen challenged him, noting that Saudi Arabia opened its arms to the MB. Indeed, as I have previously reported with Dr. Rachel Ehrenfeld, the kingdom granted the MB business monopolies, while King Saud funded their establishment of the Islamic University in Medina.

Any Muslim Brotherhood support for terrorism, Mr. Fielding later contended, springs from “wayward connections.” Reports of MB terror financing result from “over imaginative conclusions about how money moves,” he argued. Mr. Fielding admitted that there are “a number of cases where links [can be] seen,” yet he also avowed that the guilty parties in such instances most likely were only “individuals involved.” He concluded, “the Muslim Brotherhood is not a jihadist organization or bent on the destruction of the West.”

The question of whether Islam could politically dominate Europe within a few decades, Mr. Fielding dismissed as “garbage”—“It’s just not true,” he said. Citing Britain as a case in point, he estimated its current Muslim population at “less than two million.” While first generation migrants have a high birth rate, Mr. Fielding said that, barring “mass conversion,” Britain will never be politically ruled by Islam—a point that the audience greeted with laughter.

Mr. Fielding stated that “sometimes the Muslim Brotherhood feels like the Masons,” suggesting a parallel between the Islamist MB and the Freemasons, whose spiritual Masonic Order has been targeted by unfounded conspiracy theories and persecuted by totalitarian regimes. The MB undeniably backs jihad, terror and plans for global domination; the Masons, by contrast, merely open their doors to those interested in joining.

Finally, Mr. Fielding indeed blamed the West’s refusal to recognize Shari’a law in Islamic countries as a “reason for militancy.” He added, in citing another scholar, that countering the spread of jihad organizations requires the West “to address the grievances”—many of them legitimate—of the jihadist movement. Furthermore, Mr Fielding stated—another political comment—that the Muslim Brotherhood should be “supported as strongly as possible” by the West.

If these quotations sound “ludicrous” to Mr. Fielding, I would not disagree. Therefore, he should be more careful when making statements in public forums.

Lappen adds in her correspondence to me [emphasis mine]; Go here

Videos worth watching

Charles Henry has put a couple of superb videos here.

My favorite is this one, it says so much so well, but this one is excellent too.

Please take the time to comment on them and rate them.

Winds of War: The Immaturity of Muslims – Arrested Development?

From The Gathering Storm

If you look at the hissy fits Muslims throw at the littlest critique of their religion, you have to wonder if the religion of Islam forces its adherents into a state of arrested adolescence.

Like many teenagers, they can’t seem to control their emotional outbreaks – the hallmark of maturity. An article, in, of all places, the Huffington Post, brings this immaturity into stark relief.

In London three years ago, I breezed into one of those phone and fax services where you can make copies, send faxes or place international phone calls from your own booth, for a fee. As I was paying on my way out, the Arab who ran the shop muttered the word "slut" under his breath, almost but not quite too quietly to understand. To the Islamists, western women are the ultimate Material Girls, all flesh and no spirit. They frankly hate us. We represent everything they loathe about modernity. We also present a more deeply personal threat in the reform by example of their head-covered women. On the subway yesterday, I had one of those silent interactions involving the eyes only that women know about. I was sitting across from a fully robed and scarf-ed young Muslim woman. I stared at it rather too long, I suspect, and with a sour look. When I looked down into her eyes, I noticed the young woman boring a defiant look right back into my skull, eyes filled with superior disdain. We stared at each other in this unfriendly way for a few more seconds, then I looked away. I know what I was not saying: The global jihad is really a war to keep her hiding her head in shame under that black polyester cloth. I know what she wanted to say. In her eyes, I am no different than Jessica Simpson, performing fellatio on an ice cream cone on MTV.
By wearing the scarf, Islamic women perpetuate the belief that women are too inherently seductive to be seen by men. Under the scarf, they mutely support the idea that men are too weak to resist their own urges. Male self-restraint, a hallmark of maturity, is not a goal, it's not an option, in their world. On the contrary, Islamist men are assumed not to possess the ability to resist the inherently shameful, and thus utterly sexualized females in their midst. These covered and supposedly humble women are full participants in their own humiliation. They are the Helens of jihad.

