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UPDATED AND BUMPED: Is Something Big In The Works?


Apparently, this story has been debunked. That is good freaking news. Check it out (UPDATE ALL IN ORANGE):

UPDATE: Dispelling the Bin Laden Options Trades (hat tip David)

The blogosphere and options trading desks have been rife with speculation about these trades, which are unusually large bets that the market will make a huge move in the next month. Some entity, or entities, has taken a large position on extremely deep in the money S&P 500 options, both puts and calls, that won't pay off unless the market undergoes an extremely large price move between now and the options' expiration on Sept. 21.

However, Dan Perper, a Partner at Peak 6, one of the largest option market makers and proprietary trading firms, has confirmed that the trades are part of a "box-spread trade."
"This was done as a package in which the box spread was used [as a] means of alternative financing at more attractive interest rates" explained Perper.

Simply put, two parties agree to trade the box at a price that essentially splits the difference between current rates.

From Pamela, at Atlas Shrugs:

Can't ignore this. Laid out all the signs here. And you notice there has been no mention, no follow up of this?

$1 Billion in Risky Stock Market Transactions Similar to Pre-9/11 Activity...

In the weeks preceding the 2001 attacks on America, there were very
significant financial warning signs that something big – and bad – could be
about to happen. Huge surges in purchases of “put options” on stocks of United
Airlines and American Airlines, the two airlines used in the attacks, and “put
options” on Merrill Lynch & Co., and Morgan Stanley, stocks of two financial
services companies hurt by the attack were noted. Put options are essentially
“bets” that a stock or stock index will drop on or before a certain date; the
larger the drop, the bigger the gain for the purchaser of the option.

Fast forward to the present day, and we have the same type of trading
that took place in the days that preceded the 9/11 attacks – but on a larger
scale. Nearly $1 billion of “put options” have been purchased, basically betting
that Standard and Poor's 500 index will fall significantly by the third Friday
in September. A large number of these options have also been purchased calling
for 50% decline by September 21, 2007. For example, a 5% drop in the Dow Jones
Industrial Average would be the current equivalent of about 670 points. A
decline of 11% would equal about 1,470 points in today’s market. Obviously,
larger drops, such as a 50% decline, would cause an unprecedented market
collapse. Money would be made for the purchaser(s) of the put options – but the
same purchaser(s) stand to lose over $1 BILLION in the investment if the market
remains relatively static through September 21, 2007.

UPDATE: Syn notes in the comment section:

Bill Roggio noted recently that many of the Islamist training camps now located
in Warzistan have all but emptied out, much like what was observed when Islamist
training camps were emptied out a month before 9/11/2001

A 50% drop in the Stock Market?!?

What kind of event would cause that, pray tell?

Isn't this just such a fun blog to read?

Have a nice day, everybody.

There, And No Further: Sweden Stands Up To Islam

The Swedish Prime Minister has made a clear and definitive answer to Iran and Pakistan's protestations about a recent Mohammed cartoon:

I think it is important to say two things. The first is that we have been very keen on a Sweden that will be a country where muslims and Christians, those that believe in God and those who don’t, can live side by side in mutual respect. We think that we have come very far. I have a responsibility for this to continue and to take initiative to deepen this reciprocity and respect.

At the same time we are very focused on standing up for freedom of expression which is a basic right in the law and which comes natural to us and which ensures that we do not make political decisions about what is published in newspapers. I want to keep it this way.

I love that the Swedish flag includes a Crusader like Christian cross. It's ironic, considering there aren't too many Swedes who actually believe in God anymore. But the flag flies nonetheless. I'm sure this is noted in the Muslim world.
Here's the offensive cartoon. Watch out, it's frightening stuff.

Get ready for a new wave in poltically inspired film abuse

If this was WW2, we'd be speaking BOTH German and Japanese, and I would probably be a bar of soap.

"Redacted" stuns Venice

By Silvia Aloisi

VENICE (Reuters) - A new film about the real-life rape and killing of a 14-year-old Iraqi girl by U.S. soldiers who also murdered her family stunned the Venice festival, with shocking images that left some viewers in tears.

"Redacted", by U.S. director Brian De Palma, is one of at least eight American films on the war in Iraq due for release in the next few months and the first of two movies on the conflict screening in Venice's main competition.

Inspired by one of the most serious crimes committed by American soldiers in Iraq since the 2003 invasion, it is a harrowing indictment of the conflict and spares the audience no brutality to get its message across.

De Palma, 66, whose "Casualties of War" in 1989 told a similar tale of abuse by American soldiers in Vietnam, makes no secret of the goal he is hoping to achieve with the film's images, all based on real material he found on the Internet.

If you finish reading this you will see this is NOT a documentary but is, in fact, something BASED on real events. Real events which, like those in ANY war include actual CRIMINALS among us who get into the armed forces. Real events which are indistinguishable from those which occurred in WW2, or WW1 by our men ...BET ON IT.

This gets worse.

Continue reading "Get ready for a new wave in poltically inspired film abuse" »

Storm Track Disinformation: 9/11 Brought America Closer to Islam

So…We’re attacked by self-identifying Muslims who follow the dictates of Islam and the end result is more acceptance of the religion? I wonder what this turkey is smoking in his hookah.

LAHORE: 9/11 has brought Americans closer to Islam, since the Americans started studying Islam after the bloody attacks and realised that Islam was a peaceful religion, said Walter Russell Mead on Saturday.

We did? Oh, of course. CAIR and President Bush, in one of his less lucid moments – said so.

The US foreign policy expert and Henry Kissinger Senior Fellow for the US Foreign Policy at the Council on Foreign Relations was speaking at Jamia Ashrafia on ‘The Influence of Religion on the US Foreign Policy’. Osama was not a true leader of Islam and his acts were against the teachings of Islam, he said. Mead said as far as war on terror was concerned, the American Muslims were not a problem, but a solution, since they could act as a bridge between Islam and West.

We’re still waiting for that bridge. Or is it a bridge moderate Muslims are trying to sell us?

Read the rest at The Gathering Storm.

Muslim groups want to legally censure mocking of Islam

No fucking surprise here. Same old shit.

A Swedish newspaper has printed a blasphemous cartoon of that 7th century Arab psychopath that started the wondrous religion of Islam.

Sweden's government said it regretted any hurt but could not apologise as it was not responsible for the drawing and could not prevent its publication.

An umbrella body representing 57 Muslim nations, the Organisation of Islamic Conference, condemned the latest cartoon and urged the Swedish government to punish those responsible.

They can condemn it without requesting that we Westerners change our laws to suit their ancient blasphemy taboos. THIS is what I mean by creeping Muslim demands.

At the liberal/left/asian blog Pickled Politics I recently commented

I don’t think a “paranoia” about creeping Muslim demands is completely unfounded, after self declared Muslims blew up 52 innocents, then more self declared muslims trying to follow in their footsteps, after British muslims have gone on to the streets of london saying behead those who insult islam, after islamic nhs workers try to detonate a nightclub in london, after they pathetically tried to blow up glasgow airport, after the numerous thwarted attacked including the “dancing slags” trial, I don’t think that the paranoia on the right is quite as illogical as the paranoia of many on the left.

