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End of a so so year against fascist jihadist religious ideas, and ill advised alliances

But let's hope for better next year, and work for it with determination
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Israeli Physician Feels The Breath Of The Beast

From Breath of the Beast:

Irad ben Zvi is an Israeli physician, working in Chicago. Here is his story:

I have a patient in my medical practice, a very gentle and polite Muslim Egyptian. We became friendly over the years, and he brought in his wife as a new patient. She was a Coptic Christian from a well-to-do family. She had a "liberal" upbringing and she even attended university in Cairo. Before moving to the US, she lived in Gaza and visited Tel-Aviv many times. She told me about her relatives living in London, South America, and the US. She seemed to come from a truly modern, cosmopolitan family.

She had a nephew, also a Christian, who moved to Gaza.

I asked her if her nephew felt intimidated by the Hamas government in Gaza. She answered that there are only 5,000 Christians in Gaza today, and they have all learned to keep a low profile.

When I asked her why her nephew stayed in Gaza despite discrimination against Christians, she replied that he wanted to "fight the Zionists."

I asked her why Gazans were still fighting after the Israelis had already left Gaza? She replied that Gazans are defending themselves from the Zionists, who threaten to "shoot every Arab and throw them into the sea!"

I told her this is utter nonsense. I reminded her that this quote came from Egyptian president Gamal Nasser in 1967, and originally referred to Arab intentions toward the Jews.

I then asked her why the good people of Gaza don't stop the few radical terrorists in their midst from firing rockets into Sderot? She replied that everyone in Gaza supports the rocket attacks.

"Why?" I asked incredulously, to which she replied that it was a part of the struggle against the "Zionist occupation."

I reminded her that Sderot was over a mile from the border of Gaza and well within the 1949 Armistice Lines that defined the State of Israel until the 1967 War. I also pointed out that Sderot has no military bases, and that the rockets are hurting innocent civilians. She replied melodramatically: "When the people of Gaza look out across the border to Sderot, they see their former homes. They yearn for their land! They just want their homes back!"

Her impassioned pleas were worthy of an Oscar®. But this critic doesn't buy such nonsense. Gaza residents would need super-human vision to see their homes from over a mile away, past security barriers and walls. More importantly, if they wanted their homes back so badly, then why are they destroying them with rockets and mortars?

Perhaps I was taking her too literally. English is her second language, after all. Perhaps she was speaking metaphorically. So I re-stated the question: "If, for the sake of argument, Sderot was built on the site of a previous Arab village, why then should innocent people living in Sderot today have to suffer for a 60 year old battle they had nothing to do with? If an Arab really had proof of ownership of any land in Israel, then I am certain there are dozens of Israeli lawyers willing to represent them in front of the Israeli Supreme Court. These disputes can be resolved without a single rocket fired."

She completely ignored my appeal to judicial conflict resolution, and repeated the hackneyed phrase that "Palestinians are desperate! They have nothing left to loose!"

She was clearly unwilling to address the moral implications of terrorism. From her perspective, the displacement of Arabs 60 years ago was a crime that deserves eternal worldwide media attention, and justifies bloody vigilante retribution against innocent bystanders today. In stark contrast, the present-day suffering, displacement, and deaths of completely innocent Israeli civilians is not criminal, and barely deserves acknowledgment in any media reports.

If hers was the voice of liberal, educated, and affluent Arabs, then I, too, have felt the breath of the beast.

I eventually told her that I was born in Tel-Aviv, that my father was Ben-Gurion's bodyguard, and that I strongly support preserving Israel as a Jewish state. She was immediately embarrassed for having spoken so ill of Israelis. She realized I had caught her in the act of spreading false propaganda. I had exposed her anti-Semitism.

When her husband returned to see me, he brought a box of halvah as a present, and he apologized, not for anything she said specifically, but for her "getting carried away." They both still see me, and they even referred their children as patients.

The lesson I learned is that political correctness is not the answer to conflict resolution. Political correctness creates a false veneer of civility that hides deep seated hatred. If the source of the hatred is never addressed, it will never be resolved, especially if the source is misinformation.

Go read the whole thing.

Ron Paul, backed by the John Birch Society, Stormfront, Don Black and now add...


Hutton Gibson Endorses Ron Paul for President

Make it page one every day
candidates for the republican nomination,
or after the nomination
the democrats will be asking the republican nominee


We Can't Even Celebrate New Year's Eve Because Of Muslims

New Year's Eve fireworks cancelled in Brussels due to terrorist threat.

BRUSSELS, Belgium - No New Year's Eve fireworks in Brussels, Belgium this year.

Officials in the European city say the traditional event has been cancelled due to an ongoing terror threat.

Authorities in the Belgian capital are on alert after 14 people were detained last week because they were suspected of plotting to break a convicted al-Qaida militant out of jail.

The city's popular downtown Christmas market will close early, at 6 p.m., on Dec. 31 rather than staying open all night, and the adjacent skating rink will shut at 8 p.m.

The inmate is a Tunisian who is a former professional soccer player.

He is serving 10 years for plotting to drive a car bomb into the cafeteria of a Belgian air force base housing about 100 U.S. military personnel.

However, in a letter published by the daily newspaper La Derniere Heure, 37-year-old Nizar Trabelsi denied that his supporters were plotting his jailbreak or any terror attack.

A judge ordered his supporters' released for lack of evidence, and all suspects have maintained their innocence.

Authorities said the city would maintain heightened security measures until at least Jan. 3.

"We've reviewed the situation and the conclusion is that there is no reason to scale back the current level of (terror) alert," said Jaak Raes, director general of the government's Crisis Centre. "The aim is not to create panic ... but to avoid unnecessary risks."

The government said last week it had information that the suspects were plotting to use explosives and other weapons to free Trabelsi, who was arrested in Brussels in 2001, two days after the Sept. 11 attacks, and convicted two years later.

Prime Minister Guy Verhofstadt warned that the suspects also could have other targets in mind, and ordered police to step up security at the airport, in subway stations and at the Christmas market.

During his trial, Trabelsi admitted plotting to kill U.S. soldiers based in northeastern Belgium, saying he had met al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden in Afghanistan and asked to become a suicide bomber.

Trabelsi came to Europe to play professional soccer in 1989. Over the next few years, he bounced from team to team in the minor leagues, acquiring a cocaine habit and a criminal record.

Eventually, he made his way to al-Qaida training camps in Afghanistan, where evidence presented at his trial showed he placed himself on a "list of martyrs" ready to commit suicide attacks.

Imagine all the fun people are not going to get to have. All the people who will be staying in tonight, instead of going out. All the people who won't meet. The people who won't have their lives changed.

All because of Muslims who come to live here in our countries, even though they hate us.

Mark Steyn On Multiculturalism

The Multiculturalist says, "I think you're being a bit hierarchical when you say most Muslim countries are free."

