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Victor Davis Hanson on The Impeachment Coup

Aside from the emotional issue that Democrats, NeverTrumpers, and celebrities loathe Donald Trump, recently Representative Al Green (D-Texas) reminded us why the Democrats are trying to impeach the president rather than just defeat him in the 2020 general election. 
“To defeat him at the polls would do history a disservice, would do our nation a disservice,” Green said. “I’m concerned that if we don’t impeach the president, he will get re-elected.” 
Translated, that means Green accepts either that Trump’s record is too formidable or that the agendas of his own party’s presidential candidates are too frightening for the American people to elect one of them. And that possibility is simply not permissible. 
Thus, impeachment is the only mechanism left to abort an eight-year Trump presidency—on a purely partisan vote to preclude an election, and thus contrary to the outlines of impeachment as set out by the Constitution. 
Consider it another way: Why is it that the House is controlled by Democrats, yet its leadership is not pushing through any of the policy proposals voiced so openly on the Democratic primary stage? 
Why aren’t progressive representatives introducing bills to pay reparations to African Americans, to legalize infanticide in some cases of late-term abortion, to offer free medical care to illegal aliens, to confiscate AR-15s, to extend Medicare for all, to impose a wealth tax and raise top rates to between 70 and 90 percent, to abolish student debt and ensure free college for all, or to grant blanket amnesty to those currently living in the country illegally? 
Simple answer: none of those issues poll anywhere near 50 percent approval. And no Democratic candidate would expect to beat Trump as the emissary of such an agenda. 
If the economy was in a recession, if we were embroiled in another Iraq-like or Vietnam-sort of war, and if Trump’s polls were below 40 percent, then the Democrats would just wait 13 months and defeat him at the polls. 
But without a viable agenda and because they doubt they can stop Trump’s reelection bid, they feel they have no recourse but to impeach. If Trump were to be reelected, not a shred of Barack Obama’s “fundamental transformation” would be left, and the strict constructionist Supreme Court would haunt progressives for a quarter-century.

L’etat C’est Nous - "I, Myself, Am The Nation"

From American Greatness:
A deeper knowledge of the players involved in leveling the charges of impropriety and, even, “treason” against President Trump, shows that most of them have something to hide and interests to protect that explain their outrage. 
If you thought Trump faced hostility from our betters before, the furor around his conversation with President Volodymyr Zelensky of Ukraine shows that they have only begun to fight. 
What has most enraged them about that conversation was that Trump asked Zelensky to look into corruption allegations involving former Vice President Joe Biden and his son, Hunter. Hunter Biden joined the board of the Ukrainian energy company Burisma Holdings shortly after Biden took a leading role in U.S. policy toward Ukraine. 
Burisma paid Hunter Biden $3.1 million in directors’ fees. 
While Hunter was on the board, Vice President Biden, as he boasted in a 2018 speech to the Council on Foreign Relations, got the Ukranian prosecutor looking into Burisma’s alleged corruption fired. 
You might think that it was a key part of the president’s job—charged as he is with the conduct of U.S. foreign relations and overseeing federal law enforcement—to investigate, and, where necessary punish, U.S. officials alleged to be influenced in their actions by corrupt foreign ties. 
Yet Senator Mitt Romney (R-Utah) said that Trump’s request was “deeply troubling.” Former Massachusetts Governor and U.S. Attorney Bill Weld, who thinks he is running against Trump for the Republican presidential nomination, called Trump’s request from Zelensky, “treason,” and stated, falsely, that under U.S. law “the only penalty for treason is death.”

Elizabeth May Wants Canada To Bring In “Tens Of Thousands” Of ‘Climate Refugees’

Elizabeth May - Green Party Leader and Ally of Justin Trudeau

Elizabeth May Wants Canada To Bring In “Tens Of Thousands” Of ‘Climate Refugees’
Speaking to CTV News, May said “We have right now, depopulated areas across the country. We can build up infrastructure by 2030 and 2040 to accept far more people in regions, for instance in the Prairies, where there are depopulated places, in Atlantic Canada, and northern Quebec.” 
Notably, May is basing her refugee numbers on United Nations claims that there will be 200 million ‘climate refugees’ by 2050. 
“One of the points Greens make is we have to prepare,” said May. “By geography, we’re one of the biggest countries in the world, by population one of the smaller. We have an obligation; we’ve been one of the biggest polluters.” 
Of course, May is wrong when she calls Canada one of the biggest polluters, as we are in fact on of the smallest polluters in the world. May also ignores that Canada is a cold weather country where long road trips are essential both for people visiting families and for commerce across the nation.