What I should have explained it's not the terrorists so much, it's really the Muslim organisations, such as the Organisation of Islamic Conference which composes of 57 Muslim groups that actually seek to change the law, or put another way, creeping Muslim demands. If Muslims don't want to be spoken for by these massive umbrella groups of Muslim organisations then surely there would be larger counter groups?

Of course by saying the phrase creeping Muslim demands, I was instantly dismissed as "a paranoiac racist". This must all be a figment of my imagination, then.

Meanwhile artists have morphed Jesus in to Bin Laden. No beheadings or street rallies calling for the slaughter of the artists have yet been reported in response.

Oliver Stone and Ahmadinejad and Father Khalil Samir on Conversion from Islam

On the first subject, Ahmadinejad rejected some weeks ago the possibility of collaborating with Oliver Stone in the new film that the latter is going to do about him. And I say, is because Ahmadinejad has accepted this same week. It's probable than the Iranian President has agreed, after hearing this:
“Stone’s publicist referred to the bad image that the U.S. media has given to Islam and Islamic countries and said that the documentary could assist in countering such negative propaganda.”
On the second one, there is a new case about a Muslim who converted to Christianity:
a young Egyptian, Mohammad Ahmad Hegazi, age 25, converted to Christianity some years ago (some say 9, others 6 years ago; according to the Islamic version, it was just a few months ago!). He then married a woman named Zeinab, who also became Christian, taking the name Cristina. In recent months, he asked that his documents show his new religious affiliation. In Egypt, identity cards must indicate the holder’s religion and, so far, Hegazi’s is officially Islam.
Egyptian Father Khalil Samir, one of the leading Islamologues in the Catholic Church, writes about the subject two very interesting articles:
The Islamic world is truly obsessed with conversions. At least 7 Islamic countries apply the death penalty to those who convert from Islam: Sudan, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Pakistan, Mauritania. But in other states, like Egypt, converts are condemned to prison, not as apostates but for contempt of Islam, as Hossam Bahgat, a member of the Egyptian Initiative for personal rights, explains.
[...] Islam protects itself against conversions by putting apostates in prison or by killing them. But its obsession with conversion includes a series of privileges it claims for itself. So much so that in many Muslim countries, even those that are supposedly secular, the right to promote the Islamic faith is taken for granted and is not enshrined in law. Conversely, the right to promote any other religion is considered de facto and de jure unacceptable.
Original post.

Car Carrying Four Men Speeds Past Curstom Entry In Port Angeles

From the Peninsula Daily News:

PORT ANGELES - A car carrying four men reportedly sped through theU.S. Customs port of entry off the ferry from Victoria on Wednesday night.

The Port Angeles Police Department received a report through thePenCom dispatch center of the car failing to stop for inspection.

The car disembarked off the MV Coho at about 9:20 p.m. after the day'slast southbound sailing.

It reportedly raced past the checkpoint so quickly that nobody coulddetermine a license plate number or even the plates' jurisdiction.

The car turned left - or eastbound - onto Railroad Avenue from theport of entry, according to reports.

Here's an unconfirmed report from a guy I know who lives in the area:

they found them hidiing in a motel. nothing after that in the news. will check the local fish wrap tomorrow. will talk with the sheriff & find out.

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Talibans' use of teenagers

An interesting reading subject about the Talibans:

Never mind that they don’t even allow street signs with the little symbolic walk or don’t walk figures with heads on them, here’s a video/photo show of the pretty boys of the Taliban. Black eye-liner and hand-holding and pretty long hair are evident in the photos, although homosexual behavior is strictly banned. The Taliban actually turn young boys into sex slaves. Here’s an excerpt from an article on that from Jamie Glazov from :

But there is a curious rule that the Western media has typically ignored. Rule No. 19 instructs that Taliban fighters must not take young boys without facial hair into their private quarters.

[…] Rule No. 19 obviously indicates that the sexual abuse of young boys is a prevalent and institutionalized phenomenon among the Taliban and that, for one reason or another, its widespread practice has become a problem.

The fact that Taliban militants’ spare time involves sodomizing young boys should by no means be any kind of surprise or eyebrow raiser. That a mass pathology such as this occurs in a culture which demonizes the female and her sexuality — and puts her out of mind and sight — is only to be expected. To be sure, it is a simple given that the religious male fanatic who flies into a violent rage even at the thought of an exposed woman’s ankle will also be, in some other dysfunctional and dark secret compartment of his fractured life, the person who leads some poor helpless young boy into his private chambers.It is no surprise that John Racy, a psychiatrist with much experience in Arab societies, has noted that homosexuality is “extremely common” in many parts of the Arab world. [1] Indeed, even though homosexuality is officially despised in this culture and strictly prohibited and punishable by imprisonment, incarceration and/or death, having sex with boys or effeminate men is actually a social norm. Males serve as available substitutes for unavailable women. The key is this: the male who does the penetrating is not considered to be homosexual or emasculated any more than if he were to have sex with his wife, while the male who is penetrated is emasculated. The boy, however, is not considered to be emasculated since he is not yet considered to be a man. A man who has sex with boys is simply doing what many men (especially unmarried ones) do. [2] And this reality is connected to the fact that, as scholar Bruce Dunne has demonstrated, sex in Islamic-Arab societies is not about mutuality between partners, but about the adult male’s achievement of pleasure through violent domination. [3]

Hypocrisy… hmm, a word these men have not known about…, eh???

Related news: Talibans release a video of a 16-year-old boy beheading one of the kidnapped Pakistani soldiers. h/t NMJ. When they are not useful for having sex with them, let’s teach them how to behead, isn’t it?

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Insurgency? WTF? It's A Friggin' Jihad, Stupid

It saddens me that leaders are so stupid. How many times do they have to get kicked in the head, before they think to themselves, "Hey, maybe I should move my head."

Friggin' idiots:

KABUL, Afghanistan - Military force alone is unlikely to defeat the Taliban in Afghanistan, a top U.S. commander said Thursday, noting that most insurgencies end with a political solution.

Maj. Gen. Robert Cone, who is in charge of equipping and training Afghan security forces to take over from international troops, said the local units were making good progress, but declined to say when they would be strong enough to allow foreign forces to go home.

Violence is soaring in Afghanistan despite years of counterinsurgency operations by international troops and millions of dollars spent in equipping the country's army and police units.

Cone cautioned that military force alone would likely not be enough to beat the Taliban and other militants battling foreign and Afghan government troops.

"You can say you defeated them in a single campaign ... but again given the complex nature of this environment, they might be back again the very next year," he told a media conference in the capital Kabul. "I think the real issue is probably not a military solution in the long term."

President Hamid Karzai earlier this year said he had met with unspecified Taliban militants to try to reach a political settlement, but he did not elaborate on the extent of the contacts.

Cone, who arrived in Afghanistan in July, said the "military will have a significant impact on the overall solution, but in reality most insurgencies are dealt with by political solution in the end."

Hundreds of former members of the hard-line Taliban regime, including a sprinkling of former senior commanders and officials, have reconciled with the government since they were ousted from power in the U.S.-led invasion in 2001.

Pastorius note: And, this is good news?

But current rebel leaders have apparently refused to hold talks, and in the past year, thousands more fighters have joined the insurgency, which this year alone has left more than 3,900 people dead, especially in southern and much of eastern Afghanistan. The exact number of insurgents is unclear.

