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Trump's stacking of federal courts in Texas with conservative judges could have decades-long impact

WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump is reshaping the federal judiciary in Texas with remarkable efficiency, positioning the Republican to leave a decades-long imprint on the Lone Star State no matter whether he secures re-election next year. 
His conservative judicial push comes with significant assistance from Texas Sens. John Cornyn and Ted Cruz, fellow Republicans who are working to expedite the process in the GOP-run Senate. Trump-appointed judges now make up a plurality on the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, which covers Texas and two other states at a step below the Supreme Court. They could likewise soon make up a plurality in Texas at the district court level, which sits below the appeals court. 
While the lower courts lack the power and profile of the Supreme Court, they still wield vast influence simply because they handle most of the work in the federal judiciary. Those venues in Texas hold particular importance. 
That’s because the state often ends up having an outsize role in hot-button matters, requiring lower court judges — who receive lifetime appointments — to handle key cases on everything from immigration to health care to patent law. 
“This is going to be the most enduring legacy of President Trump’s time in office,” Cornyn said in an interview, hailing the commander in chief’s attention to openings up and down the federal bench.

Morocco: Pope Warns Catholics, Don't Try To Convert Muslims

Ahead of the mass the pope insisted to an audience of around 400 at Rabat's cathedral that trying to convert people to one's own belief "always leads to an impasse". "Please, no proselytism!" he said. 
Christians are a tiny minority in Morocco where 99 percent of the population is Muslim, with sub-Saharan Africans making up a large part of the country's 30,000-strong Catholic community. 
Islam is the state religion and authorities are keen to stress the country's "religious tolerance" which allows Christians and Jews to worship freely. 
But Moroccans are automatically considered Muslim if they are not born into the Jewish community, apostasy is socially frowned upon, and proselytising is criminalised.

AND THEN THERE'S THIS: Sen. Lindsey Graham: We Are Calling in All of The Officials Who Signed Carter Page FISA Warrant to Testify

Senator Graham: I know Bill Barr and he’s pretty upset about how all of this was handled… I hope there is a special counsel appointed to look at DOJ corruption and political bias… I think it’s important to understand that political bias probably drove the Clinton outcome and not the facts… I just want the American people to know that the standards used against Clinton is an outlier. It’s not the way business is done. And why did they choose that path? I think they had a political bias. They wanted Clinton to win, Trump to lose… Well May 1st, Barr is going to bring the Mueller Report over… I’m going to turn looking toward the counter-intelligence investigation. How the Clinton email investigation was handled and FISA abuse.

Clapper Sings: Former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper Tells CNN Obama Ordered the Trump-Russia Spying Operation

ANDERSON COOPER, CNN HOST: The 2017 assessment that the President says he now agrees with, that was done while you and then NCI Director John Brennan were still in office. So, how can we reconcile the President attacking you, but apparently after a very long time finally, allegedly saying — or saying he allegedly agrees with the product of the intelligence community that you, yourself oversaw? 
JAMES CLAPPER: Yes, well, this is — yes, as we’ve come to know the President, he is not a stalwart for a consistency or coherence. So it’s very hard to explain that. One point I’d like to make, Anderson, that I don’t think has come up very much before, and I’m alluding now to the President’s criticism of President Obama for all that he did or didn’t do before he left office with respect to the Russian meddling. If it weren’t for President Obama, we might not have done the intelligence community assessment that we did that set off a whole sequence of events which are still unfolding today, notably, special counsel Mueller’s investigation. President Obama is responsible for that, and it was he who tasked us to do that intelligence community assessment in the first place. I think it’s an important point when it comes to critiquing President Obama.
It sounds to me like what is really happening here is, various members of the Left (Here Clapper, who also mentions Obama) are attempting to construct an alibi. And in constructing an alibi, they are attempting to change the subject from "Collusion" to "Interference", saying that's all they were talking about in the first place.

In this video, from about a year ago, James Clapper tells his side of the story. He tells us why he wouldn't refute the Steele Dossier, and expresses his disdain for Donald Trump's criticism of it's having been leaked. He won't defend the Dossier, but he won't refute it. He takes no responsibility for having damaged his own office at the CIA, or the office of the Presidency. The pivotal part begins at the 3:40 mark:

In December 2017, Clapper told CNN that Russian President Vladimir Putin “knows how to handle an asset, and that’s what he’s doing with” Trump.

Note that, in the above video, Clapper also says he shared Intelligence with Putin, and that he got almost nothing in return for it.


Later in the video, Clapper tries to walk back his statement that Trump is being used by Putin as an Asset.