Stephen Crowder Interviews Paul Joseph Watson

Rudy Reads Affidavit Of Ukrainian Prosecutor To ABC, Confirms Claim Prosecutor Was Investigating Burisma, Pushed Out By Biden Pressure

From Weasel Zippers:

So now what, Dems? Here’s a link to the affidavit. Starting on page 3, Shokin notes how Biden’s pressure got him fired because he was investigating Burisma.

Mark Levin Talks About The Ukraine, Biden and Trump Situation

Khatia Buniatishvili
Rachmaninov - Piano Concerto No.2

Sunday, September 29, 2019

Khan’s London: 16-strong Knife Gang Singles Out White Victims

Khan’s London: 16-strong Knife Gang Singles Out White Victims
A 16-strong knife gang targetted a group of young athletes in London’s Finsbury Park, robbing and threatening to kill the three white people in the group but telling the black people with them “You’re good.” 
The six victims, while walking home through the eponymous park, found “They were being tailed by one of [the gang] on a bike,” recalled Adrian Klemens, a coach at the Dynamic Sports Academy, in comments reported by the Islington Gazette. 
“Then there were 16 of them. They circled them and picked one [of the victims] off to the side and said: ‘Give me your phone or I will stab you — put in your Apple Pay password’,” Klemens continued. 
“Out of our group three were white and three were black and they said to the black guys: ‘You’re good,’ and just attacked the white guys.”

The Exorcism of Greta Thunberg


Two long and beautifully designed Greta pigtails hang from the trunk. Above them is written “Problem solved”, and a little further up “Fuck you Greta”. The public prosecutor’s office has initiated an investigation against a man from Plauen who has stuck the pigtails on his car.
“The accusation to be examined is a public request to commit crimes,” says Ines Leonhardt, spokeswoman for the Zwickau public prosecutor’s office. One could see in this kind of tailgate decoration the glorification of violence against children and the invitation to do harm to a certain person. The penal code provides for up to three years imprisonment.
A citizen filed a denunciatory complaint. Just the sticker “Fuck you Greta”, which for example a citizen stuck on his old Citroen, was considered an insult, according to the prosecutor.
Preservation Hall Jazz Band
Newport 2002

0:00:00 - Bourbon Street Parade
0:09:43 - Shake It and Break It
0:17:18 - Summertime
0:24:25 - Caldonia
0:31:55 - Eh La Bas
0:35:49 - I'm a Soldier of the Cross

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Captain Morgan website asks visitors to confirm they are ‘non-Muslim’

Captain Morgan website asks visitors to confirm they are ‘non-Muslim’

Tucker Carlson and Dave Rubin Discuss the Marxist Tactics Being Used Against Libertarian Canadian MP, Maxime Bernier

Facebook Openly Admits You Are Only Allowed To Say Bad Things About Tommy Robinson

Remember, This Is How Some Women Think

Debunking Howard Zinn Mary Grabar Exposes the Fake History That Turned a Generation against America