Alright, now let's look at the definition of insurgency:

in·sur·gen·cy [in-sur-juhn-see]

the state or condition of being insurgent.
insurrection against an existing government, usually one's own, by a group not recognized as having the status of a belligerent.
rebellion within a group, as by members against leaders.

The question is, are we in a war against Islamofascism, or not? Bush says we are (of course, he stopped using the word, but we know what he thinks).

If we are in a war against Islamofascism, then that is NOT an insurgency going on in Afghanistan.

If we are only at war in Afghanistan, and our sole purpose in Afghanistan was to oust a bad government, and then replace it with a better government, then ask yourself, why are we also at war in Iraq?

Remember? We are at war in Iraq, because we can not allow WMD's to get into the hands of tyrannical regimes, who might allow them to get into the hands of "terrorists" (i.e. Islamofascists).

That was the reasoning behind the war in Iraq.

For God's sake, I wish Patton was alive so he could slap this guy around a few times. How did we get "Generals" like this anyway?

Hey Grigoes, Pack Your Bags And Get Out

Hey Gringos,
Pack Your Bags
And Get Out

There are, obviously, other forms of racism than anti-Semitism. And, there are other large racist organizations other than Al Qaeda, Hamas, and Fatah.

One of the most pernicious and disgusting of these organizations if Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlán.

Check out this article. You're not going to believe it, unless you've seen it for yourself (Thanks to Michael):

By Investigative Reporter John Taft
April 25, 2006

"You (gringos) have spilled enough of our blood, now it's your turn to bleed, you [expletive] sub-human beasts." So said an editorial in the University of California Irvine's Hispanic LaVoz Mestiza. Professor Gutierrez, employed by the University of Texas, founder of La Raza said, "We have got to eliminate the gringo, and what I mean by that is if the worst comes to the worst, we have got to kill him." Now that isn't very neighborly.

A Chicano organization called MEChA wants to take over much of the US Southwest, an area they call Aztlan said, "For the race everything. For those outside the race, nothing." Another "D" for a bad attitude. Other similar groups include: The La Raza Unida Party, Brown Berets de Aztlan, OLA (Organization for the Liberation of Aztlan), and the Nation of Aztlan. These are radical organizations that can be found in many American high schools and most colleges. They hate America and love its enemies. They are brimming over with race hatred, anti-Semitism, and a history of communist leanings and communist support. They have an irrational anger aimed at their stupid benefactors. Recent mass marches have emboldened these people who do pose a real threat to this nation. Many are illegals and profess their allegiance not to the United States where they live, but to the authoritarian corrupt state of Mexico.

Why are these Chicano groups willing to use violence, kill the gringo, and steal his home and land? Here is what Lou Dobbs has to say: "There are some Mexican citizens and some Mexican -Americans who want to see California, New Mexico and other parts of the southwestern United States given over to Mexico. These groups call it the reconquista, Spanish for reconquest." The word "some" Dobbs uses runs into the hundreds of thousands and perhaps millions judging by the recent filling of streets with anti US Mexican flag wavers. A revolution is taking place while the spectators watch.

The Enemy Within

MEChA has declared war on the United States, the Constitution, and the Declaration of Independence. So far it has done this with impunity with the help of treacherous senators, congressmen, university officials, along with the enemies of this nation. MEChA is bold and aggressive using this nation's economy, welfare programs, and its educational system. While filling their bellies and needs at the expense of the American taxpayer, they're plotting the overthrow of this republic in broad daylight. MEChA is nurtured and protected by the University of California at Irvine. MEChA has spread its venomous rhetoric through an estimated 300 chapters in universities and schools across the United States. Their plan EL PLAN DE AZTLÁN is available for all to read. It's full of race hated, threats, and the use of their bodies for war and their youth to commit revolutionary acts of violence against this nation and its people.

MEChA is appealing to all Hispanics to join their so- called revolution. The illegal aliens and lack of national border control are issues that are developing into a life or death struggle determining whether this republic shall endure as we have know it for the past 230 years. This is a threat with a potential that rivals Iran and radical Islam and it's in our communities and cities across the nation. Our national leaders are turning their backs to this threat while smiling and looking for Hispanic votes. The illegal aliens are the grunts for an army of gorilla fighters MEChA and other Chicano groups would like to create. Amnesty will make no difference to them, for the beat of their drums will continue. With amnesty, millions more of Mexico's poor and hungry will attempt to enter the US for a free ride on the backs of US taxpayers.

There are large numbers of Hispanics who are not integrating into this society. They are not learning English as shown by the number of Spanish radio stations, businesses that tell you to push one for Spanish or two for English, and bilingual schools. Whole communities, like Maywood, California, in Los Angeles are nearly 100 percent Hispanic. And their allegiance to a corrupt Mexico, though hard to understand, is obvious. This was demonstrated visually when Hispanics legal and illegals filled American streets with protestors wanting open boarders, and amnesty for illegals, while waving Mexican flags. There was a backlash to the Mexican flag waving, so now they wave American flags thinking to fool the watchers, thus making them hypocrites and deceivers.

Demonstrations like this don't happen in Mexico where Mexican authorities rape, rob, and beat illegals passing through their county as documented in the linked article. Mexico supports illegal aliens leaving Mexico and illegally crossing our border but doesn't want illegals entering Mexico.
MEChA's Plan to Seize the southwestern United States

MEChA says in the Plan, "A nation autonomous and free - culturally, socially, economically, and politically- will make its own decisions on the usage of our lands, the taxation of our goods, the utilization of our bodies for war, the determination of justice (reward and punishment), and the profit of our sweat." The, "our lands" is the land owned by American citizens. How does MEChA propose to obtain this land of the southwestern states? Their Plan indicates they will use violence with physical force to remove the gringo from his property. Let's look at the following statements from the Plan.

"EDUCATION must be relative to our people, i.e., history, culture, bilingual education, contributions, etc. Community control of our schools, our teachers, our administrators, our counselors, and our programs."

"POLITICAL LIBERATION can only come through independent action on our part, since the two-party system is the same animal with two heads that feed from the same trough. Where we are a majority, we will control; where we are a minority, we will represent a pressure group; nationally, we will represent one party: La Familia de La Raza!"

"El Plan de Aztlán is the plan of liberation! Those institutions which are fattened by our brothers to provide employment and political pork barrels for the gringo will do so only as acts of liberation and for La Causa. For the very young there will no longer be acts of juvenile delinquency, but revolutionary acts."

"We must insure that our writers, poets, musicians, and artists produce literature and art that is appealing to our people and relates to our revolutionary culture."

One could reasonably ask why MEChA doesn't make Mexico an economic powerhouse. The answer is easy; they are having so much success in the US, and they want to steal, like thieves in the night, the wealth of someone else's hard work. The goose that lays the golden egg is in danger.

There is nothing cheap about illegals.

California taxpayers paid an extra $9 billion in taxes to support illegals according to a 2004 report by the Federation for American Immigration Reform, a Washington, D.C. organization that endorses stricter immigration policies. Contributing to this expense are education at around $8 thousand per illegal child or those born to illegal parents, medical care, and prison costs. A similar study in 2004 by the Center for Immigration Studies in Washington, D.C. claimed that illegal aliens cost the federal government $10 billion more than is collected in taxes from them.