But we all know what an Intelligence Asset is:

In intelligence, assets are persons within organizations or countries being spied upon who provide information for an outside spy.[1][2][3][4] They are sometimes referred to as agents, and in law enforcement parlance, as confidential informants, or "CIs" for short.   
There are different categories of assets, including people who: 
1) Willingly work for a foreign government for ideological reasons such as being against their government, but live in a country that doesn't allow political opposition. They may elect to work with a foreign power to change their own country because there are few other ways available. 
2) Work for monetary gain. Intelligence services often pay good wages to people in important positions that are willing to betray secrets. 
3) Have been blackmailed and are forced into their role. 
4) Do not even know they are being used (so called "useful idiots"). Assets can be loyal to their country, but may still provide a foreign agent with information through failures in information safety, such as using insecure computers or not following proper OPSEC procedures during day-to-day chatting.
Apparently, Clappet himself was used as the "Useful Idiot" Intelligence Assset.

But what type of Asset did Clapper believe Trump to be?

Here, in this informational video from the New York Daily News, we find that Clapper thought Trump was being manipulated into being an Asset to Putin through Blackmail, and that this scandal is WORSE THAN WATERGATE:

Here is a link to the article from the Daily News.

Clapper has been very cagey about not using the word "Collusion" with respect to Trump. But, let's be honest, calling Trump an Intelligence Asset of Vladimir Putin is the same thing. Especially given his assertion that Trump must have been blackmailed.

And, of course, that was the point of the Steele Dossier; that Trump didn't want information about such things as the "Pee-pee" sessions to come out, so he, instead, colluded with Russia.

Clapper is a particularly viscous piece of shit, the kind where you have to wipe and wipe, and still it doesn't come clean.

SNL Commits Hate Crime Against Jussie Smollet, Somehow Making a Potentially Hilarious Situation Boring As All Fuck

From Yahoo:
Saturday Night Live made a point of being an equal opportunity offender in its first episode back after a two-week break. As usual the cold open addressed the latest Donald Trump news–specifically the long-anticipated release of Robert Mueller’s report–and featured the return of Robert De Niro for the fifth, and likely final, time as Mueller. 
But the night’s first live sketch was a surprisingly savage take on Empire star Jussie Smollett, who was back in the news this week after Chicago prosecutors stunned the city and the entire nation by dropping all charges against him for allegedly staging his own attack. 
Entitled “Network Meeting,” the sketch opens in a boardroom where a trio of executives played by Mikey Day, Kate McKinnon and Ego Nwodim are seated alongside Kenan Thompson as Empire co-creator, Lee Daniels, and the night’s host, Sandra Oh, as Smollett’s manager. 
“Just give Jussie another chance,” Oh begs, trying to make them overlook the fact that her embattled client is two hours late to the meeting. “I just hope it’s not some crazy excuse,” Daniels remarks, with a sigh. 
At that moment, Smollett (played by Chris Redd) bursts into the room, holding a plastic bag and wearing Trump’s signature “Make America Great Again” hat. (Earlier in the week, Trump weighed in the prosecutors’ decision to drop disorderly conduct charges agains the actor, calling it, “an embarrassment to our nation.”) 
“Guys, you are not gonna believe what just happened to me,” he says, to groans of “Not again” in the room.

The Left is Lynching Jussie Smollet.

He got the virulent elements in their "Movement" really hot, and they got really jealous, and they decided they needed rally around with torches and pitchforks and hang him on a tree.


Kiss From A Rose

Seal, Live


Deep Purple, Live, 1974

Trump Cuts Aid To Shit Countries Guatemala, El Salvador and Nicaragua Because They Keep Sending Us Their Pestilent, Fucked Up, and Criminal

Donald Trump has announced that he is cutting financial assistance to the Northern Triangle countries of El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala. 
Trump hinted at the cuts on Friday, as a Mexican minister claimed that the ‘mother of all caravans’ with more than 20,000 people was being organized by Honduras. 
ABC reported Trump as saying: ‘I’ve ended payments to Guatemala, to Honduras, and to El Salvador. No money goes there anymore. 
Trump claimed those financial aid programs would end saying: ‘We’re not paying them anymore because they haven’t done a thing for us.’ Most migrants from the three countries come to the U.S.

Rashida Tlaib's Friend Holds Anti-Semitic, Anti-Israel Rally

Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats

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King Crimson, Live

Shine On You Crazy Diamond

Gov't Mule, Live

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THIS YOUR PARTY, "LIBERALS"" Congressional Democrats Replace the POW/MIA Flags Outside Their Offices With... the Tranny Flag

Congressional Democrats Replace the POW/MIA Flags Outside Their Offices With... the Tranny Flag
Just got tipped by someone who visited congress that all (or almost all) Democrats have replaced the POW/MIA flags that used to hang outside their offices with the blue, pink, and white Tranny Flag. So they now fly the state flag, the American flag, and the tranny flag.

