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American Airlines Cancels Another 634 Flights Sunday – 1,500 Total Flights Canceled Since Friday


American Airlines Cancels Another 634 Flights Sunday – 1,500 Total Flights Canceled Since Friday

Interview With President Trump

Jihadist Threat Against Malls In Virginia ... Afghan Refugees? Couldn't Have Seen That One Coming

Try as they might, Jihadist can't keep up with our government on the terrorism front.


Remember when Christian Eriksen – an incredibly fit soccer player – had a heart attack at the European championships in June?

Remember when Christian Eriksen – an incredibly fit soccer player – had a heart attack at the European championships in June?

And Eriksen definitely hadn’t just been vaccinated for Covid.

Except maybe he had. In a radio interview in May, his Italian team doctor had suggested the team’s players WERE BEING vaccinated at the time or WOULD be vaccinated before the 2021-2022 season; the translation of the statement was equivocal, and the interview has since disappeared.

Eriksen has never made any definitive statement either way, and in fact has nearly vanished. He was in the news for the first time in months when his professional team, Inter Milan, said he would not be able to play in Italy this year.

Anyway, it just happened again. Another top-flight European player has just been hospitalized for chest pains. Fortunately Sergio Aguero, the striker for Barcelona, apparently did not have a heart attack. He is currently under observation.

Keep in mind these are among the best-conditioned athletes in the world.

Gee, I wonder what could have happened?

Protest In Australia

This speech by the former Policemen is VERY IMPORTANT!


Doctor, Who Was Forced Out of Her Job, Reveals Who mRNA Vaccines Require Post-Vaccination Test To Check for Heart and Stroke Issues

“When the government knows everything about you, that is tyranny. When you know everything about your government, that is democracy”: Members of Euro-Parliament Show Documents Revealing Links Between Politicians and Big Pharma

Zuckerberg Announced Facebook is Changing It's Name To Meta - Which Means DEATH in Hebrew - With A Song Called UNIVERSAL DEATH SQUAD Playing In The Background

Here's the song, with the lyrics on screen. 

Watch it.

You're not going to believe this.

Enter Sandman

Saturday, October 30, 2021

New Hampshire and Pennsylvania Join Ohio, Missouri and Withdraw from the National School Boards Association Over Letter Labeling Parents ‘Domestic Terrorists’

The New Hampshire School Boards Association is the latest to leave the NSBA after it sent a letter to Biden that begs him to use federal law enforcement agencies against parents and investigate them for “domestic terrorism and hate crime threats.” 
The National School Board was so outraged that parents were speaking out in defense of their children that they shamelessly urged the DOJ to use the Patriot Act, among other “enforceable actions” against them. 
“This email is to inform you that NHSBA has decided to withdraw its membership from the National School Boards Association, effective immediately. NBA’s recent actions have made our continued membership untenable.”

Rutgers Professor: “White People Are Committed to Being Villains – We Gotta Take These Motherfuckers Out”



McAuliffe Campaign, Virginia Democrats Deny Role in False Flag Tiki Torch Stunt at Glenn Youngkin Campaign Stop

AG Merrick Garland Called On the FBI to Stalk and Harass American Parents Because They Objected to This Porn Book in their School’s Library


In early October Mark Levin broadcast a letter with insider information on the teachers union, Attorney General Merrick Garland, and the FBI who met and organized how to combat America’s parents who were speaking out at local school board meetings across the country. 
The parents were outraged at the COVID masking and vaccination rules, critical race theory indoctrination and open porn disguised as literature promoted in American schools today. 
The Biden administration and the teachers unions knew this would be a problem for the midterm elections. They knew they must act. 
The liberal group drafted and released a letter urging the government to use the Patriot Act to spy on American parents of school children for speaking out. 
Then just days later Attorney General Merrick Garland released his new plan to target and silence American parents of school children by using the FBI and intelligence agencies to crack down on American parents.
Merrick Garland even sent federal agents and a helicopter circling overhead to threaten parents attending the Fairfax County School Board meeting last week in Virginia.   
This was after Garland testified and said he was not sending the feds to threaten American parents who speak out at their local school board meetings. 
Many of the parents around the country became aware of the illegal porn the schools are pushing on kids in the student libraries. One book that was found in several libraries is titled, Gender Queer: A Memoir by Maia Kobabe. 
The book is a graphic novel with drawings that explains in lurid detail the sexual interactions between two young men, has been inserted into high school libraries across America, despite it violating guidelines against pornography or sexually explicit materials being provided to minors and paid for with our tax dollars. 
Gender Queer includes countless images of male-on-male sexual encounters, accompanied by words that one would expect to find inside literary works at adult porn shops or gay sex clubs and bathhouses. 
Even so, this book was purchased and pushed by school officials around the country, despite it clearly violating county guidelines. 


