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A Call To Arms: Western Civilization Is Worth Fighting For

Baron at Gates of Vienna has a very important post up, which begins with this email which was sent out by author Jack Wheeler:

We don’t think anyone can dispute the fact that the forces of Islamofascism have embarked upon a World War of global conquest that may last for decades if not longer. Since Islamofascist terrorists have no boundaries, this war will be even tougher to fight than our battle was against the Soviet empire.

Already, the Islamofascists have a beachhead in Western Europe. According to demographic experts, Europe will become Islamic in a generation — and it’s not the moderates who hold sway in the Islamic communities in Europe. If these numbers are translated to political power — which undoubtedly will be the case — it will have dire consequences. Eventually, radical Islamic political blocs will take power in many European nations such as Belgium, Holland, France, and Britain.

The Washington Times reports (11/21/06) that Russia is well on its way to becoming an Islamic country. Within eight years (by 2015) over half the soldiers in the Russian Army will be Moslem. By 2020, over 20% of Russia’s entire population will be Moslem.

What happens when Moslems in political power have access to the nuclear arsenals of Russia, France, and Britain?

Couple this with the increased presence of Islam in Africa and Latin America, and there is a distinct possibility that America, within a generation of two, will be alone in the world. We would be encircled by enemies dedicated to our destruction. No doubt by then, there will be thousands of Jihadists within the US prepared to carry out terrorist acts on command from international Islamic powers.We cannot allow this to happen without a fight.

Western Civilization is worth fighting for. We cannot allow our grandchildren to live in Islamofascist tyranny.

Baron has a list of concrete things you can do, including joining up with the 910 Group, and the Coalition to Preserve Civilization.

Please go read the whole thing.

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An Infidel Bloggers Alliance Apology To Lee Camp

Yesterday, we ran a post here which claimed that Theologian Lee Camp had advised Christians that we need to let go of some of the tenets of our faith in order to get along with Muslims.

The story was wrong, and therefore, we sincerely and profusely apologize to Mr. Camp who seems to be a man of very admirable character, actually, quite the opposite to how we portrayed him.

So, here is Mr. Camp's correction of our false story, and I hope he will accept our apologies:

“On Tuesday, Lipscomb University’s Institute for Conflict Management hosted an “Invitation to Dialogue: Conversations on Religious Conflict.” The full-day program included a variety of speakers, and from a broad range of backgrounds: Jewish, Islamic, and Buddhist, as well as Catholic and Protestant. My assignment for the day was to articulate the “Theological Ground for Peaceful Co-Existence.” Due to a front-page story in The Tennessean that mis-characterized my lecture and beliefs, numerous questions have been raised regarding what I believe, and what I said. Many have expressed feelings of dismay in response to the story, feelings I also shared when I read the report. Brief news stories can seldom do justice to substantive conversations.

“The dialogue prior to my lecture had been most encouraging and refreshing: numerous speakers had insisted that Jews, Muslims, and Christians must not pretend that our differences are insignificant. Moreover, we can acknowledge the seriousness of the differences, while honoring one another. Such conversation encouraged me, precisely because I have long disagreed with those who say that Jews, Muslims, and Christians are all “saying the same thing.” Serious adherents of their respective faiths know this is not the case.

“In my lecture, I too insisted that we must not discard what is most important to us. I am a Christian who holds, without apology, to the Lordship of Jesus. I cannot accept any strategy of “conflict resolution” that asks me to set aside that particular claim. I believe and teach that Jesus is Lord of Lords and King of Kings.

“This exclusive claim of the authority of Christ thus presents a problem for “conflict management.” I went on to ask these questions: How can the Jew or Muslim trust us Christians if we hold onto the exclusive Lordship of Jesus? Given that I refuse to deny the Lordship of Jesus, what can I or other Christians possibly contribute to peace-making, whether global or local?

“Here is my answer:

Because I profess that Jesus is Lord of Lords, I have committed myself to loving both neighbor and enemy. Because I profess that Jesus is King of Kings, I have committed myself to serving and honoring all people. Because I profess that Jesus is the ultimate authority to which all other authorities must submit, that authority requires of me to extend gracious, generous hospitality to the stranger, the pilgrim, and those who do not see the world as I see it.

“This, of course, is not how the authority of Christ has always been practiced. In serious dialog with Jews and Muslims, we American Christians, who tend to have very short historical attention spans, must acknowledge the sins of Christian history. The claim of the Lordship of Jesus has often been divorced from Jesus’ call to be merciful to those with whom we differ. In fact, the claim has often served as a battle-cry, an imperialistic profession used to destroy Jews and Muslims. In view of this history, Jews and Muslims have good reasons for not trusting those who wear the name Christian.

“Because I profess Jesus as Lord, I must let go of any strategy that seeks to violently impose “Jesus is Lord” upon another. I believe and profess “Jesus is Lord,” and am compelled by Jesus’ Lordship to share this Good News world-wide. But if such sharing treats others in a way contrary to the teachings of Jesus, I have thereby denied my profession. I choose not only to proclaim that “Jesus is Lord,” but to live Jesus as Lord, among all—believer or unbeliever, Catholic or Protestant, Muslim or Jew.”

Lee C. Camp
Assoc. Professor of Theology & Ethics
Lipscomb University
29 November 2006

Smoking Gun Evidence Iran Is Arming Iraqi Terrorists

Here you go:

WASHINGTON, Nov. 30, 2006 — U.S. officials say they have found smoking-gun evidence of Iranian support for terrorists in Iraq: brand-new weapons fresh from Iranian factories. According to a senior defense official, coalition forces have recently seized Iranian-made weapons and munitions that bear manufacturing dates in 2006.

This suggests, say the sources, that the material is going directly from Iranian factories to Shia militias, rather than taking a roundabout path through the black market. "There is no way this could be done without (Iranian) government approval," says a senior official.

Iranian-made munitions found in Iraq include advanced IEDs designed to pierce armor and anti-tank weapons. U.S. intelligence believes the weapons have been supplied to Iraq's growing Shia militias from Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps, which is also believed to be training Iraqi militia fighters in Iran.

Evidence is mounting, too, that the most powerful militia in Iraq, Moktada al-Sadr's Mahdi army, is receiving training support from the Iranian-backed terrorists of Hezbollah.

Two senior U.S. defense officials confirmed to ABC News earlier reports that fighters from the Mahdi army have traveled to Lebanon to receive training from Hezbollah.

Now, we know the left will have to find a way to spin this. How do you think they will do it? I'm guessing they will say Iran and Hizbollah are Freedom Fighters.

What do you think?

Infidel Gal of the Week

Undoubtedly ... her.
A rocket-propelled grenade hit her, damaging the helo’s instrumentation, but instead of focusing on her predicament, she established communication with the ground forces and continued to provide them with aerial weapon support until the soldiers reached safety.

As she turned her attention to the aircraft, which was losing hydraulic power, the helo took on machine-gun fire, a round crashing into one of Hill’s ankles. Still, with a damaged aircraft and an injury, she landed at Forward Operating Base Normandy, saving her crew and aircraft.

This Week on the The Gathering Storm Radio Show

This week’s special guests of the Weekly Storm Report of The Gathering Storm is Chaim of the blog Freedom’s Cost and Joe from the NeoCon Express. Two great guests. Don’t miss it.

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Britain Must Be Stepping Into The Enlightenment: Pubescent Girls Allowed To Divorce

Yes, either they're are getting with the program on human rights for women, or this is another example of the eroding of Enlightenment-era Europe:

Relief for victims of under-age marriage: New bill to amend family laws
30-11-2006ISLAMABAD, Dawn: The federal cabinet on Wednesday approved a draft bill seeking amendments to the country’s family laws with a view to enabling women who are married as minors to settle long-running family feuds to obtain divorce upon reaching puberty.

Gandalf, at the great blog Up Pompeii, comments:

... to obtain a divorce UPON REACHING PUBERTY, so the poor child is traded off at who knows what age, in to who knows what kind of environment, she is a prisoner until she reaches puberty then she can get divorced.

What kind of law permits this kind of abuse, clearly only people with perverted minds would accept this horrendous abuse as normal.Now good people, do not forget that this is exactly the kind of law that the Islamic population wish to see here.

Storm Track Intimidation: Did the Islamic Reformation Already Happen?