That includes $2.2 billion for medical care for uninsured illegal aliens. Another $1.9 billion goes to food assistance programs like food stamps and school lunch programs. Illegal immigrant children cost taxpayers $1.4 billion in aid to schools to help pay their costs. The states' taxpayers carry the major part of the cost to care for the millions of illegals in this country. When schools ask for more money, ask how many illegals are in the classroom and if the citizenship of the parents and child was checked. The costs mentioned are disputed by others who claim the costs of illegals aliens is much higher.

Illegals and Crime in the United States
Illegals are creating a huge crime wave all across the United States. Here is what
Russell Pearce, representing Arizona's 18th district says on his website, "Perhaps as high as 80% of the violent crime in the Phoenix area involves illegal aliens (according to Phoenix Chief Hurt and Mesa police violent crimes response team). Over 4000 homicide warrants were issued by the Border States to suspects who are believed to have fled south of the border into Mexico. Maricopa County Hospital loses over $2 million weekly on uncompensated care (largely do to illegal aliens). In 2003, 77 border hospitals filed for bankruptcy."

The US is a big candy land for the uneducated, criminals, and often sick illegal aliens. The illegals aliens have found there is a free lunch, free medical care, free education, and there really is a Santos Claus, a big, stupid, pale-faced gringo. Hispanic Professor Jose Angel Gutierrez at the University of Texas describes the gringo as, "Our Devil with pale skin and blue eyes." This pale-faced gringo sounds more like a fool than a devil. And guess who the all day sucker is; it's none other than John Q. Taxpayer. He's represented in congress by a bunch of enablers called congressmen and senators including Sen. John McCain and company. Jack Abramoff isn't the only guy that should be behind bars.

The next article; "Congress Supperts Vote Theft by Illegal Aliens." This part will discuss: Terrorists Crossing the Border, Illegal Aliens Sway Elections and Steal Your Destiny, Oregon Schools Superintendent Susan Castillo is Dangerous to Republic, Democrats and Republicans Pander to Hispanic Vote ignoring polls, and Is Congress Creating a Revolution? All this and more. Be sure to visit next week, May 2, 2006 for part two.
The "Mexican flag-wavers" the writer refers to in the above article, were in the streets of Los Angeles on in May of 2006. There was a huge demonstration which clogged the freeways across the hundreds of square miles that is the city of Los Angeles.
I had the distinct displeasure of attempting to drive home from Santa Monica that day, and thus I got to see the whole spectacle as if it were a backwards parade.
It was a frightening spectacle, to be perfectly frank. Let me be clear, I was not afraid that they would tear me out of my car, and kill me. I was, instead, afraid for the future of America.
There is a Mecha Chapter on almost every single college campus in America.

The Gathering Storm Weekly Radio Show: August 31 SPECIAL SHOW!

Listen to The Gathering Storm Radio Show. The show broadcasts live every Friday for one hour at NOON, Pacific Time.

The call-in number is (646) 915-9870.

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Friday, August 31:


This week's scheduled guest for the entire hour will be Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch. He is the author of two the bestsellers The Truth About Muhammad and The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam (and the Crusades). Others of his books include Islam Unveiled: Disturbing Questions About the World's Fastest Growing Faith and Onward Muslim Soldiers: How Jihad Still Threatens America and the West.

The primary topic of our discussion on the August 31 show will be Mr. Spencer's just-published book Religion of Peace? Why Christianity Is and Islam Isn't. According to information at Mr. Spencer's site, the book is a refutation of moral equivalence and call to defend Judeo-Christian civilization from the global jihad. The titles of the chapters of Mr. Spencer's new book:

1. No, Virginia, All Religions Aren't Equal
2. Wars of Religion
3. We Have Met the Enemy and He Is...
4. The Real Threat
5. Cherry-Picking in the Fields of the Lord
6. The Cross and the Sword
7. Christian Anti-Semitism vs. Islamic "Apes and Pigs"
8. The West Calls for Dialogue; Islam Calls for Jihad
9. Faith and Unreason
10. Democracy, Whiskey, Sexy
11. Women in the West vs. Burqas and Beatings
12. Yes, Virginia, Western Civilization Is Worth Defending

Dr. Andrew Bostom has written an extensive review of Mr. Spencer's book [Hat-tip to Pamela Geller, at whose web site I found the review] and states the following about the book:

Robert Spencer’s sobering new book, “Religion of Peace?” reveals how the prevailing multicultural orthodoxy in the West—rooted in self-hatred, uncritical, blanket pacifism, and complacency—negates the profound differences between Judeo-Christian and Islamic civilization, obfuscating the existential threat posed by Islam’s enduring, central institution: the jihad. This corrosive mentality is disseminated by the avatars of immoral equivalence, “elite” sword swallowers for jihadism who have foisted their own self-destructive desensitization to this genocidal institution upon a general public, sadly ill-informed about Islamic doctrine and history.

In that same review, Dr. Bostom cites the following words from Mr. Spencer's book:

Christianity is a religion of peace, and it is a religion without a jihadist movement. Islam is a religion of the sword and there are, by even the most conservative estimates, more than one hundred million active jihadists seeking to impose sharia not only in the Islamic world, but in Europe and ultimately in the United States. And they will succeed, in time, if Westerners continue to delude themselves that Western civilization is uniquely responsible for the evil in the world, that Christianity is just as inherently violent as Islam, that all cultures are equal in their capacity to inspire magnanimity, nobility, generosity, and greatness of soul. This is a suicidal myth.

Whether one believes in Christianity or not, it is necessary now for all lovers of authentic freedom to acknowledge their debt to the Judeo-Christian West, to the Judeo-Christian assumptions that built Europe and the United States, and to acknowledge that this great civilization is imperiled and worth defending.

Be sure to listen, live or via the recording, to The Gathering Storm Radio Show this week!

Storm Track Disinformation: The Liberal Delusion of Islam Continues

Yesterday I posted an article on the delusions that liberals have about Gandhi and his vision of Muslims. Today I’ll answer a blog post by Mick Hall of Organized Rage adding more fuel to the delusions of liberal-think and Islam.

When it comes to political islam, it appears the majority of the western media have taken their lead from their political masters and bracketed it within the context of the ‘clash of civilizations,’ so beloved of George W Bush. Thus organizations as diverse as Palestinian Hamas, Lebanese Hezbullar, the Afghan Talaban and Al-Qaeda are all portrayed as terrorist groups beyond the pale, as if they were a single homogeneous Group.

In reality political islam represents a host of differing political positions and to attempt to blanket them as a single homogenous group is ridiculous, dangerous and uninformative.

May I respectfully say, Mr. Hall – bulls**t!

Read the rest at The Gathering Storm.

When we look in the mirror we should see


What more....

is there to say.... ???

Maybe a finish with Mencken ....

Soros-linked group hit with huge fine

Too bad, so sad.

The Federal Election Commission has fined one of the last cycle’s biggest liberal political action committees $775,000 for using unregulated soft money to boost John Kerry and other Democratic candidates during the 2004 elections.

America Coming Together (ACT) raised $137 million for its get-out-the-vote effort in 2004, but the FEC found most of that cash came through contributions that violated federal limits.

