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Iraq: 10 Catholics killed, 30 wounded after security forces stormed Baghdad church

Iraqi Policeman inside Our Lady of Salvation Chaldean Catholic church, after security forces have stormed the building
This is an update on this story:
At least 10 Christian worshippers were killed and about thirty wounded tonight, when Iraqi security forces stormed a Baghdad church in which terrorists wearing explosive vests were holding them hostage.
The raid also killed seven Iraqi soldiers and police officers. The violence erupted just after 9pm, almost four hours after a group of between six and eight gunmen wearing military uniforms stormed Our Lady of Salvation Chaldean Catholic church in the inner-city suburb of Karrada.
Worshippers caught up in the carnage described their ordeal to the Guardian as they fled the church. They said the terrorist attack was heralded by a car bomb outside the fortified church gate at 5:30pm. The two priests, who were about to begin mass ushered at least half of their 120-strong congregation to a small room in the back of the ornate building, in a bid to protect them.
"After a while one of the terrorists opened the door and threw in a bomb," said a man who identified himself as Bassam. "There were injuries. They killed people, they injured people," he said, before collapsing on the road outside the church. "Where is our father?" he screamed," referring to his priest. "Where is our father?"

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FORBES:There is a failure of leadership in the U.S. in formulating an economic plan that helps more than the wealthiest citizens

President Barack Obama confers with Federal Re...
Nitty Gritty Numbers Suggest Downward Spiral
Robert Lenzner, 10.29.10, 6:20 PM ET

In housing, the Case-Shiller home price index fell almost 3% on an annualized basis in August and September, the weakest performance since May of 2009 when the recession still going on. In 19 of the top 20 cities, prices were down on a seasonally adjusted basis. During the July, August, September period sales of new homes fell at a sickening 41% annual rate to 293,000 units the lowest level ever recorded going back to 1963, when the figures were first kept.

In unemployment, emergency benefits to extend 99 weeks (almost two years) of unemployment benefits are running out or for some 4 million to 5 million people from December through April. This is proof positive that we are on the cusp of a deepening poverty at the very moment of political stalemate. Rosenberg says government handouts are responsible for 20% of disposable income in the country, so pray for the stability of the Social Security system. In personal Income, this loss of unemployment benefits means a loss of income equal to about $300 a week, or about $80 billion totted up, unavailable for consumption.

I have seen no other market strategist get down to the prospects for the people at the bottom of the income ladder. Did you know that 38% of middle income families plan to spend less than $500 on holiday gifts, double the number last year?

Look at global air cargo shipments, an indicator of health for global economy. They slid ominously by 2.1% last month. The Air Transport Association found this "worrying," according to Rosenberg's daily letter "Breakfast with Dave." Durable goods orders are down 0.8% if you exclude orders for aircraft components, which suggests air travel and tourism might be good place to invest dollars.

Good news? Some 83% of companies have beaten their profit estimates, putting their margins at a high point despite the slowness in revenues. Large public companies have risen in share price because they cut out overhead. They laid off a lot of people and were able to report significant profit gains from the bottom of the recession cycle.

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Posts for 31 Oct: Ashtiani's son and lawyer tortured, Khamenei's speech at Qom, "Islamization is no crime", Bibles desecrated in Malawi, Oklahoma's Sharia ban, Maldives' denigrating "vows exchange", Iraqi church-goers kidnapped

  1. Lawyer and son of condemned woman tortured: Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani‘s son Sajjad Ghaderzade and lawyer Javid Hutan Kian have been tortured since being arrested earlier this month.
  2. Khamenei's speech in Qom: he strongly criticized Iran’s enemies, saying they sought to denigrate its citizens’ religious faith, the key to Iranian success. He noted that even though the enemies attempted to sever the bond between the Iranian public and the regime, the participation of 40 million Iranians in the last presidential election showed the public’s support for the regime and Islam. The enemy’s scheme failed, and the riots that broke out after the election made Iran immune to the “social and political microbes” that threatened it. He added that, using the media, Iran’s enemies are trying to promote two ideas: Islam without clerics, and separation between religion and politics.
  3. Hamas: "Islamization is no crime", among other news. We have the right to control our life according to our religion, not according to your religion. You have no religion, you are secular,” said Zahar, who is one of the group’s most influential and respected voices
  4. Malawi: Bibles' desecration could signal new Muslim militancy, priests' worries. Although the school had made it clear that no Bibles were to be given to the Muslim pupils and that no one was obliged to take a copy, some Muslim youths created an uproar. They tore up the Bibles, threw them at their teachers and then threw torn pages on the streets. Some of the students denounced the Bible distribution to their religious leaders as an “insult to Islam” and claimed that they had been forced to accept a Bible.
  5. Oklahoma may ban Sharia Law. Voters in Oklahoma next week will be asked to consider an unusual ballot measure: whether the state’s constitution should be amended to outlaw Sharia, the sacred law of Islam.
  6. Maldives: Police arrest "celebrant" of degrading "vows exchange". Under Maldivian law non-Muslims are not permitted to marry in the Maldives, but many resorts offer ‘renewal of vows’ ceremonies. The men have not yet been formally charged, “but this is a very serious issue related to our economy,” (Police Sub-Inspector) Shiyam said.
  7. Iraq: Gunmen take church-goers hostage after killing 2 at stock exchange. The gunmen are demanding that the Iraqi government release a number of detainees and prisoners inside Iraqi prisons, saying the Christian hostages will be freed in return, according to the police officials.