From The Gathering Storm

A recent post at IBA, “The Thud Heard Round the World” by Atlas Shrugs brings up a worrisome idea. Do the Islamists smell blood in the water? Look at the recent aggressive actions by Islamists over the last few weeks and the think about how the aggressiveness has increased logarithmically over the last few decades.

Muslims, driven on by the Islamist agenda are flexing their muscles and intimidating the non-Muslim world more and more to accommodate to them. At the same time declaring that non-Muslims are intolerant when they react negatively to the intimidation here and here, while smiling when non-Muslims resign themselves to dhimmitude.

It seems tolerance goes only one way. How tolerant of the fears of passengers where the six imams who were removed from the flight because they stood up and made a very public display of their nightly prayers? Where was the sensitivity to those on the plan who saw a Muslim praying and feared it was in preparation to kill himself – and everyone around him? And how tolerant was the Muslim lawmaker who ranted and raved at a waiter in Manila and had him fired?

The apologists for this rude and intolerant behavior hope that moderate Muslims can rein in their errant brothers and sisters and that a reformation of Islam is the answer. Many on the right also see this reformation as necessary and, if an when it ever happens, we may have peace between Islam and the non-Muslim world. I and others have written about the need for an Islamic Reformation.

But what if it already happened?

Militant jihad is just one of tactics used by the Islamists to advance their agenda. Islamic Ideological Jihad in the form of cultural jihad is a potent weapon against the non-Muslim world.

Everyone who has been paying attention to the progression of Islamic ideological jihad being waged against the West over the last two decades should not be surprised at the response by CAIR, Islamic leaders, and of course, the media to this event. Mark my words: the plight of the Muslim leaders aboard U.S. Air Flight 300 will be a defining moment in the asymmetrical war in which we are engaged – a water shed event for the tactic of the insidiously effective tool known as Islamic ideological jihad. Expect the fallout from this event to be wide and deep, with the liberally biased media carrying the torch of “Islamophobia” to new heights…….. The tactic here, whether intentional or as a consequence of the “outrage,” will serve to shift the focus away from the threat posed by Islamic terrorism to the unfair treatment of Muslims. In wartime, (and we are at war, whether you believe it or not) this shift of focus will provide those having evil intentions against the United States to operate in a less constricted manner. Whether you believe that this is the intention by those registering objections and outrage, it will nonetheless be the result.

This ideological jihad has its roots in the Muslim Brotherhood and the “project’ that they have been pursuing for almost 100 years. Could this be the reason for the regression of Islam over that few generations? Could it be that this was the Islamic reformation? As Mark Steyn said in his new book America Alone, "We... talk airily about 'reforming' Islam. But what if the reform has already taken place, and jihadism is it?"

The Catholic Church had it reformation and it produced Protestant-ism. The Islamic reformation started by the Muslim Brotherhood and its supporters produced Islam-ism.

How to have Al Qaeda become protector of sunnis in Iraq

Iran deploys women's death squad against Sunnis in Iraq


Iran is financing and directing new ways to drive Sunnis from their homes in Iraq. One of these is the organization of a Shi'ite women's death squad. The women wear traditional Sunni dress, enter neighborhoods without causing attention, and kill their targets.

The Iranian-sponsored Mahdi Army has organized one such female death squad. Mahdi, which controls Iraq's police and security forces, has been leading nightly assaults against Sunnis, particularly in the Baghdad area.

Mahdi has not sought to hide the new squad. The Al Boraq website identified the women killers as Al Zahra. Boraq said the women have been recruited from around the country and ordered to head for Baghdad as refugees.

At this point, the Shi'ite women are said to come from the southern town of Mahmoudiya. They carry false identification papers.

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Schumer, Clinton, and Iran

From an editorial from New York's premiere newspaper, the New York Sun:
New Yorkers got a reminder of just what is the nature of our adversaries yesterday when the terror-sponsoring, nuclear-bomb-building, Holocaust-denying president of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, released an open letter at the United Nations directed to the American public. It alleged that those "infamous aggressors," the "Zionists," have "imposed themselves on a substantial portion of the banking, financial, cultural and media sectors."

It is a classically anti-Semitic myth that was mobilized in the effort to kill millions of Jews in the Nazi Holocaust, the occurrence of which Mr. Ahmadinejad denies. It is a timely reminder, coming as it does at a moment when there is a little-noticed divide among New York's two senators, both senior figures in the Democratic Party, about how to handle Iran. In an interview with the Daily News that the newspaper published yesterday, Senator Schumer said of Iran, "I really think that they are an evil country, and do you talk to an evil country?"

Senator Clinton, by contrast, in her Halloween speech to the Council on Foreign Relations, accused the Bush administration of "a simplistic division of the world into good and evil. They refuse to talk to anyone on the evil side." She called that "dangerously unrealistic."

Well, chalk us up with Mr. Schumer in this matter. If Mrs. Clinton persists in deriding as "simplistic" the description of the Iranian regime as evil, she can count on the Iranian leadership to keep issuing anti-Semitic statements, arresting and beating democratic activists in its own country, and funding terrorists in Iraq, Lebanon, and Israel. If the American people get wind of it, as they probably will, and if Mrs. Clinton doesn't revise her position on the matter, we'd reckon that Mr. Schumer stands a better chance of getting elected president than she does.

Perhaps that last line was a little bit of wishful thinking. If only the country was following these developments as the readers of the Sun have.

The Evil that Men do, and Then There's Bolton

Who? What Where? Legitimate questions considering the jihad lamestream media would rather people suffer mercilessly than report the truth.
In the latest lie by mission, the MSM has no need for news reports like this. It reminds me of this news story the jihad media completely ignored (we had to go to Calcutta for that story). When the American people wake up (and they will) there will be hell to pay.

BOLTON PLEADS FOR RELEASE OF AUNG SUU KYI Financial Express [Bangladesh newspaper! Gd forbid the American media covered it - Atlas]

US ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton who is known for his aggressive diplomacy is pushing for Security Council resolution demanding immediate release of Aung Suu Kyi, the Nobel peace prize winner. Suu Kyi has been kept under detention since she won a landslide victory in Myanmar setting the goal for a return to democratic rule.

John Bolton is yet to win Senate approval and the decision is unlikely to be reversed with Democrats controlling the Senate. Democrats do not have a favourable view of Bolton.

Why? Why is that? Why is Bolton a partisan issue? The man's record is unmatched. Skanks, all.

The US ambassador to the UN has accused the military junta of Myanmar of failing to prevent the exodus of refugees and narcotics trafficking and permitting transmission of dreadful diseases like AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria outside the country. The military junta has ordered closure of five field offices of the International Red Cross sparking condemnation.

More here. Cross posted at Atlas Shrugs

Is it Just Me, Or Is CAIR's Bedier Calling for the Return of the Caliphate?

CAIR's position on the notion of returning to the caliphate is a bit nebulous. Quotes by many CAIR leaders have been used to try and show that these CAIR members in fact want to turn the US into a caliphate, though this is more accurately a goal of theocracy. Many Muslim nations remain theocracies yet sovereign nations subject to no empire or caliphate. There is no caliph, no "unified voice", as Bedier puts it, for Muslims to speak out with. Perhaps it just slipped his mind that most Muslims at this point won't speak out against the Wahhabists, but I'll leave that to the discretion of the viewers. CAIR higher-ups recently responded rather as they do at the mention of the name "Daniel Pipes" over President Bush's use of the word caliphate, and I'm still trying to figure out their "official" stance, which is always hard with CAIR since their representatives are always running their mouths off in different directions nationwide.

This video is a seven minute third segment of a news debate between Tampa's CAIR director (and their web-trouble-maker) Ahmed Bedier and a former Catholic Priest, presided over by anchor/reporter Kathy Fountain. The discussion is almost intolerable for anyone with a knowledge of history, Islam or taqiyya, but try to get through it for the real kicker. In the three part discussion over the Crusades and the release of the film "Kingdom of Heaven", the subject of a "leader" existing to speak for all of the (Western) Christians (remember the time period here), and Ms. Fountain brings up her point that Islam perhaps needs one leader, to which Bedier responds:

Bedier: "Yeah, well, we're looking for it still. Right now....since the fall of the Ottoman Empire, uh, that was the last major Muslim organized religion, we don't really have a hierarchy that's organized how the Catholics are organized. We're looking for that, and once we have that one voice, [that] unified voice, we'll be able to speak up. Many people say all the time, 'Why aren't Muslims condemning 9/11?'. Well, we are, but we're doing it as groups, as individuals, as different mosques..."