That’s why any pundit, politician, world leader or media outlet that thinks immature civilizations like Iran and North Korea have a ‘right’ to the bomb are seriously deluded. Immature societies are not allowed to play with adult toys until they can show self-restraint – the hallmark of maturity.

Will a Virus Steal Your Memory? Your Soul?

Recent research looks at how viral infections can involve the brain, affecting how the memory works. In fact, some of the incidental memory degeneration associated with ageing may be due to past viral infections. Aetiology Blog looks at this issue.

A recent article highlights one area of investigation: how viral infections can influence memory problems......

A family of viruses that cause a range of ills from the common cold to polio may be able to infect the brain and cause steady damage, a team at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota reported on Monday.

"Our study suggests that virus-induced memory loss could accumulate over the lifetime of an individual and eventually lead to clinical cognitive memory deficits," said Charles Howe, who reported the findings in the journal Neurobiology of Disease. [Article can be found here; --TS]

This may seem somewhat far-fetched at first, but we know that viruses certainly can cause severe damage to the brain and nervous system. Therefore, this lends plausibility to the idea that they can cause more minor damage as well. As they note, polio (a picornavirus) is a prime example of this, with the potential to affect the brain and the spinal cord and result in paralysis. A related virus in mice, called Theiler's murine encephalomyelitis virus, has also been used to induce damage to the nervous system (for example, it's used as a mouse model for multiple sclerosis), and researchers infected mice with this and then performed cognitive tests to see if it had more subtle effects as well:

Infected mice later had difficulty learning to navigate a maze. Some were barely affected, while others were completely unable to manage, and when the mice were killed and their brains examined, a correlating amount of damage was seen in the hippocampus region, related to learning and memory.

Now, it's always a bit difficult to extrapolate directly from an animal model to humans, but the study is certainly intriguing and can open doors for epidemiological studies of viruses and cognition in humans.

One virus particularly likely to cause brain damage is enterovirus 71, which is common in Asia, the researchers said. It can cross over into the brain and cause encephalitis, a brain inflammation that can lead to coma and death.

"Our findings suggest that picornavirus infections throughout the lifetime of an individual may chip away at the cognitive reserve, increasing the likelihood of detectable cognitive impairment as the individual ages," the researchers wrote in their report.

"We hypothesize that mild memory and cognitive impairments of unknown etiology may, in fact, be due to accumulative loss of hippocampus function caused by repeated infection with common and widespread neurovirulent picornaviruses."

The link to this story came from Tangled Bank #65. There are many more good stories to be found from this edition, so check them out.

This is a particularly disturbing concept--one that has probably spawned a large number of zombie stories and other tales of malignant mass mental transformations. Vaccines have minimised incidence of bacterial meningitis, which previously destroyed the minds of many thousands of people every year--at least in the western world. Neurovirulent viruses can be more difficult to control.

Al Fin

Why are stories like this found only on a hunt? There are plenty of such heroes

Army Reserve Sgt. Ryan Gallucci

Then-Spc. Gallucci and his six-member civil affairs team spent almost a year in Iraq between 2003 and 2004 helping to rebuild the infrastructure and improve the quality of life for the Iraqis. The team worked and lived in towns near the Iranian border, performing tasks such as getting schools and municipal governments up and running, and making sure the teachers and workers were on the payroll. Gallucci was responsible for about $4.7 million in public works projects during his deployment. In a village just outside the city of Khanaqin, Gallucci worked closely with Iraqi contractors to build a water pumping station and three wells, and located generators to help run the pumping station. He and his contractors also laid $20,000 worth of pipe, bringing water to several homes for the first time in 17 years. The team also built a landfill outside Khanaqin, and helped get the landfill workers on the payroll. In September 2005, Gallucci was awarded the Bronze Star Medal for his work.


These man and women should be touring the USA
Why aren't they?
Why aren't they speaking in public about what they do?
Why aren't they on CNN instead of Juba's head shots?

Shame on you Wolf

What is WRONG?

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Freedom of Religion and Freedom in Minnesota, and the Muslim Brotherhood

UPDATE: Muslim Brotherhood VERY carefully parsed denial was posted at Villagers with Torches..

