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MISSOURI VS BIDEN: Judge in Missouri v Biden ain't buying what the government's shoveling


If you haven’t been following the case of Missouri v. Biden, you should. It’s probably the most important civil liberties case in the history of the United States. The Biden Administration has been shown in court to have employed a vast censorship apparatus that admittedly suppressed truthful information - and some of the answers given by the Biden team to the judge’s questions are truly chilling.
The Missouri v Biden lawsuit sprang from underhanded censorship dealings the Biden administration began with the social media companies almost the second they ascended to the throne. 
Literally 3 days after Biden took office, the government’s censorship operation was flying. The White House immediately launched a pressure campaign on social media platforms to suppress supposed “COVID misinformation.” 
The Surgeon General launched his signature “disinformation” initiative at a Virality Project event at the Stanford Internet Observatory. And, Biden himself publicly pressured platforms on July 16, 2021—one day after his press secretary Jennifer Psaki and Surgeon General Vivek Murthy did the same, as the plaintiffs describe in their filing. 
Everyone from COVID lockdown, vax and masking critics to scientists who had conflicting data in their hands, and just wanted to present it to the public – such as the signers of the Great Barrington Declaration – were driven from view, pilloried from the public square, many times hounded out of their jobs and livelihoods their long established, spotless professional reputations were in tatters. All to promote the government’s approved narrative, their chosen treatments, and favored pharmaceutical partners. 
There were no allowances made for First Amendment Rights in their dogged pursuit of complete control of the information flow. Posts, memes, papers and tweets that were contrary to that goal, even if correct were flagged as “disinformation,” and smothered or completely removed, and the author blocked from whatever the site was after said “infraction” were theatrically deemed either enough or so serious action must be taken to protect the public. 
Thanks to Joe Biden’s Soviet-style Politburo controlling the airwaves and all media with an iron and unconstitutional fist, the first few years of his term brooked little public discussion. 
…As the evidence proves, there was conspiracy behind the censorship. The White House campaign integrated with the Surgeon General, the CDC, and Census Bureau campaigns drew directly from White House pressure. NIAID and NIH censorship efforts draw from the CDC. CISA, FBI, DOJ, ODNI [Office of the Director of National Intelligence] and other agencies worked together and all participate in meetings together to facilitate pressure and censorship. CISA and the FBI worked together to censor the Biden laptop story. NIAID and NIH conspired together to censor the lab-leak theory and Great Barrington Declaration [co-authored by plaintiffs Bhattacharya and Kulldorff]. NIAID [Fauci’s former division at the NIH] is embedded in White House censorship activities. CISA and GEC [Global Engagement Center, the State Department’s censorship arm] coordinate with each other and with NGOs like the Election Integrity Partnership.  
This isn’t a guess. They have the evidence. This happened.


Megyn Kelly Explains Why She Will No Longer Use "Preferred Pronouns" as Trans Ideology Grows

In a recent segment on her podcast, Megyn Kelly explained why she has changed her mind about the trans agenda and why she will no longer use preferred pronouns. Kelly explains how she used to feel about the issue, and that she didn’t think it was a big deal. Yet now, we have moved beyond the slippery slope in many ways and Kelly is rejecting it. She talks about how important it is for girls and women to have their own spaces.



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Why Experts Are Suddenly Freaking OUT About AI | Tristan Harris

Islamist in Europe creates transsexual Muslim superhero

In this interview on Yahoo UK, originally from a European LGBT news source, a writer who may be a Muslim came up with something that's unlikely to please all followers of the Religion of Peace, even if it's meant to serve as some kind of bizarre virtue-signaling propaganda for whitewashing Islam:
David Ferguson chatted to Bijhan Agha, creator of the new science-fiction comic Time Wars: the Adventures of Kobra Olympus, which centres around a young gay, trans and Muslim character. He found out more about Agha’s influences, the comic’s story and the Kickstarter campaign to fund the project.

As this is a comic book project, what comics did you like growing up?

You know, I didn’t have a lot of money growing up, and by the ’90s, the cost of comics was quite high relative to the page count. So I didn’t get to read a lot of the comics which were being printed at the time.

But we had a local library, the White Center branch of the King County Library System, where they would have these thick comic book reprints using just the black line artwork on cheap yellow paper. These things had to have at least a hundred issues in each volume.