The group’s big donors included George Soros, Progressive Corp. chairman Peter Lewis and the Service Employees International Union.

The settlement, which the FEC approved unanimously, is the third largest enforcement penalty in the commission’s 33-year history.

'And by the way, since I am right, it doesn't matter much what I do to get my way. How do I know this? I say so, and I am right'

Cartland, Boothby, MacMIllian, Nicholson, and now Baird (D, Wash)

The names Ronald Cartland, Robert Boothby, Harold Nicholson were absolutely unknown to me a year ago. I certainly knew of Harold Macmillian, but I had no idea of the lives these men lead not just in oppostion not to their national policy, but in opposition to their own PARTY'S most important policy. I had no idea of the personal impact the conscience of these men caused to their own lives via view of their actions as betrayal.

Today we have a Mr. Brian Baird of Washington .

MoveOn targets pro-surge Democrat

August 29, 2007

Rep. Brian Baird’s (D-Wash.) recent conversion on the Iraq war is beginning to affect more than the national dialogue. On Wednesday, liberal group announced an ad campaign against the congressman in his own district.

Baird recently returned from a trip to Iraq and reversed his position on a withdrawal timetable, citing military progress in the four-year-old war.

MoveOn is calling the move a “flip-flop” and says it goes against the views of his constituents.

The ad does not make specific reference to Baird’s conversion. Instead, it features a soldier who served in Iraq talking about the amount of resistance troops encountered and at the end asks viewers to tell Baird to bring the troops home.

The men mentioned above were singled out by the Conservative Party, and suffered all, an organized effort to replace them with others who would toe the party line. It was an effort at ostracism, intimidation and economic ressure to some. What was that party line? Well, it was the most popular policy in nearly all of British history:


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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Israeli think-tank slams UK for allowing Hamas safe haven

In a followup to this previous post, an Israeli think-tank has spoken out against the British government for letting Hamas operate freely in their country:
Just a short time after former British prime minister Tony Blair assumed the role of Middle East envoy, The Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center in Herzelia, Israel, considered to be the "public face of Israeli intelligence," issued a scathing report in which it accused Britain of being a "major source of publishing and distribution of Hamas incitement."

It condemned the British government for not stopping "the distribution of hateful propaganda against Israel and the West and publications glorifying suicide terrorism," adding that "British authorities have yet to take effective action to put an end to the exploitation of their country by Hamas for spreading incitement? that could strike a chord not only with Palestinian or Arab/Muslim target audiences worldwide but also with the Muslim community in Britain itself."
I just don't see it changing anytime soon, and I don't see any reason to maintain political relations with Britain's government.

Afghanistan's opium production at record high

As I wrote some months ago:

Opium production in Afghanistan has soared to record levels, with an increase on last year of more than a third, the United Nations has said.

The UN Office on Drugs and Crime report says the amount of opium produced there has doubled in the last two years. It says Helmand province is now the biggest single drug-producing area in the world, surpassing whole countries such as Colombia. Afghanistan now accounts for more than 93% of the world’s opiates.

Despite billions of dollars of aid and tens of thousands of international troops, the report says 193,000 hectares of opium poppies are being grown in Afghanistan.

[…] The report says growing opium poppies is now closely linked to the insurgency and the instability in the south. And what is to be done? The report recommends more determined efforts to bring that security. It urges the government to get tough on corruption, which it says is driving the drugs trade and it lists poor governance, a weak judiciary and failing eradication programmes for these new frightening record levels.

Original post.

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Muslims Of The West - Renounce Sharia And Ask For Amnesty

Here is an email I received. Consider these words (they are going to sound way over the top) :

this is a religious war we are engaged in with jihad, and the reason it is, is because they say it is.

they are fighting it as a religious war, complete with the sponsorship, encouragement, and imprimatur of approval by religious leaders.

our ability to fight and defend this war are somewhat limited if the religious leaders of the west, and by that I mean the pope, the leaders of the jewish faith and its various denominations, and the leaders of the various protestant and morman denominations, do not give us the spiritual and religious approval to defend the faith, and defend ourselves.

to defend our religious faith is a just cause. if our religious leaders end up being the cowards our political leaders have been thus far, then as lay people we need to fashion doctrines of holy war, just war, and individual personal & self defense to take this fight to our muslim enemies.

as it stands at this point, the muslims are our enemies. all of them. as pamela noted the other day, there is an absolute silence on the part of muslims world wide condemning or even disapproving of the actions of the jihad. muslims world wide, whether countries or individuals or organizations solicit and contribute money to the international jihad.

until this situation changes, they must all be regarded as legitimate enemies and enemy combatants.

this is not pleasant to contemplate. but, to ignore this reality is to take our pacificism to the grave with us, content, I suppose, in our consistency intellectually.

if we want to survive, we are going to have to toughen up, and the first point where we toughen up is intellectually and spiritually.

we have to meet this enemy wherever he is, and right now, the enemy is in the heart and approval of each muslim of the aims of the jihad.

simple truth, in my view. do and deal with it as you will.

One thing I like about this email is its call for Western religious leaders to lead the fight. This is needed, in my opinion. I have attempted to get my Pastor to understand the depth of the problem with which we are faced. He understands, and has stated, that "Islam is a religion of the sword." However, when he mentions the evils of the world, he mentions war, but not Islam.

That having been said, to me, the notion that all Muslims are our enemies is ludicrous. I know Muslims who are decent people. So, what am I going to do? Pick a fight with them? For God's sake.

But, here's the thing, the day a Muslim terrorist detonates a nuclear weapon in one of our major cities is the day that I will consider all Muslims my enemy.

Now, what should decent human beings who are Muslim do in that case? They ought to renounce Sharia and Jihad unequivocally. They ought to ask for Amnesty and Sanctuary. Basically, they ought to declare that they are with us in our fight.

In reality, Muslims ought to begin doing this now. However, I don't think they realize the danger they are in.

Storm Track Disinformation: Blinded By the Light

Singing Cumbya is no way to fight terrorism. But you can’t tell that to Sonia Gandhi.

While recognising terrorism as the worst form of conflict propelled in the name of religion and ethnicity, Congress president and UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi has said the civilised world could by no means lower its yardsticks in combating the menace.

Delivering the inaugural Mahatma Gandhi Lecture Series at Cape Town University on the continuing relevance of Gandhian philosophy earlier this week, Sonia Gandhi delineated the risk posed by terrorism, saying that it had inflicted "untold suffering on innocent women, men and children".

She, however, cautioned against attempting extra-legal measures. "If democracies are going to wage a war against terrorism, the measures that are adopted should be consistent with and not contrary to the values of democracy," she said. She pointed out that the essence of the Gandhian value-system lay in the coherence of ends and means.
"There are many causes that I am prepared to die for, but no causes that I am prepared to kill for," she quoted the Mahatma as having said.

Too bad the Muslims in India, who he defended, took him at his word. A Muslim, after Gandhi had performed the ultimate appeasement by giving Muslims their own country – Pakistan – assassinated him and his appeasement to Muslims ushered in a long, slow abandonment of secular law – which Gandhi held at such high esteem - in Pakistan.

Read the rest at The Gathering Storm.

We Are Going to Get Hit Again

The head of the National Counterterrorism Center speaks out on Al Qaeda's plans, America's readiness—and the nature of the war on terror.