The facts are these:

The Minneapolis St Paul International Airport has been struck by a group of apparently mostly Somali taxi drivers (an excellent job for entry onto the American 'cursus honorum') SOME of whom seem to have decided that allowing normal american (and other) passengers into their cabs, infringes on their religion ..they seem to have received a fatwa...

The fatwa proclaims that "Islamic jurisprudence" prohibits taxi drivers from carrying passengers with alcohol, "because it involves cooperating in sin according to the Islam."
Okay, so don't go the airport, and don't wait near popular bars and nightclubs, right?

But the somalis themselves are both confused and concerned...why?

An animated circle of Somalis gathered when the question of the airport controversy was raised.

"I was surprised and shocked when I heard it was an issue at the airport," said Faysal Omar. "Back in Somalia, there was never any problem with taking alcohol in a taxi."

Jama Dirie said, "If a driver doesn't pick up everyone, he should get his license canceled and get kicked out of the airport."

Two of the Somalis present defended the idea that Islam prohibits cabdrivers from transporting passengers with alcohol. An argument erupted. The consensus seemed to be that only a small number of Somalis object to transporting alcohol. It's a matter of personal opinion, not Islamic law, several men said.

Ahmed Samatar, a nationally recognized expert on Somali society at Macalester College, confirmed that view. "There is a general Islamic prohibition against drinking," he said, "but carrying alcohol for people in commercial enterprise has never been forbidden. There is no basis in Somali cultural practice or legal tradition for that.

"This is one of those new concoctions."It is being foisted on the Somali community by an inside or outside group," he added. "I do not know who."

So what's the deal with the fatwa?

The fatwa is the MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD. The Hassan Al Banna, Blind Sheikh, Ayman AL Zawalhiri, Sayd Qutb, Muhammad Qutb, Abdullah Azzam, HAMAS, Sheikh Yassin, Ikwhan is LOOKING FOR ISSUES to assert their authority and begin the long process of abrading freedom in the name of submission.

We should be aware that this action is a template, and American processes are designed to respond in a PC fashion, to accommodate the complainant. To emplace rigorous responses to ensure OUR way of life and freedoms, we will have to commit acts to change the nature of these processes which were never designed for a religious assault, purposefully committed to the abrasion of the American value set

Don't miss this , a Chicago Tribune 2004 investigative report on the Muslim Brotherhood in America

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Press Release: Gilchrist To Speak


Jim Gilchrist, the founder of the Minuteman Project, has joined the line-up of speakers scheduled to appear at a symposium addressing the threat of terrorism set to take place on November 10th & 11th in Las Vegas Nevada.

Gilchrist joins a distinguished list of scheduled speakers including Hamid Mir, the only journalist to have interviewed Osama bin Laden and Ayman al Zawahri since the attacks of September 11, 2001, who will be the keynote speaker.

The symposium, titled, Understanding the Threat of Radical Islamist Terrorism, addresses the origins and threat of terrorism and is presented by America’s Truth Forum, a grassroots, non-partisan, educational organization. The event is scheduled for November 10th & 11th, 2006 in Las Vegas, Nevada. It is open to the public. Tickets are $150 per attendee and require advanced purchase due to security protocol.

Gilchrist founded the multi-ethnic Minuteman Project on Oct. 1, 2004, after years of frustrated efforts trying to get a neglectful U.S. government to simply enforce existing immigration laws. He is a veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps and recipient of the Purple Heart award for wounds sustained while serving with an infantry unit in Vietnam, 1968 - 1969.

Mr. Gilchrist will speak on the issues of terrorist infiltrating the US border and the threat they pose, and the events surrounding his recent appearance at Columbia University where protesters denied him his First Amendment free speech rights when they rushed his stage.

America’s Truth Forum launches the symposium on Friday evening with a VIP Pre-Symposium Reception on November 10, 2006. Those in attendance will be provided the unique opportunity to personally interact with our speakers and other "prominent" guests. Tickets for the VIP Pre-Symposium Reception are $109.00 per attendee. Again, tickets need to be purchased in advance due to security protocol

For information and to purchase tickets: America's Truth Forum or email staff@americastruthforum.com or call Jeffrey Epstein at (866) 709-3474.