Anti-Biden Rap Songs Dominate The iTunes Top 10


Anti-Biden Rap Songs Dominate The iTunes Top 10

EXPOSED: 2018 EU Already Planned Vaccination Certificates, Monitoring Vaccine Status, Combating Hesitancy


EXPOSED: 2018 EU Already Planned Vaccination Certificates, Monitoring Vaccine Status, Combating Hesitancy

Over a year before the pandemic, the globalist European Union was strategizing on developing a sophisticated immunization tracking database, vaccine passports, and preemptively squashing “vaccine hesitancy.” 

In 2018, a year before the coroanvirus outbreak, the European Commission released a document already addressing plans to ‘combat vaccination hesitancy,’ monitoring citizens’ vaccination status, squashing vaccine dissent, and European vaccination certificates. 

The document, dated April 26, 2018, lays forth challenges that their future vaccination programs will face, from distrust, fear of vaccine side effects, “reducing vaccine reluctance” to “disinformation” campaigns. The EU even addresses issues that might arise during “innovative” vaccine’s pre-licensing phase. This 2018 globalist document followed the former European Union President, Jean-Claude Juncker’s call for action, in his 2017 State of the Union address, “for all Member States to support national vaccination efforts.”

Every Week It Gets Worse: The Latest Public Health England Vaccine Surveillance Report


The Public Health England vaccine surveillance report for week 43 has dropped. Here’s the breakdown of official infections by vaccination status for the four weeks from 27 Sept. to 18 Oct.:

I had to make the graph myself, because they’re not publishing it anymore. Instead, we just get the tables, which they’ve festooned with hilarious disclaimers pleading that these numbers are “unadjusted,” by which they mean “inconvenient.”

On p. 20, they protest further: 
Comparing case rates among vaccinated and unvaccinated populations should not be used to estimate vaccine effectiveness against COVID-19 infection. Vaccine effectiveness has been formally estimated from a number of different sources and is described on pages 4 to 7 in this report. 
The case rates in the vaccinated and unvaccinated populations are unadjusted crude rates that do not take into account underlying statistical biases in the data. 
There are likely to be systematic differences in who chooses to be tested and the COVID risk of people who are vaccinated. 
For example: 
• people who are fully vaccinated may be more health conscious and therefore more likely to get tested for COVID-19 
• people who are fully vaccinated may engage in more social interactions because of their vaccination status, and therefore may have greater exposure to circulating COVID-19 infection 
• people who are unvaccinated may have had past COVID-19 infection prior to the 4-week reporting period in the tables above, thereby artificially reducing the COVID-19 case rate in this population group, and making comparisons between the 2 groups less valid 
It’s almost embarrassing to address these revealing, isolated demands for rigour: 
1) The “different sources” which “formally estimate” efficacy “on pages 4 [actually, it’s 5] to 7 in this report” were all written months ago. So. 
2) They really, really don’t want to argue that “people who are fully vaccinated” are “more health conscious.” That would suggest prior differences in the health of the vaccinated and unvaccinated populations, which would in turn suggest that worse outcomes in the unvaccinated are to some unknown degree the result of statistical confounding. 
3) It is obvious to everyone that self-isolating Corona recluses are going to be found primarily on the vaccinated side of these breakdowns. 
4) Yes, some of you have also postulated that higher rates of natural immunity among the unvaccinated are a major factor. What an embarrassment for the vaccinators, who are left to muse that populations with a partial rate of natural immunity are vastly more protected from infection than populations which have been fully vaccinated.

