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Everyone seems to think Obama's a socialist except the American media

From Ace of Spades:

French Socialist Minister: We're Just Nationalizing Industries, Like Obama's Doing In the US

Industry Minister Arnaud Montebourg, a member of the governing Socialist party, caused controversy last week when he said that the Indian company, which employs close to 20,000 people in France, should leave after it said it would have to close down a factory.
The French government announced on Thursday that it could nationalize the factory in question, with backing from an unnamed businessman.
Montebourg told CNBC after a meeting with trade unions in Paris: “Barack Obama's nationalized. The Germans are nationalizing. All countries are nationalizing. I've also noticed the British nationalized 6 banks.”
ZZ Top

Dust My Broom

Fool For Your Stockings 

And the horse you rode in on…Democratic Rep: Amend Constitution To Allow Control Of Speech

I know, I know, I hear you out there…. this is a racist post, right?
Sorry douchebags, I hold the permanent kryptonite on that one, having stood (and sat) face to face in the mid and late 60’s in the south in voter registration drives with the white sheet committee. So EFF OFF.
So now let me use the ultimate NEW dog whistle code word for the permanent and professional grievancers since this gavone TOOK and OATH to uphold and defend the constitution, I say he is BOTH incompetent and in violation of his office.
Atlanta voters, take it away.
ATLANTA (CBS Atlanta)- A Democratic representative is calling for an amendment to the United States Constitution that would allow for some legislative restriction of freedom of speech.
“We need a constitutional amendment that would allow the legislature to control the so-called free speech rights of corporations,” Rep. Hank Johnson (D-GA) was quoted as saying by CNS News.
He reportedly made these comments while speaking at the Annesbrooks HOA candidateForumheld last month.In a video obtained by the website, Johnson asserts that “corporations control … patterns of thinking.”
“They control the media. They control the messages that you get,” he added.
I thought that was the jews, you moron.

The GOP is Dead! - Long Live the GOP!

The GOP is dead, finished, all-she-wrote in Washington DC. That is to say, in Congress.
They're dead because the GOP are in a no-win situation proven by the Six Point ActionAgenda from Dick Morris--our famous prognosticator--laid out in his recent video.
Why? Because the agenda Morris sets out for the GOP must be done primarily from Washington and that agenda will be impossible to implement. As a matter of fact, some of the Republicans in Congress are sounding like they will go back on their principles to avoid the fiscal cliff.
They have to if they want to see themselves re-elected in two years.
If the GOP in Congress holds firm on taxes and cuts to the Federal budget and we go over the cliff, then the Republican controlled Congress will get the blame--egged on with the MSM--and the GOP will lose control of Congress and we are back to one party rule.
Again. I see the GOP in a no-win situation on a national level.
But there is hope for the preservation of our conservative principles and constitutional values in government. That hope is providing examples of how these same principles and values, stimulating the local economy, cutting taxes and spending, providing jobs, that will be impossible to implement by Congress can, in no uncertain terms, work.
Theseprinciples and values are working in the GOP controlled red states like Texas and purple states like New Jersey led by conservative or near conservative governors and legislatures--Republican governorships and legislatures that have grown in numbers with the last election.
In those states that represent the Democrat agenda, the worst of the blue states like California, are failing miserably.  Of course, Obama will bail out those states with the tax revenues from the successful red states but that's to be expected and hopefully the worst of what would happen.
The worst?
The blue state population see the success of the red state next door and leaves the cesspool of the liberal utopia and move to the red states--and infect the body politic there with their liberal ideology, unrepentant from their blue state experience.
The GOP and the principles and values it represents can survive and thrive in the red states and act as proven examples of conservative and constitutional principles--and that's where money and support should be channeled. Forget Washington DC. Forget Congress. The future of the GOP is on the state level.
Hear that Dick?

Egypt’s Islamist-Dominated Assembly Rams Though New Sharia-Based Constitution With Zero Support From Christians, Liberals

Obama's friend Morsi declared that he and his Judicial body are in total control of events in Egypt. According to his writ of Absolute Power, Morsi has forbidden the people, the Judiciary, or any other power from interfering, or CHANGING, anything he and his Sharia-slaves come up with.

Obama says, Morsi is doing a good job, and thanked him.
CAIRO (AP) — More than 100,000 protesters took the streets in Egypt vowing to stop a draft constitution that Islamist allies of President Mohammed Morsi approved early Friday in a rushed, all-night session without the participation of liberals and Christians. [...]
As in past constitutions, the new draft said the “principles of Islamic law” will be the basis of law. 
Previously, the term “principles” allowed wide leeway in interpreting Shariah. But in the draft, a separate new article is added that seeks to define “principles” by pointing to particular theological doctrines and their rules. That could give Islamists the tool for insisting on stricter implementation of rulings of Shariah. 
Another new article states that Egypt’s most respected Islamic institution, Al-Azhar, must be consulted on any matters related to Shariah, a measure critics fear will lead to oversight of legislation by clerics. 
The draft also includes bans on “insulting or defaming all prophets and messengers” or even “insulting humans” – broad language that analysts warned could be used to crack down on many forms of speech.