Read This. It says it all.

Below is the speech given at today’s (30th Oct 2010) demonstration at Generatorstraat in Amsterdam by the British author and former Parliamentary candidate Paul Weston.

My name is Paul Weston, and I represent the International Free Press Society.

And I am standing here today because our liberal elites have betrayed our countries to Islam.

Forty-two years ago the British politician Enoch Powell made his famous “Rivers of Blood” speech, in which he stated that “The supreme function of statesmanship is to provide against preventable evils.”

Our politicians today do the exact opposite. They actively promote a preventable evil.

But eighty years ago one man, Winston Churchill, was very clear about preventing a clear and present evil, Herr Hitler and the Nazis. But Churchill was a lone voice crying in the wind of appeasement, and the carnage that could have been avoided came with a vengeance.

And today Europe finds itself in much the same position. Even as Islam grows demographically, territorially, and militantly, it is promoted as the “religion of peace” by the same type of cowardly, careerist politicians who once appeased Hitler. Islam was not the religion of peace to Winston Churchill. He described it as the religion of blood and war.

Anyone with a knowledge of the foundations and history of Islamic expansion knows this to be the truth.

Mohammed was a warlord. And a very good warlord indeed. By the time of his death he had militarily defeated and converted most of the pagan and Christian tribes of the Arabian Peninsula.

After his death Islam rapidly expanded at the point of a sword, defeating ancient civilisations and overrunning continents as it did so.

And today it is within Europe, it is within the West, and it is calling for what it has always called for: total Islamic domination. And if we wish to resist, then they will use terror against us.

Yet still our treasonous politicians call it the “religion of peace”, and tell us that if we refuse to share such a fantastical and ridiculous notion, that if we choose to believe Winston Churchill’s argument that Islam is a religion of blood and war, then we will be sent to prison.

Of course it is not a religion of peace. Its founder was a warrior, and the highest honour bestowed upon a Muslim is the promise of hordes of scented houris and an eternal leg-over in the after life, achievable not by being a good Samaritan, but by dying as a martyr in the physical battle to expand imperialist Islam.

Islam literally means submission. What kind of a religion can possibly call itself submission?

Islam divides the world into two spheres. The House of Islam (submission) and the House of War. What kind of religion defines itself by military conquest?

Yet our leaders tell us we cannot criticise Islam because it is a religion, whilst the organisation of the Islamic conference, in cahoots with the united nations is striving to make any criticism of Islam illegal.

But Islam is so much more than just a religion. It is a political, social, legal and structural blueprint which totally dominates a devout Muslim’s life, and wishes coincidentally to dominate all devout non-Muslims’ lives as well.

It is profoundly illiberal and it is profoundly undemocratic. It does not believe in the man-made laws of democracy, preferring instead to adhere to the absolute word of Allah, as interpreted by an illiterate 7th-century desert dweller.

And our politicians have imported this illiberal and undemocratic ideology into the liberal democracies than make up the West, and then they dare to criminalise us when we object to this!

But how can we not criticise Islam? Can our politicians really protect it as a religion and therefore place it out of legal reach?

When homosexuals are hung from cranes, is this political Islam in action or religious Islam?

When adulterous women are buried up to their shoulders in sand and stoned to death, is this political Islam or religious Islam?

When Muslims who wish to leave Islam are issued with death sentences, is this political Islam, or is this religious Islam?

When wives and daughters are slaughtered to protect their families’ honour by husbands fathers and uncles, is this political Islam or religious Islam?

If it is political, then it must be denounced as evil and barbaric. If it religious, how can it possibly not be denounced as the same? What is evil is evil and what is barbaric is barbaric and cannot be exempted from criticism because it is sheltered by the word “religion”.

In criminalising free speech, our socialist leaders reveal their dictatorial ambition. The mark of a free society is freedom of speech. To take this away is a totalitarian act, made all the worse because freedom of speech is our only defence in the peaceful opposition against the foreign totalitarian ideology of Islam.

And I hope this irony is not lost on you. In order to protect and advance a foreign totalitarian ideology, our own rulers are prepared to adopt native totalitarian means to stop us defending our democracy and our freedom.

The West lives in accordance with the European Convention on Human Rights. Islam does not. They signed up instead to the Cairo Declaration on Human Rights in Islam.

But they have a very important caveat: when sharia law collides with human rights law, guess which law prevails?

Quite so. Sharia is the top trumps when it comes to human rights.

This is like a signatory to the Geneva convention murdering and torturing prisoners of war, and being given a pass at a war trial because it was “part of their religion.”

And when our politicians today excuse Islam as a religion of peace and allow them to set the rules both at home, at the European Union, and at the United Nations, then our politicians are betraying their countries and they are betraying their people. They are committing treason.

“Can one commit treason in a time of peace?” people may ask. But are we really at peace?

We may not consider ourselves at war with Islam, but Islam considers itself at war with us.

And it is a war we are losing. Territorially, demographically, politically, and democratically.

In fact, it is a war of aggression on two fronts. Radical Islam on the one, and left-wing treason on the other.

Our children are told to celebrate multiculturalism and Islam, without being told the real history of violent expansionist Islam.

Instead, they are told that their own history, their religion, their culture, their traditions, their very being, is just a litany of imperialism, racism, murder and slavery. This is a proven psychological technique designed to render an enemy helpless, or to quote Alexander Solzhenitsyn, “in order to destroy a people, you must first sever their roots.”