Debunking Howard Zinn Mary Grabar Exposes the Fake History That Turned a Generation against America
Grabar has written a compelling book that offers the scholarship lacking in A People’s History of the United States: Debunking Howard Zinn – Exposing the Fake History That Turned a Generation against America. 
Not only is Grabar’s book a thoroughly researched and exquisitely compiled refutation of Zinn’s book, but she covers the historical analysis in an approachable, flowing style that keeps you fully engaged with her discussion. 
Grabar demonstrates through her research that Marxism clearly influenced Zinn’s portrayal of this nation’s history and its free market system. For example, every era had its oppressors (i.e., white men) and victims (i.e., people of color and women). 
Grabar tracks down Zinn’s sources and demonstrates how he essentially lifted large swaths of leftists’ criticisms of America while blatantly ignoring credible scholarship that negated his points. 
She also shows how Zinn uses selective quotation of sources to convey the exact opposite message intended by the various authors. 
There are so many great sections in this book, it was hard to pick one to share. However, as I have an interest in World War II history and the development and use of the atomic bomb, I chose one that shows how Grabar deftly addresses Zinn’s assertions that the use of nuclear weapons on Hiroshima and Nagasaki was racist. 
“If only,” Zinn wails, “the Americans had not insisted on unconditional surrender—that is, if they were willing to accept one condition to he surrender, that the Emperor, a holy figure to the Japanese, remain in place—the Japanese would have agreed to stop the war.” 
Then Zinn launches into full conspiracy mode: “Why did the United States not take that small step to save both American and Japanese lives? Was it because too much money and effort had been invested in the atomic bomb not to drop it?” 
In fact, the insistence on “unconditional surrender” was intended to prevent remilitarization of a nation that had sought “world conquest,” as the Potsdam Proclamation of July 26, 1945, stated. Zinn ignores this fact and presents U.S. unwillingness to allow a “holy figure” to remain on his throne as the only stumbling block. 
Germany had surrendered, but the Japanese would fight to the death, as evidenced by the increasing use of kamikaze fighters and villagers committing suicide instead of surrendering. 
Zinn ignores the fact that the Potsdam Proclamation, which demanded unconditional surrender, also promised “eventual establishment of a ‘peacefully inclined and responsible’ Japanese government ‘in accordance with the freely expressed will of the Japanese people.’” The Japanese rejected this offer on July 28. And in fact, when the Japanese did surrender, Hirohito was allowed to “remain on his ancestral throne as nominal Emperor. 
There are many other gems of real history in the treasure trove of knowledge that is Dubunking Howard Zinn. 
I give it 5 stars out of 5, and as it is already September, I will suggest that it would make a great gift for anyone who loves politics, culture, and history. I also recommend giving it to college students who are being forced to study Zinn’s work.
You know, the specifics of the history of what happened with regard to Japan and it's fanatical, apocalyptic Shinto Buddhist government is important.

But, if you want to get down to brass tacks, ask yourself, DID IT WORK?

Indeed it did. 

Our insistence on the absolute destruction of Japan, Germany, and the American South - and our insistence upon utterly destroying their system of laws and ideology in the aftermath of their military destruction - WORKED.

Simple as that.

And since we have the blueprint of what works we should be following it with regard to Islam.

But we don't.

Hence we never make any progress.

In fact, we follow the Zinnite model and we just keep making things worse.

AWESOME! Attorney General William Barr Is In Italy On Official Business

I have had my doubts that anything was ever going to happen with the case against the Treasonous Clinton and Obama cartels.

But I can think of no other reason for the Attorney General to be in Italy except for this:
Former Trump campaign adviser George Papadopoulos tweeted out on Friday night that Attorney General Bill Barr is currently on official business in Italy. 
As was previously reported there are suggestions that Italian officials were working with the US Deep State in 2016 to set up Trump campaign officials. Deep State Spy Joseph Mifsud was used to tie George Papadopoulos to Russia by the Deep State, the Mueller gang and their mainstream media. 
Now we know that Mifsud was close to Hillary and even dined with her in 2016! 
As we noted in February 2019, candidate Trump’s unpaid volunteer George Papadopoulos was spied on by the Deep State through an individual named Joseph Mifsud. Mifsud’s purpose was to plant information with Papadopoulos (namely that the Russians had Hillary’s emails) so that the same information could be retrieved from Papadopoulos and the Deep State could say that the Trump campaign knew Russia had Hillary’s emails.
It could be that Papadopolous is wrong. We''ll see.

LOL: Donna Brazile Runs Poll Questioning If Trump Is A “Legitimate President,” But It Completely Backfires

Intelligence Community Revised Whistleblower Requirement Just Last Month, So Complaints No Longer Have To Be Based On First-Hand Knowledge

Between May 2018 and August 2019, the intelligence community secretly eliminated a requirement that whistleblowers provide direct, first-hand knowledge of alleged wrongdoings. 
This raises questions about the intelligence community’s behavior regarding the August submission of a whistleblower complaint against President Donald Trump. 
The new complaint document no longer requires potential whistleblowers who wish to have their concerns expedited to Congress to have direct, first-hand knowledge of the alleged wrongdoing that they are reporting. 
The brand new version of the whistleblower complaint form, which was not made public until after the transcript of Trump’s July 25 phone call with the Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky and the complaint addressed to Congress were made public, eliminates the first-hand knowledge requirement and allows employees to file whistleblower complaints even if they have zero direct knowledge of underlying evidence and only “heard about [wrongdoing] from others.” 
The internal properties of the newly revised “Disclosure of Urgent Concern” form, which the intelligence community inspector general (ICIG) requires to be submitted under the Intelligence Community Whistleblower Protection Act (ICWPA), show that the document was uploaded on September 24, 2019, at 4:25 p.m., just days before the anti-Trump complaint was declassified and released to the public. 
The markings on the document state that it was revised in August 2019, but no specific date of revision is disclosed. 
The complaint alleges that President Donald Trump broke the law during a phone call with the Ukrainian president. 
In his complaint, which was dated August 12, 2019, the complainant acknowledged he was “not a direct witness” to the wrongdoing he claims Trump committed.

