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A.F. Branco 2017

Some political perspective on 2017. Enjoy!

FBI conducts terrorism related raid at Sterling, Virginia home, Muslim arrested

From Creeping Sharia:
STERLING, Va. (ABC7) — The FBI and other law enforcement spent hours raiding a condominium Friday in a Loudoun County neighborhood. The raid took place at a home in the Chatham Green Condominiums in the 46900 block of Courtyard Square in Sterling. 
The FBI has not said what it’s investigating, only confirming that they were carrying out “court authorized law enforcement activity” based on a federal warrant coming out of the Eastern District of Virginia. 
FBI agents took boxes and other items from the home and left around 7:30 p.m. after neighbors told ABC7 they arrived in the afternoon. 
Neighbors said that at least one man and one woman who they say dressed “Middle Eastern” moved into the home a few months ago. Neighbors said the man would wear a long black robe and had a long beard, while the woman wore a burqa.

Trump's First Year In Office

The graphic below comes from the WaPo article How the Trump era is changing the federal bureaucracy (Click directly on the graphic to enlarge it):

Read the entire article HERE.

President Trump may not be an ideological conservative, but sometimes he takes a pragmatically conservative position in governance.

BREAKING: Wikileaks Drops Bombshell Proof of New York Times Colluding with Hillary Clinton

CNN Says Iran's Mullahs Are Frustrated With The U.S. Because We "Don't Have a Moral Leg To Stand On"

Imagine this is what CNN is worried about while the people of Iran are risking their lives to overthrow their evil government.


From the Daily Caller:
During CNN’s coverage of protests in Iran Saturday, a correspondent read a statement from the Iranian government, adding that many countries are “frustrated” with the United States, and that many think America doesn’t have a “moral leg to stand on.” 
CNN correspondent Arwa Damon said, “This coming out from the [Iranian] foreign ministry, not only talking about the fact that they view the government of President Trump as the greatest bearer of ill will towards Iran but going on to say that, ‘The people of Iran give no value or credibility to such opportunistic expressions by the Government or the person, Mr. Trump. American officials, through their conduct have not earned a place from which they can express masked sentiments as sympathies, for the aware of the people of Iran.'” 
Damon then added her own thoughts, saying, “Now this, not just necessarily a rebuke of what the U.S. president tweeted, but also perhaps a reflection of just how frustrated, not just Iran but other countries frankly are, with the United States.” 
She continued, “A lot of nations and their populations, no matter how they feel about their governments in particular, do perceive the United States as not really having a moral leg to stand on.”

Rumors: Iranian Government Figures Are Fleeing Iran With Their Wealth

The McCoys
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Saturday, December 30, 2017

CNN Is a Mouthpiece for the Mullah's Propaganda

Muslim slasher at Jerusalem central bus station indicted

The terrorist who stabbed a guard at the central bus station in Jerusalem has been indicted:
A Palestinian terrorist was indicted in a Jerusalem court on Thursday for stabbing a security guard outside the capital’s central bus station earlier this month.

He was charged with “a terrorist act of attempted murder” and entering Israel illegally.

According to the charge sheet, on the morning of December 10, 24-year-old Yasin Abu al-Qar’a “said goodbye to his loved ones on the phone,” purchased a knife and illegally traveled to Israel in order to carry out a terror attack in response to US President Donald Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as the Israel of capital.

After hearing the announcement, “the defendant planned to stab as many Jews as possible until he was killed and turned into a martyr,” the indictment read.

The Shin Bet security service blamed “the incitement on the internet following the recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital,” saying it contributing to al-Qar’a’s decision to carry out the attack.

The night beforehand, he posted on Facebook: “In your path, O homeland, O Jerusalem, O Al Aqsa, our blood is cheap.”
Last I heard, the guard's health was improving, though he's still in the hospital. The terrorist, on the other hand, should have his legs broken and put in a wheelchair to make him less of a threat. Yes, seriously, that's the kind of punishment these savages should receive.

