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RUSSELL BRAND: The Narrative Is Shifting

Migrants Desecrate More Than 2,000 Churches Just in Greece

DNA Transcribed From Pfizer mRNA Vaccine Contains MUTANT gp130 Tumor Gene


My previous post about a science article proving that the Pfizer mRNA vaccine reverse transcribes into human DNA has garnered enormous interest and lots of comments, many of which were incredible. If you did not read it yet, PLEASE READ IT FIRST before reading this article. Otherwise, you may get lost and not even realize the significance of how your loved ones’ genetic code may have been reprogrammed.

I decided to continue plodding along and see what else we can uncover, based on that “Current Issues in Molecular Biology” article:

The article contains a printout of genetic DNA code that was detected in human cell DNA materials reverse transcribed from the mRNA vaccine.

I decided to check what is actually in the code above. Is it just harmless junk or something more ominous? For that, I ran a free NCBI “BLAST” tool by copying and pasting the above genetic sequence in it. This is the same BLAST tool used by @JikkyKjj to show a Moderna “cancer patent” sequence on the most important, “furin cleavage site” of Sars-Cov-2.

Anyway, impressed with @JikkyKjj’s discovery, I decided to do the same with the DNA code that the Pfizer mRNA vaccine generates (reverse transcribes) into human cells. Turns out I was the first to enter the sequence into the NCBI BLAST tool (it took a while to analyze) and it now has a sequence ID of 1R3ZDZJY016.

And here are the results. I annotated them to make it easier for you to see what is and is not interesting:

Putin Rolled The Dice And Didn't Win ...

Putin rolled the dice of war and didn't beat Ukraine. This, in strategic terms, probably means he lost the campaign. In retrospect, the Kremlin's plan consisted of an airborne/airmobile/Spetsnaz descent on Kyiv, the mission of which was to establish an airhead in the capital and capture the Ukrainian government until relieved by mechanized forces racing in from the north. 
An airmobile assault was attempted at Gostomel to Kyiv's immediate north. But things went badly wrong. The Russian battalion-sized airmobile force met stiff air defense and was immediately counterattacked by the Ukrainian mobile reserve. Unable to land follow-on forces, the paratroopers could not withstand heavy weapons and were scattered or wiped out. Equally serious for the Russians was the failure of their northern pincer to advance on schedule. 
Desperate to "bag" the Ukrainian government, the Russians attempted a large-scale airborne assault for Vasylkiv Airfield to the south of Kyiv to establish a blocking position to catch withdrawing units. But this failed, with two C-17 counterpart IL-76s loaded with paratroops destroyed, and with them, two infantry companies of the Kremlin's finest. 
Crucially the Russian mechanized elements trickling into Kyiv proved too weak to break through the city defense. When it was clear Zelensky, and hence the Ukrainian government, could not be bagged and was quite capable of retreating in good order to fallback positions in the West, it was obvious that Putin could not conclude the campaign with the political time and the military forces at hand. 
At this, the diplomatic floodgates opened, with even China urging a diplomatic solution, and much of the world, scared to death of a third world war, timidly then more forcefully chiming in. Ukraine has not won, not in the military sense. It has lost territory, suffered significant losses to soldiers and civilians, and endured massive property damage. But crucially, it has not lost — and that may be enough. Attention is now turning to the possible danger that may attend Putin’s fall. 
While he appears to remain firmly in power, the ex-chekist (member of the original Soviet secret police) cannot but be weakened by the massive failure of his gamble. There is nothing else the Ukrainian winter war of 2022 resembles so much as a gigantic throw of the dice, so preposterous given the available forces that many, myself included, did not believe any rational man could undertake it. 
But perhaps Putin is not the ten-foot colossus the media makes him out to be as much as an aging “man of force” presiding over an economically and demographically dwindling, ex-Soviet haunted empire. In that he resembles another dictator, who the media likes to compare everyone to, that in dire straits launched a similar failed gamble in the Ardennes in 1944. 
. . . The crisis in Ukraine, while not over, is likely to evolve into a crisis in Russia. We shall soon see who is more to be feared: a Putin in Kyiv or a Putin raging in the bunker.