This is where I experienced the classics. Spider-Man from the 1960s. Justice League from the 1970s. Ninja Turtles and X-Men from the 1980s. But the one that influenced me the most, as a young queer person, was the Wonder Woman comic compendium from the 1940s.

What influenced you about these comics, in a good or possibly bad way?

In all comics, I loved the sense of wonder and imagination. There was no attempt to anchor the storytelling in our own world, allowing for a sophisticated and unpredictable mythology. Yet at the same time, the emotional reality of the characters was crystal clear, allowing you to perfectly understand what they were going through.

In Wonder Woman, in particular, I found a celebration of femininity and a clear thesis on what feminine leadership looks like compared to masculine leadership. This message was planted in me like a seed that wouldn’t sprout until I was much older.
One must wonder what could possibly have impressed upon this writer in WW, seeing how such a classic Golden Age creation didn't emphasize the kind of perversions we see today, where femininity is being villified in women, yet elevated in men. Not to mention that the Religion of Peace practically disrespects femininity when it demands women wear burkas/chadors/abayas at the expense of their health. And the writer of this comic adds insult to injury by emphasizing something WW didn't celebrate decades ago.
For the benefit of those unfamiliar with your comic Time Wars: the Adventures of Kobra Olympus, what would be your ‘elevator pitch’ to readers?

Time Wars is a universe in which time travellers from the 161st century are coming back in time to help us in the past wage a covert war against the Vampires who are manipulating history to create inequality and strife. Kobra Olympus is a young gay trans and Muslim woman who has been recruited by a time-travelling agent to use technology from the future to fight literal monsters who live in the shadows of society.
What if it turns out those "monsters" are metaphors for non-Muslims? Then this is a most hypocritical production, because it'd be elevating Islam and transsexuality for sainthood, while making "infidels" out to be the baddies. This reminds me of a report on a Muslim "scholar" who accused Jews of what the comic tells about. In that case, what if it turns out these vampires are metaphors for Jews? Shudder.
I adore cinema and television, and I would love to write for them in the future. But my experience with comic book adaptations and the “cinemafication” of comics leads me to believe that the story being told must fit the medium.

The medium, as they say, often is the message. For that reason, I tried to abstain from channelling the language of cinema into the comic, and focused on literary and comic inspiration.
This sounds like more virtue-signaling from somebody who read Sean Howe's past commentaries on how too much cinematic approach has ruined modern comicdom, and wants to make it sound like a follower of the Religion of Peace actually respects arguments made by people with far better understandings of what went wrong with comicdom. In other words, we're literally supposed to embrace and adore this writer because he/she is an Islamist?
The personal part of Time Wars was really engaging – it felt genuinely character driven. Did you feel any pressure to represent your Muslim culture as well as the trans community?

I hope we someday reach a time when a trans and/or Muslim artist can create artwork which is sincere and true to themselves without feeling like they’re somehow representing others as well.

When a white American man makes an action movie, he doesn’t think about how it will reflect on white people, Americans, or men; he just makes what he likes. But that’s not an option for people who are marginalized by society
. When we make art, politics depersonalizes it and makes it either an achievement or a failure of the label we share with others.

When I wanted to make a comic, I decided to emulate the greats. I had two main inspirations for what I wanted to do. On the one hand, outright activism like Dr Marston and Wonder Woman. When he wrote that comic, he did so with the explicit goal of educating young boys on how to accept feminine leadership and treat women with respect.

Then, on the other hand, you have pure self-expression, like Stan Lee and Spider-Man. Peter Parker’s daily misadventures paralleled Stan Lee’s own troubles with women, cars, rent, and more.

Therefore I wanted to tell an exciting and relatable adventure as Stan Lee would, but with the explicit political goal of fostering goodwill for trans and Muslim people in the nerd community, like Dr Marston would. So, my intention was, first and foremost, to make something fun and entertaining but to inject it with my real lived experiences to show how easy it is for everyone to relate to us when given a chance.
Well this sure is classic hypocrisy indeed. All coming from somebody who refuses to acknowledge the verses in the Koran disrespecting women, how honor murders are legitimized under Islam, or how many women in Islamic regimes are forced to wear niqabs, much like the trans-star of the show in focus is, which sure doesn't provide the wearer with an identity. But, this does raise an important point to make: based on Islam's disapproval of homosexuality for starters, a woman pretending to be a man and/or got a sex change operation would not have her claims accepted in a stringent Muslim regime like Iran and Afghanistan, period, and would be forced to wear a niqab, or could be subject to even worse, like execution. Even a male transsexual could experience a horror story under the sword of the ummah.