On The Development of the COVID mRNA Vaccines

 From Vlad Tepes:

Really lucid and brilliant piece by Alex Berenson. This only deals with a thin slice of the vaccine issue, but its the best handling of that slice that certainly I have read to date. Alex deals only with the development of the mRNA devices, the curious lack of testing and oversite compared to even normal new medications he refers to as “small molecule” drugs that work in simple and controllable ways. Yet these hugely complex drugs do something fully unlike any other medication ever made, and only had a modest few months of testing before being rolled out to the public.

Add to that they have an across the board failure rate and governments and drug company solutions are more injections of the same drug and totally ignoring their own data which shows that not only do they not work, they may make the recipient MORE vulnerable to SARS COV 2, and perhaps other diseases as well. All evidence he gives are from the most classical of sources. So please do click through and read.

Eight Prominent Doctors and Scientists Participate in a Remarkable Discussion About COVID Vaccines and Treatments

Yeah, Kids Have Strokes When They Take The COVID Vaccine


Friday, October 29, 2021

Vanessa Mae
Devil's Trill

Canadian Doctor Says ‘Something Malicious is Going On’ After He’s Punished For Treating COVID Patients with Ivermectin


Canadian Doctor Says ‘Something Malicious is Going On’ After He’s Punished For Treating COVID Patients with Ivermectin

A Canadian emergency room physician has been banned from practicing medicine in Alberta after he defied the province’s COVID treatment protocols by prescribing Ivermectin to three patients.

In a powerful speech last week, Dr. Daniel Nagase vented about the shoddy way COVID patients were being treated in a rural hospital in Alberta, and concluded that “something malicious is going on.”

Nagase spoke on the steps of the Vancouver Art Gallery during an event commemorating the 75th anniversary of the Nuremberg trials. The event was hosted by a nonpartisan local group called “Common Ground.” 

Nagase told American Greatness that he has been a doctor for over 15 years, and has been an emergency doctor for 10 years.  Although he lives in Vancouver, he has been working as an emergency room doctor in rural underserviced communities throughout Alberta since 2015.

“Let me tell you what happened in Rimbey Alberta, a small town couple hours west of Red Deer,” Nagase said at the beginning of his speech. “It shocked me.” 
"I started on Saturday morning in the ER, and when it came time to round on the ward patients, the charge nurse informed me that 3 of the patients on the COVID wing had deteriorated overnight. All the patients were on Oxygen and extremely short of breath. 
The only medication these patients were on were steroids—a medication that will decrease inflammation but increase the chances of a bacterial infection by suppressing the immune system. That’s right, the only medication the COVID patients at this hospital were on were immune suppressants. 
One woman said it felt like we just put her in a corner to die. We weren’t doing anything for her. I told her, I can’t speak for the usual doctors during the week, but it’s the weekend, and I’ll do everything I can to help. 
I offered Ivermectin. She wanted to try it because she heard nothing but good things about it. All 3 patients wanted to try ivermectin. The hospital didn’t have any, so we had to ask Red Deer Hospital’s Central Pharmacy for the medication. They refused to send Ivermectin. 
Red Deer’s central pharmacist said Ivermectin was useless for COVID. He even had the Pharmacy Director for all of Alberta contact me to tell me Ivermectin didn’t work. 
The Pharmacy Director for Alberta Health services is Dr. Gerald Lazarenko. Remember that name. He is both a Pharmacist and a Doctor. And he insisted that Ivermectin had no place in the treatment of COVID. So we checked the local pharmacies. 
And God bless that charge nurse, although both pharmacies in town did not have ivermectin, there was one pharmacist who would do everything he could to get some even if it took all day. We didn’t have all day, my patients were sick. 
So I started everyone on the next best thing, Hydroxychloroquine which the hospital did have. I also started Vitamin C, Vitamin D, and Zinc. And because the patients were coughing and short of breath I gave them inhalers… Salbutamol and Flovent, the same inhalers that have been used for asthma for over 50 years. I also gave them Azithromycin. 
Surprisingly by late afternoon, the town pharmacist finally found some ivermectin. He couldn’t get it from his usual chemical supply, because it was a Saturday. He had to get it from an agricultural supply. He checked to make sure that it was the exact same Ivermectin a pharmacist would give to a person, brought it back to his pharmacy and checked it again. He then called me with the good news. 
I handed Ivermectin to each of my 3 patients with their exact dose of according to their weight. And you’ll never guess what happened next...