Mark Steyn replies, "Well, these are facts. If you take, for example, countries where just 20% of the population is Muslim, only three of them qualify as free; Serbia and Montenegro, benin and Suri Nam. And, it will be interesting to see if France will qualify as a fourth member of that group. And, then you start reeling off objective statistics about literacy, about GDP, about Women's Rights, about votes and Democracy ... These are facts, what we used to call, before the Multicultural Age, facts.

So, you reel off five fact, and the guy goes, "Oh yeah? Well, that's just your opinion."

Storm Track Infiltration: A Guide to Appeasing Muslims in Schools

Yep. That’s right. Muslims have a how-to guide for infiltrating our school systems with Islamic ideals. According to this Islamic website, here are the Six Steps to achieve religious accommodation in our public school system.

Hat tip to Facta-Non-Verba. Also check out their list of Muslim Accommodation in US Schools.

Read the rest at The Gathering Storm.

Michael Savage Suit Uses RICO Statutes To Link CAIR To 9/11 Plot

This is why I love Michael Savage. The guy has the intellect to make important connections, the ferocity to make sure they are noted, and the guts to see the process through:

WASHINGTON – It's no longer just a charge of copyright violation in the case of Michael Savage v. Council on American-Islamic Relations.

Now the radio talk star is going for the legal jugular in his battle with the group that bills itself as a Muslim civil rights organization.

The San Francisco-based talker has amended his lawsuit against CAIR for misusing audio clips of his show as part of a boycott campaign against his three-hour daily program to include
charges the group "has consistently sought to silence opponents of violent terror through economic blackmail, frivolous but costly lawsuits, threats of lawsuits and abuses of the legal system."

The amended lawsuit, filed in U.S. District Court in Northern California, also charges CAIR with using extortion, threats, abuse of the court system, and obtaining money via interstate commerce under false and fraudulent circumstances – calling it a "political vehicle of international terrorism" and even linking the group with support of al-Qaida.

The federal government recently named CAIR, based in Washington, D.C., as an unindicted co-conspirator in an alleged scheme to funnel $12 million to the terrorist group Hamas.

And as WND has reported, CAIR has been associated with a disturbing number of convicted terrorists or felons in terrorism probes, as well as suspected terrorists and active targets of terrorism investigations.

"Groups like CAIR have a proven record of senior officials being indicted and either imprisoned or deported from the United States," said U.S. Rep. Sue Myrick, R-N.C., co-founder of the House Anti-Terrorism/Jihad Caucus.

Savage and celebrity civil rights attorney Daniel Horowitz are attempting to use the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act to make the case that "CAIR and its co-conspirators have aided, abetted and materially sponsored al-Qaida and international terrorism."

CAIR launched a campaign against "The Savage Nation," as the program is called, using extended audio clips of the show to make the case that advertisers who supported the talker were actually endorsing "hate speech" against Muslims.

Savage turned the tables on the activist group by initially suing for copyright violation of the show's material. This week the suit was expanded with some of the strongest allegations ever made against CAIR publicly.

Among the charges is that CAIR is "part of a deliberately complex and deliberately confusing array of related organizations" and that its "organizational structure is part of a scheme to hide the illegal activities of the group, funding, the transfer of funds and to complicate investigation of the group."

Other highlights of the suit:

"CAIR is not a civil rights organization and it never has been. … CAIR was and is a political organization that advocates a specific political agenda on behalf of foreign interests."

"The copyright infringement was done to raise funds for CAIR so that it could perpetuate and continue to perform its role in the RICO conspiracy set forth in Count Two and
to disseminate propaganda on behalf of foreign interests that are opposed to the continued existence of the United States of America as a free nation."

"CAIR would have to register as a foreign agent if their activities were not hidden under the false claim that they are a civil rights organization that enjoys tax-exempt status."

"CAIR was tied to terror from the day it was formed. The group was incorporated on or about 1994 by Omar Ahmad and Nihad Awad. Both men were officers of a terror organization known as the 'Islamic Association of Palestine.'"

"CAIR's parent group, IAP, was founded in or about 1982 by Musa Abu Marzook. Marzook was IAP's ideological leader and controlling director from the date of its founding until shortly after his deportation from the United States in 1997. At all time relevant, Marzook was an operative of, and/or affiliated with, the 'Harakat al-Muqawamah al-Islamiyyah,' or 'Hamas.' Hamas is an international terrorist organization."

In 1998, "CAIR demanded the removal of a Los Angeles billboard describing Osama bin Laden as 'the sworn enemy,' asserting that this depiction [was] 'offensive to Muslims.'"

In 1998, "CAIR denied bin Laden's responsibility for the two al-Qaida bombings of American embassies in Africa. CAIR's leader Ibrahim Hooper claimed the bombings resulted from 'misunderstandings on both sides.'"

"On October 5, 2001, just weeks after 9/11, CAIR's New York office sent a letter to The New York Times arguing that the paper had misidentified three of the hijackers and suggesting that the attacks may have been committed by people who were impersonating Arab Muslims."

"CAIR further exploited 9/11 as it put on its website a picture of the World Trade Center in flames and below it a call for donations that was linked to the Holy Land Foundation website." The Holy Land Foundation, the suit charges, is "a terror organization."

"CAIR receives significant international funding. For example, in 1999 the Islamic Development Bank gave a $250,000 grant to CAIR to purchase land for a national headquarters. In 2002, the World Association for Muslim Youth, a Saudi government-funded organization, financed distributing books on Islam free of charge and an advertising campaign in American publications. This included a quarter page in USA Today each Friday, for a year, estimated to cost $1.04 million. In 2003, Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal donated $500,000 to distribute the Koran and other books about Islam in the United States. In 2005, CAIR's Washington branch received a donation of $1,366,466 from a Saudi Arabian named Adnan Bogary. In 2006, Sheikh Hamdan bin Rashid Al Maktoum, deputy ruler of Dubai and UAE minister of finance and industry, financed the building of a property in the U.S. to serve as an endowment for the organization. This gift is thought to generate income of approximately $3 million a year."

"The role of CAIR and CAIR-Canada is to wage PSYOPS (psychological warfare) and disinformation activities on behalf of Wahabbi-based Islamic terrorists throughout North America. They are the intellectual 'shock troops' of Islamic terrorism."

"The Council on American-Islamic Relations is a Muslim Brotherhood front organization. It works in the United States as a lobby against radio, television and print media journalists who dare to produce anything about Islam that is at variance with their fundamental agenda."

"CAIR has links to both Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood. Terrorism expert Steven Emerson has stated before Congress that CAIR is a front for Hamas."

Savage's case also cites another ongoing suit against CAIR filed by the estate of John P. O'Neill, the former head of security for the World Trade Center. It alleges a RICO conspiracy involving CAIR led to the 9/11 attack.