Former ICE Director Tom Homan Tells Obnoxious Democratic Chairwoman, "You Work For Me, I'm a Taxpayer"

America on Trial: Democrats Intend to Impeach Not Just Trump, But the Deplorable Country That Voted Him Into Office

The motives of the new aristocracy
Impeachment is not just meant to be a trial of President Trump, but of the voters who chose him. Its outcome, whatever the composition of the Senate, is meant to be an argument for remaking the system of elections, whether by abolishing the Electoral College or tampering with the judiciary, that would take the power further out of the hands of the voters and concentrate them with the right sorts of people. 
A Trump presidency is unconscionable to them and was from the start. Democrats and others in this new aristocracy had grown very used to having a GOP whose members played the game like gentlemen (and that includes the Republican women). 
Every now and then there had been an eruption from the more combative right such as Bill Clinton’s impeachment or Gingrich’s short-lived Contract With America. But for the most part the left and the Democrats had to deal with people who were only tepidly on the right and often more than willing to play ball with the left, people such as McCain (the candidate in 2008) and Romney (2012). 
Even George W. Bush was no street fighter and no conservative, although they hated him for other reasons. 
The left grew used to having opponents of a certain type, and Trump most definitely is not of that type. That’s why the NeverTrumpers hate him, too, perhaps even more than the left does, because the NeverTrumpers were (and are) of that type as well. 
They all feel deeply betrayed, not so much by Trump as by the American people who chose him and repudiated them. 
And the people must not be allowed to get away with it.

TEAR DOWN THAT WALL: Democrats and 11 House Republicans Vote To Overturn Trump’s Border Emergency Declaration

Just like I said the other day:

Note that there are ALWAYS JUST ENOUGH Republicans who are willing to vote for more Illegal Immigration.


That's because all the fucking leadership of the Republican Party is FOR Illegal Immigration, and they divide up who has to vote for it publicly before each vote.

They all take turns voting for it, so they can vote against it the next time, and keep up appearances, and keep their gravy train rolling.

The Republican Party is evil through and through. They are the lighter shade of the evil Democratic Party.

We must overthrow these tyrants.

TEAR DOWN THAT WALL: Democrats and 11 House Republicans Vote To Overturn Trump’s Border Emergency Declaration

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Herbie Mann
Newport 1989

0:00:00 - Dry Land
0:06:44 - Comin' Home Baby
0:15:05 - Luas
0:20:56 - Dona Palmeira
0:30:10 - Somewhere Over the Rainbow
0:36:32 - Memphis Underground
0:43:56 - Bahia de Todas as Contas

WHAT DEMOCRATS DON’T WANT YOU TO SEE: Overview of Crowdstrike – Firm that Claimed ‘Russia Hacked’ the US and the Ukraine – Is Now Under President Trump’s Radar