Remember, the coerced, or mandatory vaccine program that is the ONLY option for people under any circumstance, is the ultimate collective over the individual. It is the state decreeing that you as an individual have no value. And your death or serious disability as a consequence of this unneccesary and dangerous mRNA injection means nothing except for the glory of the state and the world government. That the individual, as has been clearly stated by Hegel, should consider themselves honoured if they are killed for the glory of the collective.

Broward School Takes Elementary Students To Gay Bar

Broward School Takes Elementary Students To Gay Bar

(Might be a good time to watch the excerpt of Putin’s speech again)

Wilton Manors Elementary School brought students to Rosie’s, a local gay bar, for a field trip, a school board member announced Wednesday.

The Florida Department of Education is sending an investigator to the school Friday to determine if there is a “legally sufficient complaint,” a spokesman told the Daily Caller News Foundation.

I was SO honored to be invited to chaperone @WiltonManorsES’s field trip to the incredible Rosie’s! The students and I had a fun walk over and learned a lot about our community! A huge thank you to @RosiesBnG for hosting this special field trip every year! […]

Rosie’s menu items include “Naked Sweaty Lovin’,” “Beet Your Brains Out” “Rhoda Cowboy,” “Ivana Hooker” and “Young Ranch Hand,” according to its website. The restaurant characterizes itself as a place to “see” and “be seen,” and it describes its staff as being “like family (the good kind, that you would choose to have.)”

'This vaccine mandate is gonna kill this city': NYC workers throw trash outside Mayor's residence

GOP introduces bill to prevent US consulate from being reopened in Jerusalem

The GOP is drafting a bill to bar reopening of the US consulate in Jerusalem for the sake of servicing PLO residents:
US Senator Bill Hagerty of Tennessee, along with 33 other Republican senators, introduced a bill on Tuesday meant to block the Biden administration from opening a consulate serving Palestinians in Jerusalem.

The Upholding the 1995 Jerusalem Embassy Law Act of 2021 is meant to ensure the full implementation of the 1995 Jerusalem Embassy Act and stop what Hagerty views as the Biden administration’s attempted subversion of that law. [...]

Hagerty said: “It is regrettable that the Biden administration insists on making moves that divide the United States and Israel when our two nations should be laser-focused on stopping Iran’s terror-sponsoring regime from going nuclear, on countering growing threats from Hezbollah, Hamas, and other Iran-backed terrorist groups, and on strengthening and expanding the historic Abraham Accords that truly have increased peace in the Middle East.”

“The Trump administration kept its promise to move the US Embassy to Jerusalem, the eternal and indivisible capital of the Jewish State, and Congress must do everything in our power to strengthen our posture,”
he added.
While the Republican bill is commendable, Jerusalem's mayor, by contrast, is taking a very weak stance:
Jerusalem's mayor dismissed media speculation on Tuesday that a US consulate for Palestinians in the city would be denied municipal services if the Biden administration reopens it despite Israeli opposition.[...]

Asked on Israel's Army Radio whether the municipality might consider cutting off water or power to a future consulate, or refusing to collect its rubbish, Lion said: "No way ... There is no such intention."

"Wherever the municipality has to provide services, it will provide services," he said. "One has to provide this by law, and there is no reason not to do so."
I'm sorry, but considering Biden's demands to reopen the consulate are a flagrant violation of law, that's exactly why the local taxpayers shouldn't have to have their money wasted on such a blatant, dangerous action. Moshe Lion's not improving the situation.

Now, most fascinatingly enough, the State Department's admitting it would be up to Israel's government to approve this:
The State Department confirmed in a Senate hearing on Wednesday that it could not open a consulate for Palestinians in Jerusalem without Israel’s authorization.

