Monday, June 30, 2008


Gerry Connolly, the chairman of the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors called citizens who attended a Board meeting to speak out against the Islamic Saudi Academy "bigots."

I told you at the time he smells like money to me. I guess one of the reasons he smells like money is because he appears to have collected quite a sum of real money from Islamist donors, like CAIR


Gerry Connolly, Democrat rep for the Jihad is on the take for CAIR's.

Gerry Connolly, who is the Democratic nominee for Congress in Virginia's 11th District -- offered a strong defense of the school and accused the school's critics of slander during the meeting in which the lease was approved. Connelly is runningfor Congress. In that post I wrote,

Who would vote for this jihad lover, whatever your party affiliation? Accusing great Americans of slander, it is he who is slanderous. I would love to read his list of donors, I betcha it is chuck full of Saudi blood money.

And lest we not forget, the: Saudis Gave 50 Million to CAIR. If there is an Atlas reader who has the time to comb his list of contributions, do it!

The Traditional Values Coaltion has discovered dirty contribution from the Radical Islamic lobby (only in America). YOUR PUBLIC SERVANTS AT WORK!

Connolly Contributor Uses Aliases and Has Links to Hamas

Washington, DC – The Traditional Values Coalition (TVC) has called on Fairfax County Supervisor Gerald Connolly to return a contribution his Congressional campaign received from a radical Islamic official and reopen the supervisors’ lease renewal of the Islamic Saudi Academy.
A Federal Election Commission report lists “Nehad Hammad” as the Executive Director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) and reports that he donated $500 to the Congressional primary campaign of Gerald Connolly, chairman of the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors.

Law enforcement officials note that Hammad is an alias used by Nihad Awad who is the founder of CAIR and is listed on the group’s website as its Executive Director. Before founding CAIR, Awad served as spokesman for the Islamic Association for Palestine (IAP) which the Federal Bureau of Investigation officials have identified as a front-group for the violent terrorist organization Hamas.

According to several sources, Awad uses the name Nehad Hammad on some official forms such as IRS documents instead of the name Nihad Awad he uses publicly as a top official at CAIR. One former federal official refers to CAIR as “Terrorists R Us” and points to a long list of CAIR staff who have been convicted of financing terrorist activities.

“Mr. Connolly should return the check he received from Awad, Hammad or whatever his name is today,” said James Lafferty, a spokesman for the Traditional Values Coalition.

A Jihad For Love - Will Gay Muslims Help Force A Change Toward Moderation Is Islam?

Indonesia - The "Moderate" Islamic Country Cracks Down On Minority Religious Groups

Yes, Indonesia is a model of moderation.

The Indonesian government has halted all religious activities of the
Ahmadiyya Muslim community, handing a victory to Islamic extremists and
tarnishing Indonesia's reputation as a moderate, pluralistic Muslim nation.

The decree, approved June 10 by President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono,
falls short of an outright ban on Ahmadis, but orders them to stop practicing
their faith and "return to mainstream Islam." Ahmadis now face arrest for
practicing their beliefs. About 5,000 members of the hard-line group United for
Islam demonstrated outside the presidential palace the day the ban was signed.

On June 1, extremists attacked an interfaith rally supporting
Ahmadiyya, injuring dozens of people. Extremists have been demonstrating by the
thousands in Jakarta over the last few months, and on April 28 some torched an
Ahmadiyya mosque in Sukabumi, Western Java.

Since the influential and state-supported Council of the Indonesian Ulama
issued a 2005 fatwa that banned the Ahmadiyya, violence, threats and vandalism
against the group's estimated 200,000 followers in the country have increased.

Storm Track Infiltration: 1000 Honor Killings in Turkey

The argument goes that honor killings in Islam is a cultural thing – not a religious one. Then explain why it’s done not only by Arabs but also Pakistanis, Persians – and even Turks.

Quite a coincidence, huh? Has nothing to do with the religion of peace except they are all Muslims.

Read the rest at The Gathering Storm.

Mark Steyn Wins Round One

From this source:

The Canadian Human Rights Commission has dismissed a Muslim group's complaint against Maclean's magazine.

The Canadian Islamic Congress had argued the magazine published an article in October 2006 that would likely expose Muslims to hatred and contempt.

The article, entitled "The Future Belongs to Islam," by Mark Steyn claimed that Muslims are on the verge of dominating Europe and the West because of a demographic shift.

The article claims that their greater numbers will eventually allow Muslims to dominate Western countries. The article goes so far as to quote a European imam who allegedly said Muslims are reproducing like "mosquitoes."...
Read the rest.

Excerpt from the Maclean's article which led to the proceedings -- "The Future Belongs to Islam," published on October 20, 2006, and from Steyn's book America Alone:

Sept. 11, 2001, was not "the day everything changed," but the day that revealed how much had already changed. On Sept. 10, how many journalists had the Council of American-Islamic Relations or the Canadian Islamic Congress or the Muslim Council of Britain in their Rolodexes? If you'd said that whether something does or does not cause offence to Muslims would be the early 21st century's principal political dynamic in Denmark, Sweden, the Netherlands, Belgium, France and the United Kingdom, most folks would have thought you were crazy. Yet on that Tuesday morning the top of the iceberg bobbed up and toppled the Twin Towers.

This is about the seven-eighths below the surface -- the larger forces at play in the developed world that have left Europe too enfeebled to resist its remorseless transformation into Eurabia and that call into question the future of much of the rest of the world. The key factors are: demographic decline; the unsustainability of the social democratic state; and civilizational exhaustion.

Let's start with demography, because everything does....

Read the rest.

As Anonymous stated about Mark Steyn's victory, on another thread here at IBA: "GREAT NEWS for Freedom of Speech for Infidels!!!"

Iran Ready to Strike At Israel's Nuclear Heart

From the Times of London (thanks to Michael):

Iran has moved ballistic missiles into launch positions, with Israel's Dimona nuclear plant among the possible targets, defence sources said last week.

The movement of Shahab-3B missiles, which have an estimated range of more than 1,250 miles, followed a large-scale exercise earlier this month in which the Israeli air force flew en masse over the Mediterranean in an apparent rehearsal for a threatened attack on Iran's nuclear installations. Israel believes Iran's nuclear programme is aimed at acquiring nuclear weapons.

The sources said Iran was preparing to retaliate for any onslaught by firing missiles at Dimona, where Israel's own nuclear weapons are believed to be made.

Major-General Mohammad Jafari, the commander of the Revolutionary Guard, told a Tehran daily: "This country [Israel] is completely within the range of the Islamic Republic's missiles. Our missile power and capability are such that the Zionist regime – despite all its abilities – cannot confront it."