"Throughout this period," the Savage suit alleges, "CAIR conspired to support terrorism and to obfuscate the roles of the various participants and conspirators in Radical Muslim Terrorism, and/or al-Qaida and/or the International Islamic Front for the Jihad Against Jews and Crusaders, which conspiracy culminated in the 9/11 attack."

It continues: "The pattern of racketeering activity conducted by CAIR is separate from the existence of Radical Muslim Terrorism, and/or the al-Qaida, and/or the International Islamic Front for the Jihad Against Jews and Crusaders, but was a necessary component of the 9/11 attack. The RICO enterprise conducts terrorism all over the world; the racketeering activity conducted by CAIR funds that activity, which activity culminated in the 9/11 attack."

CAIR has refused to comment on Savage's suit to date.

CAIR says it is challenging Savage's "hate speech," and referenced Savage comments such as:

"I'm not gonna put my wife in a hijab. And I'm not gonna put my daughter in a burqa. And I'm not getting' on my all-fours and braying to Mecca. And you could drop dead if you don't like it. You can shove it up your pipe. I don't wanna hear any more about Islam. I don't wanna hear one more word about Islam. Take your religion and shove it up your behind. I'm sick of you."

The Savage suit says comments like that are taken out of context.

The focal point of the lawsuit is a series of audio clips CAIR has been using in its promotions and fundraising efforts.

Those comments from Savage's show include his criticisms of Islam and Muslims. The lawsuit maintains such comments, taken in context, are Savage's verbal expression of the feelings of many Americans.

"The audience of 'The Savage Nation' expects this type of from-the-heart outrage and when it is directed at a murderer such as Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and his ilk, the piece is far more understandable and far more American mainstream. While the strength of the outrage is remarkable and a hallmark of 'The Savage Nation,' the sentiment is shared by a huge number of Americans," the lawsuit says.

Yes, and we here at the Infidel Bloggers Alliance are among them.

2007: The West's Year Of Failure

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Do you agree or disagree with the author of the article below?

From this December 28, 2007 article in Spiegel Online International:
Ongoing difficulties in Iraq. A Taliban offensive in Afghanistan. And now the assassination of opposition leader Benazir Bhutto in Pakistan. For the West, 2007 has been a year of failure and missteps.


There are three lessons to be learned from the strategy followed by the US to this point.

Lesson one: The conflict with radical Islam is not the hobby of a US president gone berserk. This will become all the more clear next November when American voters go to the polls. Bush, who cannot run for re-election due to term limitations, will go, but the conflict with Islam will remain. In fact, it is growing more intense. That, at least, is what the murder of this exceptionally brave woman in Pakistan has given to the West: a high degree of clarity. The radical Islamists will not tolerate any democrats, even if they come from their own countries. They are looking for a showdown, apparently at any price. They will even accept the failure of a country as big and proud as Pakistan.

Lesson two: Bush will not be in a position to do much to end this conflict. He is a war president and an unsuccessful one at that. Even if he talks about diplomacy, it sounds like preparation for war. His partners in Berlin, Paris and London will have to act cleverly in this difficult situation. Any belligerence or crowing must be avoided so as to not damage the Western position as a whole. As strange as it might sound, this beleaguered president must be ushered into retirement with dignity and civility.

Lesson three: The classic military intervention -- Bush's formula against the danger of terrorism -- has not been successful up to now and will not be so in the future. And the situation in nuclear-armed Pakistan is clearly not one where any sort of military operation should be considered....
The article, avoiding insofar as possible any reference to Islam, emphasizes the role of diplomacy (Even with "thugs"!), which has been, for the most part over the past fourteen centuries, an abject failure with any Islamic nation. The Spiegel article, overlooking the religious element and the emphasis which Islamic terrorism places on Islamic jihadi-martyrs' status in eternity, also attempts to draw fallacious comparisons between the present clash of civilizations and the Cold War:
A look back and the Cold War -- an era full of provocations on both sides -- provides a useful model. In 1953, construction workers building the great Stalin Allee in East Berlin, rebelled against their communist government. Many in the Soviet zone hoped that the West would support their fight against the East German communist dictatorship. In West Berlin, the US propaganda station RIAS became shriller -- but nothing more was done.

In Budapest in 1956 there was the same calm discipline. The armed Hungarian students (this writer's father among them) rebelled against the Moscow puppet regime. They were hoping for Western help, but that hope was in vain. The students saw this as a betrayal. For tens of thousands, my father included, there was nothing to do but flee from the Soviet tanks rolling in.

The West's abstention was painful; in fact, it was unbearable -- but it made political sense.

These provocations continued until the dismal high point -- the military putsch by General Wojciech Jaruzelski in Warsaw in 1981. The armies of the West stayed in their barracks. Soviet Communism broke apart all by itself a short time later.
Toward the end, however, the article also states the following, thus ending on a contradictory note:
The West has to protect itself and its people with everything modern technology has placed at its disposal....[T]here is an important role to be played by the military and by secret services -- but primarily in the service of targeted operations against terror camps and cells. While mass invasions have proven useless, pinprick operations continue to have an important place in the West's arsenal.
In my view, the article overlooks a necessary component of victory in this long, long war against Islamic expansionism: Stop whitewashing Islam by calling it "the religion of peace."

[Hat-tip to Mark Alexander, where I found the article from Spiegel Online International]

Gordon Brown's Xmas Message

In an excellent display of "Brown Nosing", Gordon Brown's sickmaking performance must surely qualify him for the "Dhimmi of The Year" title. And if there isn't one maybe we should create it.

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Shocka! ''The vast majority of Israeli Arabs don't want to go to Palestine''!

Rana Raslan a 21 year old Israeli Arab becomes Miss Israel 1999. ''She said: "It doesn't matter whether I am an Arab or a Jew . . .."
The vast majority of Israeli Arabs would not want to live in a future Palestinian state, a poll found . . . (article, plus links to several videos, continues on A Deeper Look).

The UN Council On Human Relations is Chastised

The little film is 4 minutes and 24 seconds long, and it includes the president of the council censoring the speaker.

New Evidence Bhutto Killed by Assassin's Bullet

Learn more:

1. Opinion: Implications for European Leaders (Scott Ott)
2. Some important articles you may have missed (click link and scroll down) about: ''Islamic Extremism''; 'Pakistan''.
3. Here are some excellent Video Picks (mostly about radical Islam.)

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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Allah Is Moloch

(Thanks to Always On Watch)

Moloch in medieval texts
Like some other gods and demons found in the Bible, Moloch appears as part of medieval demonology, as a Prince of Hell. This Moloch finds particular pleasure in making mothers weep; for he specialises in stealing their children. According to some 16th century demonologists Moloch's power is stronger in October. It is likely that the motif of stealing children was inspired by the traditional understanding that babies were sacrificed to Moloch.