Sen. Bill Hagerty (R-Tennessee), who proposed a bill this week to ensure that the only American diplomatic entity in Jerusalem would be the embassy to Israel, asked Deputy Secretary of State for Management and Resources Brian McKeon about the matter in a meeting of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

“President [Joe] Biden’s proposal to open a second US mission in Jerusalem would begin to reverse the recognition of Jerusalem, and it would divide Israel’s eternal and undivided capital city,” Hagerty said.

“I just want to confirm something on the record," said. "Is it your understanding that, under US and international law, the government of Israel would have to provide its affirmative consent before the United States could open or reopen the US consulate to the Palestinians in Jerusalem, or does the Biden Administration believe it can move forward to establish a second US mission in the Israel capital city of Jerusalem without the consent of the government of Israel?”

"Senator," McKeon responded, "that’s my understanding – that we’d need to get the consent of the host government to open any diplomatic facility.”
So they admit it. But it still remains to be seen whether they'll actually respect it, something entirely different. The only reason they're backing off this so far is because of the PR embarrassment it's become. But that doesn't mean they're not intent on pushing this down everyone's throats in the forseeable future, and that's bad.


Phantom of The Opera

Wednesday, October 27, 2021



NIH Director Shredded Over Risky Research In Wuhan After CNN Interview Goes Sideways

Spain Must Repay 1 Million Covid Fines, First Lockdown Ruled Unconstitutional


Spain Must Repay 1 Million Covid Fines, First Lockdown Ruled Unconstitutional

Spain’s conservative Vox party demonstrates it is possible to challenge and win against governments’ grotesque and unconstitutional lockdowns.

The Spanish government has set up a special task force to reimburse or cancel more than a million fines issued to citizens during the first illegal coronavirus lockdown. The decision comes following the July ruling of the Spanish Constitutional Court, which declared the socialist governments’ oppressive lockdown measures unconstitutional.

On March 14 of 2020, an illegal “state of emergency” was declared by socialist Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez by royal decree. State, regional and local police forces were given the power to fine those who did not comply with the strict lockdown measures. In addition, the country must repay a total of 1,142,127 fines illegally issued between March 14 and June 21.

Study Shows That, Of 127 Women Vaccinated in the First 20 Weeks of Their Pregnancy, 82% Miscarried

Study concludes women’s fertility harmed in vaccinating countries Microstructure Technology Professor Dr. Hervé Seligmann, previously with the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) Faculty of Medicine Emerging Infectious and Tropical Diseases Research Unit, examinedfertility in countries that have massively vaccinated against COVID-19 compared to those that have not, and concludes that women’s fertility decreases the more women are vaccinated. 
According to the data presented by Shimabukuro et al (2021), of the 127 women who were vaccinated in the first 20 weeks, 82% resulted in miscarriage. 
The article by Shimabukuro et al. 2021 presents preliminary safety results of coronavirus 2019 mRNA vaccines used in pregnant women from the V-Safe Registry. 
These findings are of particular importance, as pregnant women were excluded from the phase III trials assessing mRNA vaccines.

This post was previously censored.

I am wondering if it was censored because I credited America's FrXntlXne D o ct 0 R s

Here's the link:










Diana Krall
Fly Me To The Moon

Tuesday, October 26, 2021

It Wasn’t Just Beagles and Monkeys – Fauci’s NIH Also Funded Medical Experiments on AIDS Orphans in NY City

It Wasn’t Just Beagles and Monkeys – Fauci’s NIH Also Funded Medical Experiments on AIDS Orphans in NY City

USING CHILDREN AS HUMAN SHIELDS AGAINST COVID: Why Would We Force Children - Who Rarely Get COVID, and Far More Rarely Die of COVID - To Get Vaccinated to Protect Their Already Vaccinated Parent's?

Speaking of using people are human shields:

Bidens No-Win Situation: Business Groups Beg Him to Delay the Vax Mandate... Let's Go Brandon!