The second issue the media does not want anyone to think about is CrowdStrike.
What is CrowdStrike, you ask? That is the cybersecurity firm that is the sole source of the claim that the Russians hacked the DNC’s emails — which launched the conspiracy theories that tied our country in knots for the past three years.
The Russian collusion story was originally hatched by Hillary Clinton in the summer of 2016 to cover up the utter corruption revealed by the dump of Democratic National Committee emails on Wikileaks. As was her practice whenever a scandal threatened to engulf her, Hillary rushed out and told the press to investigate something else.
And “the great story” about the DNC email hack wasn’t about a “vast right-wing conspiracy” — as she claimed when the Monica Lewinsky scandal broke. No, this time, it was a vast Russian conspiracy!
At the time, the entire media laughed at Hillary’s Russian conspiracy nonsense — The New York Times, New York Newsday, the Los Angeles Times and so on. But then Trump won the election, and suddenly the Russia conspiracy seemed totally believable. What else could explain how Americans could put this boob in the White House?
The subsequent three years of breathless Russia coverage was based entirely on the word of one cybersecurity firm, CrowdStrike, that the DNC’s emails had been hacked by Russia.
Recall that the DNC wouldn’t allow the FBI or any other U.S. government official anywhere near its computers. That’s precisely why so many cybersecurity experts doubted that it was the Russians: The FBI was never allowed to perform its own investigation.
CrowdStrike was founded by Ukrainian Dmitri Alperovitch (now an American citizen apparently — because who isn’t?) and funded by the fanatically anti-Russian Ukrainian oligarch Viktor Pinchuk.
Talk about interfering with our democracy! Alperovitch and Pinchuk sent one political party and nine-tenths of the American media off on a wild goose chase into Russian collusion that, after years of accusations, investigations and embarrassing conspiracy-mongering … turned up goose eggs.
The entire Russian insanity was launched by a couple of Ukrainians. I think a lot of us would like to get to the bottom of that.
We reported in July that one of the reasons why Google executives cried after the 2016 election is because Google invested in Crowdstrike!  In July 2015 Google invested $100 million into Crowdstrike.
We also reported that former NSA employee and whistle blower, Bill Binney, has reviewed the DNC emails released and provided online by WikiLeaks and it shows that the data coming from the DNC was not hacked (as claimed by Crowdstrike who the FBI relied on for confirmation) but rather copied to a disk or flash drive!

WHAT DEMOCRATS DON’T WANT YOU TO SEE: Overview of Crowdstrike – Firm that Claimed ‘Russia Hacked’ the US and the Ukraine – Is Now Under President Trump’s Radar

It's Time To Impeach Adam Schiff

For this little stunt upon opening the impeachment inquire at the House Intelligence Committee:
For three years now, Democrats have threatened to impeach President Trump for not taking seriously enough the efforts by foreign governments to meddle in our 2016 elections.

Then evidence surfaces revealing Mr. Trump’s earnest effort to confront a foreign government and pressure them to investigate and turn over information about their meddling in the 2016 elections.

Now Democrats want to impeach Mr. Trump for that.

In other words, Democrats today want to impeach Mr. Trump for doing what they say they have wanted him to do for three years.


The whole thing quickly devolved into another comical farce when Rep. Adam B. Schiff, California Democrat and “intelligence” chairman, kicked off the hearing by setting aside the just-released transcript of the telephone call between Mr. Trump and the president of Ukraine. He chose instead to read an entirely made up, fraudulent and fabricated transcript of a call that never occurred....
Read the rest HERE.


YouTube blurb for the above:
...Adam Schiff misled congress and the American people today when he read his own version of the transcript filled with lies and mischaracterizations of President Trump's conversation. Democrats are now openly lying about what Trump said in an effort to get him impeached.
Note that "journalist" Peter Wehner has alluded to Schiff's words as the truth.

The Left Wants To Keep Racism Alive

Nunes: Here's why Ukraine is the next Russia hoax

Subverted - The Tentacles and Weird History

BREAKING: Solomon Bombshell — Ukrainian Prosecutor Shokin Details BIDEN’S SHAKEDOWN — WILL LIKELY END BIDEN CAMPAIGN!

Two Months after Hunter Biden Dishonorably Discharged from the Navy for Cocaine Use, He’s Put on Board of Largest Oil and Gas Company in Ukraine!

Vice President Joe Biden’s son Hunter was discharged from the Navy Reserve this year after testing positive for cocaine, according to people familiar with the matter. 
Hunter Biden, a lawyer by training who is now a managing partner at an investment company, had been commissioned as an ensign in the Navy Reserve, a part-time position. But after failing a drug test last year, his brief military career ended. 
There was no stopping the Biden’s however. A couple months later, young Biden was on the Board of the largest gas and oil company in the Ukraine making $50,000 a year, an exorbitant amount for a Board member at any company.
Smoking Gun

Right Next Door

Back Door Slam

Max Roach
Newport 1992

0:00:00 - Ghost Dance
0:04:01 - I'm Singing With My Drumsticks in My Hand
0:12:41 - Mop Mop (for Big Sid)
0:16:06 - Tribute to Papa Jo Jones
0:19:47 - Scott Free
0:26:06 - Good Bait
0:32:20 - Odean Pope tenor sax solo
0:36:05 - Straight No Chaser

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Wall Street Journal Columnist NUKES Democrat Talking Points On Ukraine Debacle

Senate AGAIN Votes to End Trump’s Emergency Declaration on Border Wall – Here Are the Republicans Who Voted with Democrats

Note there are ALWAYS JUST ENOUGH Republicans who are willing to vote for more Illegal Immigration.