Any government that does this to its own people, to its own children, is a government that deserves, manifestly deserves, to be overthrown.

Can anyone really argue that a government that praises the foreign invader whilst psychologically and legally stripping away the defences of its people is a government that is not guilty of treason?

Now here we come to a more uplifting part of this depressing monologue, because in this part of the battle we are advancing. Slowly, admittedly, but relentlessly, and I think we are now unstoppable.

Geert Wilders here in the Netherlands, René Stadtkewitz in Germany, whose immediate popularity caused Angela Merkel to make an abrupt U-turn and denounce Multiculturalism.

The Sweden Democrats, Heinz-Christian Strache in Austria, the Swiss People’s Party, and in England we await a political movement to pick up the baton from the rapidly growing English Defence League.

And that growth can only accelerate. As more and more people become aware of Islam and become aware of the depth of treason perpetrated by their liberal rulers, and most importantly, as people lose their fear of being labelled a racist — which was a label specifically designed to strip us of resistance against a racially designated invader who uses race as a weapon.

In fact, let us deal with this “racist” label right now. It is not racist to defend your country against an obvious and growing threat. It is not racist to defend your culture, your heritage, and your traditions. It is not racist to work to ensure a democratic future for your children and grandchildren.

If you choose not to defend your country, your culture and the democratic future of your children, then you may well pat yourselves on the back in your non-racist champagne socialist cocktail bars in Islington; you may well love other people’s anti-racist credentials almost as much as you love your own; but there is no getting away from the label I have for you.

You are a traitor and a betrayer of your country, a betrayer of your culture, and a betrayer of our yet unborn children.

And you are a racist, indeed a genocidal racist. Young native Europeans will become a demographic ethnic minority within their own homelands if immigration rates and birth rates stay the way they are for just one more generation.

This can politely be called population replacement. More crudely, it is bloodless genocide.

The United Nations is very clear on this. Their definition of genocide is as follows:


Article 2.

In the present convention genocide means any of the acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, racial or religious group.

We have been betrayed.

And one of the saddest aspects of this betrayal is the effect it has had on those old ex-warriors who fought for their countries in recent living memory.

Ex-Spitfire pilot Alex Henshaw died three years ago. He was acutely aware of the political betrayal of his country. He said:

“I feel extreme emotional sadness for the young men I knew that gave their lives willingly for a cause in which we all believed. And I often say to myself that if those young boys would come down now and walk through the villages, through the towns and through the cities and look around and see what is happening to us, they would say somewhere along the line we have been betrayed.”

Yes, Mr. Henshaw, I am afraid you have, and all of you socialist/liberal/left-wing people need to know what you have done.

You need to take a walk around your cities, towns and villages, take a look at the hundreds of thousand of graves standing as testament to the ultimate sacrifice made by our young men in order that you may live in a liberal democracy today.

You need to understand that this a not just betrayal, but a triple betrayal:

*The betrayal of all our old soldiers whose sacrifice granted us freedom,

* The betrayal of my generation who you threaten to imprison if we defend our inherited freedom, and

* The betrayal of our yet unborn, who, unless we stop it seem set to inherit a country racked with tribal and religious hatred, which must inevitably lead to a continental scale multicultural war that will make the break-up of Yugoslavia look like a bun-fight.

And, of course, it is also the betrayal of freedom and democracy.

Because freedom and democracy did not just magically appear. They evolved over two and a half thousand years, rooted in Greco-Roman Judeo-Christian ancestry. And were fought for and defended with much blood and sacrifice.

Democracy and freedom are not the personal possessions of socialist politicians to be handed away, without our agreement, to the descendants of a 7th century desert warlord, who view our attachment to democracy as just a weakness to be used against us.

I do not blame Islam. Fundamentalist Muslims are just doing what it says in the book.

But I do blame our politicians. There are two sides in this civilisational stand-off, and our politicians have sided with the enemy.

So I say to them:
You may well hold the levers of power at the moment, but we are on the rise and we are unstoppable. Do you seriously think you can do what you have done to your own people without repercussion?

You could stop this now if you chose to, by the simple expedient of putting the interests of your own people before the interests of Islam.

But you won’t do that will you? So you put us in an almost impossible position. If we do nothing we must accept our children and grandchildren will one day live under sharia law.

And if we do something, then it must by definition be revolutionary. But we did not start this. You did. Most of us would have been quite happy to mow the lawn, hold down a mundane job, and pay our taxes.

You have made us revolutionaries. And whilst your behaviour suggests you fear Islam more than you fear us, let me tell you something, you lying, betraying, treacherous, socialist careerists:

We might not hold power today, but given another decade, we will, and then we will hold you to account. You will appear before a Nuremberg-style court, and you will be tried for treason, and you will be tried for crimes against humanity, and for the first time in a very long time you will be answerable to us!

Keep an eye on Paul Weston, he's THE ONE the UK need so badly!!

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Chasing Pirates

Norah Jones, and all I can say is, "Oh my God."

One More Dollar

Gillian Welch

Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff Speaks at the Amsterdam Rally for Free Speech - pro-wilders


A little Halloween present to everyone at IBA, especially us -- ahem! -- ladies from me and, in order of appearance, Steve, Lukasz, Thomas, and Egyhazi, collectively known as "sexy guys who play vampire Count Graf von Krolock:

[!?$&?!! YouTube... just type the above into the YouTube Search line, or try it by the titles: YouTube - Original Sin - Tanz der Vampire (Taniec Wampriow). Don't forget to max the screen!]