Tucker: Because of Joe Biden, it's that simple

Part of Ireland With Near 100% Vaccination Rate Has Highest COVID Infection Rate/Most Breakthrough Cases


What do we need to see to know that the Vaccine is making things worse?

Oh, wait, I forgot. This is a pandemic of the Unvaccinated.

Ireland: Waterford city district has State’s highest rate of Covid-19 infections

County also has highest rate of vaccination take-up in the Republic

Waterford city has one of the Ireland’s highest rates of vaccination against Covid-19, but one of its electoral areas has emerged as the place with the highest rate of Covid-19 infection in the State.

The city’s south electoral area has a 14-day incidence rate of 1,486 cases per 100,000 of the population, three times the national average which stands at 493 infections per 100,000 people.

The adjacent electoral area of Tramore-Waterford City West has a 14-day rate of 1,121 per 100,000, according to the latest weekly figures published by the Health Service Executive’s Health Protection Surveillance Centre.

Waterford city has one of the Ireland’s highest rates of vaccination against Covid-19, but one of its electoral areas has emerged as the place with the highest rate of Covid-19 infection in the State.

The city’s south electoral area has a 14-day incidence rate of 1,486 cases per 100,000 of the population, three times the national average which stands at 493 infections per 100,000 people.

The adjacent electoral area of Tramore-Waterford City West has a 14-day rate of 1,121 per 100,000, according to the latest weekly figures published by the Health Service Executive’s Health Protection Surveillance Centre.

Waterford has the highest rate of vaccination in the country with 99.7 per cent of adults over the age of 18 (as registered in the last census) fully vaccinated. The county has gone from having one of the lowest rates of Covid-19 infection in Ireland to one of the highest.

THREAT TO THE HUMAN RACE: Fauci Paid Tunisians To Cage Beagle Puppy's Heads So They Could Be Eaten Alive By Sandfleas

'Cruel' Fauci is condemned for spending $2m on experiments which saw beagles 'de-barked' and trapped in cages so flies could eat them alive
Bi-partisan fury at 'reprehensible misuse of taxpayer funds' 
A group of 24 bi-partisan lawmakers are demanding answers from Dr. Anthony Fauci after a nonprofit claims he permitted experimental drug testing on dogs 
The White Coat Waste Project alleges that Fauci sent $375,800 to a Tunisian research lab where beagle puppies were force-fed a new drug 
The report claims they were also locked in cages with sand flies that ate them alive and underwent a de-barking procedure to keep them quiet 
The nonprofit has also revealed three other experiments involving beagles that were allegedly funded by Fauci 
The lawmakers have called the experiments 'cruel' and a 'reprehensible misuse of taxpayer funds' 
They expect Fauci to answer to the alleged misdeeds by November 19

This apparently barely touches the surface of Fauci’s animal cruelty

Now, these are experiements on animals.  So, why do I say he is a threat to the human race? 

Ask yourself, what would be the purpose behind this experiment?

NIH is now accused of spending $100m of taxpayer's money on torturing lab monkeys with ACID and snakes
The National Institutes of Health has spent millions of taxpayer funds to conduct animal testing on monkeys and dogs 
The monkey testing, which was first unveiled by the White Coat Waste Project in 2019, has cost taxpayers 'nearly $100 million just since 2007' 
The primates were tortured with rubber spiders and mechanical snakes - objects they instinctively fear - to observe their reactions 
The NIH scientists then removed portions of their brains or destroyed them with acid to 'intentionally worsen the primates' fear' 

Etta James & John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers
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Monday, October 25, 2021


Biden’s Treasury Nominee to Regulate US Banking Is Open Marxist Who Joined Facebook Marxist Analysis Page in 2019


Biden’s Treasury Nominee to Regulate US Banking Is Open Marxist Who Joined Facebook Marxist Analysis Page in 2019

Dar al-Islam Vs Dar al-Harb = The Vaxxed Vs The Unvaxxed


And what constitutes an unVaxxed person?

Potemkin Supermarket Displays


Supermarkets using cardboard cutouts to hide gaps left by supply issues

Supermarkets are using cardboard cutouts of fruit, vegetables and other groceries to fill gaps on shelves because supply problems combined with a shift towards smaller product ranges mean many stores are now too big.