[Posted as fulfillment of my duties as a member of America's Truth Forum Blog Corps]

Military toy roundup 10/28/06

U.S. to examine laser system for destroying short-range missiles
Israel developing rocket interceptor
New US Airborne Laser

WASHINGTON — The U.S. government plans to evaluate a laser-based anti-missile system.
The U.S. Department of Homeland Security will study the Skyguard laser-based missile defense system, which was developed by Northrop Grumman. The system has been marketed to Israel to intercept Palestinian-origin Kassam-class, short-range missiles fired from the Gaza Strip.

Homeland Security awarded Northrop Grumman a $1.9 million contract to evaluate solutions to counter the MANPADS threat to commercial aircraft and civil airports.

The Skyguard emerged from the now-defunct Israeli-U.S. Tactical High Energy Laser [THEL] project. In 2005, the U.S. Army canceled the Mobile THEL program, which sought to reduce a laser weapon system to fit a railroad car.

Northrop Grumman will develop an operational concept to use Skyguard in civil aviation. The 18-month contract is for component-level testing and to assess life-cycle costs.

"The ability of a high-energy laser to shoot down rockets, artillery and mortars has been demonstrated repeatedly with mature chemical laser technologies proven in the Tactical High Energy Laser, or THEL," said Alexis Livanos, president of Northrop Grumman's Space Technology group.

Industry sources said a U.S. contract could encourage Israel to procure Skyguard. In January 2006, a visiting Northrop Grumman team discussed a $500 million project to modify Skyguard for Israeli requirements.

"Skyguard will be a revolutionary approach to aviation security because it's based on the only laser system that has shot down a wide variety of airborne threats in flight," Livanos said.

DHS has limited the assessment of Skyguard to the current laser system prototype and has not sought additional development.
"As the prime contractor for the THEL test bed, Northrop Grumman is building on that system's nearly perfect record of performance and safety in Skyguard," said Mike McVey, president of Northrop Grumman's Directed Energy Systems business area. "Skyguard will be one-fourth the size and one-half the cost of THEL, while also being more powerful and more efficient."

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Vist Malaysia Year 2007.....

2007 is Visit Malaysia Year when the government of Malaysia is hoping all you stupid Dhimmis will come here and empty your wallets. So what if you get arrested for telling someone about your faith, spend m0re money and help this government appoint more enforcers to knock on people's doors in the middle of the night. Shades of South American death squads and secret police? You betya.

A 60 over year old couple had to appear in front of 6 enraged Muslims who pounded at their door. They had to prove they were married. So if you intend to come to Malaysia, remember, the religious police who are self appointed keepers of everyones conscience can come take you away in the middle of the night.

Details here.

So go somewhere else for your holiday and vote with your money. Or if you really hate your wife then come on over. After all, the poor man's wife is now living in fear and has trouble sleeping.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Javier Solana is a clueless idiot

Or, as Arafat used to call his kind, a useful idiot.

(Ynet) The European Union Foreign Policy Chief Javier Solana said following a meeting with Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas in Ramallah Thursday that "the Palestinian people have suffered and suffered a lot, and it is time that the occupation that started in 1967 is over."

So, Javier... Let's remember how Israel ended up in the West Bank and East Jerusalem. In a nutshell, Arab lies put them there.

The Egyptians were decimated in the first hours of the Six-Day War yet they lied shamelessly to the Jordanians about their great "successes". This, among other things, caused the Jordanians to enter the war (despite Israel's urging that they stay out). Jordan's military was then crushed and Jordan lost East Jersualem and the West Bank.

If the Egyptians had just told the Jordanians the truth, the Palestinians would probably still be in East Jersusalem and the WB today. Imagine that. Now Palestinians can thank an Egyptian for that.

(JPost) Solana spoke of the need to reopen the crossing between Gaza and the outside world, which has been open for only 12 days in the past four months.

Yeah, never mind that as soon as it opens, Arabs immediately begin smuggling weapons and explosives from Gaza into the West Bank and Israel.

Crossposted at Eye On The World.

Is This A Sign That Something Will Soon Happen?

Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert is, in my opinion, telling the world that Israel will soon set out to destroy Iran's nuclear facilities:

JERUSALEM (AFP) - Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert has accused the international community of “doing nothing” over Iran, likening the situation to the appeasement of the 1930s when faced with the rise of Nazism.