And not to forget our superstitious sons and daughters of Islam, here's one for you. They're all "jinns"! and they're after your blood, suckers... mmmmwwwhhaaaahahahhaaaaaaa...

YouTube - Tanz der Vampire - FINALE (Vienna)

And, from IBA's own "Wikkid (Awesome) Witch of the East", to the world in general, the great Act. I finale of Wicked:

Stunning testimony at the trial of Geert Wilders

From Vlad Tepes Blog:

Thanks to the Counter Jihad Collective, and especially the work of V.H. as translator and the good Baron over at Gates of Vienna, we have managed to translate and subtitle a lot of the testimony given by the judge (I still don’t exactly understand that as procedure) reading from Wafa Sultan and others, on behalf of Geert Wilders.

This testimony, written by Hans Jansen, is the most blunt and insightful of all. Yes it is nearly an hour, but well worth it. Jansen does not mince words and responds to all the questions asked of him with tremendous clarity eliminating irrelevant assumptions from the questions and then discussing the pertinent aspects of Islam relative to the charges against Geert Wilders directly. This really is an excellent watch. Hans is an Arabist with world class credentials on Arabic and Islamic history and culture.

Click on the title to see the other four parts over at Vlad Tepes Blog.
John Patitucci
Peace Prayer


The Kinks

Long ago life was clean
Sex was bad and obscene
And the rich were so mean
Stately homes for the Lords
Croquet lawns, village greens
Victoria was my queen
Victoria, Victoria, Victoria, 'toria

I was born, lucky me
In a land that I love
Though I am poor, I am free
When I grow I shall fight
For this land I shall die
Let her sun never set
Victoria, Victoria, Victoria, 'toria
Victoria, Victoria, Victoria, toria

Land of hope and gloria
Land of my Victoria
Land of hope and gloria
Land of my Victoria
Victoria, 'toria
Victoria, Victoria, Victoria, 'toria

Canada to India
Australia to Cornwall
Singapore to Hong Kong
From the West to the East
From the rich to the poor
Victoria loved them all
Victoria, Victoria, Victoria, 'toria
Victoria, Victoria, Victoria

Stewart-Colbert ‘Sanity’ Rally Hosted By Radical Muslim Singer Yusuf Islam

Of course, calling for the murder of Salman Rushdie was a sign of sanity.

Click on the title to get the whole story at Weasel Zippers.

For my part, I will say this, I am getting sick of the purposeful naivete of Liberals, which is all funded by the blood the young men who fight to keep this country safe. If it weren't for the fact that rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf, Liberals like Colbert and Stewart would not even have the luxury of thinking a maniac like Yusuf Islam was fit to sing at a concert on American soil. 

This man wants to kill an author because he was mildly critical of Islam. Think about that. This man is an enemy of everything we hold dear in this country, and Colbert and Stewart invited him to play at their rally.

What the hell is wrong with them? Seriously, what is wrong with them? 

Are they really so uninformed that they don't know that Islam called for the death of Salman Rushdie? I really don't believe they could be. I simply don't believe it.

Do they, instead, think it's a kind of hip rebellion to bring a noble savage like Islam on stage with them? Are they such shallow middle-aged men that they have the need to tell adults they think it would be cool if America were destroyed, so that they feel as if they have street cred? Because that's what they are doing when they invite someone like Islam to sing at their event. They are telling us they are cool with Muslims destroying the First Amendment.

I really had better just stop writing at this point, because my anger is such that, next, I will be calling for the death of anyone who thinks it's funny, hip, or reasonable to call for the death of Rushdie. 

For now, I will just say, I have lost a lot of respect for these two men, and I wish they would both lose their careers in that most decadent and capitalist-piggish of all occupations; highly-paid entertainers

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Culturist Brooklyn Tea Party Press Release

We will be giving a press conference and reading the following in front of Cymbrowitz's campaign headquarters tomorrow.

Steven Cymbrowitz Epitomizes the Rotten Cowardice of American Politicians

Contact: John K. Press, Ph.D.                 
President of the Brooklyn Tea Party

To: Assemblyman Steven Cymbrowitz, Helene Weinstein, et al.

For months the Brooklyn Tea Party and members of the Sheepshead Bay community have worked diligently to get local politicians to address their concerns about the building of a mosque at 2812 Voorhies Avenue - the Voorhies mosque.  We have written letters to Steven Cymbrowitz, Helene Weinstein, Chuck Schumer, Kirsten Gillibrand, Anthony Weiner, Marty Golden, Alan Maisel, Marty Markowitz, and Carl Kruger.  Each representative received a certified letter with over thirteen hundred signatures of local residents affixed. 

                  Within these letters we told them that the Anti-Defamation League claimed that the developer of the Mosque, the Muslim American Society (MAS), “has a troubling history of associations with radical organizations and individuals that promote terrorism, anti-Semitism and reject Israel's right to exist.”  The ADL called MAS “the leading American Muslim organization organizing anti-Israel activity in the U.S.”[i] We provided over eighty pages of evidence documenting these claims.[ii] Recently the Staten Island Roman Catholic Church’s board, which includes Archbishop Timothy Dolan, decided not to sell property the MAS wanted to turn into a mosque over this very same documentation.[iii]

                   The Brooklyn TEA Party knows why none of the above mentioned politicians responded to our concerns about the MAS’ Voorhies mosque.  They are cowards.  They are politicians rather than leaders.  They do not want to offend a single person, let alone a group.  Afraid of being called racist, they will not say anything culturist.[iv]  They refuse to utter more than the BS PC clichés that are rotting our nation. They are angry about nothing.  They much prefer photo opportunities when launching nice sounding yet costly programs to taking stances.  They are the very reason that the TEA Party is necessary.