Who Knew?

November 2012 has been Islamophobia Awareness Month (hat tip to Will of MFS - The Other News):

Saudi Mujahid Sheikh: Jihad Against The Cursed Jews Everywhere Is A Supreme Duty, favors use of WMD


On November 16, 2012, the "Global Jihad" website (, hosted in Berlin on servers that reports itself as belonging to posted a fatwa by the Saudi mujahid sheikh Nasser bin Hamad Al-Fahd mandating jihad against the Jews. Al-Fahd has been incarcerated in Saudi Arabia since 2003 for praising the Riyadh bombings in May of that year. In 2004, the Saudi media reported that he had recanted his jihadi ideology, but subsequently he published a communiqué stating that he had been forced to do this and that he did not regret anything he had done before his arrest.
In response to the question whether it is permissible to kill Jews and harm their interests everywhere, even outside Palestine, and whether this counts as jihad, the sheikh replied that the Jews are the leaders of the infidels and the greatest enemies of Islam and the Muslims in the present age. Therefore, jihad against Jews everywhere is "one of the most important duties and greatest virtues," and any guarantees of protection granted them by tyrannical and infidel governments are meaningless, especially when the Jews are attacking Muslims as they please.
Al-Fahd stressed that, when jihad against Jews outside of Palestine is more harmful than beneficial, Islam does not permit it; however, the only ones who can determine whether this is the case are the mujahideen, not "those who shirk jihad."
The following are excerpts from the question and fatwa:

Question: "What is the ruling regarding the struggle against the Jews and the fight against them outside the borders of Palestine, [namely] targeting and attacking their interests and their strongholds in all countries of the world? Does this count as jihad? Do they [enjoy] a contract of protection in countries where they do not fight [the Muslims], and does the Prophet's pronouncement that 'anyone who kills a mu'ahid [i.e., person who was granted protection] will not smell the fragrance of Paradise' apply to them? And if we determine that they do not [have the status of] mu'ahid, but that killing them entails [harmful consequences], is it still permitted to fight them?"

Answer: "There is no doubt that the greatest enemies of Islam and the Muslims in the present age are the Jews. Had we wanted to list their crimes against Islam and the Muslims in the later periods [of Muslim history], the list would have been very long. They have killed throngs of Muslims, and in Gaza alone they have killed thousands... They have plundered the Muslims' treasures, placed tyrants over them, and have done the Muslim nation [more harm] than any [other] enemy has done, in the past or present.

"[Now] we see them firing thousands of rockets and [dropping] tons of explosives on the heads of the Muslims in Gaza, without distinguishing [men from] women, children and the elderly – for why should they make such a distinction, when they regard the Muslims as insects that the world must be saved from?

"Therefore, [waging] jihad against the cursed Jews, and pursuing and fighting them wherever they are found, is one of the most important duties and greatest virtues – for they have corrupted countries, killed many Muslims and fought the Muslims everywhere. They are undoubtedly the leaders of the infidels in this age, and nobody can compete with them [for this title]. 

Allah said: "Fight the leaders of disbelief, for indeed, no oaths are [sacred] to them. [Koran 9:12]." If I had ten arrows, I would have shot all of them at [the Jews], not at anyone else. By Allah, had I been able to carry out a martyrdom attack against them, I would not have hesitated for a moment. And if Allah allowed just one thousand martyrdom-seekers – out of one billion Muslims – to attack their strongholds and interests everywhere, [the Muslims] would have defeated them and rendered them submissive and humiliated...

"As for contracts [of protection]: by Allah, we have no contracts with them. On the contrary, they are harbiyyoun (infidels who must be fought), no matter where they are, even if they cling to the curtains of the Ka'ba. Any contract the governments have made with the Jews is illegal according to the shari'a, for it is based on heretical U.N. conventions and was made by people who are not motivated by Allah's will but only by a desire to keep their seats...

"As for the question of harm versus benefit, it is true that when [fighting the Jews outside Palestine] causes more harm than good, then the shari'a does not permit it. But I want to make two points. First, in this context, 'harm' and 'benefit' mean real harm and benefit, as defined by the shari'a, not imaginary [harm and benefit]. Second, the first ones who can weigh the harm and benefit in jihad are the mujahideen [themselves], not those who shirk jihad and do not know how to hold a rifle."