Fountain: "And without one single voice the people like Osama bin Laden become the voice in that vacuum..."

Bedier: "Exac[tly]...and that's what's disturbing. And we're trying. But the Ottoman Empire fell because of the Allied Powers and it was caused by colonialism and so on. Again, Western always[??] going there and dividing the ottoman Empire like it is now."

Never mind that the Ottoman Empire joined the Axis powers to fight AGAINST the Allies, and were already called "The Sick Old man of the Bosphorus" in its obvious state of decline. But I needn't analyse, all one must do is watch. Just note how unquestioning Fountain is of Bedier's statements, never really challenging (she probably knows as much history as most news anchors), but instead laying down the segways for Bedier's next absurd claim.

I am in contact with this station now, and am discussing this problem. I hope that a solution is found. I will post on this later, but at this point I can say definitively that those I've spoken with are concerned about CAIR being a danger and aren't overly fond of Bedier. The claim, as usual, is that no other spokesperson can be found. Can they not be found, or does CAIR just consider this their turf? I'm beginning to believe that CAIR is bullying many Muslims as much as they do everyone else. Rest assured though, through our own programs of educating the media about CAIR, at least on local levels, people who misrepresent the truth as blatantly as Bedier will no longer be seen as credible.

Now you tell me. Does he endorse a return to the caliphate, even if not by name, or not? Roll tape....

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Al-Sadr Tells Maliki: "Don't Meet Bush" - Meeting Is Cancelled

And, I think the White House is spinning it now. You be the judge.

This morning the report came out that al-Sadr had threatened to pull his members out of Maliki's Parliamentary coalition (via Washington Post):

AMMAN (Reuters) - Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki flew to Jordan for crisis talks with President Bush on Wednesday, prompting a radical Shi'ite faction to suspend participation in his government in anger. Iranian-backed cleric Moqtada al-Sadr, who leads the Mehdi Army militia, was making good on a threat to boycott parliament and Maliki's coalition if the premier met the U.S. president.

And this afternoon, the story is being told this way (via AP):

AMMAN, Jordan - President Bush's high-profile meeting with Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki on Wednesday was canceled in a stunning turn of events after disclosure of U.S. doubts about the Iraqi leader's capabilities and a political boycott in Baghdad protesting his attendance.

Instead of two days of talks, Bush and al-Maliki will have breakfast and a single meeting followed by a news conference on Thursday morning, the White House said.The abrupt cancellation was an almost unheard-of development in the high-level diplomatic circles of a U.S. president, a king and a prime minister.

White House counselor Dan Bartlett denied that the delay was a snub by al-Maliki directed at Bush or was related to the leak of a memo written by White House National Security Adviser
Stephen Hadley questioning the prime minister's capacity for controlling violence in Iraq.

No, I don't think Bush did snub Maliki. I think Maliki snubbed Bush. What do you think?

That's right, the place has been invaded by eskimos as well


CNN: Pelosi: It's 'sad' Bush is blaming Iraqi insurgent violence on al-Qaeda

It's sad that we can't have a single effing politician who is both realistic and non-partisan enough to admit we have BOTH civil war, and Al Qaeda, and that Syria, and Iran are fueling both since what they all want is ragnarok.

Bush sounds like a moron.
Pelosi sounds like a moron.

House Speaker-elect Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) told reporters on Wednesday that she feels it is "sad" that President Bush continues to blame Iraqi insurgent violence on al Qaeda.

"My thoughts on the president's representations are well-known," Pelosi said. "The 9/11 Commission dismissed that notion a long time ago and I feel sad that the president is resorting to it again."

During a joint press conference with the president of Estonia, Bush was asked by a reporter if he worried that calling the situation in Iraq "a civil war would make it difficult to argue that we're fighting the central front of the war on terror there."

Bush responded that "there's all kinds of speculation about what may be or not happening."

"There's a lot of sectarian violence taking place, fomented, in my opinion, because of these attacks by al Qaeda, causing people to seek reprisal," Bush said. "And we will work with the Maliki government to defeat these elements."

Pelosi's statement also followed a press briefing in Baghdad earlier today, where a US military spokesman was unable to state clearly what role al Qaeda plays in Iraq violence.

Displaying a series of slides and charts, the spokesman for the multinational forces in Iraq claimed that "since October of 2004, we have now killed or captured over 7,000 al Qaeda in Iraq terrorists."

It IS the war on terror.
It's also civil war.
It's fed by evil nations with evil intent, one calling on their version of god and the other LITERALLY the detritus of national socialism.
Neither Bush nor Pelosi has excuse or room. We are not fighting over the amount of govt help for seniors taking LIPITOR, you fucking morons. We're going to fire you both

It's absurd to claim this is all Al Qaeda, and it's absurd to claim it's not Al Qaeda.

Al Qaeda is probably the agent offering to protect the Sunnis from Moqtadr al Sadr !
I just hope they are as pathetic in leadership as we are right now.

This is the most disgusted I have been since 2001.


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Tony Blair Pulls a Clinton

In 1807 one of the largest slave holding empires in the world outlawed the slave trade. No, it wasn’t the Ottoman Empire. It was, of course, Great Britain. England outlawed the slave trade because, as a result of the Enlightenment, it was judged as a moral abomination. At a ceremony commemorated the 200 anniversary of this epic changing act, British Prime Minister Tony Blair really had nothing to say on this historic change in moral perspective. Nor did he comment that England’s and the West’s subsequent abandonment of slavery was virtually without historic precedent or that at the time no other civilization was at all concerned with the morality of slavery and/or forced labor.

Instead, Tony Blair decided to use the opportunity to spit upon his ancestors and display an appalling ignorance of his nation’s own history:

The Prime Minister plans to go further than any previous leader in seeking to distance himself from the actions of the British Empire, nearly 200 years after the 1807 legislation that led to slavery's abolition. However, he will stop short of making an explicit apology despite years of pressure from some black campaigners and community leaders.

“It is hard to believe that what would now be a crime against humanity was legal at the time,' the Prime Minister will say. "Personally I believe the bicentenary offers us a chance not just to say how profoundly shameful the slave trade was - how we condemn its existence utterly and praise those who fought for its abolition, but also to express our deep sorrow that it ever happened, that it ever could have happened and to rejoice at the different and better times we live in today.” [Emphasis added]

Funny, I haven’t read any praise of the British subjects who fought to end the slave trade and slavery or any statements on this subject, nor of the Parliament that passed the law, however contrary to British economic interests. I have also not read of anyone holding a commemoration in thanks to the Royal Navy. It was the RN that ended the Atlantic slave trade; this is simply a matter of historical record.

As is typical in this sort of thing no mention is made of the Arab slave trade. By many estimates this trade rivaled the Atlantic slave trade in numbers, albeit over a longer period of time. Saudi Arabia abolished slavery in 1962, but don’t expect any apologies from that quarter. While Western leaders engage in moral exhibitionism and self-flagellation on a practice that had existed since the dawn of history, these same leaders ignore the ongoing slavery that still thrives in many places in the world. So while Tony Blair indulges in disgusting self-abasement actually existing slavery is ignored:

In Sudan, slavery is making a comeback as the result of a war waged over the past twelve years by the Muslim north against the Christians and Animists in the south. Sudan means "land of the blacks" in Arabic, and for centuries black Africans were abducted in Sudan as part of the Arabian slave trade. Anti-Slavery Group researchers have described a revival of a racially-based slave trade, where armed northern militias raid the southern civilian villages for slaves. Reports to the UN Commission on Human Rights have underscored the racial aspect of such practices: victims are exclusively persons belonging to the indigenous tribes of the Nuba Mountains (darker-skinned Africans). Government-armed Arab militias are known to kill the men and enslave the women and children as personal property or to march them north to be auctioned off and sold.

The question is why Western leaders such as Tony Blair are motivated by such unearned guilt. One has to wonder at the grotesque double standards in operation on the relentless attack on the history of the West. In 1998 President Clinton went to Africa in order to apologize to any and all who would listen to his revolting performance. This is the same Clinton who ignored current human rights atrocities being committed on that continent:

Dr. George B.N. Ayittey, a Ghanaian who teaches economics at American University, estimates that since the 1960s at least 5 million Africans have been killed in civil wars, purges and inter-tribal massacres, including 1 million Nigerians, 800,000 Rwandans (in a three-month period), 400,000 in Burundi since 1993, over 1 million during Angola's 20-year civil war and 800,000 in Mozambique.