                  Politicians such as Cymbrowitz hide behind multicultural platitudes about all cultures being wonderful and progressive.  Yet, were they responsible, had they a single care stirred by 9 -11, they might consider it their duty to protect our people from even small potential risks.  But while politicians such as Senator Charles Schumer call for investigations into caffeinated beer, none can take time to investigate the funding of the Ground Zero mosque or the Voorhies mosque.[v]  They would risk our lives rather than risk offending groups, be they local or foreign.

                  Cymbrowitz may well claim that foreign terrorists and their representatives have a right to build mosques across our nation.  Politicians of his ilk may claim that they are impotent and choose to ignore the Foreign Agent Registration Act that exists exactly to investigate such threats to our security.[vi]  They may even argue that we should embrace the Muslim American Society and Imam Rauf as great emissaries of the fantastic Islamic legal system known as Sharia law.  But our cowering politicians should at least take public stances on issues their constituents consider vital to their neighborhoods and nation.

                  Mr. Cymbrowitz, you acknowledged receipt of the letters and had a staffer say he was, “not dedicated to what’s happening in other places.”[vii]  He lives in America and his district is four blocks from the Voorhies mosque.  Afraid to personally speak to his constituents, Cymbrowitz had the staffer claim he was “mulling over a response.”[viii]  Since this time there have been many Community Board meetings and a second rally agaist the Voorhies mosque attended by over one hundred and fifty people.  This week’s foiled terror plots show that the emergency is here.  His constituents are out in the streets.  At a time when the nation faces peril, excuses and months of mulling are not appropriate.   

In this time of drug warfare crossing our southern border, terrorist plots being uncovered every week, and our Federal government committing fiscal suicide, Cymbrowitz’s mulling has become a political epidemic.[ix]  We attack Mr. Cymbrowitz because he is vulnerable this election.  Ms. Weinstein, in whose district the Voorhies mosque resides, has also hidden behind silence and totally ignored her constituents’ concerns.  As the Obama government bankrupts our nation and leaves our borders unguarded, we can no longer afford any ribbon-cutting politicians.  We need forceful crusaders who address culturist and fiscal TEA party concerns.

The culturist Brooklyn TEA Party has created pledges to distinguish weak PC leaders from patriotic civic leaders with muscle.  First and foremost we are a TEA Party.  The first pledge requires candidates to freeze government spending and hiring.  They must propose budgets that cut spending by 15% in three years.  The second and third pledges are culturist.   We include the word “culturist” to clarify that we are not racist.  Racism is idiotic.  But since diversity is real, looking at culture is necessary.  Politicians who wish to speak at our rallies or have our endorsement must support Arizona’s immigration laws and denounce the Ground Zero mosque.  Our litmus test screens out the ribbon-cutting moderates that our nation can no longer afford. 

Not only will Mr. Cymbrowitz not take the culturist Brooklyn TEA Party pledges, he will not publicly address the issues.  His community has been pleading with him to take a stance.  He cowers rather than take public positions on the emergencies of our day.  Mr. Cymbrowitz and his ilk must go.

John K. Press, Ph.D.
President - The Brooklyn Tea Party


Culturist John's Life and Work Update !!

Culturist John got his doctorate in the History of Education. This THE 50th CULTURISM VIDEO celebrates the History of Education Society's upcoming 50th anniversary.


Watersheds of Anger

Guest Commentary by Edward Cline:

For the past two weeks I have been embroiled in a fight to either regain the publication rights to my Sparrowhawk series of novels from the publisher, MacAdam/Cage Publishing in San Francisco, or to be compensated per contract for the sales of that series. I am awaiting the consequences of a breach of contract and rescission notice recently and justly served on that publisher by an attorney for nonpayment of royalties and delinquent royalty statements. I have been engaged in this conflict for three years. The breach of contract notice is just the latest episode in this unwelcome and mentally exhausting adventure.

Dealing with a publisher which has, for all practical purposes, stolen one’s work, but which expects the author to help sell it in contravention of the Thirteenth Amendment, is much like dealing with the IRS or some other confiscatory agency: its functionaries do not care what the extortion and theft do to one’s life and ambition, even if it means penury for the victim.

The irony is that Sparrowhawk has been a revenue-generating mainstay for the publisher. It sells virtually without any marketing on the publisher’s part. If it has sold at all, it is chiefly because of my own numerous booksignings and my ability to sell it to the reading public. This effort, also, has gone largely uncompensated and unacknowledged by the publisher. For a long time, I did not mind that, because Sparrowhawk is important on various levels. To name but four: to me as a writer, as a literary accomplishment, as an exclusively American cultural phenomenon, as an educational tool for Americans who wish to grasp why their country came into existence, which I never intended it to be, but which is serving that purpose nonetheless.

But the time came for me to “go Galt” or to pull a Howard Roark on my own work. I will perform no more booksignings, and will not help to market the work until either the breach of contract is cured, or I regain possession of the publication rights to grant to another publisher that will honor the terms of a contract and market the work more aggressively. I wrote the series with the confidence that I would profit from the labor. To quote Roark: “I have not been paid.” Galt abandoned a revolutionary new motor because he refused to work as a slave. Until further notice, I am on strike, as well. I am abandoning a seminal work on the American Revolution.