Brilliant! Rand Paul Blocks Resolution for the Release of Mueller Report Until Communications Also Released of Crooked Obama Officials

Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) blocked a resolution calling for special counsel Robert Mueller’s report to be made public, arguing that Congress should also call for the release of communications and testimony from Obama-era officials. 
Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.), who is one of several Democratic senators running for president, tried to get unanimous consent for the Senate to pass the resolution, which cleared the House in a 420-0 vote earlier this month. 
“We still have not seen the report. I have urged the Department of Justice to release the report, and the administration should not delay in producing the report to Congress,” Klobuchar said. 
But Paul objected because Klobuchar wouldn’t agree to amend the nonbinding resolution to include provisions calling for the public release of communications between several Obama-era officials including former President Obama, former FBI Director James Comey and former CIA Director John Brennan. 
“We need to know was there malfeasance, was there misuse of power, did President Obama’s administration get involved in an election to infiltrate the Trump campaign to trap them? … We need to know that,” he said. “What we need to discover and we do not yet know: Was President Obama involved?”

Brazil’s Top Election Court Catches Google Manipulating Search Results to Point to Negative Entries on Bolsonaro …Just Like They Do with Conservatives in America

Brazil’s Top Election Court Catches Google Manipulating Search Results to Point to Negative Entries on Bolsonaro …Just Like They Do with Conservatives in America

Friday, March 29, 2019

Ray Wylie Hubbard
Mother Blue's

Tell The Devil I'm Gettin' There As Fast As I Can

Trey Gowdy Talks About "Unprecedented" Calls (By Sitting Senators) For One Of Their Chairmen To Resign

Far Left Activists Are REWRITING History, Expunging Greenpeace Co-Founder Patrick Moore (Because He Doesn't Believe in Anthropogenic Global Warming)

Oh Really? Unverified Hate Crime "Database" Routinely Cited by Media and Google for Propaganda Purposes Is Funded By... Wait for It... George Soros

Oh Really? Unverified Hate Crime "Database" Routinely Cited by Media and Google for Propaganda Purposes Is Funded By... Wait for It... George Soros

Liberal billionaire George Soros bankrolled a massive "hate crime" database that is used by more than 100 media partners--including Google News Labs, New York Times Opinion, and ABC News--to report alleged hate crimes, according to tax documents and interviews. 
The database, launched following the election of President Donald Trump, is "unverified" and receives stories of alleged "hate" from the likes of the left-wing Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), an organization currently in upheaval over charges of institutional racism perpetrated by its recently fired co-founder, Morris Dees, and the Council on Islamic and Foreign Relations (CAIR), a Muslim civil rights group that was previously listed as an unindicted co-conspirator of terrorism.

Rand Paul: Obama’s Justice Department Sent Spies Into the Trump Campaign to Entrap Him (VIDEO)

Rand Paul: Obama’s Justice Department Sent Spies Into the Trump Campaign to Entrap Him (VIDEO)

Newt Gingrich on Russia Collusion Aftermath: “This was the First Deliberate Attempt of a Coup d’Etat by the Deep State We’ve Ever Seen” (VIDEO)

Breaking: Rep. Doug Collins Releases Nellie Ohr Testimony Transcript Before House Judiciary Committee — Contributing ‘Author’ of Phony Dossier

GOP Rep. Conway Tears Into Russia Conspiracy Theorist Adam Schiff — Reads Letter Demanding His Resignation! (VIDEO)

BREAKING: FBI Ordered to Turn Comey Memos Over to Judge Weighing Their Release

US District Judge James Boasberg in Washington ordered the FBI to turn over Comey’s ‘Trump memos’ — both clean and redacted versions by April 1st as he weighs releasing them to the public. 
Conservative watch dog group Judicial Watch, CNN and other news outlets filed a FOIA lawsuit in an effort to make Comey’s Trump memos public. 
The FBI pushed back on March 1st and wrote to Judge Boasberg, an Obama appointee, saying that the memos were still redacted and classified and should remain under seal to avoid interfering with Mueller’s inquisition — Mueller’s witch hunt ended a week ago so the judge is weighing the release of Comey’s memos. 
Judge Boasberg did not give a time frame when he’d decide whether to release the memos.

PREACH IT, TRUMP! At Michigan Rally: “Democrats Have to Decide Whether They will Continue to Defraud the Public with Ridiculous Bullsh*t”

President Trump: Democrats will have to decide whether they will continue to defraud the public with ridiculous bullshit, partisan investigations or whether they will apologize to the American people and join us to build the crumbling infrastructure.
Brothers Osborne
Weed, Whiskey and Willie

Shoot Me Straight

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evin Nunes Sending Criminal Referral to DoJ Over Spygate: "Time to Go on Offense"

Devin Nunes Sending Criminal Referral to DoJ Over Spygate: "Time to Go on Offense"
House Intelligence Committee Ranking Member Devin Nunes (R-CA) is planning to send a criminal referral next week to the Justice Department that will detail “multiple referrals on a number of different crimes,” including leaking classified information, as part of his investigation into misconduct at the Justice Department and the FBI. 
“As of now, it’ll be one criminal referral but with multiple referrals on a number of different crimes,” he told Breitbart News on Wednesday in an exclusive interview. “We will have some leakers in there for sure.” 
He said on the ending of the Special Counsel investigation, after it found the Trump campaign did not collude with Russia, “We knew this was a joke from the beginning, and I’ve said as much for a long time. Basically from the time our report came out, which has been a year. But now, the real work begins. It’s good to not have that sitting out there. But we have to now go on offense and track down all these dirty cops and bad players.”