According to some sources Iran has put 4,000 men to death for the “crime” of being homosexual. Don’t hold your breath for any apologies from the Mad Mullahs of that theocracy. To paraphrase Ayn Rand, we live in an age of militant, self-righteous evil and cowardly, compromising good. It is only evil that can benefit from such a state of affairs. That’s something to think about as some people continue to whine for “reparations” for crimes committed long ago, while they either ignore or abet atrocities that occur in many places around the world on a daily basis.

Crossposted at The Dougout

Teacher Disembowelled And Torn Apart For Educating Girls

From USS Neverdock (London Telegraph):

The 46-year-old schoolteacher tried to reassure his family that he would return safely. But his life was over, he was part-disembowelled and then torn apart with his arms and legs tied to motorbikes, the remains put on display as a warning to others against defying Taliban orders to stop educating girls.

Straight from the Dhimmi’s Mouth

UPDATE: We were absolutely wrong with this post, and we offer our correction and apology at this link.

And here we have a shining demonstration of the problem:

Christians must ‘let go’ some beliefs for sake of peace, theologian says, via LGF.

To live peacefully with Muslims and Jews, Christians must put aside the notion that their faith requires the creation of a Christian kingdom on Earth, a Lipscomb University theologian told an interfaith gathering at the university.

“We are not going to get very far in our relationship with Jews or Muslims if we do not let go of this idea,” Lipscomb professor Lee Camp said at Tuesday’s conference.

The unusual gathering of several dozen clergy and lay people was devoted to resolving religious conflict in Nashville and around the world.

“We need to forsake the Christendom model,” Camp said. “The most basic Christian commitment ... is that we say we believe in the Lordship of Jesus. But, if we claim that, how can a Muslim or Jew trust us, if we say Jesus is the Lord of all Lords?” ...

First, Christians must examine their “sins of omission,” he said — such as not taking the time to learn about other religions. Then they must look at their “sins of commission.”

“We have such short historical (memory) spans as white Christians,” he said. “There is a history of anti-Semitism, the violence and bloodshed of the crusades and cultural imperialism. We have to deal with the reality of what Christians have done, which in some cases has been to kill people.”

So many instances of stupidity one just doesn’t know where to begin, so I’ll do them by order of appearance.

To live peacefully with Muslims and Jews,

Yes, bring up the “and Jews” bit so it doesn’t look like you’re biased against Muslims. The fact that Jews don’t burn Iranian embassies every time they do their Holocaust cartoons is of no relevance.

“We need to forsake the Christendom model,” Camp said. “The most basic Christian commitment ... is that we say we believe in the Lordship of Jesus. […]

So, Mr. Camp—for the sake of peace you’re willing to give up even your core beliefs? For the sake of not offending people, you want to sacrifice that which you’re supposed to believe is the truth?

In the name of tolerance, I guess. But tolerance and political correctness are two different things.

Tolerance is when I, an Orthodox Jew, hand you an assignment with the dates written with CE (Common Era) instead of AD (Year of the Lord) because I don’t believe in the divinity of Jesus, and you accept that.

Political correctness, on the other hand, is when you, a Christian theologian, ask all your Christian students to write CE instead of AD so as not to offend non-Christian students.

Understood now?

But, if we claim that, how can a Muslim or Jew trust us, if we say Jesus is the Lord of all Lords?” ...

Look, I have my reasons for not believing in Jesus as Christians do, but Christians proclaiming their beliefs aloud isn’t one of those reasons. If anything, your stance is one of dishonesty and minding the thoughts of men rather than G-d, and as such make you much less trustworthy in my eyes.

“We have such short historical (memory) spans as white Christians,” he said.

“White”. Now we know where that theologian is coming from: post-colonial, self-loathing, West-hating Leftism.

“There is a history of anti-Semitism, […]

Yes, there is. You might rectify it by standing against those who are today the most potent vehicle of it: the Muslims.

[…] the violence and bloodshed of the crusades […]

Yes, that’s a historical fact too. As is the historical fact of the violence and bloodshed of the Islamic conquests beginning more than four centuries before that.

[…] and cultural imperialism.

Very deplorable, disrupting people from their indigenous customs of burning widows alive, sacrificing babies or amputating thieves.

[…] We have to deal with the reality of what Christians have done, which in some cases has been to kill people.”

Reparations for centuries of wrongdoing, best atoned for by shedding our blood upon the Islamic chopping-block.

But wait, it isn’t over! Here’s what the Islamic spokesman had to say about that:

For Kahled Sakalla, a spokesman for the Islamic Center of Nashville, some of the answers lie in better education about Islam in the non-Muslim world.

Allah, the God Muslims worship, is the same God Christians and Jews worship, and the Quran recounts the same biblical stories of Mary and Jesus, he said. “Yes, we have differences, but it’s important to focus on commonalities,” said Sakalla, one of four panelists representing different faiths who addressed the Lipscomb conference. ...

Sakalla said there may never be reconciliation on the fundamental theological divisions.

“Every religion has different teachings,” he said. “For Muslims, it’s: Do you believe in one God and that Muhammad is his prophet? I don’t think we can teach individuals that the way you go to heaven in other religions is OK. You have to teach differences.”

Greater a contrast between two religionists I have never found. The one saying he’s willing to relinquish his truth for the sake of appeasement, the other saying it’s not an option at all.

Does anyone still wonder why, currently, we’re losing this war?

Hamas has missiles stored in Samaria

If you thought that the Hamas only had rockets stored in Gaza, think again:
As Hamas wins a ceasefire from Prime Minister Ehud Olmert despite the group’s continued firing of Kassam missiles, the Fatah group has announced it also has missiles, in Samaria.

Fatah’s Al-Aksa Brigade displayed the new missiles, which the group calls Jundalla (meaning Allah’s soldiers), at a press conference held for the foreign wire services Tuesday.

Rockets in Judea and Samaria would potentially put cities in the coastal plain, Israel’s International Airport, as well as Jerusalem, all within striking range (illustrative photo above).

The Fatah terrorists, located in Palestinian Authority-assigned Shechem (Nablus), said that they were prepared to begin firing the rockets at Israeli towns.

At the press conference, to which Arab correspondents working for Associated Press, Reuters and Agence France Presse were invited, twenty members of the terrorist group brandished at least four of the new rockets.

The five-foot long rockets have a range of more than two miles and carry at least 6.6 pounds of explosives, the terrorists claimed.
Well. What's Ehud Olmert got to say about that?

Followed by their immediate surrender

U.S. Bans Sale of IPods to North Korea

The Bush administration wants North Korea's attention, so like a scolding parent it's trying to make it tougher for that country's eccentric leader to buy iPods, plasma televisions and Segway electric scooters.

The U.S. government's first-ever effort to use trade sanctions to personally aggravate a foreign president expressly targets items believed to be favored by Kim Jong Il or presented by him as gifts to the roughly 600 loyalist families who run the communist government.

Kim, who engineered a secret nuclear weapons program, has other options for obtaining the high-end consumer electronics and other items he wants.

But the list of proposed luxury sanctions, obtained by The Associated Press, aims to make Kim's swanky life harder: No more cognac, Rolex watches, cigarettes, artwork, expensive cars, Harley Davidson motorcycles or even personal watercraft, such as Jet Skis.

The new ban would extend even to music and sports equipment. The 5- foot-3 Kim is an enthusiastic basketball fan; then-Secretary of State Madeleine Albright presented him with a ball signed by Michael Jordan during a rare diplomatic trip in 2000.

Experts said the effort _ being coordinated under the United Nations _ would be the first ever to curtail a specific category of goods not associated with military buildups or weapons designs, especially one so tailored to annoy a foreign leader. U.S. officials acknowledge that enforcing the ban on black-market trading would be difficult.

The population in North Korea, one of the world's most isolated economies, is impoverished and routinely suffers widescale food shortages. The new trade ban would forbid U.S. shipments there of Rolexes, French cognac, plasma TVs, yachts and more _ all items favored by Kim but unattainable by most of the country.

"It's a new concept; it's kind of creative," said William Reinsch, a former senior Commerce Department official who oversaw trade restrictions with North Korea during Bill Clinton's presidency. Reinsch predicted governments will comply with the new sanctions, but agreed that efforts to block all underground shipments will be frustrated.