Interview with the first protestor arrested in Ottawa: “They broke windows and pulled people from their beds”


Interview with the first protestor arrested in Ottawa: “They broke windows and pulled people from their beds”

Biden Halts Natural Gas Leases In Insane Move During Russian Energy Crisis

C.P.E. Bach:
Quartet in A Minor Wq 93. I. Andantino

II. Largo e Sostenuto

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Putin Orders Nuclear Deterrent Forces on Highest Alert


Far Left Cultists Are Trying To Steal American Children To Indoctrinate Them

Uncharged Window-Breaking Conspirator on Jan. 6 Spotted in Separate Video with NO MASK (Photo Enhanced)


Uncharged Window-Breaking Conspirator on Jan. 6 Spotted in Separate Video with NO MASK (Photo Enhanced)

Former Blackrock Portfolio Manager Discusses mRNA Vaccines and Fraud

January 2022: Putin Warned That Social Inequities Have Been Exacerbated By The Pandemic, This Could Lead To a Collapse of Global Development, and an "All Against All" Fight

Russian President Vladimir Putin warned the World Economic Forum that the coronavirus pandemic has exacerbated preexisting imbalances and tensions. 
He said these could deteriorate to a point where there is a fight of “all against all.” 
Putin’s virtual address at the WEF was unexpected. 
“The coronavirus pandemic has become a major challenge to mankind, and it has accelerated structural changes, the preconditions for which were already in place,” he said at a virtual meeting of the World Economic Forum. 
“We have every reason to believe that the tensions might be aggravated even further,” Putin warned, citing experts that have likened the current state of global affairs to the 1920s and 1930s and that parallels could be drawn between then and now when it comes to the scale and scope of what he called systemic “challenges and potential threats.” 
He said the crisis had increased social stratification, populism, right- and left-wing radicalism, adding that domestic political processes were becoming more violent. 
“All of this cannot but impact international relations, making them less stable and predictable,” he said, according to a translation. 
“In the 20th century, the failure and inability to centrally resolve such issues resulted in the catastrophic World War II. Of course, nowadays such a heated conflict is not possible, I hope that it’s not possible in principle, because it would mean the end of our civilization. But I would like to reiterate, that the situation might develop unpredictably and uncontrollably if we will sit on our hands doing nothing to avoid it. And there is a possibility that we may experience an actual collapse of global development that might result in a fight of all against all.”

Gasoline Engines Are Here To Stay

Didier Lockwood
Barbizon Blues

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Russia turns against Israel as well, attacking sovereignty of Golan Heights and Jerusalem

As if it weren't bad enough Russia invaded Ukraine, and already caused more than enough murders there, now they're turning against Israel as well, using the Golan Heights and Jerusalem as their excuse for assault:
Moscow took issue with Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights and Jerusalem just prior to its attack on Ukraine.

“Russia doesn’t recognize Israel’s sovereignty over Golan Heights that are part of #Syria,” its deputy ambassador, Dmitry Polyanskiy, told the UN Security Council, which held a debate on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict on Wednesday.

The monthly Security Council meeting took place as the General Assembly debated the Russian-Ukrainian crisis.

Polyanskiy spoke just hours after Israel broke its neutrality on the conflict, as it gave a nod in support of Ukraine.
No doubt, this will become a very bad situation in this region soon enough, as Russia could indeed make it hard for Israel to attack Iran. If anything, this certainly exposes Russia's continuing antisemitism in politics.