So, this year is a watershed year for me. For the past month I have been distracted by this issue, so much so that I have not devoted much attention to current events and have neglected to pen relevant commentaries. 2010 will also be a watershed year in American politics, marked by the midterm elections next week on November 2nd. This is when Americans will have a chance to “throw the bums out” in hopes of electing a more responsive and reality-centered alliance of bums.

The Washington Post, awakening from its self-induced stupor and going against its inbred bias, featured a story today headlined, “Across the country, anger, frustration and fear among voters as election nears.” The headline is the best thing about the article, which is a consensus-driven mishmash of opinions, giving equal time and space to those who do not think Obama and Congress have done enough to bankrupt the country or bring it to heel, and to those who do not think at all.

A far grimmer mood now pervades the electorate, one shaped not just by the immediacy of the economic distress that has hit virtually every household, but by fears that it might take years for everyone, from the average family to the federal government, to climb out of the hole. Anger is one word that is often used to describe the electorate this year. But one word alone cannot adequately capture the sentiments expressed by voters on doorsteps and street corners, at community centers or candidate rallies. Along with the anger there is fear, worry, nervousness, disappointment, anxiety and disillusionment.
Briefly, what most of the electorate is responding to is the naked face of collectivism in action. The faces are many and insouciant: President Barack Obama’s, Nancy Pelosi’s, Harry Reid’s, Rahm Emanuel’s, Anita Dunn’s, Henry Waxman’s, Barney Frank’s, David Axelrod’s, Robert Gibbs’s – an opera cast of hundreds, if not thousands, all singing in chorus the same liberal/left/collectivist libretto.

The anger and frustration, however, are owned by the electorate; the fear, by the incumbent Democrats. Their reign of terror is nearly over.

When Obama took office, he and the Democrats behaved like some street gang taking over a neighborhood. Their unspoken motto was: “This ain’t your Founding Fathers’ country anymore.”

From that swaggering hubris of thugs and “community organizers” awarded a sanction to loot the country at will and virtually without opposition, they are experiencing the humility of fear and loathing. These last few months have served as a reality check for Obama and the Democrats.

And that is nothing compared to what the Republicans will experience if they do not repeal ALL the socialist/fascist legislation the Democrats rammed down the throats of captive Americans no longer captivated by Obama or government spending and arrogance. The GOP will feel the sting of frustration and disappointment if they merely “amend” the destructive legislation passed by their colleagues across the aisles of the House and Senate.

One lesson the Democrats and closet socialists and fascists in and out of government will not learn is that this election will serve as an unqualified rejection and repudiation of Washington-style collectivism. The Washington Post and The New York Times will always endorse the expansion of government powers, because their City on the Hill is a national Sunnybrook Farm. They will wait in the wings for the chance, provided very likely by the Republicans, to re-impose their legislative servitude. They will not relinquish the idea that servitude and looting will somehow lead to prosperity and an improved “general welfare.” That is because prosperity and security and happiness are not their fundamental goals or motives: it is destruction for the sake of destruction. That is a serious, morally damning charge to make, but it is the only one that explains the administration’s and the Democrats’ otherwise inexplicable obtuseness and indifference to the electorate.

More and more Americans are grasping that fact in an emotional, unarticulated sense-of-life reaction to the pillaging of the Democrats over the last two years. Their contempt for incumbents and candidates in both parties is unmitigated, tangible, and to be reckoned with. What they must understand now is that they should insist that the Republicans -- undeserving beneficiaries of the Tea Party movement – adopt a more principled policy necessary to undo the damage perpetrated by the vandals in Congress and the White House – and to discover and advocate the freedom they have helped Democrats to diminish and obviate, or they will earn and suffer the same deserved fate.

Of course, if the Republicans squander the mandate that will probably be given them by Americans, that will be the end of the line for this country. We might be able to endure and survive two more years of Obama and a gridlocked Congress, but not two more years of Obama and a timorous, compromising Republican Congress.

Anger management is not a good thing to practice in a watershed election year.

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Will Pelosi Leave If The GOP Wins The House?

Time Magazine states the following:
As Nancy Pelosi goes, so might a generation of her colleagues.

If Democrats lose control of the House of Representatives next week, as most political observers expect, there is a good chance that the House Speaker will opt to spend time with her eight grandchildren rather than toil in the relative obscurity of the minority. Even if she wanted to stay on, it's not at all clear that she would win the position of minority leader: seven Democratic incumbents and several candidates oppose her leadership — on Wednesday, North Carolina Representative Heath Shuler suggested he might challenge Pelosi for the spot — and another 20 have refused to say one way or another. Pelosi is more likely to leave gracefully, trading the red-eye slog for the pleasant commute between her San Francisco and Napa homes, and leaving the caucus in the hands of majority leader Steny Hoyer, who has been chafing in her shadow for decades.


Other Democrats are sure to follow Pelosi out of the Capitol....
Hey, San Fran Nan. Don't let the door hit you in the ass on your way out.

Voter Fraud Alert: Fifteen Missouri Counties Have More Voters Than Population

This is a call to action -- that means you and your loved ones:
Fifteen Missouri counties have more voters than census population

Missouri has about 90.3 percent of its census voting-age population registered to vote, but 15 counties show more registered voters than people 18 and older.
Missouri counties with more than 100 percent voter registration (in red)
Map: Missouri counties with more than 100 percent voter registration (in red)

Click on the title to get the whole story at Atlas Shrugs.