Hey they may die in the streets of hunger, but it won't be listening to Britney. This is such a serious effort

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Is there a difference between moderates and radicals?

None, says Islamic apologist John Esposito.

There is no significant difference in religiosity between moderates and radicals. In fact, radicals are no more likely to attend religious services regularly than are moderates. ...
Is it poverty?
There is indeed a key difference between radicals and moderates when it comes to income and education, but it is the radicals who earn more and who stay in school longer. ...
Is it hopelessness?
More radicals expressed satisfaction with their financial situation and quality of life than their moderate counterparts, and a majority of them expected to be better off in the years to come.

Feel better now?

A Question of Allegiance

Read this post before continuing further.

South Asian, Desi, Punjabi, Mohajir, Pakistani. All these terms are applicable to me. Yet, I am not defined by any of them.

I started to realize this odd truth around 1998 in Saudi Arabia. Our Arab landlord had refused to shake my hand when he found out that I was studying in the US. I was greatly angered by his disgust. It wasn't the fact that he didn't want to shake my hand but that he hated America so much that really bothered me.

During the months after 9/11, I was wounded, nauseated and stunned by the gleeful and conspiratorial stories that poured out of the Islamic world. Upon visiting Arabia in December 2001, I learned about the party-like atmosphere at my dad's office when they heard about 9/11. Note, these were largely the same wretched people whom the Americans had saved in early 1991.

Finally, I had fully understood the consequences of that atrocious culture and the supremely noxious religion. I discovered blogs in the summer of 2002 and I setup my own little corner in late 2004. Not only have I left behind my religion but I also have the freedom to defend the very freedom that I utilize. Thousands of hours of reading have only strengthened my beliefs. I am on the side of the West and I know who I am.

You see, I was born an American... just in the wrong country.

Update on imams airplane incident

Islamophobia? Yeah right!

Storm Track Infiltration: Britain Was Warned Over a Decade Ago

From The Gathering Storm

“It is a matter of deep regret that the Government, all political parties and the mass media in Britain are now engaged in a relentless campaign to reduce Muslim citizens of this country to the status of a disparaged and oppressed minority. We have no alternative but to resist this invidious campaign.”

This quote is from the Muslim Manifesto: A Strategy for Survival used to create the Council of British Muslims to act as “a Muslim parliament” in the very same nation that gave us the Magna Carta, detailing the rules of property rights and individual freedoms.

From NewsByUs.

Britain’s Muslim Manifesto made it clear that “Political and cultural subservience goes against their grain” because “at its inception Islam created a political platform from which Muslims were to launch themselves on a global role as founders of great states, empires and a world civilization and culture.” According to the UK’s Muslim Manifesto, “The fact is that a Muslim woman cannot be a western woman.” The problem for Muslims in Great Britain was that “There are laws on the British Statute Book that are in direct conflict with the laws of Allah.”

Can it be made any clearer?

“We are Muslims first and last.” “Jihad is a basic requirement of Islam and living in Britain or having British nationality by birth or naturalization does not absolve the Muslim from his or her duty to participate in jihad: this participation can be active service in armed struggle abroad and/or the provision of material and moral support to those engaged in such struggle anywhere in the world.” “Islam is our guide in all situations.”

Assimilation, according to the Manifesto, wasn’t even an option. Why need it be? By the early 1990s, there were already about 1,000 mosques in Great Britain, many of them former Anglican churches that had been abandoned and sold to Muslims.

As is the case of France today, the Manifesto recommended that “The Muslim community may have to define ‘no go’ areas where the exercise of ‘freedom of speech’ against Islam will not be tolerated.”

We’ve been warned.

Jerry Klein's "Spoof"

What did Jerry Klein of WMAL Radio have in mind when he did this? (Print synopsis here)

Was Klein's purpose to expose growing hatred for Muslims? Or did he have in mind provoking his listeners to make concurring comments so as to bring in CAIR?

After all, CAIR is no stranger to WMAL Radio. According to this July 28, 2005 press release from Anti-CAIR:


Conservative talk-show host Michael Graham was suspended without pay today by ABC Disney after threats from the Council for American-Islamic Relations over his on-air comments regarding terrorism and Islam.

Despite repeated statements of support for Graham's free-speech rights by management at 630 WMAL in Washington, D.C. ----- the ABC-owned radio station where Graham works as mid-morning host ---- he was summarily suspended pending an "investigation."

"I honestly don't know what Disney is investigating me for, unless it's for doing a compelling talk show that gets people's attention," Graham said. "I thought that was my job."

Graham has been harshly criticized by CAIR for public comments linking the current theology and structure of Islam to the repeated acts of terror in its name. CAIR sent mass e-mails to its members urging them to contact ABC and demand the company to punish Graham for his remarks.

The statements at the heart of the controversy reflect Graham's opinion that, as he puts it, "Because of the mix of Islamic theology that --- rightly or wrongly --- is interpreted to promote violence, added to an organizational structure that allows violent radicals to operate openly in Islam's name with impunity, Islam has, sadly, become a terrorist organization. It pains me to say it. But the good news is it doesn't have to stay this way, if the vast majority of Muslims who don't support terror will step forward and re-claim their religion."

Ironically, CAIR announced today that a group of US Muslim scholars were issuing a fatwa against terrorism. According to Ibrahim Hooper of CAIR, the fatwa was issued in part due to criticism from talk radio hosts like Michael Graham.

"Nearly four years after the World Trade Center fell, CAIR is participating in a blanket denunciation of terrorism, and my attitude is "better late than never." If our conversation on 630 WMAL helped CAIR finally take this long-needed step, then we've done something good for the future of Islam," Graham said....

In contrast to CAIR's reaction to Michael Graham's comments and to his explanation thereof, CAIR is pleased with the results of Jerry Klein's spoof:


CAIR says callers' reaction is a 'wake-up call' on Anti-Muslim bigotry

(WASHINGTON, D.C., 11/27/06) - A parody of anti-Muslim bigotry on a Washington, D.C., radio station drew support for treating American Muslims in a manner similar to how the Jewish community was targeted in Nazi Germany.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) said today that the reaction to the parody is a "wake-up call" for religious and political leaders who remain silent on the issue of growing Islamophobia in America....

The story about Jerry Klein's spoof has elicited a lot of attention, according to Klein's own statement on November 28:
I've been overwhelmed by the response to Sunday's show (click ... if you'd like to hear a recording). Besides being interviewed by the Reuters news service, and having both NBC4 and WUSA TV9 here in Washington feature this story prominently on Monday night's newscasts, I've heard that other talk show hosts and bloggers have now joined the conversation. By early Tuesday, I've stopped counting the emails you've sent me from all over the world in response to my contention that as Americans, we need to be careful that we don't allow our concerns over terrorism to push us over the line towards discrimination against all Muslims, and in fact all Arabs, whether Muslim, Christian, or any other faith. Thank you for your words of support. I'll try to respond to everyone -- but it's going to take a little time.

FYI...Jerry Klein is sort of odd-man-out at WMAL Radio, which also presents programs from Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh. The WMAL Radio web site refers to Jerry Klein as "WMAL's Favorite (Pet) Liberal?" The following is his biographical sketch from the station's web site:

Jerry Klein is 630 WMAL’s Senior Producer, and Producer for The Chris Core Show. He was born in Philadelphia, but grew up and spent most of his life in Charlotte, NC, where he was an award-winning talk-radio host, concert producer, weekly columnist, record store owner, the program director for a non-profit center for community and culture, and a psychological counselor. (Jerry says, "That’s code for I’ve led a very full and colorful life.")

He moved to the Washington area a little more than five years ago to finally marry the love of his life. Jerry has two sons, Josh and Ben, and relies on his cat, Yogi, for spiritual guidance - though, he says, "All assistance in these matters is gratefully accepted!"

Any bets its the second 'invitation'?

Paper: Iran Leader Writes to Americans

TEHRAN, Iran (AP) -- Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has written a letter to the American people that will be released at U.N. headquarters in New York on Wednesday, a state newspaper reported.

The newspaper gave no details of the letter, an apparent attempt by the firebrand president to reach out to Americans over the head of their government.

The state-run newspaper Iran reported the letter in bold type on its front page, saying "the five-page letter to the American people will be released by Iran's representative at the United Nations today."