So this comic project is little more than an insult to the intellect, topped off by how interviewer and interviewee deliberately make an Islamist look like the smart one to be listened to, all through the lensing of hypocritical double-standards. Or, in other words, taqqiya (deception). Yet based on Islam's ostensible abhorrence for homosexuality, that's why there's little chance the Muslim world in its majority would accept such a propaganda product, which may be marketed more for the non-Muslim world, to serve as deceptive propaganda whitewashing a religion that's very contemptible of femininity, and to make the star of the show a transsexual only heaps on the insults in any event.

Mind Manipulation — Who is in Control? Part 1

This link is to a video on mind control from Children’s Health Defense. It is not way out there. It deals with the ordinary. And it starts a little slow. But it is worth the time. Ilana Daniel has put together a lot of the current policies and technologies to suggest a general theme of controlling the future by controlling the minds of children. She references back to the CIA’s secret experiments on Canadians and Americans which created the Unabomber among who knows how many other villains. This was known as MK Ultra. As far as we know, no trials have taken place for the people responsible for these experiments on unwitting subjects. Ted Kazinsky is still in jail though.

Not To Touch The Earth

Some outlaws lives by the side of the lake
The Minister's daughter's in love with the snake
Who lived in the well by the side of the road
 Wake up, girl, we're almost home ...

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Evil Woman

Free Julian Assange: Noam Chomsky, Dan Ellsberg & Jeremy Corbyn Lead Call at Belmarsh Tribunal

Some of the people who participated in this tribunal are not my favorite people (i.e. Jeremy Corbyn). I am not usually a fan of Democracy Now. But this is an important subject.

SLOWCIALISM! A New Print By Bosch Fawstin

 Bosch says:

I drew this cartoon for an article at Jihad Watch and the left column. California republican Speaker Kevin McCarthy represents most republican politicians today, and he put in weasel words the meaning behind the pun I made up about a decade ago. It's now available as a print at my store

HUGE! Twitter's Head Of Trust & Safety RESIGNS Over Daily Wire Controversy, CENSORING 'What Is A Woman'

Kohl’s Stock Sinks 12% After Promoting Trans Theme Clothes for 3 Month Old Babies


Kohl’s Stock Sinks 12% After Promoting Trans Theme Clothes for 3 Month Old Babies

URGENT: Twitter's own lawyers believed the company could not successfully defend its Covid vaccine censorship policies

Elon Musk's Twitter Decides Free Speech Isn't So Important After All

Vlad Tepes Blog says:

It’s very important to read the whole thread here. 16 short tweets. It provides an excellent landmark in time to show the degree of Marxification, to coin a term in line with Islamification of a nation, to which it is identical in the main, if not the details, of our civilization. The thread includes a back and forth with Elon Musk at the end. But clearly the film was suppressed despite his protestations.

After viewing several warnings about “hateful conduct” the movie is visible. 

Jeremy Boering is the co-founder of the Daily Wire: 

 A couple other people add a good point, here:

Coming from an Islamic immigrant, this comes off as a most peculiar complaint/lamentation

Last year, Abigail Shrier wrote about American families sending their children to foreign language immersion courses, because they're so disillusioned with whatever passes for "American culture" these days, and find it so bad an influence, they'd rather take measures they believe could shield their children from said influences, which are conveyed foremost via the English language. It's an interesting subject, but along the way, she highlights what a psychology expert told about a conference he gave in a certain location in Michigan:
At the end of a talk Dr. Sax gave at an Islamic center in Detroit years ago, a Syrian-born father approached him. The man and his wife had come to the United States twenty years earlier and had four children. “They normally speak Arabic at home, but they told me that when their teenage son wants to be defiant and disrespectful, he switches to English,” Dr. Sax said. “And Dad told me that his son’s whole body language changes. His eyes narrow, he gets a smirk on his face.”
Now this is most peculiar - and decidedly rich - coming from an apparent follower of the Religion of Peace, which seeks to impose perversions of its own upon western "infidels". Of course culture in the USA, as told there, has tragically been corrupted, but ironically, depending what's involved, it's not something a religion built upon jihadism, antisemitism, racism and misogyny would truly have an issue with. Especially if the kids continue to adhere to Islam even after becoming defiant of the parents. If modern entertainment products in the USA build on horrific ingredients like normalizing violence and playing it for cheap sensationalism, it'd only be seen as something Islamofascists would consider a perfect extension for their twisted beliefs.