Retired Vice Admiral John Scott Redd, head of the National Counterterrorism Center, says, "We have very strong indicators that Al Qaeda is planning to attack the West."
The head of the National Counterterrorism Center speaks out on Al Qaeda's plans, America's readiness—and the nature of the war on terror.


By Mark Hosenball and Jeffrey Bartholet

Aug. 27, 2007 - Al Qaeda has an active plot to hit the West. The United States knows about it but doesn't have enough tactical detail to issue a precise warning or raise the threat level, says Vice Admiral (ret.) John Scott Redd, who heads the government's National Counterterrorism Center. In an interview at his headquarters near Washington, D.C., Redd told Newsweek's Mark Hosenball and Jeffrey Bartholet that the country is better prepared than ever to counter such threats. But he also believes another successful terror attack on the U.S. homeland is inevitable. Excerpts:

NEWSWEEK: People in various agencies have said that since Tora Bora in 2001, they at no time have had even 50-percent confidence that they knew where Osama bin Laden was on any particular day, and therefore they have been unable to mount any operations to go get him. Is that wrong?
Redd: What I'll tell you about bin Laden is if we knew where he was, he'd either be dead or captured. It's that simple. [He's] obviously a tough target. That whole area is a tough target. And my standard answer on OBL is: remember [convicted Atlanta Olympics bomber] Eric Rudolph. Nobody likes to hear it but, I mean, here's a guy [who was on the run] in the United States of America. We had unlimited access—the FBI, local law enforcement—and the guy hid out for an awful long time just by keeping a low profile. One reporter said the other day, "Well, gee, you've got all this great overhead stuff and various surveillance things." I said, "Yeah. I'd trade those for about three great human sources."

Why do people believe bin Laden's still alive?
Well, I guess the question is, why do you believe he's dead? I think we're into the longest period we've gone without hearing from him, but we've done this before. Back in '05, I think [the length of time we didn't hear from bin Laden] may have been a week shorter than [the period of his silence] now. So, yeah, we haven't heard from him [since spring 2006]. People are starting to say, "He's dead. He's dead." Quite frankly, we think that if he had died it would have become known. It would be very hard to keep that from leaking out.

Also, there are periodic rumors about him suffering from this disease or that disease, needing dialysis, having to get some exotic drug. Is any of that credible? The short answer is, we don't know. There are those sporadic reports indicating illness, indicating incapacitation, but nothing firm.

Ayman al-Zawahiri seems to have much more freedom of expression, as it were, which implies more freedom of movement. His tapes now are reasonably well produced.
We saw almost a 300-percent increase in media stuff in 2006 out of all of Al Qaeda, and I think this year we are heading toward that mark already, or getting ahead of that. They are becoming more sophisticated. They are not relying on Al Jazeera or you folks to get the message out. They are using the Internet. They've got a fairly well-oiled, if you will, media group. They are doing things like going after a different audience or going after a larger audience, by using subtitles.
English-language…German, Italian, a number of different things. So they have become more sophisticated.

So they actually upload this stuff on the Internet directly?
Well, Ayman al-Zawahiri doesn't sit there and say, "Press and upload."…But you know, what you see is sort of a desire to put themselves on the map. So Zawahiri, I think he had 15 videos last year—and he's almost there [this year]. He'll certainly get there this year, if not more, but you're also seeing a broader spectrum of [Qaeda] people talking about subjects. To be crass about it, it kind of reminds me of a CEO in a start-up company in Silicon Valley. What do you want to do? You want your name out there. So you put out press releases. It helps your funding base—in that case, capitalists, in this case, people who fund Al Qaeda.

While we're on this topic, what can you tell us about Pakistan's release of Mohammed Naeem Noor Khan, who allegedly was a top Al Qaeda communications and computer guy and is now roaming free?
Obviously, we're not exactly happy about that. We have a legal system, and the Pakistanis have a legal system, which was designed for a different era. I won't go into their legal system because I am not an expert on it, but the [Pakistani] Supreme Court said, "You've got to release this guy," and, you know, he's out for a variety of reasons.

What does the progression of terror cases in Britain tell you? Two years ago terrorists actually managed to kill some people. This year it's these two clowns in Glasgow. They were doctors and engineers who seemed to have some connection to Pakistan and/or Iraq, yet they couldn't build a bomb. What does this tell you about the evolution of the organization, the evolution of the front-line terrorists? It shows you the advantage of having a safe haven—a place where you can take someone and not just say, "Here is the formula. Godspeed and go do something," but rather, "Let's [try] it. Let's make it. Let's see it go bang."

Iraq is a giant university for bombmakers.
But, see, they don't have to [make] it there. They just buy the explosives. It's HBX or C4. There's so much explosive material around there.

But if they wanted to teach people, they certainly could.
But you don't have to make C4. You put a detonator in it with a 99-percent likelihood that sucker is going to go off. And they are very good at that.

Is there evidence, though, that they are training people in Iraq to do operations abroad?
AQI has done—certainly under Abu Mussab al-Zarqawi—"external operations" [in Jordan]. I am not going to comment on the most recent U.K. thing and whether there was a connection.

The Europeans have been concerned about traffic between Iraq and Europe.
There's always a concern. Frankly, with what is going on inside Iraq right now, it is probably fair to say that Abu Ayyub al-Masri [the leader of Al Qaeda in Iraq] pretty much has his hands full, although not completely.

Tell us about the threat that emerged earlier this year.
We've got this intelligence threat; we're pretty certain we know what's going on. We don't have all the tactical details about it, [but] in some ways it's not unlike the U.K. aviation threat last year. So we know there is a threat out there. The question is, what do we do about it? And the response was, we stood up an interagency task force under NCTC leadership. So you have all the players you would expect: FBI, CIA, DHS, DIA, DoD, the operators—the military side comes into that—participating in an integrated plan, but integrated in a much more granular and tactical way than we've ever done before. This is my 40th year in government service, 36 in uniform and almost four as a civilian. This is revolutionary stuff, and it is affecting the way we do business.

Earlier this summer, there was talk that people were picking up chatter that reminded them of the summer before 9/11. The Germans basically said this is like pre-9/11. They said, "We are very worried." What do you make of this?
We have very strong indicators that Al Qaeda is planning to attack the West and is likely to [try to] attack, and we are pretty sure about that. We know some of the precursors from—
Attack Europe? Well, they would like to come West, and they would like to come as far West as they can. What we don't know is…if it's going to be Mark Hosenball, and he's coming in on Flight 727 out of Karachi, he's stopping in Frankfurt, and he's coming on through with his European Union passport, and he's coming into New York, and he's going to do something. I mean, we don't have that kind of tactical detail. What we do have, though, is a couple of threads that indicate, you know, some very tactical stuff, and that's what—you know, that's what you're seeing bits and pieces of, and I really can't go much more into it.

But this did not affect our threat level. We didn't change our code. We're pretty high-threat right now. Until you know something that is going to make a difference, you know, you don't necessarily change the threat level. What that does is really stir a lot of people up and get them ticked off, but it probably doesn't accomplish very much.

And you don't as of today see any particular reduction in that threat?
It's still there. It's very serious, you know, and we're watching it. We're learning more all the time, but it's still a very serious threat.