Ahmadinejad wrote a rambling, 18-page letter to President Bush in May, which Washington criticized for not addressing Iran's nuclear program. The U.S. is leading the drive to impose U.N. sanctions on Tehran for its refusal to stop enriching uranium.

Average Iranians were disappointed by the cold response to the May letter, the first official communication between the two countries' presidents since the Islamic Revolution of 1979.

What the hell is the source for that opinion AP?

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Shari'a Law Comes To The UK?

According to a November 29, 2006 article in the London Telegraph, Shari'a law, based on the Koran and the Hadith, is becoming an alterate source of justice in some parts of Britain. According to a recent show on BBC 4 Radio, an unofficial Somali "court" recently rendered a decision in a stabbing case in southeast London. According to the article,

Mr Yusuf [a youth worker from Somalia] told the programme he felt more bound by the traditional law of his birth than by the laws of his adopted country. "Us Somalis, wherever we are in the world, we have our own law," he said. "It's not sharia, it's not religious — it's just a cultural thing."
In the UK, shari'a law is not binding. Yet.

Meanwhile, some in the UK see the use of shari'a law as a good measure:

Some lawyers welcomed the advance of what has become known as "legal pluralism".
"Legal pluralism" - multiculturalism as applied to the legal system?

The article also states the following:

Dr Prakash Shah, a senior lecturer in law at Queen Mary University of London, said such tribunals "could be more effective than the formal legal system"....

Read the entire article in the Telegraph HERE.

[Hat-tip to Nanc for providing me the link to the above story]

Tuesday, November 28, 2006



Hat tip to Urban11 for this

Blog: God Help Britain

Take a look at this , pass it around to all and sundry

This lady gives a real wake up call to the western world, she is terrrific

Danish Muslim School: "Kill All Jews And Bush"

From the great Pamela, at Atlas Shrugs:

Fellow blogger Magnus writes me;

A (in Sweden we call them) Quran School (you may call them madressa...) in Denmark -- this is, kind of, extra education during Saturdays in ordinary culturally Arabic schools -- has books which calls for the necessity to KILL EVERY JEW in order to achieve peace in the Middle east. But also Bush shall be killed, according the book.

Interresting is that an intellectual and Middle east experts in Denmark thinks that this is nothing to be upset with, because thats the way they talk; a tradition! However politicians in Denmark are upset and will take action. They say that the problem is that these books is used in locals borrowed by the local authorities.

Seven young danish muslims who had planned terror attacks were caught by the police in September.

Here's a Swedish article in Dagens Nyheter

Here's a Danish article in Jyllands Posten (home to those cwazy toons)

More thoughts from Magnus (translation a tad awkward);

Danish politicians say the problem with education to kill Jews is that the books are used in public locals. The content may be illegal but that is not the main topic! The illegal thing --the main topic is when Muhammed was painted in violent, critical cartoons. The illegal thing, the main thing, is laws prohibit discreditation of ethnic groups.

Is it okay according to discreditation laws (or to human rights) to teach people that Jews should be killed?! I'm sure that the kids in the muslim schools are not expected to kill Jews immediately, but the message is crystal clear as is the "non-humanification" (hmm, invented this word now) of Jews. That message shall not be permitted! Period.

Reuters Says French Police Target Of "Urban Guerrilla War"

Amazing that Reuters admits it. Now, if they can just admit who is doing it and why:

PARIS (Reuters) - Stoned, beaten and insulted, their vehicles torched by crowds of hostile youths, French police say they face an urban guerrilla war when they enter the run-down neighborhoods that ring the major cities.

“Our role is to guarantee the safety of people and property but the great difficulty today is that police are having problems ensuring their own safety,” said Jerome Hanarte of the Alliance-Police Nationale union.

Bedside television interviews with officers hospitalized after beatings in “les banlieues,” or suburbs, support statistics showing a 6.7 percent jump in violent crime in the 12 months to August. Fourteen officers are hurt every day in the line of duty, unions estimate, and law and order is sure to feature prominently in next year’s presidential election.

The head of the French crime statistics body told Reuters the rise in attacks on police was partly due to Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy’s 2002 decision to order police back into tough areas, to disrupt the black economy that fuels crime.

Some residents complain the move spawned constant police harassment which has only exacerbated tensions with local youths, many of whom come from ethnic minorities.

“You can see discrimination in ID controls,” complained Kader Latreche, 36, an Algerian with his own photo equipment repair shop in the La Courneuve suburb. “Why is it always people from the Maghreb or black people who are being stopped and checked? If it happens over and over again, it gets to you. People are frustrated, that’s obvious.”

Charles reminds us that France has 751 "no go areas" which are basically Dar al-Islam already.

And, the French police casualty rate is three times higher than the casualty rate of our armed forces in Iraq.

Storm Track Intimidation: Jesus Christ as "history's first ... suicide bomber".

From The Gathering Storm

A leading children's publisher has dumped a novel because of political sensitivity over Islamic issues.
Scholastic Australia pulled the plug on the Army of the Pure after booksellers and librarians said they would not stock the adventure thriller for younger readers because the "baddie" was a Muslim terrorist. A prominent literary agent has slammed the move as "gutless", while the book's author, award-winning novelist John Dale, said the decision was "disturbing because it's the book's content they are censoring". "There are no guns, no bad language, no sex, no drugs, no violence that is seen or on the page," Dale said, but because two characters are Arabic-speaking and the plot involves a mujaheddin extremist group, Scholastic's decision is based "100 per cent (on) the Muslim issue".

Now contrast that with this. Hold your cookies. Derranged mind at work.

This decision is at odds with the recent publication of Richard Flanagan's bestselling The Unknown Terrorist and Andrew McGahan's Underground in which terrorists are portrayed as victims driven to extreme acts by the failings of the West. The Unknown Terrorist is dedicated to David Hicks and describes Jesus Christ as "history's first ... suicide bomber".

Who are these people?! What are they thinking?

Maybe someone like this. Hat tip to American Israeli Patriot.

In a shocking interview with the Jerusalem Post, UN High Commissioner for Human (Arab) Rights Louise Arbour implies that Israel is more culpable than Hezbollah for civilian deaths during the Lebanon war. This despite the fact that Hezbollah intentionally targeted civilians while Israel did not. This despite the fact that Hezbollah used human shields while Israel did not. Asked by the Post if there was a distinction under human rights law between missile attacks aimed at killing civilians and military strikes in which civilians are unintentionally killed, Arbour said the two could not be equated.

"She claims that accidental deaths caused by Israel are more criminal that the intentional deaths caused by Hezbollah."

In her never ending quest to vilify Israel, Arbour knows no boundaries. She visits the relatives of dead terrorists while refusing to meet the relatives of kidnapped Israelis. She is willing to hang the victims and exonerate the criminals. Louise Arbour is truly a shining star of the UN.

How the imams terrorized an airliner OR Islamophobia reigns, OR..the boycott makes US Air the safest airline in the world?


Muslim religious leaders removed from a Minneapolis flight last week exhibited behavior associated with a security probe by terrorists and were not merely engaged in prayers, according to witnesses, police reports and aviation security officials.
Witnesses said three of the imams were praying loudly in the concourse and repeatedly shouted "Allah" when passengers were called for boarding US Airways Flight 300 to Phoenix.
"I was suspicious by the way they were praying very loud," the gate agent told the Minneapolis Police Department.

Passengers and flight attendants told law-enforcement officials the imams switched from their assigned seats to a pattern associated with the September 11 terrorist attacks and also found in probes of U.S. security since the attacks -- two in the front row first-class, two in the middle of the plane on the exit aisle and two in the rear of the cabin.


CAIR is NOT the NAACP, and no one is lynching Imams

"That would alarm me," said a federal air marshal who asked to remain anonymous. "They now control all of the entry and exit routes to the plane." A pilot from another airline said: "That behavior has been identified as a terrorist probe in the airline industry." But the imams who were escorted off the flight in handcuffs say they were merely praying before the 6:30 p.m. flight on Nov. 20, and yesterday led a protest by prayer with other religious leaders at the airline's ticket counter at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport.

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Send your kids to get HISTORY DEGREES AT UNIV. CA. IRVINE !

File this beauty under, okay I GIVE UP.

This is a history professor, you know, like Will and Ariel Durant, or VD Hanson, or Bernard Lewis, or Doris Kearns Goodwin, or even like Tony Judt or Jared Diamond?


Who Killed Pierre Gemayel?