Wall Street investors are dumping their Moderna and Pfizer stock faster than the world can drop the mandates. Moderna is down 70 percent from its high, while Pfizer is off 19 percent. 
Former Blackrock Executive and investment adviser Edward Dowd calls for Moderna to go to zero and Pfizer to end under ten dollars per share. 
How is this possible given that Pfizer now enjoys record earnings per share and a market capitalization of some $270 billion, making it the 29th largest corporation globally? 
With nothing but profits in sight for the Pharmaceutical giant, what could be the problem? After all, in December, a Forbes’ headline read, “The Vaccine Maker Can Dominate The Covid Market For Years to Come, Wells Fargo Predicts.” 
In addition to the enormously profitable mRNA vaccines, Pfizer is rolling out potent antivirals like Paxlovid, which could earn $22 billion in 2022. Compared to the $81 billion in 2021 revenue, the earnings from the vaccines and the antivirals could top $102 billion for 2022, which is music to shareholders' ears. 
However some are hearing shrieks, and these happen to be Wall Street's finest, the smart money that beats the rest of the herd to the exits like clockwork. These sophisticated investors make it their business to not go with the conventional wisdom but to do their own research, which often pays spectacular dividends. 
Edward Dowd is one such investor. He saw the dot com bubble ready to burst and acted accordingly. But, unfortunately, other not-so-savvy investors later saw their dot com heavy portfolios collapse as the NASDAQ Composite Index lost 40% of its value in 2000. Dowd, a graduate of Notre Dame University and former Portfolio Manager at Blackrock, grew his fund from $2 billion to $14 billion and commanded the respect of his investment community peers. 
Today, after semi-retiring to the shores of South Maui, he remains a voice of stock market wisdom that many hedge funds continue to rely upon. LinkedIn lists him as a Consultant to Founder & Partner of Symphonic Capital, LLC. 
But the dot com collapse is not the only one Dowd successfully navigated. While many other portfolio managers placed their client's money in highly rated and lucrative mortgage-backed securities, Dowd hesitated and questioned. He considered that those might be grossly over-rated, and he was correct. It turns out that the mortgage rating system was corrupted by the high profitability of predatory financial products tied to home mortgages. 
According to Edward Dowd, a large portion of the blame was shouldered by the rating agencies, those trusted organizations whose job it was to judge the risk of these subprime mortgage-backed securities – agencies like Moody’s, Standard & Poor’s and Fitch. Dowd says they turned a blind eye to the true risk because it was profitable. So, in essence, these rating agencies were captured by the institutions backing these risky subprime securities. 
Joseph Stiglitz, a Nobel Prize-winning economist, put it this way, "The incentive structure of the ratings agencies also proved perverse. Agencies such as Moody's and Standard & Poor's are paid by the very people they are supposed to grade. As a result, they've had every reason to give companies high ratings, in a financial version of what college professors know as grade inflation." 
Dowd has sounded the alarm on Moderna and Pfizer as sinking ships that investors need to abandon. So what does the man who foresaw the dot com and the subprime mortgage crisis have to say about Moderna and Pfizer, and what trouble could exist in the paradise of COVID vaccine profits? Here are Dowd’s words: 
I want to liken here to what's gone on in the Great Financial Crisis. We had rating agencies, third-party verification sources that were able to perpetuate the fraud because the money got too big, their institutions became corrupted with the institutional imperative, and they got triple-A ratings which we all know in hindsight were not triple-A ratings – let's move forward to today. The FDA is the trusted third-party verification of pharmaceutical products. 50% of their budget comes from Pharma...due to the institutional imperative that was in place at the time and the speed with which they tried to approve these unproven products with this unproven technology, fraud did occur, and what's my proof of that? The FDA, together with Pfizer, were trying to hide the clinical data. And it’s come out recently...that the all-cause mortality for the Pfizer product failed – that means there were more deaths in the vaccine group than the placebo group. Normally in such a case, you have NO drug approval for such drugs. It's the gold standard. I've been told by all my people in the Biotech Industry they were horrified... 
See minute mark 25:10
And unfortunately, that is not all. Dowd feels that although he has successfully predicted three large frauds in his career, he now expects a global financial market collapse with the debt bubble getting ready to burst. 
“So I’ve seen three frauds; the corporate fraud of the dot com boom, the bank fraud of the Great Financial Recession, and I believe the fraud has moved on to central banks and governments – because that’s the nature of our monetary system – you have to constantly create credit to keep this thing going.” 
See minute mark 2:22.  
“The global debt bubble is at its peak…we are at the end…we are going to see lots of crazy things in the financial markets…we are going to see the credit markets become unhinged, the equity markets become unhinged. The Fed got a reprieve…under the cover of COVID, they were able to print 65% more money to keep this thing afloat, but we are at the end days here.” 
See mark 3:41.  
He clarifies that the emergence of global totalitarianism is not purely about power and profit. Instead Dowd feels it is to control the masses when they realize the economy is collapsing – the ramifications of which may be the loss of pensions and social security income. 
“A lot of what you are seeing in the response of global governments is setting up a system – under the guise of medical tyranny – to prevent the riots that are going to ensue once this thing all unwinds – that’s my personal belief…” 
See mark 4:04.  
For the skeptics, consider that Pfizer stock lost $20 billion in market capitalization on February 8, 2022, when their record earnings fell short of more optimistic expectations. 
Also consider that Moderna's stock is down some 70 percent from its high of $484 on August 9, 2021, wiping out almost $ 140 billion in investment.  
Dowd predicts Moderna will drop to zero with bankruptcy as fraud related to concealing the COVID vaccine dangers surfaces, and he predicts Pfizer will become a sub-ten-dollar stock. 
Dowd explains that the smart money has already left Moderna and will soon be exiting Pfizer. 
Dowd foresees an avalanche of lawsuits coming as the insurance industry continues to uncover the legions of mounting deaths coming from the complications of the mRNA COVID-19 vaccines. 
Dowd teamed up with an insurance industry analyst and researched the life insurance claims. 
They found that since OneAmerica shocked the world by announcing a 40% rise in non-COVID deaths in younger working-class employees, multiple other insurance companies worldwide have seen the same thing – massive rises in non-COVID deaths. And the evidence inescapably points to the vaccines as the cause. 
See minute mark 13:16.

Maybe this is how it ends.

Makes you think, perhaps, the Ukraine War might just be a distraction to flee from eventual Nuremberg Trials, doesn't it?

Who knows? I'm an idiot. Don't listen to me.




Israel, with 4 doses of the mRNA goo into many many people, is enjoying the highest case rate per capita in the world. So the vaccine really does work. Just not the way they told us it would.