Moloch in Milton's Paradise Lost
In Milton's Paradise Lost, Moloch is one of the greatest warriors of the rebel angels, vengeful and militant,

"besmeared with blood
Of human sacrifice, and parents' tears."
He is listed among the chief of Satan's angels in Book I, and is given a speech at the parliament of Hell in Book 2:43 - 105, where he argues for immediate warfare against God. He later becomes revered as a pagan god on Earth.

BTW, in the early days of Islam, the tribes did not have to abandon their other gods. Rather, they were required to say that Allah was the greatest of the gods. "Allahu Akbar" means "Allah is the greatest." According to an Arab with whom I spoke a few months ago, that phrase was designed to ease the tribes into monotheism. So, even way back then, the concept of absolute truth was nebulous and to be used for political gain.

Government's policies are to blame for this murder attack

Two army officials were murdered in a terrorist attack in Wadi Telem. It goes without saying that it's because the government's lack of interest in properly enforcing the law encourages this to happen.

Sunday Stress Reliever

‘Tis the season for Christmas songs and Achmed the dead terrorist has the Christmas spirit. Here he sings.

Web TV Hub writes:

Achmed’s favorite festive pastime is singing Christmas carols, but his songs are very different than the ones I learned.

Rather than waiting for Santa Claus, Achmed sings Bin Laden is Coming to Town. He’d also rather sing about Jingle Bombs than Jingle Bells.

Achmed treats us to a performance of this unique Christmas song, which curses the actions of the US military and laments the lack of promised virgins in the afterlife. This angry little puppet is just hilarious, and I can’t help singing along to his catchy carol.

What a stitch.

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In case you wondered about torture in Guantanamo... we left the lights and AC on


pet dog.jpg

Well, we have a 1st person interview and experience in Guantanamo from the terrible dungeons of honeyed chicken and rice pilaf.

It seems that in a central american climate, among the worst of the worst terrorists, we leave the lights on, and keep running the AC. Oh, and for a while, the library was insufficient.

For God's sake someone call Mr. Romero, KSM might need less AC.

The "Allah" Ban

So much for interfaithing, that idiotic process which attempts to equate the Abrahamic faiths.

In Malaysia, only Muslims may legally use the word "Allah." The law is being challenged by Christians:
A MALAYSIAN church and a Christian weekly newspaper are suing the Government for banning them from using the word "Allah", alleging the prohibition is unconstitutional and against freedom of religion.

The move follows the Government's declaration that "Allah" — which means God in the Malay language — refers to the Muslim God and can be used only by Muslims.

They are the first legal challenges against the mainly Muslim Government's decision, amid concerns that rights were being trampled on.

The Herald, the newspaper of Malaysia's Catholic Church, filed suit in early December.

The Sabah Evangelical Church of Borneo also took legal action this month.
If the courts do not find in favor of the Christians, maybe they can switch to the term "the moon god." Yeah, that'll work even better!

Dhimmi Dummies Strike Again

Catholic church under fire for promoting a hard line on 'immoral' teaching in schools

If I hadn't seen it myself after a very rare excursion into The Observer - Sunday paper of choice for the leftie liberals - I wouldn't have believed it. So, where's the level playing field then? It's OK for all the state sponsored Muslim schools to teach that Jews are monkeys and Christians are pigs AND to push the most extreme fundamentalist brand of Islam.

Why don't the MP's have them in front of a powerful committee of MP's? Oh, I forgot, they are Muslims. Musn't upset the Muslims, don't ya know.

Roman Catholic bishops are to appear in front of a powerful committee of MPs amid fears that they are pushing a fundamentalist brand of their religion in schools. Bishops have called on parents, teachers and priests to strengthen the role of religion in education . . . .

. . . .Barry Sheerman, chairman of the parliamentary cross-party committee on children, schools and families, said he had heard of other cases and felt that behind the scenes there was 'intense turmoil' about the future of Catholic education. 'A group of bishops appear to be taking a much firmer line and I think it would be useful to call representatives of the Catholic church in front of the committee to find out what is going on,' he said. 'It seems to me that faith education works all right as long as people are not that serious about their faith. But as soon as there is a more doctrinaire attitude questions have to be asked. It does become worrying when you get a new push from more fundamentalist bishops. This is taxpayers' money after all.' Read it all

I haven't any time for the Catholic Church, after all we used to burn Catholics at the stake but this just made me say WTF is going on here, to put them in front of a powerful committee of MP's, a fate worse than burning? Are we really ruled by dhimmi dummies? I'm afraid so, and there's confirmation on a daily basis. It is so fxxxxxg frustrating!

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How To Wage War Against Everybody — And Feel Good About It

ACCORDING TO the Qur'an, a Muslim must continually and aggressively advance the cause of Allah. It is his duty, whether he likes it or not. And if he doesn't want to burn face down in the fires of hell forever with nothing to drink but boiling water, he had better accept his duty and fulfill it. (Read more about the amazing collection of instructions in the Qur'an.)

The only way a Muslim man can guarantee a place for himself in heaven (and avoid eternal torment in hell) is to die while fighting for Allah.


The Qur'an also says, "Allah does not love aggressors."

What a dilemma. What's the solution?

Muhammad himself provided the way, and every Muslim is duty-bound to follow Muhammad's example. Muhammad always relentlessly advanced Islam, pushed it forward, prodding and poking those who were not Muslims, criticizing their religions and arguing against their beliefs and practices.

When the kuffar (non-Muslims) responded aggressively to Muhammad's aggressiveness, he called it persecution. The way he saw it, Islam is the true voice of the Almighty, and resisting it is evil. When kuffar resist the relentless advance of Islam, they are "fighting against Islam" and "persecuting Muslims" and it is the duty of all Muslims to rise up in defense of Islam.

This is Muhammad's example, and Muslims around the world have been using it ever since. The method is very clever. Muslims can stay in continual war with kuffar and never appear (either to themselves or their enemies) to be the aggressors.

The reason Muhammad's historical example is important is that jihadists around the world are doing exactly the same thing, and many in the West are buying it and thinking of the West as the "aggressors." This point of view undermines the West's ability to defend itself from a non-stop Islamic advance.

So let's look carefully at how it works.
Muhammad was pushy in Mecca (where he first started Islam). He harshly and publicly criticized the religions practiced by others. They resented this (of course) and criticized Muhammad's religion.

Muhammad kept aggressively insisting everyone needed to convert to Islam and give up their old religions. The more actively he insisted, the more actively they defended themselves. The hostilities escalated. Eventually, Muhammad left Mecca. He spoke of himself as "persecuted and exiled" by those who were unfaithful to the one true Allah.

To retaliate against those who had "persecuted" him (and to gain some wealth for his struggling cult) his men attacked caravans going to Mecca.

This was bad for business in Mecca. Their goods were being stolen before they arrived in Mecca, and their people were being killed. Eventually the Meccans sent out warriors to stop the Muslim raiders.
This led to bigger and bigger battles as Muslims "defended Islam."