In May 2003, al-Fahd issued fatwa approving the use of weapons of mass destruction (WMD) by Muslims against the United States and Great Britain.

Pointing to U.S. use of the atomic bomb against Japan during World War II, al-Fahd said that if "Muslims could defeat the infidels only by using these kinds of weapons, it is allowed to use them even if they kill them all."

Obtaining mass-destruction weapons is a longstanding goal of al-Qaida. Jamal al-Fadl, who defected from al-Qaida in 1996 and became a source for the CIA and the FBI, said the terror group tried to obtain uranium in the 1990s while based in Sudan. Zawahiri published a 2008 fatwa justifying WMD use.

Al-Qaida's Inspire magazine has offered tips for American Muslims on the use of WMD to "wreak havoc on the enemies of Allah."

For "those mujahid brothers with degrees in microbiology or chemistry lays the greatest opportunity and responsibility. For such brothers, we encourage them to develop a weapon of mass destruction, i.e. an effective poison with the proper method of delivery," Inspire contributor Yahya Ibrahim wrote in the publication's October 2010 issue.

"Poisonous gases such as nerve gas are not out of reach for the chemist," he added. "An effective botulin attack administered properly could lead to hundreds if not thousands of casualties."

Source : TIP.

A Mere 67 Years Later...

During WWII most of the world came together and inadvertently stopped the Holocaust. A mere 67 years later the whole world came together and condemned the Jews for defending themselves against the bloodthirsty Arabs who still have the same goals they did during WWII: Wipe out the Jews from the face of the earth.

We have taken a turn for the worse. It only took us 67 years to warm up to Nazi-like murderers. Then we all stood up against the Nazis, for one reason or another, today we all stand with them against the Jews.

F*** our countries, f*** our representatives, f*** the UN and most importantly, f*** the Muslims!
Joe Bonamassa
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Thursday, November 29, 2012

"unfortunate" and "counterproductive."


UN General Assembly votes in favor of Palestinian statehood

The U.N. General Assembly voted Thursday in favor of Palestinian statehood, after the Palestinians asked it to recognize a non-member state of Palestine in the Israeli-occupied West Bank and east Jerusalem, and the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip.

The resolution upgrading the Palestinians' status to a nonmember observer state at the United Nations was approved by a more than two-thirds majority of the 193-member world body -- a vote of 138-9, with 41 abstentions.

Real independence, however, remains an elusive dream until the Palestinians negotiate a peace deal with the Israelis, who warned that the General Assembly action will only delay a lasting solution. Israel still controls the West Bank, east Jerusalem and access to Gaza, and it accused the Palestinians of bypassing negotiations with the campaign to upgrade their U.N. status.

The United States immediately criticized the historic vote. "Today's unfortunate and counterproductive resolution places further obstacles in the path peace," U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice said.

And U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton called the vote "unfortunate" and "counterproductive."

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called the speech by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to the General Assembly shortly before the vote "defamatory and venomous," saying it was "full of mendacious propaganda" against Israel.

Abbas had told the General Assembly that it was "being asked today to issue the birth certificate of Palestine." Abbas said the vote is the last chance to save the two-state solution.

After the vote, Netanyahu said the UN move violated past agreements between Israel and the Palestinians and that Israel would act accordingly, without elaborating what steps it might take.

Just before the vote, Israel's U.N. ambassador, Ron Prosor, warned the General Assembly that "the Palestinians are turning their backs on peace" and that the U.N. can't break the 4,000-year-old bond between the people of Israel and the land of Israel.

The vote had been certain to succeed, with most of the member states sympathetic to the Palestinians. Several key countries, including France, this week announced they would support the move to elevate the Palestinians from the status of U.N. observer to nonmember observer state.

Thursday's vote came on the same day, Nov. 29, that the U.N. General Assembly in 1947 voted to recognize a state in Palestine, with the jubilant revelers then Jews. The Palestinians rejected that partition plan, and decades of tension and violence have followed.

The vote grants Abbas an overwhelming international endorsement for his key position: establishment of a Palestinian state in the West Bank, Gaza Strip and east Jerusalem, the territories captured by Israel in the 1967 Mideast war. With Netanyahu opposed to a pullback to the 1967 lines, this should strengthen Abbas' hand if peace talks resume.

The overwhelming vote also could help Abbas restore some of his standing, which has been eroded by years of standstill in peace efforts. His rival, Hamas, deeply entrenched in Gaza, has seen its popularity rise after an Israeli offensive on targets linked to the Islamic militant group there earlier this month.

Israel has stepped back from initial threats of harsh retaliation for the Palestinians seeking U.N. recognition, but government officials warned that Israel would respond to any Palestinian attempts to use the upgraded status to confront Israel in international bodies.