Another Muslim "comics writer" who wants more Muslim superheroes

Vice's Motherboard section paid lip service to another Islamist who believes there just have to be more Muslim superheroes and such in comic books, while giving ethnicities and nationalities a pass:
When Safiyya Hosein, an avid reader and comics writer, started to get frustrated with how Muslim characters are represented in fictional stories, she decided to help change the narrative.
We've heard that before, even as both Marvel and DC alike already pandered to the demands of whiners like her.
Hosein’s study is mainly centered around depictions of two Marvel Comics heroes: Dust from the X-Men series, who wears a niqab and can turn into living sand, and Ms. Marvel, a Muslim Pakistani-American shapeshifter. She recruited 10 participants between the ages of 18 to 28, mostly around Ryerson’s Toronto campus, through flyers and talks in classes. She showed them a presentation about the two heroes, and interviewed them about their perceptions.
Ah, now on this, there's some very irritating background to Dust's creation. Ethan Van Sciver, the purported conservative, served as the artist on New X-Men #133, where she debuted. An early product of Marvel's own social justice machine, and of leftist Grant Morrison, and decidedly an embarrassment upon Van Sciver's resume. I gotta wonder, does Van Sciver have any regrets about participating in propaganda that's hurtful to victims of Islamofascism, not the least being Muslim women themselves? Interestingly, Dust/Sooraya Qadir hasn't appeared wearing a niqab at all times, and her identity therefore is known, but even so, if anybody involved in that propaganda and SJW mishmash at Marvel was trying to make it seem as though Muslim women haven't ever been oppressed by their own men in any way, then they only made the situation worse.
Hosein said that most of her participants really connected with Ms. Marvel, who is presented as a typical down-to-Earth teenager from New Jersey and addresses themes of identity and religion.
Then how come they're not buying it? My guess is that even Canadians couldn't stomach the political propaganda virtually the entire series is built around, and that's why it ultimately bored so many in slumberland.

That said, it turns out the propagandist in Canada isn't so impressed with Dust, despite how it otherwise does serve a propaganda purpose:
Dust, on the other hand, represents a more tokenized Muslim identity that isn’t well represented, Hosein said—most of her participants didn’t find her relatable either. She thinks her depiction is orientalist, which shows in the fact that her powers are directly related to sand and deserts.

She chose to focus on Muslim women because they’re depicted in a lot of stories as needing to be saved from oppression. In Dust’s comic debut, she is saved from the Taliban by Wolverine while unconscious. “There was always a fascination with Muslim women in popular culture as oppressed,” Hosein told me.

Hosein thinks that when creators aren’t familiar with the community they’re writing about, it’s more likely that that representation will be inaccurate or stereotypical: “There's never been a Muslim that's been [Dust’s] creator, and it shows,” Hosein said.

No, but the creation, such as it was, otherwise excused Islam by depicting Dust as observant and viewing the religion positively, and characterizing her as wearing her niqab because she doesn't want men to see her, and not because the Taliban wanted it. Oh, and this picture demonstrates that they did depict Dust sans niqab, something not all Islamists would appreciate.
Ms. Marvel, on the other hand, is co-created and written by Muslim women, which she said has caused the character to be written in a much more sensitive and realistic way. Still, Hosein points out that though Ms. Marvel’s stories address stereotyping of people of colour in general, they haven’t directly addressed the everyday Islamophobia that American Muslims face. “Ms. Marvel is an American superhero at the end of the day, so why don't we see her address this reality that so many Muslims live with and live in fear of?” she said
That's odd, I thought they did. If anything, in one of the first issues, an "infidel" plays a joke of giving her food to eat or drink mixed with non-halal alcohol, and typical white Americans were portrayed pretty negatively. And the election issue certainly came close to serving the kind of leftist propaganda people like her condone. I guess that basically confirms how SJWs won't be satisfied either way. The propagandist at Vice also points to something she's condoning at DC:
If she had the chance, Hosein would want to further study the representation of Muslim men, who are often depicted as violent and uncivilised—though there are some exceptions, like the Green Lantern Simon Baz. Even in these stories of female Muslims being freed from oppression, the underlying message is that they’re freeing themselves from oppressive men: “When you think about that, what does that say about Muslim men?” she said.
Yep, as I figured, there are Islamists out there who'd consider Simon Baz a character who represents their beliefs in some way or other. But what she misses, deliberately or otherwise, is that in stories like the New X-Men propaganda brewed up by early SJWs, the religion itself isn't actually described negatively. Rather, it follows the narrative compounded by Dubya that a "great religion was hijacked".

And on this note, let me make clear that, while I do think it's regrettable Van Sciver's had problems with SJWs and/or ultra-leftists, I don't think his participation in developing Islamic/leftist propaganda can be excused so easily, unless maybe he's willing to apologize and admit he made a mistake. What his recent run-ins with the left demonstrate is that, no matter how much he may participate in developing propaganda the left upholds, it won't guarantee they'll respect him by any stretch. In fact, save for maybe a few issues he drew of Impulse early in his career, there isn't much else in his resume I find appealing. I certainly have no interest in the Green Lantern books he drew for Geoff Johns, who created the Baz character and laced with leftist propaganda from the get-go. Maybe if Van Sciver would consider taking his talents to a smaller company with more respectable writers involved, and offering his services there, I could consider. But not as things stand now, unfortunately.