Obviously, there are Muslim parents who have problems with children growing up disrespectful to them for all the wrong reasons, but it's still no excuse for raising them under a horrific ideology that's just as destructive as LGBT ideology's turning out to be in the past decade, and has led to terrible instances of honor murders against daughters over Thoughtcrimes. Indeed, how is that any different from the misogyny that's now resulted in girls mutilating themselves for the sake of transsexual ideology?

So maybe the real query here is why the aforementioned doctor was giving lectures at a Muslim institution. It makes this a very absurd situation where the guy risks glossing over one bad ideology while talking about another. If you think that's weird and naive, it sadly is.

EMERGENCY EPISODE: Ex-Google Officer Finally Speaks Out On The Dangers Of AI! - Mo Gawdat

"They're prepping us for the next pandemic, Covid was a rehearsal" - Dr. Kat Lindley

Jamie Foxx Allegedly Paralyzed and Blinded Due to ‘Blood Clot in His Brain’ Following COVID-19 Shot, Veteran Hollywood Journalist Claims

Dr. Peter McCullough: Understand Spike Shedding Before It’s Too Late

Dr. Peter McCullough: Understand Spike Shedding Before It’s Too Late

One of the most common questions I am asked from the unvaccinated stems from concerns over “shedding”… mRNA vaccines are indeed gene therapy products and should have been submitted to excretion studies by DARPA funded researchers long ago. 
Sadly, these careful development steps were skipped from the beginning in our military-style vaccine development program, and now the public is grappling with the issue of nucleic acid and Spike protein shedding as a potential concern among those who have worked so hard to remain healthy and free of COVID-19 vaccination. 
Fertig et al, have shown mRNA is circulatory in blood for at least two weeks with no reduction in concentration out to that time point. 
Likewise, Hanna et al, have found mRNA within breast milk. Less data exist on Spike protein shedding but it is not a far stretch to understand this is well within the realm of reality. 
The pivotal questions are: 
For how long is a recently vaccinated person at risk to shed on to others? 
Can shed mRNA be taken up by the recipient and begin to produce Spike protein just like vaccination? 
Can shed Spike protein cause disease as it does in the vaccinated (e.g. myocarditis, blood clots, etc.)? 
Dr. McCullough has been researching the duration of spike-induced injuries as a proxy for risk. While the results are early, he reports that the damage is long-lasting ...


Lynyrd Skynyrd
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Thursday, June 01, 2023


As it should be. (Yeah, I ended a sentence in a linking verb. Bite me!) 
From my morning e mail to a dear friend: 
“I have always believed our culture is like a pendulum. If it swings too far left, when it swings too far right, it is about auto correction. Of course, the continued push against trans agenda will be presented as “extreme”. It is actually an attempt at auto correction. 
For me the emphases needs to be on ZERO taxpayer funding for Drag shows and quarantine of these nasty lil’ biting bugs away from the children. I read about a school where the trans aide has been removed because of a backlash in an elementary school over PRIDE events. 
This pervert was an aide in a special ed class. What could POSSIBLY go wrong? I did not know trans events were now in the elementary schools. Gosh. 
Our future generations may not know basic math, but they will be the dull blade desensitized to accept psychiatric nonsense. There is good news today. The Pentagon has been outed for misuse of taxpayer dollars. Our money is allocated for mission readiness. Drag shows? “Nellis U Drag”. Maybe it should be “Nellis U Fags” – because at the end of the day, a transgender male is just the average gay who lusts after another man. He is merely in costume. He is an exotic. 
Learning curve here: Bud Light is still going to give $200,000 to the LGBTQ Chamber of Congress this year. I didn’t know such a thing existed. It is a small amount in the greater scheme of their billions, but it still shows callous disregard for what our culture wants; and should not tolerate – sewage spilling over into the streets, into our schools and our homes. Also – are consumers aware of the many different brands of beer which represent Anheuser-Busch? 
I have tried to educate myself a bit regarding their various labels. I believe there is nothing new under the sun. That being said, certain individuals within society are noted to be underbelly, not topside … best left in the underground and subterranean dark spaces which suit their darkened minds … swim in the sewers but not the public pools. 
This is about civilizational boundaries which keep greater society healthy. We take note of transgenders, and their pitiful chosen condition. But we do not promote them because we feel sorry for them. “Compassion” means a path to healing and not continued delusion.” 
In a prior blog I mentioned “Listen for the prophetic”. I believe that the prophetic can be gifted in greater measure within the intellect of the musician. What might not “preach” well, can reach a greater audience with music. I always listen for the prophetic in song. Whether it be Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Doobie Brothers, etc. the prophetic can exist within the musical universe. 
Listen carefully to the words. This rapper, is making an impact. Hell, I don’t even like rap – but I like this rapper. smile