Did Bill DeBlasio's Wife Steal $1 Billion From NYC Taxpayers?

The first spouse went before the City Council Tuesday — tripping spectacularly over her own tongue while removing any doubt that her billion-dollar husbandly indulgence, 
ThriveNYC, amounts to an epic public policy swindle gussied up as a mental health program. Still, questions linger. Such as, how did it happen that Thrive burned through more $565 million over four-plus years to no appreciable good effect with nobody noticing? 
Certainly not the City Council, a legislative body comprising 50 stuffed cabbages and a speaker who wants to be mayor — a fellow who stood by incuriously as the city’s streets and subways slowly filled with insane people, many of them threatening and dangerous. 
The council redeemed itself only slightly Tuesday, asking McCray — too politely for the circumstances — to explain herself, and then settling for a non-answer answer for the ages: 
“ThriveNYC was my idea,” she said. “I’m the founder, I provide the strategic support, I hold meetings on behavioral health and I amplify things to the public.” Well, yes. And then what? 
One can only imagine what a mad scramble those meetings are. With a quarter of a billion dollars (!!) to divvy up every year, one easily could get an arm broken when the boodling begins. 
Anyway, for details the mayoral missus deferred to one Susan Herman, who “does the day-to-day management and makes the decisions.” 

Blue In Green

Miles Davis - Trumpet
John Coltrane - Tenor Sax
Cannonball Adderley - Alto Sax
Bill Evans - Piano
Paul Chambers - Bass

At Industry Event, Andrew Sullivan Suggests Hollywood Stop Calling People "Racists and Bigots"

At an event billed as ‘A Day of Unreasonable Conversation,’ it seemed only fitting that journalist and provocateur Andrew Sullivan provided the audience with its most uncomfortable moment. During a Monday morning panel probing how Hollywood screenwriters and showrunners portray “the other side,” Sullivan criticized “Hollywood” for regularly painting non-coastal elites in unflattering terms, which has only exacerbated America’s cultural divide. 
“These people who are already insecure about losing their job switch on the TV, look at the newspaper and hear that they are being described as bigots, racists,” said Sullivan, who was speaking to a packed audience of industry professionals, including some of the town’s biggest names, at the Getty Center in Los Angeles. 
“And they resent it, and the one thing I would urge you people who do this type of content is try and complete the idea of ‘the other’ being in the room because they can hear what you are saying.” 
Moments later, the author and New York magazine columnist doubled down on his idea, saying: “Don’t tell them everything is good. That you deserve it and that you are all basically slaveholders under their skin blah, blah, blah, which is what Hollywood is saying to them every second of the day.” 
Those comments, which were met with audible gasps, set the stage for an immensely tense 20-minute panel which ended in Sullivan being shouted at by an audience member, prompting the moderator to step in and end the panel.

Joe Biden Blames Sexual Assaults On ‘White Man’s Culture’

Women have been suffering in “a white man’s culture” — which has continually turned a blind eye to sexual assault and misconduct, according to former Vice President Joe Biden, who propped up Anita Hill as an example. 
“To this day I regret I couldn’t come up with a way to give her the kind of hearing she deserved,” Biden said Tuesday while speaking at an event to combat sexual violence on college campuses. 
“But I also realized there was a real and perceived problem the [Senate Judiciary] committee faced: They’re a bunch of white guys.” 
The 76-year-old Democrat continued, “No, I mean it sincerely — a bunch of white guys…hearing this testimony. So…when Anita Hill came to testify, she faced a committee that didn’t fully understand what the hell it was all about.” 
Biden, who was Judiciary chairman for the 1991 Clarence Thomas confirmation hearings, got criticized heavily for his handling of the Hill situation. Thomas was accused of harassing Hill, who is black, while he was her supervisor.