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Islamic Punk Rock

I've been anticipating that this shit would come down the pipeline eventually:

This is Taqwacore: a furious meld of punk and piety that first stamped its foot on the continent that September night in Chicago. For those who weren't there, a Canadian filmmaker caught the whole Chicago spectacle on tape.

The name comes from the words Taqwa – loosely translated from Arabic, it means God-fearing. The genre is only now gaining recognition, thanks to a tour and an upcoming Canadian documentary expected to be released in late 2008.

“It's a really hard thing to explain to people,” says Michael Muhammad Knight, the American Muslim convert and author who invented the genre. “I don't think Western media as a whole is ready for a complicated Muslim voice – they divide the world into good Muslims and bad Muslims.

“But these kids are pissed off about everything.”

When Knight talks about his life leading up to the creation of Taqwacore, he says this: “I grew up in upstate New York. I was raised by my mom. My dad was a white supremacist, a diagnosed schizophrenic poet-slash-racist. I met him for the first time when I was 15.” He talks as though he's reading a shopping list, as though none of this is unusual.

Taqwacore originated in Knight's head. In 2002, about a decade after he discovered Islam through rap lyrics and Malcolm X biographies, the 25-year-old became disillusioned with dogma. He tried going to college but soon dropped out.

“I was coming to class wearing this Khomeini-sized black turban,” he says. “Kids who were sitting behind me had to move; they couldn't see.”

Working as a night-shift janitor and feeling his time with Islam might be coming to an end, Knight began writing a novel about a Muslim culture he wished existed. The result was The Taqwacores, a fictitious account of Muslim punks in Buffalo. The prose swerves from mildly offensive to Danish-cartoon-offensive and beyond.

At first, before a punk rock record label published it, the novel existed only in late-night Kinko's photocopies. Then one day, Knight got a phone call from a 15-year-old San Antonio kid named Kourosh who wanted to meet these Taqwacores.

“He thought it was all real,” Knight says. “I told him there weren't any Taqwacores. He said, ‘but I'm Taqwacore.'”

So the scene became real. Kourosh started a band and named it after one of the bands in the book: Vote Hezbollah. Soon came more groups, such as the Boston-based Kominas, whose achievements include penning the catchiest song ever to work the phrase “Suicide-bomb the Gap” into the chorus.

(Cough) Losers!

Storm Track Infiltration:

Here’s a new take on ‘Talk to the CEO’. Al-Zawahiri for the first time invited visitors to pose their questions to him promising to answer them by the middle of next month.

Read the rest at The Gathering Storm.

Europe Faces Extinction

The foot soldiers of a new empire have already landed on the European continent, over 5 million in France more than 3 million in Germany with an estimated EU total of around 20 million.How did this force so effectively neutralise all our national defences?
Our Western European societies in this 21st century have been structured in such away as would allow them to be overrun by an invading ideology. In no other period of time could this have happened, nations would have simply crushed the alien culture growing in their midst. But now constrained by a belief that all its citizens have equal rights, even if those rights allow their ideology to actively work for the downfall of the very nations that have allowed them room to grow and prosper.

The mantle of self-loathing that we as Europeans have been forced into wearing by our political masters has us falling over ourselves in appeasement to this evil belief. Just as in Islam the rape victim is viewed as guilty, so are our societies and us made to feel guilty when Muslims bomb us, and murder our citizens!

They have so successfully twisted our leaders into dhimmitude that even after they have committed a barbaric atrocity against us, it is we that must feel guilty for making Muslims feel uncomfortable because of even daring to treat them with suspicion!
Islam as a world empire of religion is manoeuvring itself to takeover the world, look at your respective countries. See how Muslims and their religion have positioned themselves so that they are untouchable. Where we as the indigenous peoples are making all the concessions in this one sided relationship, and where every aspect of our lives must be changed to accommodate Muslim sensibilities.
Now though, consider this not as your lone national problem but as a whole Europe wide surrender to these ground troops of the Islamic republic of Europe. Their avowed aim is to establish a Kalifate over all of us. Then these countries that were once our homelands will be theirs and we simply a tenant tolerated by the will of Islam.
When Muslims murder our citizens, when they bomb us, when they plot to carry out mass extermination, when they riot in our cities, when they demand we change our laws to suit them, when they demand we change our way of life to suit them, these are not the actions of peoples looking to be part of our nations as fellow citizens! These are the actions of invaders taking our countries from us bit by bit, every act a slice more of our lands until we are dispossessed!

The Bible talks of a time coming upon the earth where we will not be able to buy or sell without the mark of the Beast, just what that Beast is, is open to debate, but unless we take action now we will all wake up one day under the control of Islam and sharia law where our rights to buy, sell and survive will depend on its mark on us as an obedient dhimmi under their control.

The snake that is Islam.
For countless civilisations and generations people have viewed the snake and its forked tongue as the personification of deceit.

When people speak and try to cover their true agenda with lies we have the saying of “speaking with a forked tongue!”

Muslims and their religion blatantly lie to us the infidel with no fear of offending their religion and the god they worship. For their god actively commands them to deceive the infidel to advance the growth of Islam. They call it Al-Takeyya, which means they can lie through their teeth at anytime they feel it will benefit Islam.

Lie:1. Islam honours women.
The belief in Purdah keeps women isolated and covered from the gaze of men, this belief is all consuming among Muslim men, these men believe that if women are allowed out, there will be complete immorality and catastrophe.” This medieval attitude means that women in Pakistan are routinely beaten, burned by acid, and murdered by their husbands and families for nothing more than falling in love. Amazingly the men who commit these atrocities are not only unrepentant but openly proud: “It is honourable. There can be no higher honour than this anywhere.” This powerful and harrowing report from the BBC investigates the horror of women’s lives in the dying days of the 20th century. Disturbingly the situation is getting worse, as pressure for strict Sharia law gains political favour.
Lie:2. There is no compulsion in religion. Sura 2:256
Thinking people may ask, “If there are so many problems in the Islamic world why do so many re-main true to Islam?” It is true that many Muslims feel safe within their communities. Also, Muslims are continually told by their peers that Islam is a wonderful religion. But there is one factor which is often ignored by the western media; it is not safe for most Muslims to turn their backs on Islam. To the fanatical Muslim, anyone who gives up Islam must have done it because of insanity. Though Sura 2:256 states, there is ‘no compulsion in religion’, many have suffered the death penalty for leaving Islam as this is deemed apostasy.
Lie:3. Islam is a religion of peace.
Allah’s Apostle said, “I have been ordered to fight the people till they say: ‘None has the right to be worshipped but Allah…’”(Sahih Bukhari, 1:8:387).After ten years of fighting Mohammed died in 632 A.D. The pattern had been established, after Mohammed’s death Muslim armies spread in all directions, including Europe. ‘The story begins around 650 C.E. with the first, unsuccessful siege of Constantinople, and continues with the invasion and occupation, sometimes for hundreds of years, of many European countries. Italy, Sicily, Portugal, France, Spain, Austria, Bosnia, Serbia, Croatia, Hungary, Rumania, Wallachia, Albania, Moldavia, Bulgaria, Greece, Armenia, Georgia, Poland, the Ukraine, and eastern and southern Russia were all battlefields where Islam conquered or was conquered in violent conflicts marked by cruelty, bloodlust, and a fearful loss of life, spread over considerably more than a thousand years.
Lie:4. The killing of an innocent is wrong.