That's because all the fucking leadership of the Republican Party is FOR Illegal Immigration, and they divide up who has to vote for it publicly before each vote.

They all take turns voting for it, so they can vote against it the next time, and keep up appearances, and keep their gravy train rolling.

The Republican Party is evil through and through. They are the lighter shade of the evil Democratic Party.

We must overthrow these tyrants.

Senate AGAIN Votes to End Trump’s Emergency Declaration on Border Wall – Here Are the Republicans Who Voted with Democrats

Humpday Blues

John Lee Hooker
Newport 1991

0:00:00 - Backstabbers
0:06:12 - Baby Lee
0:10:15 - Crawlin' Kingsnake
0:17:25 - Highway 13
0:22:36 - Bottle Up And Go (Incomplete)
0:25:02 - I Didn't Know

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Dan Slott continues his sad hypocrisy

Comics writer Dan Slott may have been told to cut out his repellent online cybertrolling by Marvel editor C.B. Cebulski over a year ago, but he still does make politically charged comments on Twitter at times, such as this one:

Somebody on the thread asked if he blocked followers of Ilhan Omar. A valid question, if you consider all the antisemitism she's espoused. Also worth considering the Islamic religion's homophobia/transphobia, and racism. If Slott cannot condemn Islam's embrace of all the other ideologies, then he's not against antisemitism, racism and homophobia at all. He's just virtue-signaling, as usual.

And it's a terrible shame Marvel continues to give Slott employment he never deserved.

Just Released… BREAKING: FULL TRANSCRIPT of President Trump’s July Call with Ukrainian Leader Zelensky – 5 Pages – Here it is…

Just Released… BREAKING: FULL TRANSCRIPT of President Trump’s July Call with Ukrainian Leader Zelensky – 5 Pages – Here it is…

Impeachment Is Not Meant To Be a Trial Of Donald Trump, But Of The Voters Who Chose Him

To me, it looks like this: 

Trump went to the United Nations and spoke about Nationalism, Patriotism, the "evils" of Illegal Immigration, and the Human Rights violations of the 1st, 2nd, and 4th Amendments by technology corporations (“a free society cannot allow social media giants to silence the voices of the people.”). 

And after his speech was over, Big Tech companies lost $56 Billion in Market capitalization

And the Left decided, right then, that they must impeach.

Impeachment is not just meant to be a trial of President Trump, but of the voters who chose him. Its outcome, whatever the composition of the Senate, is meant to be an argument for remaking the system of elections, whether by abolishing the Electoral College or tampering with the judiciary, that would take the power further out of the hands of the voters and concentrate them with the right sorts of people. 
The right sorts of people usually being wealthy and influential lefties in California and New York. 
Impeaching Trump isn't about him. It's a Rorschach test that reveals the ugly inkblot of the leftist soul. Its real purpose is for an ugly totalitarian movement to live out its fantasy of casting aside the vestiges of democracy, divesting itself of the illusions of representative government and holding a show trial. 
Leftists speak less about equality these days than about justice. This is the justice they have in mind. Their vision of utopia isn't equality or progress, it's trial after trial, an endless series of proceedings against Trump and you and me, and Bob next door, who votes Democrat, but once used the term "illegal alien" in a conversation. 
The nightmares of the French Revolution, the Soviet Union, Communist China and Pol Pot's Cambodia weren't accidental misfires: they're the essential truth of what the Left is...