From the Times of Israel:

Israel is leading the world in new daily COVID-19 cases per capita, data showed Thursday. Speaking to Channel 12 news, a top health expert advising the government cited figures from Our World in Data showing 0.6 percent of the population was testing positive per day. The numbers comparing each country’s seven-day running average put Israel at the top, Prof. Eran Segal of The Weizmann Institute said.

What Is a Mass Line Narrative?

The mass line is the political, organizational and leadership method developed by Mao Zedong and the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) during the Chinese revolution. 

The essential element of the mass line is consulting the masses, interpreting their suggestions within the framework of Marxism-Leninism, and then enforcing the resulting policies. 

Mao developed it into a coherent organizing methodology that encompasses philosophy, strategy, tactics, leadership and organizational theory that has been applied by many communists subsequent to the Chinese revolution. 

Chinese communist leaders generally attribute their conquest of power to the faithful pursuit of effective "mass line" tactics, and a "correct" mass line is supposed to be the essential prerequisite for the full consolidation of power.


From Vlad Tepes:

For anyone who wants to understand why people hate the CBC so very very much, watch as much as you can stand of this enemy propaganda from CBC’s The Fifth Line of effort Estate. Clearly they designed a classic Maoist mass line narrative, then went out and got and manipulated the footage they needed to push that narrative. 
You can see it in the editing, and even the choice of lenses to make people who were celebrating look vicious and evil. (This may be a post production effect rather than lens choice). 
A mass line narrative attack, is creating a story that you know will have a certain effect, and manipulating or fabricating data you need to force that narrative as an attack on whatever it is you want destroyed. Some of you may have watched our interview with the Nurse from Front Line Nurses and how CBC did a mass line on her till people threatened her, her family and safety. 

ANOTHER CONSPIRACY THEORY TURNS OUT TO BE FACT: mRNA Vaccines "Reverse Transcribe" and Are Integrated Into The Genome of Human Cells


... a recent study showed that SARS-CoV-2 RNA can be reverse-transcribed and integrated into the genome of human cells. In this study, we investigated the effect of BNT162b2 on the human liver cell line Huh7 in vitro. Huh7 cells were exposed to BNT162b2, and quantitative PCR was performed on RNA extracted from the cells. We detected high levels of BNT162b2 in Huh7 cells and changes in gene expression of long interspersed nuclear element-1 (LINE-1), which is an endogenous reverse transcriptase. Immunohistochemistry using antibody binding to LINE-1 open reading frame-1 RNA-binding protein (ORFp1) on Huh7 cells treated with BNT162b2 indicated increased nucleus distribution of LINE-1. PCR on genomic DNA of Huh7 cells exposed to BNT162b2 amplified the DNA sequence unique to BNT162b2. Our results indicate a fast up-take of BNT162b2 into human liver cell line Huh7, leading to changes in LINE-1 expression and distribution.


How To Understand Vladimir Putin


In 2000, Vladimir Putin sat down with three journalists who interviewed him and used the transcripts verbatim to construct a biography of his life. Here are a few excerpts from that session:

Putin on his mission in life — “My historical mission,” he insisted, is to stop “the collapse of the USSR” (p. 139). To do this, he vowed to “consolidate the armed forces, the Interior Ministry, and the FSB [the successor to the KGB, the “secret police” of the Soviet Union]” (p. 140). “If I can help save Russia from collapse, then I’ll have something to be proud of” (p. 204).

On his rise from spy to president — “In the Kremlin, I have a different position. Nobody controls me here. I control everybody else” (p. 131).

On the czars — “[F]rom the very beginning, Russia was created as a supercentralized state. That’s practically laid down in its genetic code, its traditions, and the mentality of its people,” said Putin, adding: “In certain periods of time . . . in a certain place . . . under certain conditions . . . monarchy has played and continues to this day to play a positive role. . . . The monarch doesn’t have to worry about whether or not he will be elected, or about petty political interests, or about how to influence the electorate. He can think about the destiny of the people and not become distracted with trivialities” (p. 186).

ESCAPE FROM NUREMBERG: Goodbye Pandemic, Hello War


Suddenly, COVID has all but disappeared. Without even a day to relax, the next crisis has been thrust upon us (and significantly so for the Ukrainian people). 
Russia has begun its invasion of Ukraine but despite its tactical advantages and much bigger military power, the Ukrainians seem to have held their ground for now and even won a few minor battles. 
So what is going on? Russia’s elites have not suddenly decided to invade Ukraine, they are part of the globalist cabal as much as any of the other Western elites are. 
Putin is a former young leader of the World Economic Forum (WEF) and he regularly meets with his friend Henry Kissinger. Russia also joined the Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution Network (part of the WEF) last year. 
There have been many suggestions so far as to what is going on, including: 
– Putin is physically ill, a megalomaniac and wants to strengthen Russia before he dies (this is the most dangerous suggestion as it means he will do anything to achieve his goals). 
– Ukraine becoming part of NATO is something Russia won’t back away from and only diplomatic negotiations and a step back by NATO will stop them. 
– US biolabs in Ukraine, researching emerging viruses, have been targeted. 
– It is all theatre, a cover story to hide COVID/vaccine bad news or an excuse for global financial/energy problems. 
Is it a coincidence that COVID was rapidly de-escalated across the globe (except for a few countries such as Canada) in a matter of weeks, going from a potential Christmas lockdown to living with the virus?