An editorial in a government newspaper, Jomhouri Eslami, said: "Our response will hit right at their temple."

The sabre-rattling coincided with a visit to Israel yesterday by the chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, Admiral Michael Mullen, for talks with his Israeli opposite number, Lieutenant-General Gabi Ashkenazi. This intensified speculation that Israel was seeking US approval for a possible attack on Iran.

"Although the visit had been planned well in advance, we got the feeling he was coming to make sure we'll obey the strict timetable agreed with the US," said an Israeli defence source. He refused to elaborate.

President George Bush has approved the linking of Israel to a US infrared satellite detection system that could spot Shahab missile launches within seconds.

This should enable the Israeli air force to destroy such missiles in the booster stage. The system will also give the Israelis about 15 minutes to seek shelter before any warhead hits.

Is Google Enforcing A Black Out On Anti-Obama Sites

It looks like Google has officially joined the Barack Obama campaign and
decided that its contribution would be to shut down any blog on the Google owned blogging system that has an anti-Obama message.

Yes, it sure seems that Google has begun to go through its many thousands
of blogs to lock out the owners of anti-Obama blogs so that the noObama message
is effectively squelched. Thus far, Google has terminated the access by blog
owners to 7 such sites and the list may be growing.

Boy, it must be nice for Barack Obama to have an ally powerful enough to
silence his opponents like that!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Storm Track Appeasement: Preaching Jihad is Hard on the Back

It must be quite a heavy load jihadist preachers must carry in t heir pursuit of destroying the infidel devil. It’s hard work and can, as in this case, create a disability.

No worries. The dhimmi UK government takes pity on such men and rushes to the rescue!

Read the rest at The Gathering Storm.

Obama Supporters Become "Hussein's"

From this article in the International Herald Tribune, via Reliapundit's posting at THE ASTUTE BLOGGERS:
Emily Nordling has never met a Muslim, at least not to her knowledge. But this spring, Nordling, a 19-year-old student from Fort Thomas, Kentucky, gave herself a new middle name on, mimicking her boyfriend and shocking her father.

"Emily Hussein Nordling," her entry now reads.

With her decision, she joined a growing band of supporters of Senator Barack Obama, the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, who are expressing solidarity with him by informally adopting his middle name.

The result is a group of unlikely-sounding Husseins: Jewish and Catholic, Hispanic and Asian and Italian-American, from Jaime Hussein Alvarez of Washington, D.C., to Kelly Hussein Crowley of Norman, Oklahoma, to Sarah Beth Hussein Frumkin of Chicago....
Read the entire article here. Read Reliapundit's commentary here.

Of course, I'm not a follower of Obama. I wonder what I should change my middle name to?

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Iraq: Death Comes for the Archbishop

The Archbishop has been murdered. Christians are being systematically run out of Iraq. Those who are left are being forced to pay ransom on their own lives.

Open your throat and submit to the Jizya, Christians.

From Andrew Bostom:

The New York Times (June 26, 2008) has published a somber account of the recent murder of Iraqi Archbishop Rahho, and how the Iraqi Christian population has been subjected to the full recrudescence of dhimmitude, punctuated by the re-application of the jizya—the Koranic (Koran 9:29) poll tax on non-Muslims, whose etymology, as per the seminal Arabic lexicographer, E.W. Lane, belies its origins: “the tax paid in lieu of being slain.”

Here is a classical formulation of the jizya—the cornerstone of the repressive system of jihad-imposed dhimmitude—from, coincidentally, a seminal Baghdadian jurist, al-Mawardi (d. 1058). In his monumental The Laws of Islamic Governance, al-Mawardi examined the regulations pertaining to the lands and infidel populations subjugated by jihad. This is the origin of the system of dhimmitude.

The native infidel “dhimmi” (which derives from both the word for “pact”, and also “guilt”—guilty of religious errors) population had to recognize Islamic ownership of their land, submit to Islamic law, and accept payment of the Koranic poll tax (jizya)—the tax paid in lieu of being slain—based on Koran 9:29. Al- Mawardi notes that “The enemy makes a payment in return for peace and reconciliation… Reconciliation and security last as long as the pavment is made. If the pavment ceases, then the jihad resumes.”

The “contract of the jizya”, or “dhimma” encompassed other obligatory and recommended obligations for the conquered non-Muslim “dhimmi” peoples. Collectively, these “obligations” formed the discriminatory system of dhimmitude imposed upon non-Muslims—Jews, Christians, [as well as Zoroastrians, Hindus, and Buddhists]-subjugated by jihad.

Some of the more salient features of dhimmitude include: the prohibition of arms for the vanquished dhimmis, and of church bells; restrictions concerning the building and restoration of churches, synagogues, and temples; inequality between Muslims and non-Muslims with regard to taxes and penal law; the refusal of dhimmi testimony by Muslim courts; a requirement that Jews, Christians, and other non-Muslims, including Zoroastrians and Hindus, wear special clothes; and the overall humiliation and abasement of non-Muslims.

It is important to note that these regulations and attitudes were institutionalized as permanent features of the sacred Islamic law, or Shari’ a. The writings of the much lionized Sufi theologian and jurist al-Ghazali (d. 1111) highlight how the institution of dhimmitude was simply a normative, and prominent feature of the Shari’a:

the dhimmi is obliged not to mention Allah or His Apostle.. .Jews, Christians,
and Majians must pay the jizya [poll tax on non-Muslims]…on offering up the
jizya, the dhimmi must hang his head while the official takes hold of his beard
and hits [the dhimmi] on the protruberant bone beneath his ear [i.e., the
mandible]… They are not permitted to ostentatiously display their wine or church
bells…their houses may not be higher than the Muslim’s, no matter how low that
is. The dhimmi may not ride an elegant horse or mule; he may ride a donkey only
if the saddle-work is of wood. He may not walk on the good part of the road.
They [the dhimmis] have to wear [an identifying] patch [on their clothing], even
women, and even in the [public] baths…[dhimmis] must hold their tongue.

The practical consequences of such a discriminatory system were summarized in A.S. Tritton’s 1930 The Caliphs and their Non-Muslim Subjects, a pioneering treatise on the status of the dhimmis:

…[C]aliphs destroyed churches to obtain materials for their buildings, and the
mob was always ready to pillage churches and monasteries…dhimmis…always lived on
sufferance, exposed to the caprices of the ruler and the passions of the mob…in
later times..[t]hey were much more liable to suffer from the violence of the
crowd, and the popular fanaticism was accompanied by an increasing strictness
among the educated. The spiritual isolation of Islam was accomplished. The world
was divided into two classes, Muslims and others, and only Islam counted…Indeed
the general feeling was that the leavings of the Muslims were good enough for
the dhimmis.