What Happened At The World Health Organization's. 76th Assembly?


Vlad Tepes Blog comments:

 It has been the assertion of this site for some time now, that the real reason for sterilizing and mutilating children into monsters without their parent’s consent, has been to accomplish the REAL transition. Moving children from the responsibility and control of the parents, to the absolute property of a god-like state. The financial rewards to certain sectors is what makes it more fascist than just Marxist.

An Accidental Discovery Finds DNA in mRNA Vaccines

In 1928 scientist Alexander Fleming returned to his laboratory after a 2-week holiday.  A petri dish of bacteria accidentally left on the lab bench, somehow became cross-contaminated with Penicillium notatum mould.  Fleming noticed the mould inhibited the growth of the bacteria. This accidental discovery marked the dawn of the antibiotic era and a turning point in medical, and perhaps human history.

Recently, another accidental discovery has scientists wondering whether we have turned another corner in history.

The story begins with Kevin McKernan, a scientist with 25 years experience in the genomic field and a leading expert in sequencing methods for DNA and RNA. He has worked on the Human Genome Project and more recently in medicinal genomics involving DNA sequencing.  

In the process of trying to sort out a sequencing problem, McKernan used anonymously sent, Pfizer and Moderna Covid-19 bivalent vaccines to act as mRNA controls.  

‘Somebody sent me these thinking, this is the perfect control… It should be pure. So, if you get this to work, you’ll sort out your mRNA sequencing problems,’ McKernan explains in a recent interview.  ‘They were right about that. It did sort out our problems. But what we discovered in the process is that they weren’t pure mRNA. They actually had a lot of DNA in the background.’

McKernan was shocked, ‘It’s not what we were looking for… I had this hunch that the new modified nucleotides they have in the mRNA may have a higher error rate, and therefore we would see more mistakes in the mRNA. So, I knew we would have to sequence like a millionfold deep… over and over again to find these mistakes. When we did that DNA popped up and I thought “Oh, that’s a bigger problem. We have to focus on that.” … I kind of went into panic mode, realizing that I didn’t budget any time to look into this, and the world has to know about it.’

Let’s pause here and look at what we’re told about the Covid-19 mRNA injections.  We’re assured:

  • The injections are safe. Meanwhile, adverse event reporting systems around the world record previously unseen rates of adverse events and injuries;
  • The injections are effective.  We would ask: Effective for what?  Not stopping transmission.  We’re not sure about preventing serious illness either evidenced by recent data and New South Wales Health reports which show a disproportionate number of hospital and ICU admissions amongst the vaccinated.
  • The injection materials stay at the injection site.  Recently released documents obtained under FOI show the lipid nanoparticles become widely distributed – notably to the liver, spleen, adrenal glands, ovaries, and testes;
  • The injections won’t change your DNA.

Let’s look at that last one a little bit closer.

The Australian TGA states you can find reputable information about Covid-19 vaccines on their ‘Is it true’ section of the website.  It is worth a look.  In answer to the question ‘Can COVID-19 vaccines alter my DNA?’ the TGA is clear: ‘No, COVID-19 vaccines do not alter your DNA.’

They explain, ‘mRNA vaccines use a synthetic genetic code called RNA to give our cells instructions about how to make the coronavirus’ unique spike protein.  When our body has made the protein encoded by the mRNA vaccine, it then recognises the spike protein as being foreign and launches an immune response against it.  The RNA from the vaccine does not change or interact with our DNA in any way.’