Trump Tells Russia to Get Its Troops Out of Venezuela

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – U.S. President Donald Trump on Wednesday called on Russia to pull its troops from Venezuela and warned that “all options” were open to make that happen. 
The arrival of two Russian air force planes carrying nearly 100 Russian troops outside Caracas on Saturday has escalated the political crisis in Venezuela. 
"Russia has to get out," Trump told reporters in the Oval Office, where he met with Guaido's wife, Fabiana Rosales. The U.S. government believes the Russian troops include special forces and cybersecurity personnel. 
Asked how he would make Russian forces leave, Trump said: "We'll see. All options are open." 
Russia has bilateral relations and agreements with Venezuela which it plans to honor, Russian Deputy U.N. Ambassador Dmitry Polyanskiy said, in response to Trump's comments.

Glenn Greenwald: Trump Mueller Probe Is "Saddest Media Spectacle I've Ever Seen"

Greenwald hits a towering home run with this rant.
Greenwald said no matter what how people try to move the goalposts the fact is, as 'The New York Times' Monday headline notes, Robert Mueller found no collusion between Trump and Russia. 
Greenwald said, "The whole thing was a scam and a fraud from the beginning." "This is the saddest media spectacle I’ve ever seen, since I began practicing journalism in 2005," Greenwald said. 
"And what makes it even sadder is to watch all of the people who vested their journalistic credibility into what proved to be a complete and total fraud and scam continue to try and cling to some vestige of credibility by continuing to spin conspiracy theories that are even more reckless and more unhinged than the ones to which we’ve been subjected for three years." 
"The whole thing was a scam and a fraud from the beginning. And The New York Times headline today says that as clearly as it can: Robert Mueller finds no collusion between Trump and Russia. That was the focal point of the entire narrative, no matter how much people try and change the focus," Greenwald said. 
"It’s time to stop these dangerous conspiracy theories that are ratcheting up tensions between the two most dangerous countries on the planet," he said. Greenwald predicted that there would be no reckoning for the media like there was for press coverage of the runup to the Iraq War. 
Greenwald said MSNBC host Rachel Maddow is the Judy Miller of Russiagate, but instead of being fired she will continue at her $10 million a year perch. 
"Rachel Maddow and MSNBC are the Judy Millers of this story, except, unlike Judy Miller, who was scapegoated for doing things that her male colleague did and had her career destroyed, Rachel Maddow will continue to make $10 million a year for NBC because she’s their most valuable brand, and there will be no reckoning and consequences for this story that the media got radically, fundamentally and deliberately wrong for almost three years now in a very dangerous way," he said. 
"It was just a conspiracy theory. Rachel Maddow, the most influential liberal TV host in the country, every single night misled millions of liberals into believing something that was totally false, and there will be no media consequences for it. And that is extremely grave and serious, no matter how much is true about how corrupt Donald Trump is in his financial dealings or any of the other stuff that people are now trying to deflect our attention onto," Greenwald lamented. 
Greenwald also said it is complete idiocy to say Trump is a Russian stooge because of all the actions he has taken that are adverse and belligerent to the Russians. 
"How can you say Donald Trump is a stooge of the Kremlin when he’s right now trying to remove one of Vladimir Putin’s client regime states in Venezuela? Or when he’s trying to bully Angela Merkel out of buying Russian natural gas, probably the thing that’s most important to the Russian economy? Or when he sold lethal arms to the Ukrainians, something Obama refused to do on the grounds that it would be provocative to Russia? Or when he bombed Putin’s client state in Syria?" Greenwald asked. 
"Over and over, the Trump administration has taken actions far more adverse and aggressive and belligerent to the Russians than the Obama administration did," he said. "That’s why this whole narrative that Trump all along was being blackmailed by Putin, that he’s an asset of Russian intelligence, this is idiocy. It is completely irrational. It is contrary to all facts."

Trump Orders Federal Agencies To Prepare For EMP Attack

No Evidence For Collusion, But Democrats Did Use Mueller Probe To Influence The Outcome of the 2018 Elections

But while there is no evidence — zero evidence — of collusion regarding the 2016 election, Democrats did use the Mueller probe to influence the outcome of the 2018 midterm elections

The above is from this essay at the Patriot Post.  Much more at the link.

Humpday Blues

Sleepy John Estes
Mailman Blues

Scrapper Blackwell
Nobody Knows You When You're Down and Out

NATIONAL CRISIS– .5% of Guatemalan and .6% of Honduran Populations Arrested Crossing US Border in Last 5 Months – Enough Fentanyl to Kill Georgia

NATIONAL CRISIS– .5% of Guatemalan and .6% of Honduran Populations Arrested Crossing US Border in Last 5 Months – Enough Fentanyl to Kill Georgia

BREAKING: FBI Reviewing Shady Circumstances Surrounding Dismissal of Jussie Smollett Charges

BREAKING: FBI Reviewing Shady Circumstances Surrounding Dismissal of Jussie Smollett Charges