The Palestinians now can gain access to U.N. agencies and international bodies, most significantly the International Criminal Court, which could become a springboard for going after Israel for alleged war crimes or its ongoing settlement building on war-won land.

However, in the run-up to the U.N. vote, Abbas signaled that he wants recognition to give him leverage in future talks with Israel, and not as a tool for confronting or delegitimizing Israel, as Israeli leaders have alleged.

Governments Don't Live Together, People Do

click the pic if you don't know the story

The Innkeepers: Why the hotel is empty

The Innkeepers is one of those horror movies I really like because it's about something. Most reviewers I saw seem to have either coincidentally - or not-so-coincidentally, because it was prompted by savvy marketing? - decided it has a Clerks-meets-Shining vibe. So is it about aimless twentysomethings in The Bad Economy™? Sort of, but not exactly: there's more to it than just that. What it's really about, more specifically, is demographic collapse.


Guy and Girl work as hotel clerks at the 'Yankee Pedlar' (=American Capitalism?). The hotel, although it looks to be in fine shape and have plenty of charm, is closing (due to 'the economy', we suppose) while the absentee owner vacations in Barbados (presumably because the screenwriter wanted to send him somewhere as absentee-sounding as possible). It also has a ghost-story legend behind it. Something about a bride abandoned there on her honeymoon, killing herself, and the then-owners hiding her body for three days to try to avoid the 'bad for business' publicity. So the two clerks, in between catering to the last few guests, are determined to do some ghost-hunting during the hotel's final weekend. Of course, things go wrong, as things have a way of doing.

The girl is cute but unkempt, immature and seemingly sexless. The guy, older, is a standard-issue GenX beta porn-addicted loser who feigns apathy/pessimism as a shield and obviously has a crush on her. She would certainly be out of his league if they were the same age i.e. both in school together. But since she too has dropped out of school and become an aimless loser - 'stuck' in the hotel, like the ghost-bride of the legend - and even becomes interested in his loser nerd interests, he actually has a chance. By all rights, they really should be getting it on. And they aren't.

The movie is mostly about that failure, and is in that sense a straightforward tragedy. Why do they fail? Because he is a weak beta who can't man up and/or attract her despite his obvious interest, and because she is apathetic and antisocial and obsessed with trivia (in particular, the 'ghost' of the hotel) but meanwhile all too happy to string him along as a fawning sidekick. Her fate as the main character is portrayed by the movie as inevitable, something intrinsic to her; his plays itself out in a character arc in which, to his credit, he comes to realize his own weakness and that weakness's role in the tragedy. This doomed coupling, doomed courtship, and (therefore) doomed species-perpetuation plays itself out metaphorically in the form of the ghost-story that is the movie's nominal plot.

I notice that although it got some decent reviews, a sizable contingent of horror-movie fans really didn't like this movie. Its IMDB score is rather low, perhaps due to a bimodal distribution (many gave it 6-10 but also a sizable minority gave it a 1). Understandable. The nominal ghost-story plot is conventional and 'nothing happens' for long stretches of it - but of course, that's when everything important is happening. It's certainly not a 'horror movie' in the vein of Saw/Hostel and anyone who likes/expects that sort of thing will clearly be disappointed. But it's also not a hugely 'scary' ghost story with lots of ghost type stuff always going on, not as such; the treatment of the horror elements is at times even somewhat self-parodic, with a knowing wink. Any conventional horror movie relies on jump-scares, for example, and this movie is no exception - but in true 'ironic' GenX fashion it also inoculates itself by making fun of jump-scares.

But a movie like this isn't about the scares as ends in themselves, it's about the buildup and whether the scenario gets under your skin, and thus how well the scare payoffs are setup. And what's interesting here is how, in a horror movie ostensibly framed around a generic theme of economic decline and what could have easily turned into hackneyed commentary on McJobs, the screenwriter ended up (whether intentionally or subconsciously) drifting toward the far more specific and interesting themes of broken couplings and demographic collapse. All the important details in the movie point in this direction of stunted fertility.

Let's just look at the (so sparse as to feel almost post-apocalyptic) cast of characters. Aside from a little boy, a creepy old man near the end, and some no-name cleanup policemen in the final scene, there are no males in this movie except for the Beta Clerk. (Tellingly, the absentee hotel owner, presumably male, is never shown.) Men are either scared little children who want their mommy (this basically applies to the main Guy as well - asked to name pretty girls he first cites his mother and his sister), or so ancient and past-obsessed and as to be virtual ghosts.