The armies of Islam do not believe an infidel is innocent; you and your family are infidels. Our nations our cultures everything about us is against Allah, so how could we be covered by innocence?
So what can you expect when Islam rules Europe?
How were non Muslims treated in the past?
1. They cannot pass on the right of A Muslim but on the left
2. They cannot testify against Muslims in court of law.
3. They cannot ride a horse or a camel but only a donkey or a mule.
4. They should wear special costumes to be identified, when walking in the streets
5. They should wear tag in their neck as prove that they have paid their Taxes (Jizyah)
6. They cannot own any weapon to defend themselves.
7. They are not allowed to defend themselves ,i.e .if they were beaten by a Muslim, but they may try to cool him down
8. Religious celebrations in Public are not allowed, crosses in Public and on Churches are not allowed.
9. Their Houses and Shops should not be higher than Muslims but may be lower.
10. Preaching their beliefs is not allowed, touching The Koran or reading it, is prohibited
11. They should pay yearly Jizyah (non Muslims special taxes), these Taxes, should be paid in a festival, Muslims should remind them, that they are infidels, and slap them on their necks as a reminder.
12. Their Jobs should not be higher than Muslims, but only in necessity,(i.e) if they can not find Muslim to fill the Job.
13. Children Of Muslims are encouraged to threw stones at them, when they walk in the streets
14. They are not allowed to build new churches or restore the old one
15. A Muslim should not be Punished (Executed) for killing Non-Muslims,
16. Any of these Laws broken they are subject to slavery, Jail, Execution and their wives, will be taken as concubines, and their children as slaves,
And today?
1. In the last two years, there has been an upsurge in anti-Christian violence, including fatalattacks on churches and other Christian institutions. In September 2002, armed men killed seven people on the premises of a Christian charitable organization.
2. Three children were killed and 14 injured in a grenade attack on a Christian church in Chianwala village in Sialkot, in 2004.
3. In January 2004, a church compound that includes a Christian school for girls was bombed.
4. Also, in the same year, a Christian pastor was killed by “unknown assailants” and his family continues to be harassed.
5. Meanwhile, a pastor was killed in May 2004, after being held for five days inside an Islamic school, where he was reportedly tortured.
6. In most, if not all, these cases, police protection appears ineffective, and no one has yet been successfully prosecuted for these crimes. Perpetrators of attacks on religious minorities are seldom brought to justice.
7. Christian girls are repeatedly raped, molested and in some cases killed by Muslims. Although complaints have been registered with the police, the latter do not take effective action against the assailants.
8. Hundreds of Christian women go from house to house to clean their lawns,toilets, cattle stables, and carry the garbage and human waste in the basket on their heads.These women are treated inhumanely as they are considered members of the lower caste. They are like slaves to the Muslim masters.

9. These women and girls are often kidnapped, raped and made Muslims. Then they are married to the Muslim men. Whenever the parents or husbands of these women approach the Muslims to take their women back, the Muslim kidnappers and police authorities rebuke the Christians and tell them to go away.

10. The blasphemy laws have given a strong foothold to many of the Muslims to file false accusations against Christian minorities, which often results in their arrest and deaths while they are in police custody.
There are many militant groups like Laskar Jihad who burn churches and murder with impunity.
On Saturday 29th October a group of Christian school-girls in Indonesia were attacked, apparently by Islamic militants. Three were beheaded and a fourth was severely wounded.At 7.00 a.m. the girls were making their way to their Christian school through a cocoa plantation, a mile from the village of Sayo, near Poso city, Central Sulawesi. They were set upon by a group of men who attacked them with machetes. Half an hour later the three decapitated bodies were discovered. Later in the morning one head was found outside a church, eight miles from the scene of the attack.This is the reality; this was someone’s daughter. Her crime? She was an infidel!
Stop The Islamisation of Europe!You owe it to your family, your children and grandchildren. You owe it to your country!

Are we witnessing a deal to allow islamist takeover in Pakistan via election?

Nawaz Sharif's crew represent the forces of Zia ul Haq, Bin Laden the MMA, and is Islamism personified.
future_pak_thoracic_surgeon.jpgMusharaff's crew is now utterly discredited and regarded by ALL SIDES as useless, and he has given up the army at the moment he (personally speaking) needs it most (anyone believe in coincidence out there?)
Whether Al Qaeda committed the act or not, in the present atmosphere there is little doubt that anyone getting thru security had the knowing acquiescence of SOMEONE(S) officially or not in order to get that close to Bhutto.
Her backers are now in disarray and the govt is insistent on going ahead on Jan 8th with the election.

The ISI (think Hamid Gul) IS the force of the Taliban and all they have represented and done. The ISI IS the other side. The ISI hid Daniel Pearl's killer. The ISI funded, supported, and aided in every conceivable way, the Afghan murderers of 9/11. The ISI WAS the force behind the FORMAL alliance of Pakistan and the Taliban.

Sharif's backers will WIN, with the PPP of Bhutto fractured and demoralized. And in an election.
HAMAS redux.
What, the thinking must go in Waziristan and Tora Bora, can the USA do?
The USA can't do a damned thing.
Pakistan will have chosen islamism in a free election, marred to be sure, but FREE.

god_bless_hitler_underpaint.jpgMMA like cretins will be the civilian authority at the red button of 60+ nuclear weapons, and an UNTOLD AMOUNT of nuclear cycle byproduct.
Waziristan's Islamic emirate, the Swat crazies and taliban will have a cooperative ally in Pakistan.
I mean, it's not as if deobandi pakistani expats have been active in jihadi actions, IS IT?

Our army, tightened in Iraq, faced with Iran faces a new AND FAR LARGER ISLAMIST nuclear armed opposition when we contemplate hot pursuit into Pakistan, or Predator and Reaper missions.

Our society has neither been prepared, nor is ready for this situation, and I bet NEITHER is the admin. Our armed forces are not structured to face this, EXCEPT with nuclear weapons.

We are two weeks and a free election away from the beginning of this process.
Is there a contigency plan?