How did Mr. Levine come up with this conclusion?
According to him, Israel is the only one to have something to gain by Gemayel's death.

More on this IDIOT, and here, and don't forget the entire Huffington list of stupidity

Here's the thing... if this was just the Huffington, we all go oh well, but this piece of garbage appears also on the History News Network. How can someone like Judith Apter Klinghoffer ( of David Irving lawsuit fame) STAND IT

I'm sure I can make up equally deranged theories.

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Oh, I was wondering,........ thanks

“The ceasefire offers a period of calm for our fighters to recover and prepare for our final goal of evacuating Palestine.” the book, baby

Leaders of major terrorist groups in Gaza said Sunday they either do not recognize the ceasefire agreement or plan to use it to re-arm and improve terrorist training. Two Kassams were fired Monday.

Abu Abir, spokesman for the Hamas-linked Popular Resistance Committees terrorist organization in Gaza, said Sunday, “The ceasefire offers a period of calm for our fighters to recover and prepare for our final goal of evacuating Palestine.”

Israel and the Palestinian Authority agreed to a ceasefire in Gaza on Sunday morning, calling for an end to all Palestinian terrorist activities and Israeli counter-terrorist activities. Israel has pulled most of its ground troops out of Gaza.

Two Kassam rockets were fired from Gaza at western Negev areas this afternoon (Monday). No one was physically hurt in this latest ceasefire violation.

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London Telegraph Says: We Are In A War To The Death - Craven Concessions Won't Win It

Up Pompeii asks, is the Mainstream media in Britain beginning to wake up? It looks like it:

Who would have thought it? Half of Europe – the half that was so smug about having buried God several generations ago – is waiting in real trepidation for the outcome of a theological argument. When Pope Benedict XVI flies to Turkey tomorrow, he will embody the most potentially incendiary confrontation between Islam and the West since the defeat of the Turks at Vienna in 1683 brought an end to Islamic conquest in Europe.

The Pope will take with him an understanding that at the root of our problems in dealing with the Islamist death cult, there is a fundamental debate to be had about the role of human reason in political affairs.

The remarks he made in a lecture in Regensburg, Germany, which implied that Islam rejected rationality while Christianity saw it as essential to faith were contentious (and almost certainly designed to be so), but they raised a question that almost no Western government has the courage to ask, let alone answer. How is a liberal democracy to deal with an illiberal religious minority in its midst?

To understand the life-or-death significance of what the Pope does and says when he arrives in Istanbul, it is necessary to see this confrontation for what it is. This will involve some traumatic re-adjustment for most of the opinion-forming class in Britain. The first assumption that will have to go is the premise that Islamist terrorism can be understood in pragmatic, politically rational terms: in other words, that it can be addressed with the usual mechanisms of negotiation, concession and amended policy.

The most readily accepted version of this is that a change to our policy in the Middle East will remove the grievances that "fuel" Muslim terrorism.

The Cabinet has apparently been advised that all foreign policy decisions over the next decade should have the goal of thwarting terrorism in Britain and that this should involve "a significant reduction in the number and intensity of the regional conflicts that fuel terror activity". So Britain is contemplating constructing a foreign policy, specifically in the Middle East, that is designed to give in to terrorist blackmail.

Never mind that the hereditary grievance of almost all British-born Muslim terrorists is the Kashmir question, to which the almost entirely irrelevant Palestine issue has been tacked on by political manipulators with larger ambitions. (The easiest way to make a connection between the Palestine-Israel conflict and the problem of Kashmir is to construct a global theory of persecution in which British-born Muslims may see themselves as born into a victimhood perpetrated by all non-Muslim nations upon Islam.

That, as it happens, chimes perfectly with the true goal of Islamism, which is global supremacy.) So this ignominious posture – what you might call the "save our own skin; who cares what happens in the rest of the world?" view – is based on a false premise. It is not adjustments to our stance on Israel-Palestine that the international Islamist terror movement wants.

That demand was just a bin Laden afterthought that went down a treat with the old reliable anti-Semitic interest in Europe.

What Islamic fundamentalism plans to achieve (and it has made no secret of it) is a righting of the great wrong of 1492, when the Muslims were expelled from Spain: a return of the Caliphate, the destruction of corrupt Western values, and the establishment of Sharia law in all countries where Muslims reside.

That is what we are up against.

If a majority of the Muslim community is prepared to separate itself, clearly and explicitly, from the terrorist faction, then we have a chance. If it is not, if it is swept up in the glamour of international victim status and the dark victory of glorious death, then we face generations of bloodshed.

To some extent, this is up to us. Britain must have more to offer than domestic confusion and international cowardice. But it is up to conscientious Muslims as well, of whom much – perhaps more than is fair – must be demanded by way of intercession and courage.

Female Death Squads

This is interesting- and somewhat disturbing- news sent out by a Jordanian counter-terror expert.

Recent chatter on jihadi forums points to a new organized death squad in Iraq. The new group is allegedly composed of Shiite female assassination units that will target Sunnis. Sunni jihadi websites have warned their followers about this new threat, saying that these female units, called al-Zahra groups after Fatima al-Zahra, the daughter of the Prophet and the wife of the Muslim caliph Ali, are trained to kill Sunnis with bayonets and handguns equipped with silencers.

The women are apparently on their way to Baghdad and the fear is that they will target women and children.

The purpose of the posting was to insinuate that Iranians had trained the al-Zahra units. In the same context, another Sunni user, Khaled al-Rawi, said that the Shiites' current attack potential is a repeat of the Shiite attacks that occurred in the 1970s and 1980s against Sunnis. At the time, Shiite party al-Dawa al-Safawia organized and trained prostitutes to blow up cars and to assassinate Sunni figures and civilians in Iraq (, November 2). The website also contained pictures of Shiite females covered completely in black similar to the Iranian female police training video.

I'd say that it will be worth paying attention to developments in Iraq in the coming weeks to see if there are any reports of these women-only death squads.

Thus proving jews really do control the media

THANKS TO vthek ...just HAD to get this in here....
So you though Mel brooks was the only one, eh...


"Hey, Der Fuhrer's SelectComfort level is 65, he's very insistent on that."

Rhea Perlman and Jerry Doyle Star in Bob & Carol & Ted & Hitler

Ironically, the man had earlier gotten a fortune cookie that read "A Man of Great Power Will Come Between You and Your Wife."

Mel Gibson's remake of It Happened One Night.

Meet Hitler, the Bed-Wetting Drug Addict

By David Crossland in Berlin

German cinema breaks new ground in January with its first comedy about Hitler. Jewish director Dani Levy is following in the footsteps of Charlie Chaplin, maker of "The Great Dictator," with a decidedly unsympathetic portrayal of Hitler as a bed-wetting drug addict who is making the world suffer for his beatings as a child.

Hitler likes to play with his toy battleship in the bath, wets his bed, can't get an erection and is addicted to drugs he keeps in his giant globe, according to Germany's first comedy about the Führer, made by Jewish director Dani Levy.

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Monday, November 27, 2006

It's a civil war

So sorry, but isn't that yet clear?

NBC is right, this time.

We have armed militias, and wink and a nod semi government death squads operating with outright and quasi support of the government against a murderous minority formerly in power, which will simply not acquiesce to the needs of any kind of pluralistic society, and believes they are a much larger percentage of the population then they are.

I predict that this is not going to be contained at ANY negotiating table on this planet.

It's to the death.

We BLEW any chance there MIGHT have been VERY EARLY. But realistically speaking, just like Yugoslavia, what we have seen is the model for the future for nation states made up of ancient hostilities long suppressed.

I personally believe there was no avoiding this, NOW. I believed it COULD be avoided, but might not be.

Iraq is a civil war, in a nation which never existed except in the mind of Sykes and Picot, in a land contested by THESE SAME PEOPLES since pre-medieval struggles.

Remember THIS?
September 4th...feels like a year ago, and it was RIGHT ON

The End of Freedom of Speech in the USA?

Previously this blog published a translation by Professor Hans Jansen of the letter the assassin of Dutch filmmaker Theo van Gogh pinned to his body.

Hans Jansen’s analysis of the letter by Mohammed B., shows the incompatibility of the presence of Muslim communities in Western democratic societies. Not only is the liberal dream of Bush and his neo-conservative advisors of remaking Islamic societies as free and democratic an impossible one, simultaniously opening one’s own country to invasion by tens of thousands of Muslims will have the effect of rendering Freedom of Speech, essential to the working of democracy, difficult. MORE

What's A Little Collapse Between Friends?