Meanwhile, aside from the Protagonist Girl there are 3 (alive) female characters shown, perhaps representing 3 different stages of stunted/frustrated/diverted fertility: 1. an annoying twentysomething who works at the coffee shop next door and yaps complaints about her immature and unloving boyfriend (played by an actress who I decided was an 'uglier version of Lena Dunham', of Obama-is-our-national-boyfriend fame, but on later inspection turned out to actually just be Lena Dunham); 2. an irritating and demanding wife/mother staying in the hotel who has taken the kid and moved out on her husband for the weekend to 'show him how much he needs her'; 3. a pathetic aging actress (played by an unrecognizable Kelly McGillis) who has become some sort of maybe-phony/maybe-not spiritual-medium as a way to 'try to stay relevant'. As perceived by the actress/medium, ghosts - or spirits - can come from the past or future and all can exist simultaneously. At some point A Christmas Carol, which also has 3 important ghosts from different times, plays on someone's TV. So perhaps these 3 women portray, well, Shrewness in its various stages of life - they are ghosts of Shrewness past, present, and future. (It's a wonder to me the director/writer wasn't more often accused of misogyny by some of the more perceptively-PC critics, but of course, he is equally-hard on the men - well, the 'man' - in his movie.)

What else. The old actress gained fame on some TV show called Like Mother, Like Son - which certainly applies to the aforementioned unmanly Beta. The Beta, of course, is into internet porn, which the Girl sees in his browser history, turning her off; she makes fun of him. The Girl sees the Beta in his underwear, which further turns her off; later he sees her in her underwear, of course with the opposite reaction. They get drunk and he pours his heart out to her in an impotently pedestalizing way about how much he 'likes' her and how she's so 'cool' and how much he 'appreciates' that she 'takes him seriously' (i.e. his website on the supernatural and other nerdy hobbies) - which of course, only cements the fact that she won't be taking him seriously, not as a romantic partner anyway. Then at the crucial moment, when he should be ready to make his move, she spontaneously suggests they go to the basement to do...more super-creepy ghost-hunting. No time for romance or love - especially not with you - when there are graves to be dug and historical trivia about other women to unearth (i.e. when there's Feminist Theory to study?).

It turns out that he had just made-up all his supernatural experiences, presumably as a means of keeping her interested in him. It worked, all too well. As a result, she becomes lost in the dead world of ghosts, while he is left to gape in horror at the monsters he created. He tries to break through to her, but isn't strong enough - his words - and she sees only ghosts. Her one possible means of escape is a door she had pre-emptively locked - tubes tied? - earlier in the film. He never gets to her. Life has been short-circuited and cut off, and as the actress/medium says, nothing could have changed that.

At the end of the film the hotel is empty. There are only ghosts. Demographic collapse is complete, and everyone is to blame. It takes two, after all.

P.S. For a great analysis (aside from mine, of course :-) ) of this great movie, not exactly the same as but largely consonant with my take I think, and a great movie analysis site in general, see The Fine Art Diner.

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Should this man be extradited to Bosnia for alleged war crimes?

A Serb-Israeli has been declared extraditable to Bosnia-Herzigovina for allegedly killing Muslims, and the article seems quite intent on demonizing him in that sense:
The Supreme Court upheld a lower court ruling to extradite Serb-Israeli Alexander Cvtkovic to Bosnia-Herzegovina for genocide.

Cvtkovic is suspected of involvement in the 1995 "Srebrenica massacre," in which upwards of 8,000 Muslims were murdered after Serb forces overran the town during the 1992-1995 civil war in Bosnia.

Zvtkovic had been declared extraditable by the Jerusalem District Court, but had appealed to the Supreme Court. [...]

The defense had claimed, among other things, that Cvetkovic was stunned by the charges.

It argued that he had been a soldier, but did not participate in the actions attributed to him.

However, according to the testimony of some eyewitnesses, Cvetkovic took part in a massacre at the Branjevo Farm on July 16, 1995.
Just who are these witnesses? If they turn out to be more Muslims themselves, they could be committing taqqiya. As some of the earlier research I'd posted shows, it was the Bosnian Muslims themselves who started the war, and there were very horrific acts they committed against Serbians as well that the MSM predictably avoided publicizing about. And Bosnia is also a country that's not allowing Jews to run for office. And lest we forget that monster named Sulejman Talovic who went on a murderous shooting spree in Salt Lake City.

By extraditing a man who may be innocent, or didn't murder in cold blood as they claim, the politicians in charge of this are signaling they're ungrateful for the help a non-Jewish society gave to Jews during WW2. Is there any chance that an appeal could be made on his behalf?