The FBI is reviewing the shady circumstances surrounding the dismissal of felony charges against hate hoaxer Jussie Smollett, two law enforcement sources confirmed with ABC News. 
The circumstances surrounding this case are definitely worth looking into in light of Kim Foxx communicating with Michelle Obama’s former aide and Smollett’s relatives. 
Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx was communicating with Tina Tchen, a former aide to Barack and Michelle Obama about Jussie Smollett’s case shortly after the ‘Empire’ actor staged the hate hoax crime. 
Tina Tchen sent Kim Foxx an email on February 1st saying, “Hi Kim – I sent an email to your work address I think as well. I wanted to give you a call on behalf of Jussie Smollett and family who I know. They have concerns about the investigation. I am on an 8 am flight to nyc but please call me before then. I land about 1015 Chicago time. My cell is [redacted]. Many thanks!” 
In one text exchange with a Smollett relative (name is redacted), Kim Foxx is reassuring the individual that she spoke to the superintendent and asked for a favor. 
The individual reached out to Foxx on February 1st and said, “Hi Kim, this is [redacted] Are you available to chat? Tina Tchen gave me your number.” 
Kim Foxx engaged in a back and forth text exchange with the individual about Smollett’s case. “I’ll keep you posted, “Foxx said in a text. “Omg this would be a huge victory,” the Smollett relative said in response. “I make no guarantees, but I’m trying.” Foxx replied. Kim Foxx later recused herself from the case.

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Cardi B Says She Drugged and Robbed Men (You Know, Kinda Like Bill Cosby)

I'm sure the MeToo Movement will come down hard on her.

She says, "Nothing was handed to me ..."


Spain: Six Muslim migrants rape 12-year-old girl for 45 minutes after freeing her friend because she was Muslim

From Jihad Watch:
Why does this keep happening? One survivor of a Muslim rape gang in the UK said that her rapists would quote Quran to her, and believed their actions justified by Islam. 
The Qur’an teaches that Infidel women can be lawfully taken for sexual use (cf. its allowance for a man to take “captives of the right hand,” 4:3, 4:24, 23:1-6, 33:50, 70:30).   
The “captives of the right hand” are non-Muslims; that’s why these rapists freed the North African Muslim girl. 
The Qur’an says: 
“O Prophet, tell your wives and your daughters and the women of the believers to bring down over themselves of their outer garments. That is more suitable that they will be known and not be abused. And ever is Allah Forgiving and Merciful.” (33:59) The implication there is that if women do not cover themselves adequately with their outer garments, they may be abused, and that such abuse would be justified.

Iranian Journalist Masih Alinejad Explains How New Zealander Women Who Wore Hijab After Mosque Attack Have BETRAYED WOMEN



Former CIA Officer John Kiriakou Says, John Brennan Is In Over His Head, Should Not Be Taken Seriously

American Imam Says, Jews Running Everything Behind The Scenes, Jesus and Moses Were Muslim

Islam is just a big bundle of blasphemy and bigotry.


Pennsylvania: Muslim lawmaker says prayer in name of Jesus “represented Islamophobia”

Brunei may start stoning gay & bi men to death next month under sharia law

'There are currently ten countries that punish homosexuality can be punished with the death penalty. Several of them, including Yemen, Saudi Arabia, and Mauritania, specify that stoning can be used as a punishment. 
'Brunei is located on the island of Borneo and is completely surrounded by Malaysia. The official state religion is Islam, although only two-thirds of its 400,000 inhabitants identify as Muslim...'

And Blogger is worried that IBA doesn't follow the laws of Pakistan.

Jussie Smollet Is Allowed To Walk After Perpetrating a Hate Crime Against Trump Supporters

Fake Hate Crimes Are Hate Crime.

Jussie Smollet's Hate Crime was directed at Trump supporters specifically, and white people more generally. It was perpetrated to create wrath and violence against it's targets.

It was an incitement to violence.

The man should go to prison.


DOJ Makes Deal With Well-Connected Ex-Feinstein Aide Accused of Doxxing Republicans

The Jompson Brothers
On The Run

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Pentagon Shifts $1B In Funding To Plan And Build 57 Miles of Border Wall

WASHINGTON, March 25 (Reuters) – The U.S. Department of Defense shifted $1 billion to plan and build a 57-mile section of “pedestrian fencing”, roads and lighting along the border between the United States and Mexico, the Pentagon chief said on Monday. 
Last week, the Pentagon gave Congress a list that included $12.8 billion of construction projects for which it said funds could be redirected for construction along the U.S.-Mexico border. U.S. President Donald Trump declared a national emergency last month in a bid to fund his promised border wall without congressional approval. 
Acting Secretary of Defense Patrick Shanahan said in a memo to Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen that the Department of Defense had the authority to support counter-narcotics activities near international boundaries.