Impeach! Impeach, they say! If only he were Buckingham, they would take off his head as well. Trump has become the Democrats' version of Richard III, if he wasn't already. (Okay, he was.) 
They even moved to open an impeachment "inquiry" (whatever that means -- a little bit chicken, if you ask me -- they've been doing it for the last three years anyway) after Trump announced he was making his phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky public Wednesday in unredacted form. 
And now he's announcing the whistleblower's complaint, whatever hand it is -- second, third, who knows? -- will be released later in the week. Talk about a reckless jumping of the gun on the Democrats' parts. This reeks of outright panic. 
So what's really going on here? Why have the Democrats, to put it bluntly, gone berserk? Why are they risking a backlash of cosmic proportions (other than appeasing their psychotically-inflamed base, of course)? 
One, distraction. They live in absolute fear of the coming revelations about the Russia probe, from Inspector General Horowitz but even more from the DOJ's John Durham, who can actually put people in jail. 
The Dems know -- if they have a brain (and a few do) -- these revelations are likely to point up the line at the leaders of the Democratic Party all the way to President Obama. 
They were all involved to one degree or another with illegally spying on or undermining Trump and his administration and supporters before and after the election. The extent of this we are only beginning to understand. 
To put it mildly, not good. Whether you call this treason is up to you, but you can be sure Middle America (i. e. those elusive independent voters) will not appreciate it. 
But there's something worse -- and Pelosi's knows it. The only hope for Democrats to defeat Trump is, remote and quixotic as it may be, impeachment.

President Trump Full Speech to the United Nations: “The future is for patriots. Not globalism”

HELL YES, WE'RE GOING TO TAKE YOUR KNIVED: UK Church leaders urge government to ban pointed kitchen knives

Church leaders in the Diocese of Rochester have called for the government to enforce stricter rules on the sale of domestic knives. 
They’ve written an open letter asking for a ban on the sale of pointed kitchen knives. 
The letter was also signed by leading crime experts, as well as MPs, and community leaders. 
It comes after a conference called The Point in Chatham last week raised awareness of the issue, as statistics show that there has been an 80 per cent rise in knife crime in the UK since 2014.


Did the US make a promise to the UN to adopt universal health care?

Did the US make a promise to the UN to adopt universal health care?
Every single member of the UN doubled-down today on a commitment to provide universal health coverage to their citizens. The fact that the US will be among them is perhaps evidence of how disconnected these declarations can be from actual domestic political agendas. 
Yet the issue is important, and it shows just how out of line the US approach to health care coverage is compared to the rest of the world. 
Only about half the world’s population has access to the kind of affordable health care services that don’t require crippling out-of-pocket costs. Most of those people are in mid- and low-income countries. Or they are in the wealthiest country on Earth: the US. Bringing universal health care to everyone is one of the “sustainable development goals,” the ambitious to-do list for UN member countries to complete by 2030. 
For the UN, universal health care means, “financial risk protection, access to quality essential health-care services and access to safe, effective, quality and affordable essential medicines and vaccines for all.” 
The declaration, drafted through the leadership of Thailand and Georgia, breaks that down further, laying out a detailed 83-step process to provide accessible health coverage to the half of the world that doesn’t have it.

Poll Shows Impeachment Is Going To Be Deadly…For Democrats


Speaker Pelosi Announces Impeachment Proceedings — Calls President Trump a ‘DOMESTIC’ ENEMY 

Pelosi: ‘Absolutely Essential Trump’s Not Re-Elected President Of The United States’… 

Trump: I'm Releasing the Transcript of My Call with the President of UkraineObama Official Jon Favreau: No! Don't Read the Transcript! It's a Trap!!!

After Trump Calls Their Bluff On The Ukraine Transcript, The Left Hilariously Cry Foul And Rush To Move The Goalposts
Regina Carter
Newport 1998

0:00:00 - Listen Here
0:09:29 - Oh, Lady Be Good
0:26:37 - No Invitation
0:36:06 - Reflections
0:42:55 - Centro Habana

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

President Trump's Speech To The United Nations (September 24, 2019)



"The future doesn't belong to globalists. The future belongs to patriots. The future belongs to strong independent nations."

President Trump To Open Borders Social Justice Activists: Your Policies Are Evil

President Trump: Illegal immigration is one of our most critical challenges which undermines prosperity, rips apart societies and empowers US criminal cartels. Mass illegal migration is unfair, unsafe and unsustainable for everyone involved… The receiving countries are overburdened with more migrants than they can responsibly accept. And the migrants themselves are exploited, assaulted and abused by vicious coyotes. Nearly one-third of women who make their way to our border are sexually abused. Yet here in the United States and around the world there is a growing cottage industry of radical activists and non-governmental organizations that promote human smuggling. These groups encourage human smuggling. These groups encourage illegal migration and demand erasure of national borders. Today I have a message for those open borders activists who cloak themselves in the rhetoric of social justice. Your policies are not just. Your policies are cruel and evil. You are empowering criminal organizations that prey on innocent men, women and children.