NYC Black And Latino Leaders Worried About The “Damage” White/Jewish Candidate Might Do If He Wins City Council Seat


Thomas Lopez-Pierre, a Harlem activist with a controversial past who is running for term-limited Councilman Robert Jackson’s seat, circulated an email late last night in an attempt to plan a “private meeting” to “discuss the potential damage to the political empowerment of the Black and Hispanic community if Mark Levine, a White/Jewish candidate was elected to the 7th Council District in 2013.” 
This morning, Mr. Lopez-Pierre told Politicker he isn’t organizing the meeting himself and is working on behalf of a larger group who became concerned when they read a report on the political blog The Perez Notes that the Upper Manhattan political machine headed by State Senator Adriano Espaillat and Councilman Ydanis Rodriguez has been working to “clear” the crowded field of candidates running for the seat to help Mr. Levine win. 
“Now that he actually has a chance to win it’s scaring people,” said Mr. Lopez-Pierre. “So, what started first as a discussion of the blog post has now mushroomed among candidates and community leaders into basically a ‘Stop Levine’ campaign.” 
The race to replace Mr. Jackson in the 7th District is shaping up to be one of next year’s most hotly-contested Council campaigns. In addition to Mr. Levine, who is a local district leader and founder of the Barack Obama Democratic Club, and Mr. Lopez-Pierre, there have been at least eight other candidates eyeing the seat. These hopefuls include local power broker and district leader Maria Luna, Socrates Solano, an aide to Congressman Charlie Rangel, Cheryl Pahaham, the outgoing vice chair of Community Board 12, and another district leader, Marisol Alcantara.  
In his email announcing the meeting about Mr. Levine, Mr. Lopez-Pierre identifies himself as the chair of the Douglass Grant club and said he has spoken to “a number of Black and Hispanic candidates and Black and Hispanic community leaders” who share concerns that Mr. Levine could win without the support of the area’s predominantly African-American and Latino voters because there are so many candidates running for the seat.

Bomb Alert!… First Openly Gay Mosque to Open in Paris (In Secret Location)

The first openly gay mosque will open in Paris.
But the location of the mosque will be kept secret due to safety concerns.

Ludovic Mohammed Zahed (on right) will be one of three prayer leaders at the mosque where gay unions will be celebrated.

UK: Death Panels for Babies - Doctor's haunting testimony reveals how children are put on end-of-life plan

From the Daily Mail:

  • Practice of withdrawing food and fluid by tube being used on young patients

  • Doctor admits starving and dehydrating ten babies to death in neonatal unit

  • Liverpool Care Pathway subject of independent inquiry ordered by ministers

  • Investigation, including child patients, will look at whether cash payments to hospitals to hit death pathway targets have influenced doctors' decisions

Until now, end of life regime the Liverpool Care Pathway was thought to have involved only elderly and terminally-ill adults.

But the Mail can reveal the practice of withdrawing food and fluid by tube is being used on young patients as well as severely disabled newborn babies.

Sick children and babies are being discharged from NHS hospitals to die at home or in hospices on controversial 'death pathways' (file photo)
Sick children and babies are being discharged from NHS hospitals to die at home or in hospices on controversial 'death pathways' (file photo)

One doctor has admitted starving and dehydrating ten babies to death in the neonatal unit of one hospital alone. 

Writing in a leading medical journal, the physician revealed the process can take an average of ten days during which a  baby becomes ‘smaller and shrunken’. 

The LCP – on which 130,000 elderly and terminally-ill adult patients die each year – is now the subject of an independent inquiry ordered by ministers.

The investigation, which will include child patients, will look at whether cash payments to hospitals to hit death pathway targets have influenced doctors’ decisions.

Medical critics of the LCP insist it is impossible to say when a patient will die and as a result the LCP death becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. They say it is a form of euthanasia, used to clear hospital beds and save the NHS money.


The Disabled to Be Used for Slave Labor: UK Government Plan

As part of the current UK government’s overhaul of the health and welfare systems, people with disabilities—including those diagnosed with terminal cancer, stroke victims, accident victims, those pressed into taking antipsychotics, and any others deemed needy of “work experience”—will be forced to labor for free, with no end in sight, or face losing their already meagre benefits.


Morsi Praises Obama, "He Been Very Helpful, VERY Helpful"

Obama has, indeed, been very helpful in Morsi being able to assemble a powerful enough coalition that he has become VIRTUAL DICTATOR of Egypt.