UK: 'Cargo Plane Bombs Designed to Explode Mid-Air'

Parts of a printer which was contained in a package intercepted by Dubai security officials. The US-bound parcel contained a bomb hidden in a printer and bore the hallmarks of al-Qaida, Dubai police said

Sophisticated bombs contained in packages sent from Yemen were designed to explode in the air and bring down the cargo planes carrying them, UK security officials have confirmed. 
Intelligence experts believe the use of the devices, contained in printer cartridges despatched on two Chicago-bound cargo planes, represents a shift in terrorist tactics to commercial targets.
One of the devices was linked to a mobile phone, while the other was attached to a timer. The Observer understands that the East Midlands device was so sophisticated an initial examination by forensics experts initially suggested it did not contain explosives.
"Even when it was examined, the sniffer dogs couldn't detect it," a security source said. "It was only when they [forensics experts] had a second look at it they realised what it was."[Emphasis mine..ed]
From Jawa:

Yemen Arrests Two Women in Air Cargo Bomb Plot, Seizes 26 Packages

Yemen often initially blames the deranged loner. For example, the recent murder of a French engineer was said to be a personal matter, however the murderer was later found to be a member of the Yemeni security forces as well as an associate of Anwar al Awlaki.
Yemen Post: According to a senior governmental official who spoke to Yemen Post on anonymity, Yemeni security forces arrested two Yemeni women under suspicion of sending the packages to the United States. 
The Yemeni official claims that the two women sent the packages in order to damage the reputation of Yemen and not on links of Al-Qaeda. He denied that Al-Qaeda had links to the packages that were sent.
The source confirmed to Yemen Post that the two ladies are believed to have tried to send the packages to Jewish schools in the United States.
At the same time, Yemen predictably began a duplicitous media campaign for internal consumption denying the bombs shipped from Yemen.

CAIR Agitating For Delta To Stop "Profiling" Muslims

Fuck CAIR:
St. Paul, Minn. — The Minnesota chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations wants Delta Air Lines to investigate complaints that some Muslim passengers were subject to religious profiling.

The group says last month, four Muslim men were escorted off a Delta flight when it landed at the Twin Cities airport. The council says a flight attendant had reported one of the men behaved suspiciously after dropping a pen.

In another incident, the group said a Delta commuter plane flying to Grand Forks made an emergency landing

Zahra Aljabri, the organization's assistant civil rights director, said the issue is the training flight attendants are receiving regarding what constitutes suspicious behavior.

"We're just asking for that training to be examined, so that incidents don't continue to occur," Aljabri said.

Delta said it takes the accusations seriously and will "take any and all actions necessary" to ensure all passengers are treated Fargo after a flight attendant feared a Muslim student had tampered with a lavatory smoke alarm. No foul play was found.

Bill Maher: "I Don't Have To Apologize, Do I, For Not Wanting The Western World Taken Over By Islam?"

I don't like Bill Maher, but I have long thought he does some of the most biting anti-Jihadist humor of any mainstream comedian.

Obama: Apologizer-In-Chief Again?

From Be Sure You're RIGHT, Then Go Ahead:

If BHO does apologize, he'll do so after November 2, of course.

Turkish Army Chiefs Boycott Ceremony in Celebration of Modern, Secular Turkey, Because President's Wife Wore Hijab

Pray for a Coup d' Etat.
(The Statesman) — Turkish army chiefs boycotted an official ceremony at the Presidential Palace because the President’s wife wore an Islamic headscarf, the Press reported today. The army’s top brass were conspicuous by their absence late yesterday, at a banquet thrown by President Abbdullah Gul to commemorate the creation of the modern, secular Turkey in 1923.

Terror Investigators Look for More Packages
Saturday, 30 Oct 2010

WASHINGTON (AP) — After intercepting two mail bombs addressed to Chicago-area synagogues, investigators are searching for two dozen more suspect packages that terrorists in Yemen attempted to smuggle onto aircraft in a brazen al-Qaida terror plot.

Authorities on three continents thwarted the attacks when they seized explosives on cargo planes in the United Arab Emirates and England on Friday. The plot sent tremors throughout the U.S., where after a frenzied day searching planes and parcel trucks for other explosives, officials temporarily banned all new cargo from Yemen.

Several U.S. officials said they were increasingly confident that al-Qaida's Yemen branch, the group behind the failed Detroit airliner bombing last Christmas, was responsible.

President Barack Obama called the coordinated attacks a "credible terrorist threat."

A Yemeni security official said the investigation involved about 26 suspected packages. Some had left Yemen and others were still in the country, he said, speaking on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to release information.

Authorities were questioning cargo workers at the airport as well as employees of the local shipping companies contracted to work with FedEx and UPS, the official said.

In Dubai, where one of the two bombs was found in a FedEx shipment from Yemen, police said it contained PETN, a powerful industrial explosive, and bore the hallmarks of al-Qaida.

The white powder explosives were discovered in the ink cartridge of a computer printer, said a police statement carried by the official state news agency WAM. The device was rigged to an electric circuit, and a mobile phone chip was hidden inside the printer, the statement said.

The police said the bomb was prepared in a "professional manner."

Yemen promised to investigate the plot. The U.S. has FBI, military and intelligence officers stationed in the country to conduct an inquiry. There are only a handful of international shipping locations in the impoverished Arab nation, but U.S. officials worried that record keeping would be sparse and investigators would have to rely more on intelligence sources to identify the would-be bombers.