The Biden Administration, and the Pussies in Europe will make a big show of helping Ukraine, but they will do nothing.

Biden has asked Congress for $6.4 Billion to help Ukraine.

Biden will negotiate a "Peace" for Ukraine, in which he establishes an autonomous zone within the country which he will use to set up shop so he can fleece the billions put up by the American people, and further fleece the Ukranians. 

Europe will also pony up money, and will take the same strategy as Biden.

Nothing will be accomplished.

Russia will rebuild the Soviet Union.

Trump and Putin


Noting that Putin seized land from Georgia when George W. Bush was president and seized the Crimean peninsula when Barack Obama was president — warned Putin against a land grab on his watch. 
“If you move against Ukraine while I’m president,” Trump is said to have told the Russian leader, “I will hit Moscow.” 
Putin reportedly scoffed, “No way,” leading Trump to say, “All those beautiful golden turrets will be blown up.” 
A similar story involves Chinese President Xi Jinping. It was during his visit to Mar-a-Lago in 2017 when Trump famously interrupted their chocolate cake dessert to declare he had just ordered the US military to fire 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles at a Syrian air base after the Syrian government used chemical weapons against rebels and civilians. 
During that same visit, Trump reportedly told Xi that any military move against Taiwan would be met with an attack on Beijing. Xi, like Putin, is said to have been stunned, though it is possible neither man believed Trump was serious. 
While it is also possible that both accounts are exaggerated, it is a fact that neither man made the moves Trump is said to have warned against.


Brandon's Big Plan for Stopping Russia From Invading Was to BEG CHINA TO PRESSURE RUSSIA


Instead of Helping Brandon, China Betrayed Him and Told Russia All About His Undignified Groveling

Over three months, senior Biden administration officials held half a dozen urgent meetings with top Chinese officials in which the Americans presented intelligence showing Russia's troop buildup around Ukraine and beseeched the Chinese to tell Russia not to invade, according to U.S. officials.

Each time, the Chinese officials, including the foreign minister and the ambassador to the United States, rebuffed the Americans, saying they did not think an invasion was in the works. After one diplomatic exchange in December, U.S. officials got intelligence showing Beijing had shared the information with Moscow, telling the Russians that the United States was trying to sow discord -- and that China would not try to impede Russian plans and actions, the officials said.

The previously unreported talks between American and Chinese officials show how the Biden administration tried to use intelligence findings and diplomacy to persuade a superpower it views as a growing adversary to stop the invasion of Ukraine, and how that nation, led by President Xi Jinping, persistently sided with Russia even as the evidence of Moscow's plans for a military offensive grew over the winter


10 Days Ago Joe Biden Assured Ukrainian Leader Zelensky that US Would Respond “Swiftly and Decisively” to Russian Aggression — On Friday Joe Left for Delaware

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Herbie Hancock

Nasal Spray that is 99% Effective Against COVID-19 in its Phase 3 Clinical Trial – Now Approved in India, Israel, Bahrain Indonesia & Thailand