Phew.  Well, that’s ok then, right?

Possible routes for mRNA to convert to DNA (including a process known as reverse transcription) were discounted.  Until the publication of an annoying little paper in 2022 by Alden et al, an in vitro study involving human liver cells which showed Pfizer’s mRNA was expressed as DNA within six hours.  

At the time, this was assumed due to reverse transcription of the mRNA.  However, in light of McKernan’s discovery, there’s a whole new possibility to consider.  What if the vaccines already contained DNA?  Then arguments about whether the mRNA could reverse transcribe into DNA become irrelevant. 

Let’s return to McKernan and take a closer look at what he found.  In addition to the expected mRNA, he also found mRNA fragments, other pieces of RNA, and two forms of DNA: linearised and circular.  The significance of the circular – or plasmid – DNA is important.  The plasmid DNA is the ‘complete recipe’ used to program bacterial cells to mass produce the mRNA.  This DNA should not be there.  Further investigation by McKernan showed the plasmid DNA contained in the vaccines was indeed viable and capable of transformation in bacterial cells.

So, the Pfizer and Moderna vials of bivalent vaccine that McKernan tested were contaminated with DNA.  DNA encoding the spike gene and potentially capable of inserting into the genome of an organism.  

The question is, does this DNA have the potential to become part of the genome of a human organism and if so what might be the consequences?  This would have required looking at ‘genotoxicity,’ something Australia’s TGA says the (Pfizer) injections were not tested for, and the TGA did not ask for.


MLB Pitcher Calls For BOYCOTT Over Drag Nuns, Bud Light Boycott SPREADING, Leftists Are LOSING

Humpday Blues

Little Walter
My Babe

Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Your Brain Is Not a Computer, It Is a Transducer

Let’s start with my 95-year-old mom. Her memory is unreliable, but she’s still lucid, churns out sarcasm like a pro, and plays a lightning-fast game of double solitaire. Today I finally quit after she won seven games in a row, and, yes, I was trying my best.

She also hears music continuously, and it’s not the kind of music that drives us nuts when we can’t get a tune out of our head. She mainly hears original music, and she will sometimes try to hum or sing what she’s hearing. She says it’s coming from "the neighbors downstairs," and it doesn’t bother her, she says, because some of it isn’t bad and because it helps her fall asleep. The fact that other people can’t hear it doesn’t bother her either. She simply smiles slyly and says, "Maybe you should get your hearing checked."

Am I concerned? Well, just a bit — not about the music but about its source. As I told my mom the other day, I would be more comfortable if the inconsiderate neighbors lived upstairs. She laughed and said, "I see what you’re getting at, but don’t worry.  I’m not going to hell."  Very determined, my mom. Was she planning to negotiate the issue with a hand of double solitaire?


The main reason we should give serious thought to such a theory has nothing to do with ghosts. It has to do with the sorry state of brain science and its reliance on the computer metaphor. One of my research assistants recently calculated that Beethoven’s thirty-two piano sonatas contain a total of 307,756 notes, and that doesn’t take into account the hundreds of sections marked with repeat symbols. Beethoven’s scores also include more than 100,000 symbols that guide the pianist’s hands and feet: time signatures, pedal notations, accent marks, slur and trill marks, key signatures, rests, clefs, dynamic notations, tempo marks, and so on.

Why am I telling you about Beethoven? Because piano virtuoso and conductor Daniel Barenboim memorized all thirty-two of Beethoven’s sonatas by the time he was 17, and he has since memorized hundreds of other major piano works, as well as dozens of entire symphony scores — tens of millions of notes and symbols.

Do you think all this content is somehow stored in Barenboim’s ever-changing, ever-shrinking, ever-decaying brain? Sorry, but if you study his brain for a hundred years, you will never find a single note, a single musical score, a single instruction for how to move his fingers — not even a “representation” of any of those things. The brain is simply not a storage device. It is an extraordinary entity for sure, but not because it stores or processes information.  (See my Aeon essay, “The Empty Brain,” for more of my thinking on this issue, and for a truly great thrill, watch Barenboim play the third movement from Beethoven’s 14th piano sonata here.)