S.D. Goitein, in essays published three to four decades later (i.e., 1963, and 1970), highlighted the economic and other adverse social consequences of both the jizya itself, and the attendant regulations of the system of dhimmitude:

..consideration [of] the immense extent of poverty and privation
experienced by the masses, and in particular, their persistent lack of cash,
which turned the ’season of the tax’ into one of horror, dread, and misery.

An Islamic state was part of or coincided with dar al-Islam, the
House of Islam. Its treasury was mal al-muslumin, the money of the Muslims.

Christians and Jews were not citizens of the state, not even second class
citizens. They were outsiders under the protection of the Muslim state
, a status
characterized by the term dhimma, for which protection they had to pay a poll
tax specific to them.

They were also exposed to a great number of discriminatory
and humiliating laws…As it lies in the very nature of such restrictions, soon
additional humiliations were added, and before the second century of Islam was
out, a complete body of legislation in this matter was in existence…In times and
places in which they became too oppressive they lead to the dwindling or even
complete extinction of the minorities.

Go read the whole thing.

Muslims Cry Foul Over Bomb-Sniffing Dogs

Muslim buttcracks are in an uproar all over the UK over the idea that they will soon be sniffed by dogs. They say, "No, this can't be done. This is haram."

But, the police say, "Yes, it will be done. It is necessary."

I say, "Not only is it necessary, but I think they ought to breed special dogs with anteater snouts to penetrate into those hard-to-sniff places.

Some Muslims had raised objections over being searched by the explosive-detecting animals, but British Transport Police have said they will continue to use the specially trained animals.

Dogs are considered to be unclean or impure in Islamic teaching and it is forbidden to keep the animals as pets.

The complaints came after a rail security trial at Brighton station, the Government revealed.

The Muslims reported that it was not permissible for them to have direct contact with dogs due to their religious or cultural beliefs.

In another trial on the Heathrow Express platform at London's Paddington station, there were instances when the body scan was considered unacceptable on religious grounds by female Muslims, the Government report said.

The report - on five rail security trials conducted in 2006 and the public's response to them - also showed:

  • Some Asians and black people felt they could be selected for tests because of their ethnicity "or because their appearance fell in line with screening staff perceptions of a terrorist".

  • Being selected for screening was an "embarrassment for Asian respondents in particular".

  • Some people were uncomfortable about giving their personal details to BTP officers, as they were not sure why they were needed, or how they would be used.

  • Some Muslims said they would avoid using a station with sniffer dogs because of their religious beliefs, while some young males, both black and white, said they would also avoid some stations as they feared the dogs would be able to detect drugs as well as explosives.

Asked if the findings would lead to certain measures not being used on certain people, a BTP spokesman said: "The legislation applies to everyone. It's not a case for exemptions.

As I understand it, these dogs are specially-trained so that the smell of explosives triggers an alert in the pleasure center of the cerebral cortex. This will, likely, cause the dogs to begin anyone who is indeed in possession of explosives.

We Will Win This War

Carlos Mencia explains why we will win the War on Islamofascism. Though this is a comedy bit, I agree with him. We the people of Western Civilization are not very nice. Islamofascists who want to plunge Dar al-Islam into a war with us ought to take heed of our history.

While Amnesty International tours a Gitmo FAKE horrow show, those they seek released commit mass murder

NEW YORK -- Amnesty International is currently touring the country with a life-sized replica of a maximum security prison cell at Guantánamo Bay. But critics say the cell, which is an attempt to call attention to alleged human rights abuses at the camp, is missing basic amenities provided to prisoners.

The 7x10-foot cell, on display on the National Mall in Washington, D.C., lacks amenities like bedding, toiletries and a copy of the Koran, and it has nothing to illustrate that regular meals are served to inmates three times a day.

Released Guantanamo detainee behind March suicide truck bombing at Combat Outpost Inman in Mosul

Al Qaeda in Iraq, through its puppet organization the Islamic State of Iraq, released its latest propaganda video on June 23. The video contains a montage of attacks throughout Iraq, and features two Kuwaiti al Qaeda operatives who conducted strikes in Mosul. One of the operatives was released from the US military prison in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. The Islamic State of Iraq used footage taken at Combat Outpost Inman by this reporter in Mosul in March of this year.

shermans_1st_law.jpgWho are these people most concerned about?
This is WAR.

One Sick S.O.B.

Liberal blogger spits on Veterans graves. If you see this sick bastard – well, follow your gut reaction, so to speak.

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Goodbye Kitty

Tomatoes May Not Be The Cause Of The Salmonella Outbreak

If not tomatoes, then what?

As the number of cases in an ongoing salmonella outbreak climbed past 800
today, federal health officials said that they might never find the cause -- and
that tomatoes might not be the culprit after all.

Though fresh tomatoes have a "strong association" with many of the cases
and remain a top suspect, health officials have not confirmed that the fruit
carried the rare Salmonella Saintpaul strain.

Of 1,700 domestic and international tomato samples collected so far, none
has tested positive, said David Acheson, associate commissioner for foods with
the Food and Drug Administration.

Officials would not divulge if, or what, other produce was being seriously
investigated, only saying that they would "continue to keep an open mind about
the possible source."

The most recent reported onset of illness was June 15, and for each
reported case there are likely more that have gone undetected, said Dr. Patricia
Griffin, chief of the Enteric Diseases Epidemiology Branch at the Centers for
Disease Control and Prevention.

"Whatever this produce item is . . . it's possibly still out there making
people sick," Griffin said.

The FDA has cleared 41 states, including California, and several Mexican
states and parts of Florida as the growing regions that produced the possibly
tainted tomatoes. But Acheson said the agency was still tracing distribution
chains through areas included on the list.

"The longer this goes on, the less likely it's all originating from a
single farm source," he said.

Infidel Babe Of The Week

This girl can slide across my frets, bend my notes, and smack her hands over my pickups any time she wants.

Tal Wilkenfeld playing bass with the Jeff Beck group, performing the song Cause We Ended As Lovers.

Get your heart broken too. Check out the video. You will fall into an amazed rapture, and an entranced lust.

Will Israel Bomb Iran? BBC Documentary On The Threat Facing Israel

BBC World's "This World" addressed the free-world's threat of "imagine a world without Zionism," Islamic-imperialist, Iran's developing nuclear weapons in 2006. It's still essential viewing. (Parts 2 through 6 are accessible through the on-screen menu appearing at the end of Part 1.