In a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, parallel-arm study at 20 clinical sites across India that evaluated 306 patients, NONS reduced the SARS-CoV-2 log viral load in COVID-19 patients by more than 94% within 24 hours of treatment, and by more than 99% in 48 hours as compared to saline control. 
Treatment also demonstrated, in the high-risk group (n=218), a statistically significant greater proportion of patients who achieved a combination of clinical and virological cure, based on the World Health Organization (WHO) Progression Scale. 
Moreover, the median time to negative PCR, in this group, was 4 days in the treatment group compared with 8 days in the control. Test subjects included patients infected with different variants, likely including Delta and Omicron. 
There were no significant adverse health events recorded in the Phase 3 trial, or in over 500 subjects treated so far with NONS in clinical trials. 
The reduction in log viral load corroborates the reduction of viral load in the UK Phase 2 trials (a reduction of 95% in 24 hours and 99% in 72 hours), conducted in March 2021 by Ashford and St Peter’s Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, and Berkshire and Surrey Pathology Services, and published in the Journal of Infection in August 2021. 
“These results definitively substantiate the safety and efficacy of NONS in the fight against COVID-19,” said Dr. Gilly Regev, SaNOtize Co-Founder and CEO. 
“We are thrilled to be able to provide COVID patients with an affordable product that has been shown to deliver a faster cure. And with the proven safety profile of NONS, we look forward to this becoming the first line of treatment and potentially defense for COVID infection worldwide.” 
The SaNOtize treatment is designed to kill the virus in the upper airways, preventing it from incubating and spreading to the lungs. It is based on nitric oxide (NO), a natural nanomolecule produced by the human body with proven anti-microbial properties shown to have a direct effect on SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19. 
The pharmacology, toxicity, and safety data for NO use in humans has been well-established for decades. The NO molecule released from NONS is identical to the one delivered in its gaseous form to treat persistent pulmonary hypertension, or Blue Baby Syndrome, in newborn babies. With the receipt of manufacturing and marketing approval from India’s drug regulator, SaNOtize’s strategic partner, Glenmark, will launch NONS commercially in India under the brand name FabiSpray® 
The approval is for the treatment of adult patients with COVID-19 who have a risk of progression of the disease, which includes either persons over the age of 45, non-vaccinated people and/or those with comorbidities. 
Glenmark entered into an exclusive long-term strategic partnership with SaNOtize in August 2021 to manufacture, market and distribute NONS for COVID-19 treatment in India and other Asian markets including Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Nepal, Brunei, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Timor-Leste, and Vietnam. 
NONS has a marketing authorization as a Class I Medical Device in the EU. NONS is also approved and being sold in Israel, Thailand, Indonesia, and Bahrain, under the name enovid™ or VirX™. “As viral load is an important determinant of disease severity and transmission of COVID-19 infection, demonstration of reduction in the viral load is expected to have significant clinical consequences from a patient and community perspective,” said Dr. Monika Tandon, Senior Vice President and Head – Clinical Development, Global Specialty/Branded Portfolio for Glenmark. “In the current scenario, with new emerging variants exhibiting high transmissibility, this novel product provides a useful option in the world’s fight against COVID-19.” Glenmark will submit the clinical trial data for publication in a peer-reviewed journal in order to share its findings. 
Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Phase 3 Trials – Details 
Patients in the Glenmark Phase 3 clinical trial in India self-administered a dose of 2 sprays per nostril, six times a day for a seven-day treatment period, along with standard supportive care. 
The primary and secondary outcome measures demonstrated the efficacy and safety of the NONS treatment arm over the control arm, which was administered normal saline nasal spray as placebo in double-blind manner. 
The trial also included a sub group analysis for patients with a high risk of disease progression, including either non-vaccinated patients, patients in middle- and older-age groups, and/or patients with co-morbidities. 
Reduction in log viral load in the NONS group was statistically significant and superior to the control group in the full population and high-risk population (p < 0.05). Similar results were seen in the un-vaccinated group. The primary endpoint was achieved and confirmed in all analyses. 
Significantly higher proportion of patients became negative on the RT-PCR test in the NONS group as compared to the placebo group. The time to virological cure was four days in the NONS group and eight days in the placebo group (p < 0.05). 
A significantly higher proportion of patients demonstrated a 2-point clinical status improvement on the WHO Progression Scale, the most clinically validated point system used in clinical trials, in the NONS group as compared to the placebo group in the high-risk group (p < 0.05). 
Data suggests role of NONS in prevention of COVID-19, which is consistent with a faster viral reduction. 
NONS was safe and well tolerated by all patients who were part of the clinical trial. There were no reports of moderate or severe or serious adverse events or death in the study. An independent Data and Safety Monitoring Board (DSMB) concluded that NONS was safe in COVID-19 patients. 
“NONS destroys the virus, blocks entry into the nasal cavity and halts replication of the virus, which rapidly reduces viral load. This is important because viral load has been linked to infectivity, poor health outcomes and complications from Long COVID,” said Dr. Chris Miller, Chief Science Officer and co-founder of SaNOtize. “Amid evidence of waning efficacy for some vaccines and higher breakthrough rates, there is currently a lack of an antiviral therapy that is effective against COVID-19 and its variants that can be made widely and affordably available to the public. This is what makes NONS a critical weapon in ending the pandemic and preventing future outbreaks.”

Biden Administration Wants to Send US Border Patrol To Ukraine


Joe Biden is looking to divert United States Border Patrol agents from their mission at the U.S.-Mexico border to send them overseas "to assist" those fleeing from Ukraine amidst Russia's invasion, a new report states. 
Even as illegal immigration continues pouring through the nation's southern border at record levels, Biden hopes to entice Border Patrol agents to sign up voluntarily to aid American citizens, green card-holders, and their immediate relatives fleeing Ukraine into Eastern Europe. . 
In January, alone, the Biden [junta] released more than 62,500 border crossers and illegal aliens into the U.S. interior. Border Patrol agents have blasted Biden's policies, which they say have made illegal immigration close to unmanageable.