“Like the 1930s in Germany, the international community hears voices today calling for the destruction of Israel and does nothing,” he said Friday during a speech at the country’s Holocaust memorial, Yad Vashem.

“For the first time, the leader of a great nation (Iran) declares that its objective is the destruction of the State of Israel, which does not stop this nation from remaining a legitimate partner in the UN,” he added.

Israel was founded on the idea that "Never Again" would the Jews allow themselves to be the victim of genocide.

Storm Track Disinformation: Whistling in the Dark?

From The Gathering Storm

In an article in the Moderate Voice, “Radical Islam Finds Few Takers in the US”, the writer dolts on how Muslims in the US are so well-assimilated that radical Islam can not find roots here.

The writer, unfortunately, is another apologist just whistling in the dark. If the writer would take time to read the many news articles like this, this and this, I think he would have to change his tune.

Colbert King in the Washington Post wrote and excellent article on the subject.

Shortly after the London bombings, it became fashionable for some American commentators to cite the alienation of British Muslims as an example of a massive failure of assimilation -- a state of affairs, they asserted, that is inconceivable in the United States. Americanization, went their argument, has virtually eliminated teeming groups of disaffected Islamic immigrants within our shores. Well, that may be true but it's not the whole truth concerning American Muslims. the group within the African American Muslim community that is experiencing the most explosive growth is probably the least assimilated: black inmates. Good statistics are hard to come by, but one estimate places the number of Muslim converts in prison above 250,000. What brings them to Islam? Survival? Acceptance? Rejection of Christianity? Spiritual transformation? One thing for sure: It's not Americanization.

Enter the FBI.

FBI director Robert S. Mueller III recently told Congress that one area of the war on terrorism that causes him great concern is the potential for extremist groups such as al Qaeda to recruit radicalized American Muslim converts. Mueller drew a bead on the American prison system, which he described in written testimony as "fertile ground for extremists who exploit both a prisoner's conversion to Islam while still in prison, as well as their socioeconomic status and placement in the community upon their release."

That concern is no longer theoretical.

Three California men are currently being investigated as part of a possible plot to launch assaults against National Guard facilities this Sept. 11 and against Jewish targets on Yom Kippur. One of them, 25-year-old Levar Haney Washington, had served time at the California State Prison in Folsom and, during his incarceration, converted to a radical Islamic group known as Jamiyyat Ul Islam Is Saheeh. Gregory Vernon Patterson, 21, arrested with Washington on unrelated robbery charges, recently converted to Islam. The third man in custody, Hammad Riaz Samana, 21, is a Los Angeles resident. Washington and Patterson are African American; Samana is a Pakistani national.

Time to change our tune?

Storm Track Appeasement: US to Conduct Nationwide Poll on Dhimmitude

From The Gathering Storm

A very good biting commentary appeared at WorldNet Daily today. It begins with this quote:

"As for the concept of dhimmitude, it represents a behavior dictated by fear (terrorism), pacifism when aggressed, rather than resistance, servility because of cowardice and vulnerability. The origin of this concept is to be found in the condition of the infidel people who submit to the Islamic rule without fighting in order to avoid the onslaught of jihad. By their peaceful surrender to the Islamic army, they obtained the security for their life, belongings and religion, but they had to accept a condition of inferiority, spoliation and humiliation. As they were forbidden to possess weapons and give testimony against a Muslim, they were put in a position of vulnerability and humility." – Bat Ye'or in interview by John W. Whitehead

What is the poll you ask? The coming mid-term elections.

You probably didn't know it, but in less than two weeks the United States is conducting a nationwide poll on dhimmitude. You may not see the term dhimmitude printed on your ballot, but rest assured – it is there….Look for its abbreviation after the various candidate names. With only a handful of exceptions it shows up as a "D" after the candidate’s name. And while it is true that a few "moderate" (mediaspeak for liberal) Republicans support the dhimmitude agenda, the only Democrat senator I know of who supports a vigorous resistance to dhimmitude is Joe Lieberman. Oops – he's running as an Independent. His party booted him out in the primary election and embraced the dhimmitude "D" candidate.


Who Are The Most Beautiful Women In The Middle East

Iraqi Bloggers Central is having a beauty contest. Go over and give your opinions. Lots of photos of hot babes.