Barack Obama Voted Four Times To Allow Criminal Charges Against Homeowners Who Defend Their Person and Home With a Gun

I really do not want to see Barack Obama become President. The man thinks it is wrong for a person to defend his own property.

One can only surmise that the concept of personal property does not mean much to Barack Obama.

Perhaps, he subscribes to the idea that Property is Theft.

Funny how people who believe Property is Theft, have no problem with stealing other people's property.

My gun says, "No one is walking into my home, and stealing my property, especially not the President of the United States whoever he may be in a few months."

"Pastorius," you say. "How long has your gun been talking to you?"

I say, that's between me and my gun. So, don't ask. It is my property. Don't even ask about my property. No, you can not have it. Don't even think about having it. It's not yours. It's mine.

Don't even think about it.

You were thinking about it, weren't you?

My gun told me so. You better watch it.

In a victory for individuals across the nation, whether they know it or
not, the Supreme Court has decided the 2nd amendment does do what it says --
give the people the right to keep and bear arms. Barack Obama's rapid reversal from opposition to agreement on the issue would
make mere mortals snap in half under all the G-forces.

Despite Obama's propensity to say and do anything to get elected, just
like with Kennedy v. Louisiana, Obama's record does not match his

In fact, Barack Obama specifically voted four times in the Illinois
Legislature to allow criminal charges against a homeowner who used a firearm in
self-defense of their person and home -- specifically what the Supreme Court
says is a constitutional right. Obama may say he supports it, but his record
says exactly the opposite.

Read on . . .

In 2004, the Illinois Senate considered S.B. 2165 (IL 2004), sponsored
by Senator Ed Petka (R-Plainfield). The bill came about because of an arrest in
Wilmette, IL in late December of 2003. A 54-year-old businessman shot and
wounded a man who had broken into his home for the second time in 24 hours. Cook
County prosecutors found the shooting justified, but the businessman, Mr. DeMar,
faced a fine and possible destruction of two guns under a 1989 village ordinance
prohibiting handgun possession.

S.B. 2165 would allow residents to use self-defense as a basis for
seeking dismissal of criminal charges stemming from local gun ordinances if they
used the banned weapon in an act of self-defense in their home, business or

Obama voted no on third reading March 25, 2004, and voted no on
concurrence to a House amendment on May 25, 2004. In fact, Obama voted no four
times: in the Judiciary Committee, on Third Reading, in the Judiciary
Committee's vote on concurrence with the House, and on the final

Luckily for the people of Illinois, the legislation passed despite
Obama's opposition. Had he had his way, people in Illinois could still be
prosecuted for defending themselves against crimes.

But that's not the only time Obama has voted against the people's right
to keep and bear arms.
In 1999, Obama voted in favor of S.B. 177 (IL 1999).
The legislation required guns to be secured by trigger locks, placed in a lock
box, or placed in a location that a reasonable person would believe to be secure
from a minor. Likewise, in 2003, Obama voted for H.B. 2579 (IL 2003) for a law
that restricted the rights of Illinois's citizens so that they could only buy
one gun a month. The law created the offense of "unlawful acquisition of

In 2001, Obama voted against S.B. 604 (IL 2001), which would have
allowed individuals who have valid orders of protection against other
individuals to carry concealed weapons for their protection. The bill would have
created an affirmative defense against a charge of violating Illinois's
concealed carry law if the person had a lawfully issued protection order against
someone seeking to do harm to the person.

In 2002, Obama voted against S.B. 397 (IL 2002), which amended the
Firearms Owners Indentification Card Act. The legislation was specifically
crafted for sporting events and allowed a non-resident participating in a
sanctioned competitive shooting event in Illinois to purchase a shotgun or
shotgun ammunition in Illinois, but only at the site where the event is being
held, for the purpose of participating in the event.

Cheer Up, We're Winning The War

Oh, and by the way, someone ought to tell Barack Obama.

... the evidence is now overwhelming that on all fronts, despite
inevitable losses from time to time, it is we who are advancing and the enemy
who is in retreat. The current mood on both sides of the Atlantic, in fact,
represents a kind of curious inversion of the great French soldier's dictum:
“Success against the Taleban. Enemy giving way in Iraq. Al-Qaeda on the run.
Situation dire. Let's retreat!”

Since it is remarkable how pervasive this pessimism is, it's worth
recapping what has been achieved in the past few years.

Afghanistan has been a signal success. There has been much focus on the
latest counter-offensive by the Taleban in the southeast of the country and it
would be churlish to minimise the ferocity with which the terrorists are
fighting, but it would be much more foolish to understate the scale of the
continuing Nato achievement. Establishing a stable government for the whole
nation is painstaking work, years in the making. It might never be completed.
But that was not the principal objective of the war there.

Until the US-led invasion in 2001, Afghanistan was the cockpit of
ascendant Islamist terrorism. Consider the bigger picture. Between 1998 and 2005
there were five big terrorist attacks against Western targets - the bombings of
the US embassies in Africa in 1998, the attack on the USS Cole in 2000, 9/11,
and the Madrid and London bombings in 2004 and 2005. All owed their success
either exclusively or largely to Afghanistan's status as a training and planning
base for al-Qaeda.

In the past three years there has been no attack on anything like
that scale. Al-Qaeda has been driven into a state of permanent flight. Its
ability to train jihadists has been severely compromised; its financial networks
have been ripped apart. Thousands of its activists and enablers have been
killed. It's true that Osama bin Laden's forces have been regrouping in the
border areas of Pakistan but their ability to orchestrate mass terrorism there
is severely attenuated. And there are encouraging signs that Pakistanis are
starting to take to the offensive against them.

The second great advance in the War on Terror has been in Iraq. There's
no need to recapitulate the disasters of the US-led war from the fall of Saddam
Hussein in April 2003 to his execution at the end of 2006. We may never fully
make up for three and a half lost years of hubris and incompetence but in the
last 18 months the change has been startling.

The “surge”, despite all the doubts and derision at the time, has
been a triumph of US military planning and execution. Political progress was
slower in coming but is now evident too. The Iraqi leadership has shown great
courage and dispatch in extirpating extremists and a growing willingness even to
turn on Shia militias. Basra is more peaceful and safer than it has been since
before the British moved in. Despite setbacks such as yesterday's bombings, the
streets of Iraq's cities are calmer and safer than they have been in years.
Seventy companies have bid for oil contracts from the Iraqi Government. There
are signs of a real political reconciliation that may reach fruition in the
election later this year.

The third and perhaps most significant advance of all in
the War on Terror is the discrediting of the Islamist creed and its appeal.