Last thing: Are we winning or losing the war on terrorism?
This is a long war. People say, "What is this like?" I say it's like the cold war in only two respects. Number one, there is a strong ideological content to it. Number two, it is going to be a long war. I'll be dead before this one is over. We will probably lose a battle or two along the way. We have to prepare for that. Statistically, you can't bat 1.000 forever, but we haven't been hit for six years, [which is] no accident.

I will tell you this: We are better prepared today for the war on terror than at any time in our history. We have done an incredible amount of things since 9/11, across the board. Intelligence is better. They are sharing it better. We are taking the terrorists down. We are working with the allies very carefully. We are doing the strategic operational planning, going after every element in the terrorist life cycle. So we have come a long way. But these guys are smart. They are determined. They are patient. So over time we are going to lose a battle or two. We are going to get hit again, you know, but you've got to have the stick-to-itiveness or persistence to outlast it.
Pastorius comment: It sounds to me like, perhaps, this guy is giving himself to much credit. Now, I am not in intelligence, so what do I know?
But, here's the thing. How hard would it be for Al Qaeda to coordinate some mall bombings leading up to Chrsitmas? Put a bomb in a backpack, or a baby carriage, and march some people into malls?
Is it really that hard?
Or, could it be that Al Qaeda set on hitting us with WMD's or nothing at all?
That's a little hard to believe, if you ask me. The London Subway Bombings were pretty damn low tech, right?
What do you think is going on here?

"If the Iranian missiles strike Israel, by Allah, I will go to Trafalgar Square and dance with delight."

From London:

Editor prays for nuclear attack on Israel

The editor of an Arabic daily newspaper published in London said in an interview on Lebanese television that he would dance in Trafalgar Square if Iranian missiles hit Israel.

Talking about Iran's nuclear capability on ANB Lebanese television on June 27, Abd Al-Bari Atwan, editor-in-chief of Al-Quds Al-Arabi newspaper, said, "If the Iranian missiles strike Israel, by Allah, I will go to Trafalgar Square and dance with delight.

In the interview, Bari Atwan was asked if he thought there is a process of détente [vis-à-vis Iran] and an American-Iranian inclination to reach a deal on Iran's nuclear ambitions.

Oh, and if you think appeasement of Iran will help...

"If there is a deal, it will be at the expense of the Arabs and if there is a war, it will also be at the expense of the Arabs," he responded.

"I'm sad to say that we have no backbone now. If Iran reaches a deal with the Americans, what will be the bottom line? That Iran will have a nuclear program, and even if it does not manufacture nuclear weapons in the next 5-10 years, it will do so later."

"One of the fruits of such a deal would be a significant Iranian role in the region. Iran will remain a regional military power, which will threaten, or rather, will control and have hegemony over the region.

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Jumping through The Hoop

Every language contains the words it needs. The German word gemütlich has only a very inadequate translation in cosy, as has Schadenfreude in spitefulness. I always think that is because Schadenfreude (i.e. gloating at other people's bad luck) isn't one of the main states of mind of the Anglo Saxons and because they have a different understanding of what is considered gemütlich. The term Gemüt, from which gemütlich is derived, is well nigh untranslatable because English speakers don't deal in soppiness, the simple term Körung needs at least a major historical essay about the role of governmental control in every aspect of German life to become understandable, and the German word Waldsterben has found its way into the English language presumably because English speakers don't seem to worry enough about it to coin their own term.

Last week, an interesting article by the author and Islam-critic Hans-Peter Raddatz was published in the Frankfurter Neue Presse. The headline "Zwischen Dialog und Dressur" alone is a manifesto and – virtually non-translatable. How can Dressur be translated? Between Dialogue and Dressage? Hardly, because this is not about horses and riding. Between Dialogue and Training then? Even less, because the English word training is not burdened with a negative overtone, whereas Dressur (in any other than a horsey context) is. Here we are talking about the kind of training to which – say – a dancing bear is subjected or a lion until he finally jumps through a hoop. I have chosen to translate "Dressurelite" as "hoop jumping elite". I could have as well termed it "dancing bear elite". Should somebody know the correct English term I would be grateful to receive it.
When it comes to the "dialogue with Islam", apart from the headscarf there is hardly any other topic that causes the same sort of stir like the building of mosques, which are supposed to turn Germany and Europe into a "Land of Peace". Not without force, a pressure group of "advisers", "agents" and other "experts" are propagating in the name of their organisations – party, foundation, university, church, media – the message of Islamic "tolerance", which is entitled to demand "respect" from the West.

This is ensured by the Islamic side as well, who has not just oil and money as convincing arguments. As the Turkish Ditib [Turkish-Islamic Union in Germany] told the Chancellor lately, it are the Islamic representatives on whom the security of the Federal Republic is depending. No wonder that the German pro-Islam pressure group performs successfully as one of those "hoop jumping elites" who are acting in the interest of the opposite side… [This] means, in effect, that the "dialogue" demanded and sponsored in this country is not a tool for discussion, but for education of the masses.

To read the whole article go to Roncesvalles.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

"Aznar for International Criminal Court"

I wrote some months ago about a platform whose objective is to send Aznar to the International Criminal Court because of “his support to the illegal Iraqi war”. Another platform, called “Aznar for ICC” is preparing a “hot autumn“, as United Left’s MP from Andalucia’s Autonomous Community Antonio Romero has said. He added:

Neither Aznar, nor Bush nor Tony Blair can go away without punishment after causing an illegal and immoral war, which has produced the death to 700.000 Iraqis, the majority of which were civil, more than 2 million of people in exile, the complete destruction of the country’s infraestructures, of its historical and cultural heritage and the absolute looting of its natural resources, specially, of oil”.

For you to consider the personality of Antonio Romero: he was condemned some years ago, because in a strike, he beat, insulted and menaced an old man, owner of a little cafeteria, and one of the clients because he did not want to go on strike. He shouted at both: “fascist, son of a bitch, asshole”, after yelling at them “you’re going to shut whether you like it or not, or you’re going to shut por cojones“. You know, a peaceful, respectful and calm guy…  But the best is what he said: “I only wanted to defend their rights -whether they liked it or not-, telling him how marvellous it was to close all the shops for Andalucia’s rights“.

Original post.

Storm Track Intimidation: An Infidel Asks a Question - How Dare He

Always on Watch has already done a fine post on this event. After reading the article in the post she referenced, I found this little give and take – mostly take – between one of the candidates and the Muslims at the park.

Briefly, “close to 1,000 members of Northern Virginia's Muslim community packed a corner of a Fairfax County park in the wilting heat yesterday for emotional, and sometimes tense, encounters with a procession of public officials and political candidates eager to court their votes”.

I found this one encounter very informative and a reflection of what the Muslim population in Northern Virginia really thinks.

Read the rest at The Gathering Storm.

Ban CAIR Now!

From the New Media Journal:

CAIR Must Be Abolished...and Now
Erik Rush, Senior Writer

“The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) is a nonprofit 501(c)(4), grassroots civil rights and advocacy group. CAIR is America's largest Islamic civil liberties group, with regional offices nationwide and in Canada. The national headquarters is located on Capitol Hill in Washington D.C.