Jeff Beck, Tal Wilkenfeld, Lizzie Ball
Women of Ireland

Thursday, February 24, 2022



BREAKING: Xi Is On the Move — Taiwan Defense Ministry Says 9 Chinese Aircraft Have Entered its Air Defense Zone on Thursday Morning

Putin Accused of Threatening NUCLEAR STRIKE As Russia Launches FULL SCALE Invasion Of Ukraine

Tim Pool says there are rumors top-level people are fleeing Washington DC.

Cruise Missile Hits Airport in Ukraine

NEVER FEAR: THE WOKE PENTAGON has activated the transvestite brigade. They are also conscripting the trannys swim team who had great success defeating biological woman. They are expecting the same results after they are sent to Ukraine.

Russia has reportedly started to launch long-range missiles toward Ukraine and has aircraft en route to carry out additional strikes during the initial hours of the early morning full-scale invasion into Ukraine.

"Ukrainian officials said an initial wave of strikes targeted military installations, airfields and government facilities across the country, as well as border force installations. Ukraine's border service said its troops came under attack all along the country's frontiers with Russia and Belarus," The Wall Street Journal reported.

"Kyiv didn't immediately offer any official estimate of casualties. But a senior Ukrainian official said he believed hundreds of Ukrainian soldiers had died in Russian airstrikes and missile attacks that began at 5 a.m. local time."Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL), Vice Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, tweeted out details of the attack seemingly before they were reported elsewhere.

"Russian aircraft are now en route to conduct additional targeted strikes on a number of key defense sites through all of Ukraine," Rubio wrote. "Long range missile launches from #Russia are now underway[.] They are headed towards various pre-selected military sites throughout Ukraine.

My comment? Not much, but I will say this:

Mitt Romney and much of the media are blaming Trump, somehow.

It seems tacitly absurd.

At this point, however, it seems to me the invasion of Ukraine puts us on the precipice of something so huge and dangerous that partisan concerns pale.

I know that, immediately, partisanship will set in, and that it is a necessary force in our Democracy. 

But me? I'm just standing here going, "Wow! WTF is this? The beginning of WWIII?"

My magic 8 ball tells me we are going to Ukraine. 

You got that guys?

The US will be sending the armed forces to Ukraine. 

How does that work? Are we going to go up against Russia one on one?

And what will China do?

What do you think?

China quietly developing military bases in Pacific islands

Does any of this sound familiar?

"QUIRKY COINCIDENCE": Scientists Find Virus Contains Tiny Chunk of DNA That Matches Sequence Patented by Moderna THREE YEARS BEFORE The Pandemic Began


Fresh suspicion that Covid may have been tinkered with in a lab emerged today after scientists found genetic material owned by Moderna in the virus's spike protein. 
They identified a tiny snippet of code that is identical to part of a gene patented by the vaccine maker three years before the pandemic. 
It was discovered in SARS-CoV-2's unique furin cleavage site, the part that makes it so good at infecting people and separates it from other coronaviruses. 
The structure has been one of the focal points of debate about the virus's origin, with some scientists claiming it could not have been acquired naturally. 
The international team of researchers suggest the virus may have mutated to have a furin cleavage site during experiments on human cells in a lab. 
They claim there is a one-in-three-trillion chance Moderna's sequence randomly appeared through natural evolution. 
But there is some debate about whether the match is as rare as the study claims, with other experts describing it as a 'quirky' coincidence rather than a 'smoking gun'. 
In the latest study, published in Frontiers in Virology, researchers compared Covid's makeup to millions of sequenced proteins on an online database. 
The virus is made up of 30,000 letters of genetic code that carry the information it needs to spread, known as nucleotides. 14k shares 
It is the only coronavirus of its type to carry 12 unique letters that allow its spike protein to be activated by a common enzyme called furin, allowing it to spread between human cells with ease. 
Analysis of the original Covid genome found the virus shares a sequence of 19 specific letters with a genetic section owned by Moderna, which has a total of 3,300 nucleotides.

Texas Governor Orders Child Abuse Investigation Into Children Receiving Transgender Treatments


Texas Governor Orders Child Abuse Investigation Into Children Receiving Transgender Treatments

Board Member of Large German Health Insurance Company Sounds the Alarm: Side Effects of COVID Vaccines Much Higher Than Official Reports


From Welt:

“According to our calculations, we consider 400,000 visits to the doctor by our policyholders because of vaccination complications to be realistic to this day. Extrapolated to the total population, this value would be three million.” 
An analysis of millions of insured persons’ data from the BKK company health insurance company comes to significantly higher figures for side effects than the Paul Ehrlich Institute. 
The new data is an “alarm signal,” says BKK board member Andreas Schöfbeck. For the first time, the figures from a large German health insurance association are available on the side effects of Covid vaccines. 
The board of directors of BKK ProVita, Andreas Schöfbeck, had the data of millions of insured persons of the BKK group analyzed. 
The total number of side effects is therefore many times higher than those reported by the Paul Ehrlich Institute (PEI). 
In a video call with WELT, Schöfbeck said on Wednesday: “The numbers determined are significant and urgently need to be checked for plausibility.” 
These are similar numbers to what we are seeing in the VAERS reporting system in the US. The numbers reported at the VAERS Website are significantly higher than what we are being told by our medical elites.