This was first of all evident in Iraq, where the
head-hacking frenzy of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi and his associates so alienated the
majority of Muslims that it gave rise to the so-called Sunni Awakening that
enabled the surge to be so effective.

But it has spread way beyond Iraq. As Lawrence Wright described in
an important piece in The New Yorker last month, there is growing
disgust not just among moderate Muslims but even among other jihadists at the
extremism of the terrorists.

Deeply encouraging has been the widespread revulsion in
Muslim communities in Europe - especially in Britain after the 7/7 attacks of
three years ago. Some of the biggest intelligence breakthroughs in the past few
years have been achieved from former al-Qaeda supporters who have turned against
the movement.

I believe these things are all true, and they are encouraging.

But, it is a mistake to think the war is defined soley by success in Iraq, Afghanistan, or even homegrown terrorism. Al Qaeda may be a principle enemy, but they are not THE enemy. If Al Qaeda was THE enemy, then it really would matter if we caught Zawahiri and Bin Laden. We would cut the head off the snake, and the snake would die.

But, the truth is, our enemy is Jihad. Every Muslim in this world who believes that it is a good thing to fight for the cause of Allah, to instill Sharia law as the law of the land, every Muslim who believes that there are but two worlds; Dar al-Islam and Dar al-Harb, everyone of these Muslims is our enemy.

And, they don't have to be organized to defeat us. All they have to do is move into our lands, breed, and bide their time.

When there are enough such Muslims living in our midst, there will be little we do to stop them, short of war in our own streets.

There has never been a country anywhere on Earth which has been majority Muslim which has not been marked violence, human rights violations, and lack of learning and creativity.

Those are the fruits of Jihad. Perhaps, I should say, they are the fruits of Islam itself.

That is our enemy. That is who we must defeat.

We are not winning the war ... yet.

But, we will.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Storm Track Intimidation: Islam? Go Fly a Kite!

Jeezzz !! Now we have to add kite flying to the long list of things that upset Muslims?

"Kite flying is not permissive in Islam according to some religious elements," said S.M. Masud, 70, an attorney who argued against the ban. "The government has used all tactics to stop it."

The current clash has its roots in Basant — an ancient Hindu festival celebrating spring. Basant is highlighted by thousands of people flying kites from rooftops.

According to historian Tahir Kamran, a Hindu boy named Haquiqat Rai was charged with blaspheming Islam and sentenced to death in the mid-18th century. The Qazi, or Muslim magistrate, offered to spare Rai's life if he converted to Islam. Rai refused and was executed. To honor Rai and protest his killing, Hindus in Lahore flew kites across the city.

"Orthodox Islamists view kite flying as having antecedents in Hinduism and therefore anti-Islamic," said Kamran, who chairs the history department at Government College University in Lahore.

What next?

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US Military to hand back Sunni bastion of Anbar Province to Iraq

Mon Jun 23, 12:01 PM ET Yahoo/Agence France Presse

The US military is to hand over security control of the former Sunni insurgent bastion of Anbar province to Iraqi forces in the next 10 days, a US military spokesman announced on Monday.

"The handover of Anbar is expected to take place in the next 10 days," Lieutenant David Russell told AFP, declining to provide an exact date. Anbar Province would be the tenth of Iraq's 18 provinces to be handed back to Iraqi forces by the US-led coalition amid a push to transfer security control of the entire country back to Baghdad. Anbar province in western Iraq, the country's largest, was the epicentre of a brutal Sunni Arab-led fight against the US military after the fall of Saddam Hussein's regime in 2003.

In the early years of the insurgency, US forces fought raging battles in the province, especially in the capital Ramadi and the nearby city of Fallujah. Fallujah became the symbol of the ultra-violent insurgency before it was virtually razed to the ground in November 2004 by a US military assault launched to seize control of the city.

The US military has lost 1,295 service members in the province since the invasion, second only to Baghdad where it lost 1,308 troops, according to the indpendent website The website says November 2004 remains the deadliest month for the military in Iraq. It lost 137 troops that month when it launched the Fallujah assault.

The violence in the country's largest province started ebbing in late 2006 when local Sunni tribes, weary of Al-Qaeda's religious extremism and brutal methods, switched allegiance and formed a local group to fight them. Since then Anbar has been hailed as a symbol of stability.

More Problems For The Islamic Saudi Academy

Previous Always On Watch postings about the Islamic Saudi Academy are HERE and HERE.

The problems with the school just keep adding up!

Photo Credit: the Washington Post

From this June 27, 2008 article by Patrick Poole at Pajamas Media (via Jihad Watch):
The controversial school funded by the Saudi Embassy had its corporate charter revoked in 2004 and has never filed required tax forms with the IRS....
Read the rest at Always On Watch.

NoKo, we KNEW BETTER, but we did it anyway? True ???

U.S. proceeded with N. Korea deal despite new intel on uranium program, June 26, 2008
Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice last week said the Bush administration has obtained recent information about North Korea's covert uranium enrichment program, which Pyongyang continues to deny exists.

North Korea is known to have had a plutonium program and to have sold nuclear technology to Syria.

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, right, and Japanese Foreing Minister Masahiko Komura walk together for a photo session at the Kyoto State Guest House. AFP/Kazuhiro Nogi

North Korea also "pursued a uranium enrichment program," Rice said during a speech to the Heritage Foundation on June 18. "But we do not know its full extent or exactly what this effort has yielded.

"As we've gotten deeper into the process, we've been troubled by additional information about North Korea's uranium enrichment capability, and this information has reaffirmed skepticism about dealing with North Korea," Rice said in the most recent official expression of U.S. concern about Pyongyang's uranium program.

Then what are we gaining?

[North Korea provided the long-delayed nuclear declaration to China on June 26.]

"North Korea will soon give its declaration of nuclear programs to China, the chair of the denuclearization working group," Rice said. "And President Bush would then notify Congress of our intention to remove North Korea from the state sponsors of terrorism list and to cease the application of Trading With the Enemy Act."

The nuclear declaration was due in December and North Korea has so far not disclosed its plutonium and uranium nuclear arms programs.

We are now told that they have....and today they symbolically blew up their cooling tower at Yongbyon

Rice said that before North Korea is removed from the terrorism list its cooperation would be assessed, including help in verifying the accuracy and completeness of the declaration.

"And so as we consider our current policy, we are saying to ourselves, what if North Korea ultimately violates an agreement we reach? What if it cheats? And this is a legitimate concern."

Rice said North Korea has cheated on its nuclear accord in the past. "We will hold North Korea accountable. We will reimpose any applicable sanction that we have waived, and we will add new ones," she said.