All We Need is an Audit

Ali Eteraz is being serious, I think:

An independent panel will likely conclude that it was the terrorists that killed Ms. Bhutto and not any elements associated with Musharraf himself. By doing so, Musharraf will be able to clear the cloud of suspicion hanging over his head, and might, in the process, be able to use the international community to identify how much the pro-Taliban elements have infiltrated Pakistan’s government. By severing itself from Musharraf and calling for an objective international panel, the US might also be able to see the extent of Musharraf’s complicity with the Islamists, if any.

In other words, Ms. Bhutto’s killing is a perfect opportunity for a long overdue audit of Pakistan, not merely so that the world can see who is killing innocent Pakistanis, but so that Pakistanis can see all the elements that have been involved in killing their leaders, neighbors, and families.

If the U.S. can create the conditions for such a public demonstration of the history and extent of jihadist killing and infiltration, it would arm the people of Pakistan with unerring proof about who is their real enemy. It would be a boost to their sense of survival. It would demonstrate that the US is looking out for them. They would be able to take these feelings to the polls.

Robert Spencer offers perspective:

So that's all it will take: if the U.S. abandons Musharraf and sponsors an independent investigation into Bhutto's death, the Pakistani jihad will melt away. The 46% who registered approval for bin Laden as recently as September will vanish, and the the 9% who said they had a favorable view of George W. Bush will skyrocket. The 74% who said they opposed "U.S. military action against al Qaeda and the Taliban inside Pakistan" will begin, presumably, to change their minds.

Morton Doodslag is blunt. An excerpt:

Sorry for laughing at your [Eteraz's] idea, but it's high time we stop listening to Muslim expats who devise all kinds of crazy schemes requiring America to take responsibility to fix their derelict nations of origin. Muslims hate us because we're not Muslim. It's part of their religion to hate the "infidel". They'd never accept some kind of ludicrous American sponsored "audit" any more than they'll ever truly accept the separation of mosque and state, or Western notions of human rights.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Bhutto Killing Puts EuroLeaders On Notice: Time to Choose

Much has been said about the implications of the Bhutto assassination for Pakistan. However Scrappleface's Scott Ott explains how there is a lesson to be learned from this-- by the Europeans:
The assassination of Benazir Bhutto has put on notice the leaders of every European nation.

Your secularism, your democracy will not stand. The growing Muslim populations in your own lands that you have done so much to tolerate, protect and celebrate, will soon rise up against you. Sharia law shall become your law. The Caliph shall rule you.

It remains only for you to choose submission or assassination . . . (cont'd)

Learn More:

1. Benazir Bhutto- killed by the real Pakistan.
2. Video: Arab-American Psychiatrist Wafa Sultan on al-Jazeera TV-- There is No Clash of Civilization
3. More about ''Islamic Extremism''; more about ''Pakistan''.

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Isalm Infiltrating The Pentagon?

There's a debate going on in the Pentagon as to whether we ought to consider theological arguments of Islam as we prosecute our war on terrorism. Who would say "no" to such a question? Well, a Muslim, of course:

Pro-Muslim officials at the Pentagon are putting political pressure on one of the U.S. military’s most important specialists on Islamist extremism, according to defense officials.

Stephen Coughlin, a specialist on Islamic law on the Joint Staff, met recently with Hasham Islam, Deputy Defense Secretary Gordon R. England’s close aide. The officials said Mr. Islam, a Muslim who is leading efforts for the Defense Department’s outreach to Muslim groups, sought to convince Mr. Coughlin to take a softer line on Islam and Islamic law elements that promote extremism.

There is also evidence that a whispering campaign is under way to try and discredit Mr. Coughlin as a “Christian extremist with a pen” and force him out of the building, according to the officials.

Mr. Coughlin came under fire from pro-Muslim officials after a memorandum he wrote identified several groups that are being courted by Mr. Islam’s community outreach program as front organizations for the pro-extremist Muslim Brotherhood.

Mr. Coughlin based the memorandum on documents released as evidence in a federal terrorism trial that he stated “are beginning to define the structure and outline of domestic jihad threat entities, associated nongovernmental organizations and potential terrorist or insurgent support systems.”

Mr. Coughlin noted that the documents identified one of the Muslim Brotherhood front groups as the Islamic Society of North America, whose leaders were hosted by Mr. England in April at the Pentagon, raising concerns that the deputy defense secretary does not understand clearly the nature of the Islamist threat he is working against as the No. 2 official.

Mr. England has been a leading advocate of what critics in the Pentagon say is a misguided attempt to reach out to the wrong Muslims, regardless of their views, in an effort to counter Muslim extremism.

Go read the whole thing.

Storm Track Intimidation: The Religion of Peace in Action

Indonesia, that model Islamic nation of tolerance of its many religions, saw fit to increase security ahead of the Christmas holiday last week.

Was it because so many shoppers at he stores looking for bargains carried the threat rioting? Or perhaps Christians, feeling their superiority with their holiday, intimidated the other religions practiced in Indonesia?

Nope. It seems that some Muslims in this Islamic dominated country can’t stand the sight of Christmas decoration and Santa Clause or hear the sounds of Christmas carols heralding peace on earth and good will towards men. It sticks in their craw.

Read the rest at The Gathering Storm.

How to have an instant TRUFER convention


Pastorius Does Politically Incorrect

... almost none suggested that in a televised war of the postmodern age, it is difficult for a liberal Western society to defeat and humiliate an enemy — at least to the degree necessary for it to accept a radical change of heart.

Ok, so what he is saying is that there is something we could do which could effect a "radical change of heart" within our enemies. What it is we could do, he does not say. But, we all know he's referring to slaughtering them mercilessly.

The reason we won our wars against Germany and Japan was because we were willing to slaughter their people mercilessly. The Japanese, especially, were a people who were completely unlike us. They were of a different religion, culture, and history. Their culture was one of conformity enforced through religion. They did not believe in Democracy, but instead believed in the infallibility of their leadership. Because their leadership could not be questioned, there was no room for analytical thought. And, what's more, they were willing to kill themselves in order to kill as many of us as possible.

The Japanese were a lot like the Jihadis.

In the end, we decided the only way we could thoroughly defeat them, so that they would not continue to try to fight us, was to drop two Atomic Bombs on their country.

Victor Davis Hanson says, " in a televised war of the postmodern age, it is difficult for a liberal Western society to defeat and humiliate an enemy — at least to the degree necessary for it to accept a radical change of heart. "

Why is it that television makes the necessary defeat and humiliation of an enemy impossible?

Who is it watching TV who would object to defeating Islamofascism?

Please do not give me the easy answer; leftism. Don't tell me that. That's too simple. It too easy an answer. I am a fucking former leftie, as are several of the writers here at IBA, and yet I woke up 9/11 and said, "I want to kill these motherfuckers."

I want to know the demographics and psychographics of the people who would be thwarted by images broadcast on television. I want to know who these people are, their ages, their sex, and how they think. Why would they object to killing those who would kill them?