From Politico: 

Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi, currently under fire at home and abroad for decreeing his actions exempt from judicial review, had high praise on Wednesday for President Obama, whose administration has raised concerns about Morsi's declarations but stopped short of condemning them.
"President Obama has been very helpful, very helpful," Morsi told Time Magazine. "And I can say really that his deeds coincide with his intentions."
Morsi, a critical interlocutor with Hamas, spoke repeatedly with Obama as the parties worked to cement the ceasefire in Gaza.
"We’ve been talking together about the cease-fire, that’s very important," Morsi told Time. "Then we can talk about differences between Palestinians and Israelis. It’s not easy. It’s very difficult. Both sides are talking about differences. We want them to talk about similarities…. We are now doing this job as much as we can."
The White House lavished praise on Morsi for his role in the ceasefire and has appeared to tip-toe around a full condemnation of his apparent power grab since then. Press Secretary Jay Carney has said the administration is "concerned" and has expressed those concerns to Egyptian officials. But asked on Monday if that equated to a condemnation, Carney demurred.
"I don't have any new language to give to you today on how our view on it -- what our view on it is," he said. "I would say that we are concerned about it and have raised those concerns."
He characterized the situation as an internal conflict to be solved by Egyptians.

UK City Council Removes Foster Children from Conservative Parents

From PJM:
The term “Orwellian” is overused, but it’s hard to think of a more apt adjective: officials at a left-wing British council have removed three children from their foster parents because of the parents’ political affiliation and unsubstantiated allegations of racism against them.  
Social workers from Rotherham council in Yorkshire, which is controlled by the Labour party, removed the three Eastern European children from the foster parents — and from what was by all accounts a stable and loving home — after learning that the couple were members of the right-of-center UK Independence Party, or UKIP. Among other policies, UKIP wants to tighten Britain’s notoriously lax immigration laws.

Iran May Be Close to a Plutonium Bomb, German Defense Experts Warn

From David Goldman at PJM:

Iran might be “on the verge of producing weapon-quality plutonium,” Germany’s daily Die Welt reported on Nov. 26. Hans Rühle, a former top official in the German defense ministry, and foreign editor Clemens Wergin cite clues pointing to an Iranian crash program to build a plutonium bomb in the just-released International Atomic Energy Agency report on Iran’s nuclear activity. Rühle headed German defense policy planning during the 1980s; Wergin is one of the most capable young journalists writing in any language. Their report should be read in dead earnest.
The IAEA reported that Iran removed fuel rods from the Bushehr light water reactor—supposedly a peaceful application of nuclear energy—on October 22. There might be a technical explanation for the premature extraction of fuel rods from a light water reactor, Rühle and Wergin observe. But “it may also mean the starting point for production of weapons-grade plutonium. That would mean a dramatic expansion and acceleration of Iran’s nuclear armaments program (my translation).”
Although light water reactors are not designed to produce weapons-grade plutonium, the design can produce large amounts of weapons-grade plutonium in a short period of time. In a matter of months, the authors report, the low-enriched uranium fuel in the Bushehr reactor could yield enough plutonium for dozens of atomic bombs:
 In a light water reactor, which is operated with low enriched uranium (four percent), the fuel remains in the reactor up to 60 months when the reactor is run at maximum power generation,. But it takes only a few months to produce plutonium 239, that is, weapons-grade plutonium. … In the 1970s a British company had shut down a light water reactor prematurely. The result was around 450 kilograms of plutonium, or material for about 70 bombs.
It would take only three or four months to convert the plutonium from the Bushehr reactor’s spent fuel rods into weapons-grade plutonium, the authors report. Depending on how long the fuel rods were used before Iran removed them on Oct. 22, they would yield between 150 kg and 300 kg of plutonium, or enough fissile material for 25 to 50 bombs.
Western negotiators previously ignored the Bushehr reactor, on the grounds that it constituted peaceful use of energy. Oliver Thränert, head of the Center for Security Studies at ETH Zurich, told Die Welt, “If Iran does not give a convincing explanation for the early removal of fuel rods, a correction in this policy should be urgently considered.”
Last February, I cited Rühle’s analysis of the logistics of a possible Israel strike on Iran, in which the German expert argued that Israel had the capacity to set the program back by years.

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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

State Department: Morsi ‘A Far Cry from an Autocrat’

From National Review:

After the Egyptian president claimed unprecedented powers, prompting protests by various moderate and liberal factions across the country, the U.S. State Department has this to say: 
As we called for last week, when confronted with concerns about the decree that he issued, President Morsi entered into discussions with the judiciary, with other stakeholders in EgyptAs I said, I think we don’t yet know what the outcome of those are going to be, but that’s a far cry from an autocrat just saying my way or the highway.

Why The Protests Against President Morsi and The Torching Of The Muslim Brotherhood Offices Will Not Make a Dent in The Islamization of Egypt

Today, in response to President Morsi's recent Dictatorial power grab, protestors torched the Muslim Brotherhood offices near Tahrir Square:
Muslim Brotherhood Headquarters Torched in Egypt Here’s a picture of the protesters in Tahrir Square from tonight.
Twitchy reported.
Several injured during attacks on Muslim Brotherhood HQ in Mahala and Alexandria, as protests against president’s decree continue.
AJA: Fire erupts in Freedom & Justice Party HQ in Mahallah after attack by armed mobs, extends to several stores & apartments.
One is tempted to believe Democracy may finally break out after this bold, and truly revolutionary move against the forces of Islamic Totalitarianism.