A violation also would mean violating agreements with Japan, South Korea, Russia and China, which also would take action.

Does anyone on the planet believe that?

"Verifying an agreement with North Korea will be a serious challenge," she said.

Without the means to verify independent of any action the NoKo's can take, of what possible use is this agreement except as a historic 'legacy' of Bush that something was accomplished on paper?

An Article Which Displays Astonishing Ignorance of the Threat We Face

An Attack on Ian McEwan by Adrian Hamilton >>>

Ian McEwan: ‘I Despise Islamism’ >>>

The Dawning of a New Dark Age – Dust Jacket Hardcover, direct from the publishers (UK) >>>
The Dawning of a New Dark Age – Paperback, direct from the publishers (UK) >>>

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Rep. Wiliam Delanhunt (D-Mass.) to Cheney's Chief of Staff: "I'm glad Al Qaeda can see who you are"

(The Politico) One of the most curious exchanges in today's testy hearing in the House Judiciary Committee was this exchange between Rep. Wiliam Delanhunt (D-Mass.) and David Addington, chief of staff to Vice President Cheney.
Addington had acknowledged earlier in the hearing that he took part in discussions with CIA lawyers over the agency's interrogation policies. Delahunt tried to find out what Addington knew about the use of waterboarding on suspected Al Qaeda terrorists, or more specifically, whether Addington knew it was approved as an interrogation technique.

Addington told Delahunt he couldn't discuss specific techniques being used, or even discussed for use, by CIA agents because terrorists may be watching his appearance and would gain insight into what U.S. intelligence agents are up to.

"You kind of communicate with Al Qaeda if you do. I can't talk to you because Al Qaeda may watch C-SPAN," Addington said.

Delahunt responded: "I'm sure they are watching. I'm glad they finally have a chance to see you, Mr. Addington, given your penchant for being unobtrusive."

Republicans aren't too happy with Delahunt's joke.
No, really?

Otherwise, no problem

I'm not even sure where to start on this one, but I have a feeling it's with having SOME KIND OF ACTUAL BORDER

Police Report: Mexican Army Members Busted for Home Invasion and Murder....wait for it.....

The suspects may have been hired by drug cartels to perform home invasions and assassinations in the U.S.

View Police Documents:
Page 1

Page 2
Page 3

Police reports show that three men arrested in a Phoenix home invasion and homicide Monday may have been active members of the Mexican Army.

While on the J.D. Hayworth show, Phoenix Law Enforcement Association President Mark Spencer said that the men involved were hired by drug cartels to perform home invasions and assassinations.

The Monday morning incident at 8329 W. Cypress St. resulted in the death of the homeowner. Between 50 and 100 rounds were fired at the house.


Spencer said a police officer told him that one of the men captured said they were completely prepared to ambush Phoenix police, but ran out of ammunition.

He added that all were all dressed in military tactical gear and were armed with AR-15 assault rifles. Three other men involved in the invasion escaped.

Click Here to listen to Mark Spencer's entire interview on the J.D. Hayworth show.

However, Phoenix Police have not confirmed the men were Mexican Army members.

Sgt. Joel Tranter said one suspect revealed that he had "prior military training," but "no credible evidence" that any of them were active in the military.

Click Here for more from Sgt. Tranter with KFYI reporter Bob Bennett.

UK: Muslims Will Be Subjected To Random Searches By Sniffing Dogs

Dogs trained to sniff out explosives are going to be sticking their snouts in the buttcracks of humiliated Muslims all over England.

It's a pity.

From Weasel Zippers:

Muslim train passengers' aversions to sniffer dogs and body scanners would
not prevent them being subject to random security searches, British Transport
Police (BTP) have indicated.

Some Muslims objected to the use of explosive-detecting dogs in a rail
security trial at Brighton station, the Government revealed.

The Muslims reported that it was not permissible for them to have
direct contact with dogs due to their religious or cultural beliefs.


Sometimes life is so beautiful I get a tear in my eye.

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Friday, June 27 (60 Minutes): Our guests today will be two authors — Bosch Fawstin and Steven Bradley.
1. Bosch Fawstin's web site is HERE, where he states the following about his work: I'm a cartoonist who's currently working on my second graphic novel, THE INFIDEL, about twin brothers whose Muslim background comes to the forefront of their lives on 9/11. One responds by creating a counter-jihad superhero comic book called PIGMAN, as the other surrenders to Islam and becomes a Born Again Muslim, following the faith to wherever it leads him. Mr. Fawstin is also a contributor to Infidel Bloggers Alliance, where he uses the following avatar:

2. Steven R. Bradley is the author of novel Nimrod Rising. According to Amazon, Have you ever felt that the world was guided in ways that are beyond man’s control? The constant changes in the world since the time of Nimrod 4000 years ago until today and all the events that have shaken the world have been to bring the universe back into the hands of the Prince of Darkness, Lucia, a world that he had ruled with his Watchers before it was all ripped from his grasp when man was created. Nimrod Rising paints a diabolical picture of how the Prince of Darkness executes his evil plot to take the world back by force and destroy civilization in the process. From the Great Builder Nimrod in 4000 BC to today, 666 generations later, you can ride the storm of Nimrod Rising and experience the death of a world and the birth pangs of another. You will swear it is really upon us! Mr. Bradley's Amazon blog is HERE. One trailer for the novel Nimrod Rising:

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Jungle Mom
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August 1: Gordon Cucullu
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Winds of War: The Most Committed Wins

When I started this blog a few years ago, I believed that all I and other anti-jihadi bloggers had to do was present the facts of the Islamist threat and people will be convinced of our position.

That was a pipe cream. Here’s what I mean.

Read the rest at The Gathering Storm.

The Afghan-Pakistani problem

As I wrote some days ago, the Pakistani Frontier Corps is infiltrated by Al-Qaeda "militants" terrorists, that regularly help the Talibans crossing the frontier to Afghanistan. There are several European Muslim converts who have been seen heading for Peshawar, something truly interesting, because the city, a very important communications net, can fall into Taliban control in days. The kidnapping and later release of several Christians from a hospital, according to some, from their own place of worship according to others (kidnapping about which the Taliban later "apologized") and the Talibans already making people shut their shops in Peshawar, made the people discuss if a declaration of red state was necessary. Today, some "militants" terrorists, followers of Baitullah Mehsud have killed 22 rivals who were captured this week by police forces, when they have gained a Northern city. (Baitullah Mehsud, in Wikipedia). And the violence continues, while the Taliban retain 15 paramilitary soldiers kidnapped last Saturday.