You want to know my answer? It's women, and the men who think like them. It's baby boomers who were brought up under the shadow of feminism, so that they have only learned to feel, and not to think. It's women. It's the tyrrany of matriarchy.

If men ran the world, it would be a far less dangerous place. If men ran the world there would be fewer and less horrible wars. If men ran the world, we wouldn't be afraid to see images of our soldiers winning a war on television.

What's actually going down in Pakistan?

What The Terrorists Fear Most

In late November, PARADE sent Contributing Editor Gail Sheehy to Pakistan. Sheehy traveled with former prime minister Benazir Bhutto as she campaigned through her home provinces. Sheehy had two long interviews with her—the first in Bhutto’s home in Islamabad, a second at her residence outside Karachi. Bhutto told Sheehy that she had long been a target of terrorists.

Today’s suicide bombing mirrors the earlier attempt on her life that Bhutto described to Sheehy.

The interview with Bhutto will be the cover story of PARADE on January 6, 2008.

Suicide By Islam

In the United States, we have an expression:

"Suicide by cop."

We use that expression when some junkie decides to take himself out by committing some meaningless crime, often resulting in a car chase which ends with the police shooting the idiot to death.

The car chases are often broadcast on television where they serve as dramatic reminders of America's gluttony for buffoonery and the absurd.

Europe has its own flair for the dramatic. However, whereas idiocy reigns in the personal suicides of America, Europe is absolutely serious; Europe really wants to die, on a macro-level, and
they are using their Muslim immigrants to pull the trigger:

An analysis from former Ambassador Christian Lambert, writing at Les 4 Vérités, predicts a terrible fate for Europe. He titles his essay, "The Inexorable Suicide of Europe."

The Brussels administration admits officially that each year some 550,000 immigrants from Africa, the Middle East and China, plus South America, enter the European Union. In reality the figure is twice that, in other words, more than a million.

We will briefly take it country by country.

Italy wins the prize right now. For this to become known, a young Italian girl had to be raped and murdered by a Gypsy. Then Rome was forced to reveal that Italy, a country even more poorly governed than France, which is saying a lot, now has 3.7 million immigrants (the official figure), that 700,000 new arrivals were recorded in 2006, and that 560,000 Gypsies have settled there. More than 100,000 of them arrived in the ten-month period after January 1, 2007.

More than 50% of the crime in Italy is due to these "Rumanians". In addition, every year some 60,000 immigrants from Tunisia and Libya (where even Colonel Qadhafi admits that his country is invaded by Sub-Saharians waiting to get into Europe and certain to succeed in their goal) arrive in Italy via the island of Lampedusa. In general, it is easy to enter Europe through Italy where the administration is "lax"...

In Greece, it's worse and Cyprus is one of the great doors of entry into Europe.

In France, nothing has changed. It can be assumed that 350,000 new arrivals enter our country each year, 70% of them from Africa. The number of visas granted has not lessened. It is still more than 2 million - 2,038,000 in 2006 - which proves that the fight against massive immigration is, like all the rest, purely verbal.

While I'm on the topic, I should note in passing that the town of Aulnay-sous-Bois, in Seine-Saint-Denis, has just experienced 4 days and nights of street fighting between gangs of "Afro-Maghrebins" and the police, according to the press itself. At Villiers-le-Bel, Val d'Oise, it is even more serious. The police, attacked with rifles, proved to be impotent. In order to quell these riots military units specializing in street fighting are now necessary, especially since stockpiles of war weapons from the Balkans are being stashed in the suburbs.

In Germany there are 4 million Turks, and new arrivals every day. One German told me that Islamist Turks feel more at ease practicing their religious activities in Germany than in Muslim Turkey.

In Great Britain, 50 powerful Muslim associations control millions of faithful followers, mostly Pakistanis. In the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, beneath the smile of her gracious very Christian Majesty, there are now koranic schools where children can learn to become kamikazes and blow up automobiles.

In the Netherlands where there are many North African, Caribbean and Indonesian Muslims serious trouble is on the increase. The press writes that the situation is becoming "à la française", in other words: pillaged shops, torched cars, violent confrontations with the police.

Scandinavia is not to be left out where, in order to be in tune with the times, Norway discovered and recruited, as a government minister, a black woman from Martinique.

I might add that there is no common European policy on immigration. Spain and Italy amnestied millions of illegals - a tremendous message for others - without even informing their neighbors.

On the other hand, in the countries of Eastern Europe, there are no immigrants. Why? Because these countries were subjected to communism and are therefore underdeveloped, with no welfare state or free hand-outs, housing, health care or schools.

Some say that one must not exaggerate. The great invasions from the 4th to 7th centuries eventually worked themselves out, didn't they? Great ignorance. We have to realize that these invasions had only a limited effect on the population of nascent France. As a matter of fact, in general, gangs of invaders and vandals, totaling only a few thousand individuals did not settle down in France, except for the Franks to the East. Furthermore, these barbarians quite rapidly converted to Christianity, more precisely to arianism.

It is true that at the time the merovingian monarchy did not distribute to these barbarians welfare of all kinds, declaring: "You are a great opportunity for France. Come, all of you, and join us with your large and beautiful families." No. Back then, people still had common sense.

And now, what will happen? In the short term, immigration will continue to flood in. Problems which have never been this serious will continue to spread and worsen. In the very long term, Europe, which created the most beautiful civilization that humanity has ever produced, will disappear.

When the barbarians converted to Christianity they helped create the Europe that is now being dismantled. The Franks also routed the Muslims who are now getting their revenge, without much of a fight, while mosques are rising everywhere on the European landscape to replace magnificent structures like this one. The cliché "what goes around comes around" seems to apply to our current situation. We must count on the unexpected now.

The suicide of Europe is not unavoidable - there are many solutions. The fact that there are no leaders willing to do what must be done is the problem. Another strange fact is that so many people seem to "sense" that this is inevitable, as if they have an insight, or an intuition, that Europe's time has come. These are the people besotted by what they see on television and dumbed down by an inferior education. They turn a commentary such as this article into a self-fulfilling prophecy.

That being said, I want to note that, other than the 560,000 "Rumanians" who are noted to be inflicting Italy, all of this damage is being done by people from predominently Muslim countries. In short, the problems originate with Muslims.

Those who support political parties like the Vlaams Belang and the BNP believe that "immigration" is to blame for the problems of Europe. This is not true, according to any evidence that I have ever been able to find.

Instead, Europe's problems are caused by Muslims. Yes, they are immigrants, but the problem is not that they immigrated. The problem is that they are Muslims. If they were Chinese people, or Indians, or even Pakistani Christians, there would be very little problem, and any problems which might exist would be solved by assimilation over a generation or two.

But, the problem is Islam.

If Islam were not the problem, then the evidence would show that the violence comes from people other than Muslims. However, there is no evidence to support any other idea. If anyone has any, then please give it to me.