But let's review the reality the evidence with regard to the reality of the Egyptian population, to see if we can discover whether there exists any true will towards Democracy and Human Rights:
Pew Poll Reveals Majority of Muslims Are Anything But "Moderate" 
Poll of Egyptians Shows 84% Want Apostates Stoned to Death 
78% of British Muslims Want Limits On Free Speech When It Comes To Criticizing Religion
Ok, well, I guess not.

And yet, some of the people of Egypt did, indeed, torch those offices. So, how did we get here?

Well, on November 21st, President Obama of the United States of "America" called President Morsi of Egypt, and they spoke on the phone, some say for about 20 minutes. The outline of the content of that conversation are listed on the White House website:
President Obama spoke to President Morsi today. The President thanked President Morsi for his efforts to achieve a sustainable ceasefire and for his personal leadership in negotiating a ceasefire proposal.  President Morsi expressed appreciation for President Obama’s efforts in this regard.  
President Obama and President Morsi agreed on the importance of working toward a more durable solution to the situation in Gaza. 
President Obama reaffirmed the close partnership between the United States and Egypt, and welcomed President Morsi's commitment to regional security.  
Then, the very next day, on November 22nd, President Morsi declared himself the virtual Dictator of Egypt:
Morsi gave the Constituent Assembly a two month deadline to finish drafting a new constitution, ruling that no authority may dissolve it until the country's defining document is completed. 
He further ruled that no authority may dissolve the Shura Council, the upper house of Egypt's parliament. 
In a move likely to bring criticism that the Egyptian president is inappropriately expanding his powers, he also decreed that no laws or declarations passed by the president from the time of his inauguration until a new parliament is elected can be overturned by any authority, including the judiciary. 
He further dismissed the country's prosecutor general Abdel-Meguid Mahmoud, appointing Talaat Ibrahim to replace him for a four-year term.
Hmm. It's almost as if Morsi believed that "a durable solution" on "regional security" could be achieved by the very act of establishing the Muslim Brotherhood as the sole authority in Egyptian government, leading to the eventual enforcement of Sharia as the law of the land.

Whether one believes that Obama is specifically interested in seeing Sharia become the law of the land in Egypt or not, one must concede that it is unlikely that President Morsi would make such a unprecedented power grab, if he did not feel he had the strong backing of his partners to see him through the storm that would surely come.

After all, the people of Egypt were afire just a few months back. Why would they not, once again, take to the streets if they did not believe things were going their way?

The Muslim Brotherhood is nothing if it is not a patient and exacting organization, dedicated to the longterm infiltration, and eventual enforcement, of Sharia law across the face of the Earth.

I think one would have to be a fool to believe Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood would take the action they have taken without seriously gaming the possible consequences.

This means they are, at the very least, willing to wait out the protests.

More likely, I believe they believe they already have the will of the people behind them (see the above links) to see through, to the end, the establishment of a full-fledged Islamic government. 

And, I believe they are willing to do whatever it takes to see that that happens in the next two months. Remember, Morsi gave the Shura Council a two-month deadline.

The next two months are going to be historic, and will likely include violence in the street by Islamic Militias "loosely tied" to the Muslim Brotherhood. These Militias will act as Morality Police, beginning the enforcement of Sharia through intimidation, and outright beat-downs, of protestors.

In three months from now, the Arab Spring will be fully revealed for what it is, and has always been, since it's Muslim Brotherhood/Obama-inspired inception; The Sharia Sewer.

Egypt will look more like Iran than it will resemble anything heretofore known as a Democracy. And Obama will still be proclaiming his victorious policy in helping further the "Arab Spring".

At some point, as we watch these developments unfold, we, as individuals, are going to have to make a decision: Does the existing evidence support the idea that Barack Hussein Obama wants to see Democracy and Freedom established in the Middle East? Or, does the evidence support the idea that Barack Obama wants to see Sharia established as the sole source of government in the Middle East?

What do you think?

Breaking News Alert: Susan Rice Is Black

Sonic Charmer points out what we may have been missing in the whole "criticizing Susan Rice is racist" thingy:
I just recently figured out why it’s so racist of me to have a less than 100% positive opinion of the Susan Rice-for-Secretary of State trial balloon 
It’s because she is black. 
I had had no idea. Why didn’t anyone tell me? 
Now I see why everyone’s been calling me racist. It makes much more sense now.
Did you guys know this? I mean, it explains a lot.

I guess it should have been obvious … you know, except for her skin color and features.