On the other hand, the Afghan-Pakistani conflict continues as Afghanistan has accused Pakistani intelligence forces of trying to kill President Karzai.

Indo-Pakistani frontier has also problems: a policeman has been killed during a demonstration to protest against the transference of land to build a Hindu temple in Muslim Kachemira.

To understand the importance of this conflict, there's always another thing to be told: both Pakistan and India have nuclear weapons. If Pakistan falls into the hands of the Taliban, they would not need to search for them.

Israel, Iran and the law of untintended consequence - the day after

We have all read of the CBS report that Israel has told Bush that if Iran is not stopped diplomatically before an Obama might take office, they will.

Bill O'Reilly has taken the day after this attack and postulated the political, economic, and military isolation of Israel, and the economic collapse of the world's totally interlocked economy as oil prices double or worse in 24 hours or less after such an attack. (Wish we were drilling everywhere yet?)

1) Can the world economy take an Iran attacked and oil prices doubling? Will oil double?
2) Would Obama revert to Middle East policies before 1967, i.e;, an arms embargo in the ME?

Free Online Poll

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

France: Cross Removed At Catholic Clinic After Muslim Demands It Be Taken Down

Jesus Christ, how long, oh Lord, how long?

From Weasel Zippers:

Employees removed a crucifix in a room at the Catholic clinic Saint-Vincent de Paul in Bourgoin-Jallieu after the Muslim father of a patient demanded they do so before treating his daughter.

Marie-Therese Besson, manager of the clinic, says that people who choose to be treated at the clinic know that they are a Catholic establishment. It says so clearly at the entrance and the nurses wear a Catholic habit. She adds that there is a small crucifix in every room. In this incident the nurse did what was necessary to calm down the situation.

The Saint Vincent de Paul Bourgoin-Jallieu clinic is part of l'Alliance des maternités catholiques. Sister Marie-Mathieu, head of the board of directors for l'Alliance des maternités catholiques, says the issue will be brought up in the next meeting of the ethics committee. She say that they occasionally face such situations in their institutions, the last time being several months ago when a father broke a crucifix in a clinic in Aix-en-Provence and threw it in the trash. That incident was not tolerated.

The administration says that they regularly treat Muslim women and respect their wish to be veiled. Sister Marie-Mathieu says that such incidents go against the basic tenant of mutual respect.

Rest here>>>>

This story calls for a Bible verse (all you non-believers can just laugh at me, or avert your eyes, whichever you prefer :)

Our God is a God who saves;
from the Sovereign LORD comes escape from death.
Surely God will crush the heads of his enemies,

the hairy crowns of those who go on in their sins.
The Lord says, "I will bring them from Bashan;

I will bring them from the depths of the sea, that you may plunge your feet in the blood of your foes, while the tongues of your dogs have their share."

Salman Rushdie Knighted

In a big "Fuck You" to the Islamofascists of the world, Salman Rushdie has been Knighted by British Royalty. You are now to refer to him as Sir Salman. But then, I already did.

From Agence French Press:

LONDON (AFP) — Queen Elizabeth II on Wednesday gave the British author Salman Rushdie a knighthood which caused protests by Muslims around the world when it was announced last year.

Rushdie, 61, was knighted for his services to literature.

When the knighthood was announced in the queen's birthday honours list last June, it sparked condemnation from a number of Muslim countries and organisations.

A Pakistani government minister at one point suggested the award justified suicide bombings.
And Al-Qaeda's second-in-command Ayman al-Zawahiri warned that the terror network was preparing a "precise response" to Britain's decision to transform Rushdie into "Sir Salman".

In the subsequent furore, British government ministers stressed that they were sorry if people had been upset by the honour, but stressed it was for a lifelong body of work and would not apologise for the award.

"I am thrilled and humbled to receive this great honour and am very grateful that my work has been recognised in this way," Rushdie said after the announcement last year.

The Indian-born writer, who was raised as a Sunni Muslim, has lived since 1989 under the shadow of an Iranian fatwa -- or religious decree -- calling for his death over his controversial novel "The Satanic Verses".

The author is accused by some Muslims of blaspheming Islam in the novel, which triggered an international furore when it was first published in 1988.

Rushdie was forced into hiding after Iran's revolutionary leader Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini issued the fatwa calling for his death, claiming his book insulted Islam.

Rushdie was granted a 24-hour police guard but still had to move house repeatedly and could not even tell his children where he lived.

After nearly a decade hiding away, Rushdie began to appear in public more and more, eventually becoming a socialite fixture on the international party circuit.

Following the announcement of Rushdie's knighthood last year, Iran said the death sentence still stands.

"The stance of the Islamic Republic of Iran with regard to this issue has not changed from what was put forward by the Imam Khomeini," foreign ministry spokesman Mohammad Ali Hosseini said.

I hear that, when the Queen bowed in the course of the ceremony, she spread her cheeks and gave the full fruit salad in the direction of Mecca.

But, at this point, that's just heresay, so don't quote me on it.

CBS News: Bush Administration Promised Israel It Will Deal With Iran Before They Leave Office

From Carl in Jerusalem:

CBS News reported Tuesday night from the Pentagon on the eve of Admiral Michael Mullen's trip to Israel that the Bush administration has made a commitment to Israel that it will deal with Iran before leaving office.

According to CBS News correspondent David Martin, Israel is getting nervous that the administration won't fulfill the commitment, which would explain the
drill over the Mediterranean earlier this month. Israel was telling the United States, "if you don't do it, we will."But historian and CBS analyst Michael Oren says that Israel does not have the capability of removing the Iranian threat entirely, while the United States does. Therefore, Israel is putting on a full-court press to get the administration to act.

Let's go to the videotape.

I would look for someone to do something about Iran during the period between the Presidential election and the inauguration of the next President. What's clear now is that if the US doesn't act, Israel will. While there is some chance of this being left to John McCain if he wins the election, I would rate the chances of a strike against Iran during the November to January period as still being higher than 50% even if McCain wins. If Obama wins, I would rate the chances of a strike as much higher.

And, of course, ealier this week, John Bolton predicted that Israel will be the one attacking Iran before the inauguration of a new President:

John Bolton, the former American ambassador to the United Nations, has predicted that Israel could attack Iran after the November presidential election but before George W Bush's successor is sworn in.

The Arab world would be "pleased" by Israeli strikes against Iranian nuclear facilities, he said in an interview with The Daily Telegraph.

"It [the reaction] will be positive privately. I think there'll be public denunciations but no action," he said.

Mr Bolton, an unflinching hawk who proposes military action to stop Iran developing nuclear weapons, bemoaned what he sees as a lack of will by the Bush administration to itself contemplate military strikes.