Since its establishment in 1994, CAIR has worked to promote a positive image of Islam and Muslims in America. Through media relations, lobbying, education and advocacy, CAIR puts forth an Islamic perspective to ensure the Muslim voice is represented. In offering this perspective, CAIR seeks to empower the American Muslim community and encourage their participation in political and social activism.” – from CAIR website (

This has gotten way out of hand, especially as it becomes clearer as to what this “Islamic perspective” actually is: Imams taunting airline passengers and personnel, antisocial taxicab drivers and furor over foot baths – and this is just for starters, believe me.

We have seen organizations like the National Council of La Raza (NCLR, tout undeniably noble missions such as the reduction of poverty and discrimination, the promotion of opportunities for minorities, free enterprise, freedom of religion, freedom of expression, and protection of civil rights – all the while holding a veiled agenda and unquestionably anti-American associations close to their vests. Of course all of these groups claim to condemn all acts of violence against anyone by anyone else, but when one delves into the history and core beliefs of their members and their bedfellows, this is like Al Capone saying he was a businessman who never killed anybody (the latter being untrue regardless, but you get the point).

Since September 11, 2001, and particularly over the last year or two, CAIR has gone into high gear, capitalizing on the cooperation of PC purveyors, the nauseatingly abject fear and intimidation of Americans – and particularly large organizations with money and images to protect – by overreacting to the normally healthy suspicions many Americans have with regard to Muslims in America and Islam in general. In addition, they’ve joined with the far Left (a conspiracy of mind if not collusion) in attacking Christianity.

If it isn’t enough that the group’s “About CAIR” webpage includes the well-spun catch phrase (and major red flag) apropos their opposing “racial, ethnic or religious profiling,” CAIR recently bullied a CBS affiliate in Tampa, Florida to cancel a Christian television program. The organization was involved in the recent “War on Talk Radio” initiated by far-Lefters in Congress, and has been named by Federal law enforcement in a plot to fund the terrorist organization Hamas. The list of anti-American and borderline or outright nefarious actions and associations in which they’ve been involved is positively dizzying.

They’ve followed the lead and formula of Jesse Jackson’s nonprofits; although at least some of their funding likely comes from far less legitimate sources, their modus operandi has been to present a clean, corporate image whilst using intimidation and dark coercion (in the form of threat to profits) in pursuit of their objectives. In their case, it’s the undermining of Christianity and American culture as opposed to hard cash or sweetheart deals as in Jackson’s case.

While their aforementioned veiled agenda is the insinuation of Islam (a word which, let’s not forget, translates into “submission”) into America rather than the socialist goals of La Raza, it is a supremacist philosophy nonetheless.

“Islam isn’t in America to be equal to any other faith, but to become dominant… The Koran should be the highest authority in America, and Islam the only accepted religion on Earth.” – Omar Ahmad, CAIR Chairman Emeritus, July 2, 1998 (from San Ramon Valley Herald, July 4, 1998)

We are so asleep it is almost incomprehensible...

Across the airwaves, well-spoken CAIR representatives exercise all opportunities to come out in support of every Muslim-related cause or “victimized” faction thereof, claiming and appearing to be simply “peace-loving Muslims” and “patriotic Americans” who only want to prevent any inordinate backlash as a result of radical factions within their religion. Shades of Capone, again my friends, or perhaps People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA): If someone merely incites, they’re absolved of any culpability for antisocial behavior on the part of their fellows.

Well, that doesn’t fly. CAIR is the driver of the getaway car that Al-Qaeda used to rob the bank. In similar scenarios all over America, if a police officer is killed in the commission of such a crime, the driver is charged with murder as well.

They are the Klan without robes, Nazis without the swastika. Yet they’re being treated like a legitimate, viable social organization. These operatives are the consummate duplicitous villains who are intent on destroying us – and the bottom line is that Americans need to wake up.

This dangerous enemy of the United States must be neutralized via revocation of its nonprofit status, its officers charged with treason and jailed. It is for this reason and a host of others that Americans need to become aware of how desperately in need of a housecleaning our Congress is, and mobilize to that end.

CAIR’s Chairman has stated that they plan to take over the world. What more do we need? Let’s stop legitimizing CAIR’s talking heads when they are showcased by America-haters in the press; they’re simply using the tried-and-true tactics of race-baiting and whining victimhood that have worked so well for other American activists.

The big difference is that the NAACP doesn’t want to convert Americans to a retrograde cult at the point of a gun.


Iran Prepared to Fill Iraq Power Vacuum

TEHRAN, Iran (AP) - President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad warned Tuesday that a power vacuum is imminent in Iraq and said that Iran was ready to help fill the gap.

"The political power of the occupiers is collapsing rapidly," -

Ahmadinejad said at a press conference in Tehran, referring to U.S. troops in Iraq. "Soon, we will see a huge power vacuum in the region. Of course, we are prepared to fill the gap, with the help of neighbors and regional friends like Saudi Arabia, and with the help of the Iraqi nation."



A few pieces of the military preparedness side of the Iran puzzle

If you are RISK - AVERSE you will not like this.

Articles today quote source claiming that Russia has along with SU-30's, Kilo Subs and Pantsyr air defense systems, aling with the S-300 system now transferred the Yakhont missile (an updated version of the Sunburn missile) to Iran. (If you use the google links, be aware there are some hysterical type overhypes in the mix)

Who cares about this?

Well let's follow the trail from the Jerusalem Post today. The Israelis, of course, given their experience against Hizballah with a much lower tech missile have their own concerns.

However, the specs are these:

  1. Missile launch vehicle: Land, Mobile, Naval patrol craft, Destroyer, SUBMARINE.
  2. Range: Up to 300km (THE ENTIRE PERSIAN GULF)
  3. Warhead: ~ up to 300kg
  4. Speed: Mach 2-3 (time to target from launch - 5.9 minutes, time from 50 mile detection - 90 seconds)
  5. Guidance: Over the horizon radar guidance via vehicle (helicopter or other ...a weakness), then active radar homing
  6. Design: 1980's then updated

Since this missile can be launched from the mountains inside Iran from both fixed and mobile launchers and cover any ship in the gulf, and since these are cheap compared to aircraft, and since launched en masse (Soviet doctrine) could saturate defenses even if adequate to begin with, what would be the purpose of such sales by the Russians (the why for the Iranians is quite obvious). Certainly the BEST explanation would be deterrence of an american attack - and therefore the survival intact of the current Iranian regime (besides their ability to buy russian arms, what POSSIBLE advantage does this have for the Russians besides being a detriment to us?)

To defeat this missile will take early detection (E-3A's and Hawkeye's), early defense missile launch, and lavish point defense.

Do we have this?

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NY Times On Greece's Possibly Terrorist-Driven Fires: All The News That's Fit To Print

Forty-four fires in Greece, started by arsonists - time-coordinated incendiary devices triggered by cell phones - and this is all the New York Times has to say today:

The government, seeking to deflect criticism, has meantime blamed arson, reportedly arresting seven people for setting various fires, which have flared around the nation, most here on the Peloponnese peninsula and on Evia island north of Athens. Adding to conspiracy theories blasted over an alarmist Greek news media — including the possibility that the fires were started as a hostile act from abroad — a Greek prosecutor on Monday ordered an investigation into whether the fires might be prosecuted under the nation’s antiterrorism laws.