Over the centuries — completely baffled by where human intelligence comes from — people have used one metaphor after another to ‘explain’ our extraordinary abilities, beginning, of course, with the divine metaphor millennia ago and progressing – and I use that word hesitatingly — to the current information-processing metaphor. I am proposing now that we abandon the metaphors and begin to consider substantive ideas we can test.

To be clear: I am not offering transduction theory as yet another metaphor. I am suggesting that the brain is truly a bidirectional transducer and that, over time, we will find empirical support for this theory.


This brings me to the claustrum, a small structure just below the cerebral cortex that ispoorly understood, although recent research is beginning to shed some light. Many areas of the brain connect to the claustrum, but what does it do? If the claustrum turns out to be the place where signals are transduced by the brain, you will probably never discover this remarkable fact if transduction is not on your list of possibilities. (If you’re a history buff, you might also be aware of another small brain structure — the pineal gland — that could conceivably be a transduction site. In his first book, Treatise of man, written in the early 1600s, French philosopher René Descartes identified this gland as the seat of the soul. Remarkably, in the late 1900s, scientists discovered that tissue in the pineal gland responds to electromagnetic radiation.)

If modern brain scientists begin to look for evidence that the brain is a transducer, they might find it directly through a new understanding of neural pathways, structures, electro-chemical activity, or brain waves. Or they might find such evidence indirectly by simulating aspects of brain function that appear to be capable of transducing signals. They might even be able to create devices that send signals to a parallel universe, or, of greater interest, that receive signals from that universe. Comparative studies of animal brains, which could conceivably have limited connections to the OS, might help move the research along.

Efficient and clear transduction might also prove the key to understanding the emergence of human language and consciousness; here is a possible explanation for what might have been the relatively sudden appearance of such abilities in humans (see Julian Jaynes’s 1976 book, The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind).  Neural transduction might also prove to be the mechanism underlying Carl Jung’s concept of the “collective unconscious.” Even Noam Chomsky’s theory of universal grammar could get a boost from transduction theory; it would hardly be surprising that most or all human languages share certain grammatical rules if languages are all constrained by signals emanating from a common source.  And then there’s that ‘flow’ state my friend Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi taught everyone about. When I’m in a hyper-creative mode – now, for example, as I’m writing – I have almost no awareness of this world or of the passage of time. Is the OS the source of our creativity?


Robert Epstein (born June 19, 1953) is an American psychologistprofessorauthor, and journalist. He was awarded a Ph.D. in psychology by Harvard University in 1981, was editor in chief of Psychology Today, and has held positions at several universities including Boston UniversityUniversity of California, San Diego, and Harvard University. He is also the founder and director emeritus of the Cambridge Center for Behavioral Studies in Concord, MA.

How Lockdowns Bolstered an Industrial Cartel

Among the many grim memories from the depths of lockdowns were boarded up local shops and long lines outside the big-box stores like WalMart, Kroger, Whole Foods, and Home Depot. For very strange reasons, small business was universally declared to be nonessential whereas the big chains were deemed essential. 

This amounted to a massive industrial subsidy to large companies, which emerged from the pandemic period richer and more bloated than ever. Meanwhile, millions of small businesses were utterly wrecked. 

Nearly every day, my inbox fills with tragic stories of family businesses that were just getting going when the lockdowns came and destroyed everything. Not enough of these stories were ever told. Major media were not interested. 

The government loans (PPP), later mostly forgiven, could not possibly make up the difference for the losses from old-fashioned revenue. In addition, their supply chains were wrecked because they were either starved for business or gobbled up by the large companies. There are no firm numbers but it is possible 25-40 percent of small businesses closed permanently. Dreams were shattered and millions of jobs were disrupted or destroyed. 

As a result, retail trade (declared nonessential except for chosen businesses) has yet to recover in employment, despite the frantic hiring. Neither has hospitality. However, the information sector (declared essential across the board) is larger than ever. 

It was a brutal attack on commercial freedom but what a way to gain an industrial advantage! 


Save Ferris
The World Is New

Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Memorial Day Shocker: New York Mayor Eric Adams Denounces Communism and Socialism, Issues Stirring Call to Young Americans to Embrace Patriotism

Comedian On Vaccine Fascism, "It Turns Out I'm The Sort Of Person Who, When The State Tells Him To Do Something, Says, "Fine!"