"It's clear that the administration has essentially given up that possibility," he said. "I don't think it's serious any more. If you had asked me a year ago I would have said I thought it was a real possibility. I just don't think it's in the cards."

Israel, however, still had a determination to prevent a nuclear Iran, he argued. The "optimal window" for strikes would be between the November 4 election and the inauguration on January 20, 2009.

"The Israelis have one eye on the calendar because of the pace at which the Iranians are proceeding both to develop their nuclear weapons capability and to do things like increase their defences by buying new Russian anti-aircraft systems and further harden the nuclear installations .

"They're also obviously looking at the American election calendar. My judgement is they would not want to do anything before our election because there's no telling what impact it could have on the election."

But waiting for either Barack Obama, the Democratic candidate, or his Republican opponent John McCain to be installed in the White House could preclude military action happening for the next four years or at least delay it.

"An Obama victory would rule out military action by the Israelis because they would fear the consequences given the approach Obama has taken to foreign policy," said Mr Bolton, who was Mr Bush's ambassador to the UN from 2005 to 2006.

"With McCain they might still be looking at a delay. Given that time is on Iran's side, I think the argument for military action is sooner rather than later absent some other development."
The Iran policy of Mr McCain, whom Mr Bolton supports, was "much more realistic than the Bush administration's stance".

Mr Obama has said he will open high-level talks with Iran "without preconditions" while Mr McCain views attacking Iran as a lesser evil than allowing Iran to become a nuclear power.

US Company Seeks protection Under Sharia Law

Here’s a twist on Sharia Law. Is it ‘turn-about is fair play’ or a US company trying to dodge its responsibilities?

A flight of Presidential Airways, a sister Backwater company, crashed in the rugged mountains of central Afghanistan in 2004, killing three soldiers and the three-man crew. The National Transportation Safety Board has blamed the crash on Presidential for its “failure to require its flight crews to file and fly a defined route,” and for not providing oversight to make sure its crews followed company policies and Pentagon and FAA safety regulations.

But Presidential Airways decided to take another defense.

Red the rest at The Gathering Storm.

Will The State Department Take Action Regarding The Islamic Saudi Academy?

Follow-up to this posting I did here at IBA yesterday and presented to you in jihad green.

Federal officials unable to act
State cites lack of authority

The State Department has no authority to close a Saudi-supported school criticized for violent teachings, a spokesman said Tuesday, despite an official request for guidance from the Northern Virginia county that leases space for the school's main campus....


"My understanding at this point is that this doesn't come under State Department jurisdiction," Mr. McInturff said. "It would have to be credentialed by the State Department as an embassy or as a consulate. That to my knowledge has not happened to this school."

However, the commission contends the act could give the secretary of state authority to take action to close the school. The act defines a foreign mission in part as "any mission to or agency or entity in the United States which is ... substantially owned or effectively controlled by a foreign government."
Read the entire article at the link for this update.

With our own arrows we will be wounded - US Training HAMAS?

Former U.S. officer training Hamas military

GAZA CITY -- U.S. volunteers with military backgrounds have been recruited to help train the new Hamas army in the Gaza Strip.

Palestinian sources said one of the Americans was former U.S. Army captain Fares Al Ashi.

"This information is important for the youth," Al Ashi said during a briefing to visiting journalists in Gaza City.

The sources said Al Ashi, a specialist in explosives and weapons, had been trained in South Carolina during his years with the U.S. military. "We give them general information about the explosives, those manufactured locally and the Israeli ones, because those people always reach the dangerous places before we, the bomb squad, do."

Al Ashi and the other Americans were said to have been identified as Muslims who joined the U.S. military in the 1990s. The sources said the Americans relayed U.S. military methods and training to Hamas for its war against Israel.

The Hamas army has been equipped and trained by Iran. But Palestinian sources said some Muslims in the United States have provided funding and expertise to the new Hamas regime and military.

In May 2008, Hamas police launched a police training program assisted by the U.S. trainers. The four-month training course has been directed by Maj. Khalil Hejo and seven other officers.

"In the past, a brigadier general used to run this administration in addition to 250 officer trainers, but now, seven trainers and I oversee the whole program," Hejo said.

How many Americans have voluntarily served forces after retiring which are inimical to the people of the USA?

Hard questions must be asked.

Huntington is unassailable.

National loyalties are secondary to civilizational and religious loyalties to SOME people

CIA visits Saudi Crown Prince, Nayef lurks

Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince Sultan Bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud smiles after a meeting with Spanish Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero at Madrid's Moncloa palace on June 5. Reuters/Andrea Comas
ABU DHABI -- The U.S. intelligence community has managed to obtain a first-hand look at Saudi Crown Prince Sultan, regarded as the leading pro-American member of the Saudi royal family and who fell seriously ill recently.

CIA director Michael Hayden met Sultan, who is also the kingdom's defense minister, on June 10 in Jedda. It was the first meeting between a senior U.S. official and Sultan since he collapsed in April 2008.

In May, President George Bush and his delegation met Saudi leaders in an attempt to gauge the mood within the royal family in wake of Sultan's collapse. At the time, Sultan was in a medical facility in Geneva, Switzerland.

Over the last week, Sultan has returned to the public eye. The crown prince concluded a four-day visit to Spain and then was photographed with Hayden.

Saudi officials said Hayden and Sultan discussed the strategic situation in the Middle East and the Gulf. Sultan was accompanied by other officials, including his son Deputy Defense Minister Prince Khaled.

The 84-year-old Sultan has been regarded as the most pro-American figure in the Saudi royal family. During his collapse, Sultan's duties as crown prince were taken over by Interior Ministery Prince Nayef Bin Abdul Aziz, seen as close to Al Qaida.

Gee, what a shock....Nayef...

Special Dispatch Series - No. 446
Saudi Minister of Interior, Prince Nayef Ibn Abd-Al-Aziz: 'Who Committed the Events of September 11... I Think They [the Zionists] are Behind these Events
Special Dispatch Series - No. 1305
Saudi Interior Minister Prince Nayef bin Abd Al-'Aziz: We Will Cut Off Tongues of Those Who Try to Distort Islam With Reform and Progress - They Are Serving the West
Special Dispatch Series - No. 521
Three Saudi Dailies Publish Government Official's Op-Ed: 'Jews are Masters at Manipulating the Media, Money, World Organizations'
Special Dispatch Series - No. 726
Saudi Officials Reinforce Crown Prince Abdallah's Accusation that Zionists Are Behind Terror Attacks in Saudi Arabia
Nayef is going to be heading the House of Saud one day, all too soon.