Rush Limbaugh On The "Exoneration" of Donald Trump

It validates a hoax to applaud the fact that Mueller found nothing. There never was anything to find! There never was any collusion! There was never, ever any evidence of collusion! Therefore, there could never, ever be any evidence of obstruction of justice. 
The dossier was the sole reason all of this happened, and it was created by Hillary Clinton and Robert Mueller knew it! It was paid for by Hillary Clinton. It was commissioned by Hillary Clinton. It was written by somebody paid by Hillary Clinton, Christopher Steele, working with a guy named Glenn Simpson at Fusion GPS, and it was used by the FBI, who also knew that it was total crap to get a FISA warrant to spy on the Trump administration. 
There never has been any collusion between Trump and the Russians. And for those of you who remember the report, Mueller says, "Well, there were many, many efforts by the Russians to contact members of the Trump campaign, to infiltrate." That's a bunch of garbage as well. 
The FBI is who infiltrated the Trump campaign, not the Russians. It wasn't FBI who put informants like Stefan Halper and Alexander Downer into the Trump campaign. It was the FBI that recruited members of the Trump campaign. There's no evidence of the Russians having done anything here! 
So cheering this validates. "Look, Mueller didn't find anything, yay!" 
They wanted to find something so bad. Now, you might be saying, "Well, Rush, if it was a hoax, how come Mueller exonerated Trump?" He didn't! In case you haven't noticed, the media is off on a new tangent now. They're demanding to see the whole report because Mueller said, "I can't really clear Trump on obstruction. I can't find any evidence, but I'm gonna have to leave this up to the attorney general." This is not what prosecutors do! Prosecutors don't acknowledge possibility of criminal behavior if they can't find any. 
So the media and the Democrats now have an open roadway to impeachment on the basis of obstruction. And just like this hoax, they don't have to prove a damn thing. They just have to create media narratives, day in and day out, president obstructed, Mueller couldn't prove it, but he couldn't rule it out. That's all these idiots like Schiff and Swalwell and Jerry Nadler need to keep plugging away at impeaching Trump, which they're gonna do. 
Now, it's gonna end up embarrassing the hell out of 'em, and it's gonna end up blowing up in their face. But it isn't gonna stop this nightmare! It isn't gonna stop this ridiculousness! 
The Drive-By Media needs to be begging the forgiveness of everybody they have lied to the past two years, but they have no shame. They are simply looking for another road or another avenue now to continue this effort of theirs to destroy the Donald Trump presidency. That's all that remains, and that's all that matters.

Dr Jordan Peterson: 'Anti-Islam shirt' behind fellowship U-turn

This poorly-written article from the BBC doesn't appear to tell us where, or in what context, this "anti-Islam" t-shirt appeared.
Cambridge University rescinded a visiting fellowship offer to Dr Jordan Peterson because he was pictured with a man wearing an anti-Islam shirt, its vice-chancellor said. 
A two-month offer to the psychology professor was removed last week. Dr Peterson labelled the decision a "serious error of judgement". 
But Stephen Toope said the university was prompted to rescind the offer due to the picture of a man wearing an "I'm a proud Islamophobe" shirt. 
University of Toronto professor Dr Peterson, whose views on gender have been condemned by critics, was set to spend a period in autumn at Cambridge's Faculty of Divinity. 
He claimed in a blog post that he planned to collaborate with the faculty on a lecture series on the Biblical book of Exodus. 
Visiting fellows are not paid but can make use of the libraries, attend seminars and engage in research, according to the university.  
Visiting fellowships are "a courtesy extended to some academics from other institutions" Professor Toope said the offer of the fellowship was granted on an academic basis but, "as a consequence" of becoming aware of the image, the invitation was rescinded. 
"The casual endorsement by association of this message was thought to be antithetical to the work of a Faculty that prides itself in the advancement of inter-faith understanding," he said.

White House Says "The Threat to Our Democracy Was Hiding In Plain Sight"