Media polling from Harvard-Harris showing that Americans hold almost diametrically opposing viewpoints from those that news corporations predominantly broadcast as the official “truth”

‘The Official Truth’: The End of Free Speech That Will End America

  • Media polling from Harvard-Harris showing that Americans hold almost diametrically opposing viewpoints from those that news corporations predominantly broadcast as the official “truth.”
  • Americans have correctly concluded that [with the “Russia Hoax” and suppressing reported influence peddling in Hunter Biden’s laptop ] journalists and spies advanced a “fraud” on voters as part of an effort to censor a damaging story and “help Biden win.” Nevertheless, The New York Times and The Washington Post have yet to return the Pulitzer Prizes they received for reporting totally discredited “fake news.”
  • “Under the current approach to journalism, it is the New York Times that receives a Pulitzer for a now debunked Russian collusion story rather than the New York Post for a now proven Hunter Biden laptop story.” — Professor Jonathan Turley, George Washington University Law School, Twitter, May 15, 2023.
  • The government apparently took the public’s censorship concerns so seriously that it quietly moved on from the collapse of its plans for a “disinformation governance board” within the DHS and proceeded within the space of a month to create a new “disinformation” office known as the Foreign Malign Influence Center, which now operates from within the Office of the Director of National Intelligence. Although ostensibly geared toward countering information warfare arising from “foreign” threats, one of its principal objectives is to monitor and control “public opinion and behaviors.”

Target's VP of brand management is treasurer at LGBTQ group that pushes school districts to allow children to secretly change gender: Company donated $2.1 million to organization

Will The Gay People 
We Supported Over The Last 40-50 Years 
Ever Stand Up Against This Abomination
A marketing executive at Target also serves as the treasurer of a LGBT organization which receives millions of dollars from the retailer and advocates allowing trans and nonbinary school students to keep their gender identity secret from parents. 
Carlos Saavedra, 43, is Target's vice president for brand management and also volunteers as a director at GLSEN, which supports LGBTQ youth in schools. 
Details of Saavedra's role at GLSEN come as Target's donations to the organization were placed under the spotlight following a backlash to the retailer's Pride month range, which includes 'tuck-friendly' women's swimwear. 
Target has reportedly donated $2.1 million to GLSEN, whose policies include ensuring school staff should 'ensure that all personally identifiable and medical information relating to transgender and nonbinary students is kept confidential'. 
GLSEN's policy said this should include withholding the information from 'parents or guardians... unless the student has authorized such disclosure'. Critics say the policy 'violates [a parents'] right to parent their own children]'.


Some Animals are More Equal Than Others

I listen for the prophetic in music, because I believe the musically inclined have embedded within their spirit the prophetic gift. Something in music speaks to future generations. And sometimes what "preaches" does not impact a current generation, but what is sung calls out in strong manner. 

It does seem like a twisted form of Communism is being superimposed over the Republic. The “company store” now owns your soul too. 
Corporations which engage in calculated subversion of the social compact which has served us well for centuries must be brought to account for their utter wickedness against what went out as clarion call: 
America as “a shining city on a hill”. 
Immorality is a commodity now: From Bud Light, to Nike… 
Target, stockholders enter a cultural Nasdaq without their permission and minus their participation in the process. 
Small example: If your find your 401K is being invested in blood diamonds in Africa will you protest? What if your investment is being used to elevate and affirm perversions which reach out to grasp your children? 
Will you – protest now? 
Or does none of this really matter? 
What exactly – matters to you as a human in possession of normative conscience? Do we really have anything to offer the world anymore? We export corruption… moral depravity… callous disregard for children. 
Add to the list. We no longer lead with moral superiority but we limp along with our own diseased herd of humanity. We can no longer lay claim to a strength of standard (across the board) which is unassailable in both wisdom and extension of blessing. 
We do seem to offer blighted cultural guidance. And we consistently bully weaker nations into acceptance of our own sin. They should – push back! 
We must bankrupt the brands which seek to hoist their filth and immorality upon our nation.   
The call is going out today: “He hath shown thee oh man what is good. And what doth the Lord require of thee?” What is your part? 
And if nothing else, locate your damn vocal cords. 
Listen for the prophetic in the song. It is there and it is beautiful. Turn the volume up as you listen to this – and then take the appropriate legal actions.


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