While we are contemplating our dhimmification in the form of Iraqi peace talks with the likes of Syria and Iran, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is predicting our collapse:

Nov. 26 (Bloomberg) -- Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad predicted the collapse of Israel, the U.S. and Britain, attacking what he called their ``oppressive behavior.''

``The Zionist regime is on a steep downhill towards collapse and disgrace,'' Ahmandinejad told supporters at a rally of Basiji militia forces near Tehran today. In a reference to the U.S. and U.K., he said ``the collapse and crumbling of your devilish rule has started.'' The speech was carried live on state television.

That sounds like a man we can negotiate with, right?

For God's sake, if we sit down at the table with this guy, we deserve what comes our way. In the tradition of horror fiction, the devil can't enter your home unless you invite him in.

Well ...
well ...
well ... ?

We're Americans, we elect our leaders. We have the leaders we deserve, which also means, we get the results we deserve.

Oh, by the way, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez is also predicting our collapse.

Special Report: The Lighter Side of Jihad

From The Gathering Storm

The Muslim Phone

We bought Bibi's phone a year or so ago in Dubai. Its one of those fancy pda phones with pocket pc Windows functionality, a built-in video camera blah blah. When I first switched it on it automatically installed a swathe of Islamic applications, the most crucial one being an automatic muezzin call. Five times a day the phone turns into a mini-minaret: what sounds like a broken-hearted man pleading with anyone within earshot to get thyself to the mosque forthwith. The interface was also populated with arabic script that was a devil to delete.

I thought I had sorted everything out until 4am this morning, when the phone started to chant again. There must be some kind of code buried deep in the phone's firmware which means it is destined to be the call-to-prayer in our lives. With a very loud and lambasting muezzin a few metres away from our house (its less a call-to-prayer, and more a We're keeping this loudspeaker on as long as we like) its all a bit much for we Buddhist infidels. Now there's a thought - what would a Buddhist phone do?

Do You Want the Terrorists to Win?

America is caught in a time of great crisis. Never before has she faced such a menacing threat to the freedoms she upholds. Terrorists swarm around her on all sides, threatening with their evil plans. And yet there are many, inside America as well as out, who are actually rooting for the terrorists to win.

Perhaps you are one of these terrorist sympathizers. Or maybe you are a true American patriot. There is only one way to find out for sure, and that is to take this quiz. Answer HONESTLY, no deceiving, and at the end you will find out how much of a traitor you are. Good luck.

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If we are not capitulating the only positive purpose is to hang the INEVITABLE failure on them

Panel to Weigh Overture by U.S. to Iran and Syria

neville_baker.jpg NYT:

WASHINGTON, Nov. 26 — A draft report on strategies for Iraq, which will be debated here by a bipartisan commission beginning Monday, urges an aggressive regional diplomatic initiative that includes direct talks with Iran and Syria but sets no timetables for a military withdrawal, according to officials who have seen all or parts of the document.

While the diplomatic strategy appears likely to be accepted, with some amendments, by the 10-member Iraq Study Group, members of the commission and outsiders involved in its work said they expected a potentially divisive debate about timetables for beginning an American withdrawal.

In interviews, several officials said announcing a major withdrawal was the only way to persuade the government of Iraq’s prime minister, Nuri Kamal al-Maliki, to focus on creating an effective Iraqi military force.

Several commission members, including some Democrats, are discussing proposals that call for a declaration that within a specified period of time, perhaps as short as a year, a significant number of American troops should be withdrawn, regardless of whether the Iraqi government’s forces are declared ready to defend the country.

Among the ideas are embedding far more American training teams into Iraqi military units in a last-ditch improvement effort. While numbers are still approximate, phased withdrawal of combat troops over the next year would leave 70,000 to 80,000 American troops in the country, compared with about 150,000 now.

“It’s not at all clear that we can reach consensus on the military questions,” one member of the commission said late last week.

Move the troops to Kurdistan, you morons, or they will be throwing candy from the windows in Teheran, Qom, Damascus, south Beirut, Gaza and every city from Morocco to the Chinese border when the final stupidity occurs.

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Storm Track Infiltration: A Modern Day Fairy Tale

From The Gathering Storm

From a post at Up Pompeii.


The squirrel works hard in the withering heat all summer long, building and improving his house and laying up supplies for the winter.

The grasshopper thinks he's a fool, and laughs and dances and plays the summer away.

Come winter, the squirrel is warm and well fed.

The shivering grasshopper has no food or shelter, so he dies out in the cold.



The squirrel works hard in the withering heat all summer long, building his house and laying up supplies for the winter.

The grasshopper thinks he's a fool, and laughs and dances and plays the summer away.

Come winter, the squirrel is warm and well fed.

A social worker finds the shivering grasshopper, calls a press conference and demands to know why the squirrel should be allowed to be warm and well fed while others less fortunate, like the grasshopper, are cold and starving.

The BBC shows up to provide live coverage of the shivering grasshopper; with cuts to a video of the squirrel in his comfortable warm home with a table laden with food.

The British press informs people that they should be ashamed that in a country of such wealth, this poor grasshopper is allowed to suffer so, while others have plenty.

The Labour Party, Greenpeace, Animal Rights and The Grasshopper Council of GB demonstrate in front of the squirrel's house.

The BBC, interrupting a cultural festival special from Notting Hill with breaking news, broadcasts a multi cultural choir singing "We Shall Overcome".

Ken Livingstone rants in an interview with Trevor McDonald that the squirrel got rich off the backs of grasshoppers, and calls for an immediate tax hike on the squirrel to make him pay his "fair share" and increases the charge for squirrels to enter inner London.

In response to pressure from the media, the Government drafts the Economic Equity and Grasshopper Anti Discrimination Act, retroactive to the beginning of the summer.

The squirrel's taxes are reassessed.

He is taken to court and fined for failing to hire grasshoppers as builders for the work he was doing on his home and an additional fine for contempt when he told the court the grasshopper did not want to work.

The grasshopper is provided with a council house, financial aid to furnish it and an account with a local taxi firm to ensure he can be socially mobile. The squirrel's food is seized and re distributed to the more needy members of society, in this case the grasshopper.

Without enough money to buy more food, to pay the fine and his newly imposed retroactive taxes, the squirrel has to downsize and start building a new home.

The local authority takes over his old home and utilizes it as a temporary home for asylum seeking cats who had hijacked a plane to get to Britain as they had to share their country of origin with mice. On arrival they tried to blow up the airport because of Britain's apparent love of dogs.

The cats had been arrested for the international offence of hijacking and attempted bombing but were immediately released because the police fed them pilchards instead of salmon whilst in custody.

Initial moves to then return them to their own country were abandoned because it was feared they would face death by the mice. The cats devise and start a scam to obtain money from people's credit cards.

A Panorama special shows the grasshopper finishing up the last of the squirrel's food, though spring is still months away, while the council house he is in, crumbles around him because he hasn't bothered to maintain the house.

He is shown to be taking drugs. Inadequate government funding is blamed for the grasshopper's drug 'illness'.

The cats seek recompense in the British courts for their treatment since arrival in UK.

The grasshopper gets arrested for stabbing an old dog during a burglary to get money for his drugs habit. He is imprisoned but released immediately because he has been in custody for a few weeks.

He is placed in the care of the probation service to monitor and supervise him. Within a few weeks he has killed a guinea pig in a botched robbery.

A commission of enquiry, that will eventually cost £10,000,000 and state the obvious, is set up.

Additional money is put into funding a drug rehabilitation scheme for grasshoppers and legal aid for lawyers representing asylum seekers is increased.

The asylum-seeking cats are praised by the government for enriching Britain's multicultural diversity and dogs are criticized by the government for failing to befriend the cats.

The grasshopper dies of a drug overdose. The usual sections of the press blame it on the obvious failure of government to address the root causes of despair arising from social inequity and his traumatic experience of prison.

They call for the resignation of a minister.

The cats are paid a million pounds each because their rights were infringed when the government failed to inform them there were mice in the United Kingdom.

The squirrel, the dogs and the victims of the hijacking, the bombing, the burglaries and robberies have to pay an additional percentage on their credit cards to cover losses, their taxes are increased to pay for law and order and they are told that they will have to work beyond 65 because of a shortfall in government funds.