The 2-year, $25 million witch hunt

Since Election Night 2016, Democrats and their media allies have been fixated on a simple illusion to justify their otherwise indefensible behavior toward an American Commander in Chief. Their illusion was that President Donald J. Trump colluded with Russia to win the 2016 election, and then obstructed justice to prevent anyone from finding out.
On Friday, the U.S. Department of Justice announced that Special Counsel Robert Mueller had delivered his final report to Attorney General Bill Barr. Over the weekend, Attorney General Barr presented a summary of that report to Congress.
After an exhaustive investigation by the Special Counsel, filled with 2,800 subpoenas, more than 500 witnesses, millions of pages of documents, and $25 million wasted in taxpayer dollars, here is what it found: nothing.
No collusion. No obstruction. And a complete exoneration of President Trump and the entire Trump campaign—exactly what the President and the White House have told the American people from the beginning of the Democrats’ fishing expedition.
With that news, the entire Democratic narrative of the past two years collapsed in an instant. Two major failures explain how the witch hunt spiraled out of Democrats’ control:
Failure 1 was blatantly irresponsible reporting. In an effort to validate their own political instincts, the mainstream media abandoned all journalistic standards and repeatedly failed the American people by accepting wild speculation as fact. They smeared calls for due process and common-sense skepticism as political “gaslighting,” rather than defending these basic principles of fairness and impartiality.
Real issues that affect Americans from coast to coast were put on the backburner as airways were flooded with false and endless “reporting” of retreaded conspiracy theories. The New York TimesThe Washington Post, CNN, and MSNBC wrote a combined 8,507 articles citing Robert Mueller’s investigation since May 2017—an average of nearly 13 articles every single day.
The New York Times published 644 more stories mentioning the Mueller investigation than they did mentioning NAFTA renegotiations. The Washington Post wrote 192 more stories mentioning Mueller than they did America’s defeat of the Islamic State. And CNN produced a stunning 908 more stories about the investigation than they did about implementation of the biggest tax reform plan in American history.
Keep in mind, the vast majority of that was before Mueller had issued any report.
Failure 2 was Democrat recklessness. The left desperately tried to promote collusion conspiracies to rationalize their 2016 loss and sink Donald Trump’s presidency.
Here’s just a small sample of their comments—astonishing and inexcusable in light of Mueller’s report:
  • House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-CA) stated that there was “plenty evidence of collusion”—and of a scandal “of a size and scope probably beyond Watergate.”
  • House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler (D-NY) said he believed there “was obviously a lot of collusion.”
  • Maxine Waters (D-CA) said that she was praying for the investigation to “connect the dots so that he can prove the collusion.”
  • DNC Chairman Tom Perez repeatedly stated that there was a “mountain of evidence of collusion between the campaign and the Russians.”
  • Numerous House and Senate Democrats called for President Trump’s impeachment long before the conclusion of the Special Counsel investigation.
“I love this country as much as I can love anything: my family, my country, my God. But what they did, it was a false narrative,” President Trump said today. “We can never let this happen to another President again.”
There’s no spinning it: Congressional Democrats, much of the mainstream media, and former Obama Administration officials peddled one of the greatest lies in American political history in a failed attempt to reverse the election of a President they simply don’t like.
The real threat to our democracy was hiding in plain sight all along.

Judge overseeing key Jeffrey Epstein-related suit dies

This story will chill you to the marrow...

Politico: Judge overseeing key Jeffrey Epstein-related suit dies 

Mike Cernovich and Stef Molyneux discuss
This story will chill you to the marrow...

IBA Is Notified For The Umpteenth Time That We Have Violated The Laws of Pakistan


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Pakistan's anti-Freedom laws are a violation of the Constitution I live under. 


Afghanistan, Iran, Malaysia, Maldives, Mauritania, Nigeria, Pakistan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Sudan, United Arab Emirates and Yemen all except Pakistan, allow for capital punishment against apostasy, while Pakistan imposes the death penalty for blasphemy - including a disbelief in God.

Gutfeld on the media's day of reckoning over collusion

We Should All Be Celebrating The Collapse Of Hillary’s Big Lie

Stick a fork in impeachment. It’s dead. Victory doesn’t get any sweeter for the winners. Or more important for our country. The results of the probe by special counsel Robert Mueller are a tremendous vindication for President Trump and the many millions of Americans who never doubted his innocence. 
The findings prove, once and for all time, that he won the 2016 election fair and square.[….] Yet Mueller, after conducting the most exhaustive test ever of election integrity, reached this stunning conclusion: 
“The Special Counsel did not find that any US person or Trump campaign official or associate conspired or knowingly coordinated” with Russians “despite multiple offers from Russian-affiliated individuals to assist the Trump campaign.” 
No American — not a single one — took the Russian bait. And that includes every member of the Trump campaign. That is a fact worthy of celebration, for it shows our democracy is strong and our institutions uncompromised. 
Other implications of the report’s findings are also enormous. We now know that Hillary Clinton and her supporters misled the country in claiming that the White House was stolen from her. 
She started the Russia, Russia, Russia hoax and her claims, aided by the Obama White House and magnified by a thoroughly partisan media, set in motion a wild-goose chase. 
The chase undermined a duly elected president and cost taxpayers more than $30 million for an investigation that proved the accusations were flat-out false. Yet money alone is hardly the full price. 
The probe itself was a giant cloud over the presidency. Trump’s cabinet, his family, his aides and every policy he put forth were viewed with suspicion by those who bought Clinton’s Big Lie. 
Many of those people shelled out thousands of dollars for legal bills merely to answer questions and prove themselves innocent of any wrongdoing. 
It is also a given that China, North Korea, Iran and, yes, Russia have factored into their relations with us the possibility that Trump might not be long for the Oval Office. 
We will never know exactly what price America paid for that possibility, but you can be certain it was high, and that the ramifications will not instantly disappear.