The other package was found at an airport in central England. Preliminary tests indicated the packages contained PETN, the same chemical as in the attempted Christmas attack, U.S. officials said.

In San'a, the capital of Yemen, there was no visible security presence Saturday at the UPS and FedEx offices, which are located on the same street.

An employee at the UPS office said they had been instructed not to receive any packages for delivery for the time being. He refused to be identified by name because he said he had been instructed by authorities not to talk to reporters.

Rep. Jane Harman, a California Democrat who serves on the Homeland Security Committee and was briefed by John Pistole, the administrator of the Transportation Security Administration, told The New York Times that both packages contained explosive-filled printer cartridges. One, she said, had a timer and the other was rigged to use a cell phone as a detonator.

No explosives were found on an Emirates Airlines passenger jet that was escorted down the coast to New York by American fighter jets.

"The forensic analysis is under way," Obama's counterterror chief John Brennan said. "Clearly from the initial observation, the initial analysis that was done, the materials that were found in the device that was uncovered was intended to do harm."

While Obama didn't specifically accuse Yemen's al-Qaida branch, Brennan called it the most active al-Qaida franchise and said anyone associated with the group was a subject of concern.

That would include the radical U.S.-born Muslim cleric Anwar al-Awlaki, who now is in hiding in Yemen. He has been linked in the Christmas attack and has inspired other terrorists with his violent message. Also hiding in Yemen is Samir Khan, an American who declared himself a traitor and helps produce al-Qaida propaganda.

The terrorist efforts "underscore the necessity of remaining vigilant against terrorism," the president said.

The Homeland Security Department said it was stepping up airline security, but White House spokesman Robert Gibbs said Americans did not need to change their travel plans.

After a day of searches in Philadelphia, Newark, N.J., and New York City, no explosives were found inside the United States, though the investigation was continuing on at least one suspicious package late Friday night.

Intelligence officials were onto the suspected plot for days, officials said. The packages in England and Dubai were discovered after Saudi Arabian intelligence picked up information related to Yemen and passed it on to the U.S., two officials said.

Most of the officials spoke on condition of anonymity, citing the ongoing investigation.

U.S. intelligence officials warned last month that terrorists hoped to mail chemical and biological materials as part of an attack on the United States and other Western countries. The alert came in a Sept. 23 bulletin from the Homeland Security Department obtained by The Associated Press.

Since the failed Christmas bombing, Yemen has been a focus for U.S. counterterrorism officials. Before that attack, the U.S. regarded al-Qaida's branch there as primarily a threat in the region, not to the United States.

The Yemen branch, known as al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula, has since become a leading source of terrorist propaganda and recruiting. Authorities believe about 300 al-Qaida members operate in Yemen.

The Yemeni government has stepped up counterterrorism operations, with help from the U.S. military and intelligence officials.


Stories at MSNBC and FOX

This was no plot to blow up airplanes ..

The explosives were found in a toner cartridge.
The toner cartridge was in a printer (where it belongs)
The printer has a lot of IC boards in it (as it should)

The IC boards were built to detonate on receipt of a phone call from a connected cell phone. (never mind how all this was 'suspicious' inside a box).

But the crew of a transatlantic or other cargo plane may be no more than 3-5.
When do you make the call to detonate?
Suppose there are headwinds and the plane is 40 miles at sea as opposed to on approach over Manhattan?

That's NOT the plan here.

These packages were addressed via UPS and FEDEX and other TRACK ABLE SYSTEMS from anywhere on the planet a computer can reach the internet. VIA PROXY.

Thus the sender KNOWS when the package has been delivered.


Scratch one large Chicago Temple on Saturday morning? Two?Five? Several in NY? Red Hook?

The ancient enemy


This is not about Israel. This is not about anything but us and the JEWS, and what made Daniel Pearl the most tasty of morsels for these cannibals of salafism, and perhaps even khomeinism ... AMERICAN JEWS.

That's how it IS.

Sorry, but that's how it is.

The ADL this morning sent out warnings via email, to JCC's, synagogues, AND THEIR BOARD MEMBERS WHOSE NAMES ARE PUBLICALLY PUBLISHED (HI Y'ALL) ... just caution? Sure, but I have to remember the salafi freak who in 2004 told me electronically he would be sure to find me on the battlefield himself.

As before, I enjoin him to watch not for me, but my representative.

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Evil Imam Anjem Choudary on CNN's Porkher/Spritzher

He peacefully invites us to embrace Islam. Uh-oh. . .

The Blaze:

CNN Shock Interview: Radical Muslim Cleric Describes Violent Islamic Vision

During an appearance on CNN’s Parker/Spitzer, Radical Muslim cleric Imam Anjem Choudary revealed a few unsettling details of Islamic extremists’ worldview, including the role of “moderate” Muslims in spreading Sharia law around the globe. Choudary says that spreading Sharia law is a “noble” goal as it represents a “superior way of life” compared to the “shackles of man-made law.”

According to Choudary, violent terrorist attacks are a “peaceful” warning to countries like the United States and Israel, whom he claims are occupying Muslim lands. He also admits to encouraging Muslims in the United States to carry out these kinds of attacks:

Spitzer: Are you communicating with individuals in the United States and encouraging them to participate in attacks of this sort?

Choudary: Of course I am. I am participating in communication with people all around the world. As you know, the internet makes the world a very small place. … My invitation is a peaceful one to people to embrace Islam, and to warn them of the consequences of occupying Muslim land. I think that’s a very decent thing…