Tesco has begun using pictures of asparagus, carrots, oranges and grapes in its fresh produce aisles, prompting ridicule on social media.

“Mmmm, delicious photos of asparagus,” one commenter wrote on Twitter. Another mocked an oversized picture of the vegetable piled up: “I love that asparagus grows to this size in the UK. It’s our climate, I’m sure.”

Jimmy Dore Interviews Robert Malone, Inventor of mRNA Technology

"One of the Great Scandals Of These Vaccines Is That No Proper Toxicity Studies Have Been Carried Out"


Michael Palmer from the University of Waterloo speaks on the actual science that the media isn't interested in regarding these mRNA vaccines. Study from 2005 on cationic lipid toxicity: Study from 2006 on cationic lipid toxicity: Study from 2009 on cationic lipid toxicity: study from 2018 on cationic lipid toxicity: Deny that lipid nanoparticles including cationic lipids are in fact in the vaccines? here's a 2021 study specifically discussing the lipid nanoparticles confirming they are present in the "vaccine":

Khatia Buniatishvili
Chopin - Prelude No 4 in E minor, Op 28

Django Reinhardt New York City Festival
Dark Eyes

Sunday, October 24, 2021

Could Excess 2020 Deaths Be "Harvesting Effect" From Lower Than Normal Deaths In 2019?

Braves pick Travis Tritt, who opposes COVID-19 vaccine mandates, to sing national anthem at Game 6

Tritt, a Georgia native, has been very outspoken about his opposition to vaccine mandates and other COVID-19 safety measure. Earlier this week Tritt announced that he's canceling concerts in four states due to their required COVID-19 safety measures. Venues in Mississippi, Kentucky, Illinois and Indiana require concertgoers to wear masks, show proof of vaccination, or proof of a negative COVID-19 test. 
In an interview with Billboard, Tritt said that he decided to cancel the shows due to the negative comments he received after performing in venues with COVID requirements. In August, he released a statement that said vaccine mandates were "discriminating" against people who choose to remain unvaccinated. He implied that vaccine mandates are akin to “the squelching of any specific freedoms and basic human rights around the world.”

Stephane Grappelli & David Grisman
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Saturday, October 23, 2021

Vaccines and increasing infections

Kyle's Vaccine Experience

Kyle is a world champion Biker rider. He has suffered from Pericarditis after vaccination, possible inadvertent intravenous administration.

Facebook's "Independent" COVID Vaccine Fact-Checkers Are Funded By Pharmaceutical Companies

Pfizer's Own Data Shows Children 5-11 Do Not Need The COVID Vaccine

Former Premier of BC BILL VANDER ZALM ON COVID-19(84) And The Push For GLOBAL COMMUNISM!!

A lot of speculation here, but worth the time to listen. It isn't often that a person who has occupied such a high position of power is willing to share his thoughts in this manner.

 From Vlad Tepes Blog:

Canadian Freedom Fighter, Amalega: "I Feel More Free Within the Four Walls Of a Jail With a Clear Conscience Than I Would Standing Outside"

Euro-Parliament Members Express Concerned They Will No Longer Be Allowed Into The Parliamentary Chambers Because They Refuse To Take the mRNA Vaccine


National School Board Association Apologizes For Letter to Biden Admin Labeling Parents Domestic Terrorists

Grab some popcorn because the NSBA just threw AG Merrick Garland under the bus. The National School Board Association on Friday announced “we regret and apologize for the letter” to the Biden Administration characterizing concerned parents as potentially domestic terrorists. 
This letter comes just one day after the Washington Free Beacon obtained emails revealing the Biden Regime was coordinating with the NSBA in the weeks leading up to the memo attacking parents. 
“On behalf of the NSBA, we regret and apologize for the letter. To be clear, the safety of school board members, other public school officials and educators, and students is our top priority, and there remains important work to be done on this issue. However, there was no justification for some of the language included in the letter,” the NSBA wrote. “We deeply value…the voices of parents, who should and must continue to be heard when it comes to decisions about their children’s education, health and safety.”