Lately, my business has brought about a situation wherein I am working with a lot of people who have been made wealthy sheerly through the fact that they own homes in the greater Silicon Valley area. One guy, who was tremendously unsophisticated, had a typical 1950's era 1300 square foot home in a very average neighborhood, which was worth $3 million.


He was in his late 50's, and he was working as a Construction guy. Not a contractor. A construction guy.

His idea was he was going to sell his home and bank the cash. He had no idea of the tax ramifications of such a move. Any attempt to tell him only led to confusion and anger on his part.

And that was me leaving out my larger opinion - which I would not share with my clients in Silicon Valley;


I have become convinced that the next few years we will see an anti-tech monopoly revolution which will level the biggest names on the internet.

Their wealth will disappear almost overnight.

I don't think these events will require violence. I think people are just fed up.

I do worry that unnecessary violence might ensue in the aftermath, however.

I hope not.

Hillary Clinton Seeks to Withhold 6-Page Memo Describing Her Lawyer’s Review and Deletion of Her Emails

Of course she does:
Judicial Watch previously sought a deposition from Hillary Clinton, and last month the Court gave the watchdog group additional discovery and witnesses on the Clinton email case. 
The judge wanted Judicial Watch to “shake the tree” on a newly uncovered potential Clinton email trove and gave Hillary 30 days to oppose their request to question her under oath. 
Hillary Clinton’s lawyers responded to Judicial Watch late Monday evening and sought to withhold a 6-page memo describing her attorney’s deletion of her emails. 
“Mrs. Clinton’s attorneys filed opposition to our deposition tonight. She also seeks to withhold a 6 page memo describing her lawyer’s review and deletion of her emails,” Tom Fitton said on Monday night. 
Tom Fitton also said that Judicial Watch will “respond to her deposition opposition in 10 days and may file motion to compel on email doc.”

President Trump Delivers Historic Speech on Religious Freedom at the United Nations

Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch: We Had to Wait Over a Year for FBI to Cough Up Memo that Rosenstein Was Planning to Wear Wire to Spy on Trump

Tom Fitton: This is the extraordinary thing. McCabe goes over to Rosesenstein’s office and says, “I’m investigating the president. And you’re a witness.” And he said wear a wire on the president. And McCabe says, “Well, we’ll get back to you. We’ll ask our team about it.” Now why would he pursue that if it was a sarcastic remark? But here you have McCabe and Rosenstein both abusing their powers to target President Trump and seriously discussing, it looks like, wearing a wire on the president. You got McCabe on his own initiating a spy operation on the president… We had to wait for a year for the FBI to cough it up.

White House Press Secretary: Trump “Willing” to Release Transcript of Call with Ukrainian President

I guess the question is, if you are willing to do it, then why not just do it?

White House Press Secretary: Trump “Willing” to Release Transcript of Call with Ukrainian President

Keiko Matsui
Newport 1999

0:00:00 - Night Waltz
0:04:27 - Doll
0:09:12 - Kappa (Water Elf)
0:15:03 - Bridge Over The Stars
0:19:43 - The White Gate
0:26:04 - Safari
0:30:38 - The Wind And The Wolf
0:37:29 - Walls Of The Cave

Monday, September 23, 2019

Deep State's Latest "Scandal That Will Sink Trump" Boomerangs On Biden

Congressman Adam Schiff has fallen into a trap in which he aims at the president and wounds his party’s front-runner, Joe Biden, instead. It’s not my imagination. 
MSN’s Chris Hayes tweets: 
“I am watching this something turn into a story about Biden and am going to pass out.” 
Let’s go to the old journalism rule, that a story should tell readers who, what, where, and sometimes why to see what’s news and what’s nonsense. The Washington Post printed on its front page a story that the president made a call and a promise in it to an unspecified foreign leader, which so disturbed someone, he reported it. The story was sketchy, to say the least. 
Peter Suderman captured it precisely in a tweet: 
So, a thing happened, and Trump was involved, and apparently so was a foreign leader, and someone in the natsec field became upset. But it's not clear what happened, or who the foreign leader was, or who is upset, or why? 
Snapping at the hook, no less than three Democratic congressmen have opened separate investigations into whether the President is conspiring with Ukraine for favorable election results -- Adam Schiff, Elijah Cummings, and Eliot Engel. 
Let’s walk back the cat, look at the latest reports and we’ll see how their desperate efforts to rid themselves of the President who’s almost certain to win a second term boomerang on Joe Biden.