Trudeau announces end of Emergencies Act

Apparently he knew he did not have Senate support to appoint himself the Emperor.

Humpday Blues

Jimi Hendrix
Red House

Wednesday, February 23, 2022

FDNY Union Leader Requests Investigation Into Possible Link Between Recent Department Deaths And COVID Vaccines


This may turn out to be one of the biggest stories of the year.

The head of New York’s Uniformed Fire Officers Association (UFOA) is seeking an investigation into three recent department deaths to determine if the COVID vaccine played a role in these firefighters’ passing. 
Each of the deaths occurred in the months following the city’s COVID-19 jab mandate for municipal workers. 
The request from James McCarthy comes after the line-of-duty deaths of Firefighter Vincent Malveaux, 31, who died December 2nd at the FDNY Training Academy after suffering a medical episode believed to be a seizure. Lt. Joseph Maiello, 53, was found dead in a Staten Island firehouse after a Christmas shift, and Firefighter Jesse Gerhard, 33, died on February 16th at his firehouse after a medical episode. 
McCarthy said about the tragic deaths: 
“That’s a significant amount of people in a very short time. The vaccine is a concern with our members because it is something new that is being put into our bodies. It could be a factor.” 
McCarthy wants the FDNY to provide the union with all relevant information pertaining to the decedents’ COVID vaccine history so that any possible connection to these firefighters’ death and the vaccine can be thoroughly investigated.

Was Ukraine Sacrificed To Fulfill Biden's Wish To Deepthroat Ayatollah Cock?

The Ukraine invasion directly benefits the Islamic Republic. 
That's why, after months of stagnation in Vienna, in the days leading up to Russia's recognition of the separatist enclaves in eastern Ukraine, we are hearing that a deal with Iran is close to being signed. 
Biden has alluded to securing cheap Iranian oil as an answer to high gas prices in the United States, a policy which has now been picked up by the media. 
Biden hit on rising oil prices again in his Tuesday speech, as did Kamala Harris in the course of the Munich conference. 
Biden is cynically using Russia's destabilization of the global energy market to argue for the return to appeasement for the ayatollahs. 
Ukraine was likely sacrificed well in advance in exchange for a lucrative energy deal and Iran's cooperation in Vienna.

So, strangle American energy production that under Trump made America a net energy exporter for the first time in over 60 years, try to kill off the Israel/Greece/Cyprus pipeline to Europe, then give the Mullahs the green light to nuke up in exchange for Iranian oil to try and ease Americans' pain at the pump.

What kind of a fucking insane, gibbering, drooling gabba-gabba-hey pinhead do you have to be to think this up? No, I'm not aiming that at Biden necessarily because he wouldn't know the time of day even if he was standing in front of a Best Buy and every TV in the window had on "Wapner." This crap was dreamed up by truly disturbed people like Jake Sullivan, Tony Blinken, Victoria Nuland, Ben Rhodes and Obama or some combination of them and others at Foggy Bottom-feeders.

Canadian MP Says Single Mom’s Bank Account Frozen For Donating $50 to Freedom Convoy


Canadian MP Says Single Mom’s Bank Account Frozen For Donating $50 to Freedom Convoy

A Canadian single mother’s bank account was frozen for donating $50 to the Freedom Convoy, according to MP Mark Strahl.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau last week invoked emergency orders to break up the trucker Freedom Convoy.


LEDREW: Trudeau has brought Canadians to the tipping point

Stephen Ledrew was the longest serving president of the Liberal Party of Canada.

The Canada that Canadians now view every day is not the sensible, reasonable, and generous society that Canadians of all stripes have built up over many generations

It has become polarized, nasty and barely recognizable.

Just listen to people talking in stores, on the street, and in meeting places.

Just walk or drive through cities and villages and the countryside, and see the Canadian flags — paired with signs expressing vehement disapproval of our federal government. Loyal Canadians are fed up with their federal government.

And one person is responsible for this — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

He has drastically altered Canadian institutions and norms so considerably that usually calm people are raising their voices in protest.

The core of the protestors in Ottawa and other Canadian centres were angry not only about government heavy-handedness in its pandemic policies, but also the changes being brought about by Trudeau.