Iranian police in Tehran announce women who break Islamic dress codes no longer face arrest

I have not posted on Iran, because I did not believe anything would come of it.

This is the first bit of news that makes me think the regime might actually be cracking.

Iran is throwing bones to it's citizens.

My advice is, don't accept this offer. Hold out, and negotiate for the absolute removal of the Muhllocracy.

From The Independent:
Police in Iran’s capital said that they will no longer arrest women for failing to observe the Islamic dress code in place since the 1979 revolution. 
The announcement signalled an easing of punishments for violating the country’s conservative dress code, as called for by the young and reform-minded Iranians who helped re-elect President Hassan Rouhani, a relative moderate, earlier this year. 
But hard-liners opposed to easing such rules still dominate Iran’s security forces and judiciary, so it was unclear whether the change would be fully implemented. 
“Those who do not observe the Islamic dress code will no longer be taken to detention centers, nor will judicial cases be filed against them.” Tehran police chief General Hossein Rahimi was quoted as saying by the reformist Sharq newspaper. 
The semi-official Tasnim news agency said violators will instead be made to attend classes given by police. 
It said repeat offenders could still be subject to legal action, and the dress code remains in place outside the capital. For nearly 40 years, women in Iran have been forced to cover their hair and wear long, loose garments. 
Younger and more liberal-minded women have long pushed the boundaries of the official dress code, wearing loose headscarves that don’t fully cover their hair and painting their nails, drawing the ire of conservatives.

Crafty Hands

Happy The Man

Safety Map For Tourists to London, UK: The Most Acid Attacks Occur at Borders Between High Muslim Concentration and Low Muslim Concentration

Black Pigeon Speaks On The Reality of Vibrantly-Enriched Christmas in Britain

Brave Female Journalist Questions Afghan MP About What He Considers Rape, He Threatens To Have Her Nose Cut Off

Friday, December 29, 2017

BREAKING: Docs FBI Found on Pervert Anthony Weiner’s Laptop Contained CLASSIFIED INFORMATION

BREAKING: Docs FBI Found on Pervert Anthony Weiner’s Laptop Contained CLASSIFIED INFORMATION

At least five emails determined to be classified were found among 2,800 documents stored on a laptop belonging to Anthony Weiner, whose then-wife Huma Abedin was deputy chief of staff to then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. 
The State Department released hundreds of pages of materials Friday afternoon, including a total of eight pages classified at the ‘confidential level,’ the third most sensitive level the U.S. government uses. 
The emails date from 2010, 2011 and 2012 and concern discussions with Middle East leaders including some from Israel, the United Arab Emirates, Hamas and the Palestinian Authority. Large portions, including entire pages, were redacted before the documents’ release. 
Three of them were sent either to or from an address called ‘BBB Backup,’ which one email identifies as a backup of a Blackberry Bold 9700, presumably belonging to Abedin. 
One page of a document released Friday is heavily redacted and marked ‘classified’; it mentions ‘update on Hamas-PA talks,’ referring to the Palestinian Authority. 
Another is a four-page ‘call sheet’ meant to guide Clinton through a sensitive phone call with Benjamin Netanyahu. 
The work-related emails and other documents were recovered from Weiner’s computer last year by the FBI. 
Civilians like Weiner, who was once a congressman but resigned in mid-2011, are prohibited from possessing or reading classified documents without a security clearance.
Manfred Mann
The Mighty Quinn

Joy Villa Says Corey Lewandowski Committed "Criime Against Me" - Even While Video Shows She Committed the Same "Crime" Against Another Man


Leaked Convo With Joy Villa’s PR Rep Claims She is Represented by GLORIA ALLRED

And again, I don't care what people do with their lives. If they are happy, and they are not hurting anyone.

But Joy Villa started this, and she needs to be ended.

Associated Press: Global Cooling Requires More Government Money

Well, what do you know?
The Diamonds
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State Department to Release Emails, Docs FBI Found on Weiner Laptop Tomorrow

Thursday, December 28, 2017

CNN "Journalist" Whines that Company Bonuses to Employees May Help GOP, Suggests They Could Have Given the Bonuses Before to Help Obama

Oh, now, this shit's funny!

Video of Joy Villa Spanking a Guy's Ass

So, Joy Villa has filed charges against former Trump Campaign Manager, Corey Lewandowski, because she says he smacked her on the ass twice.

I have not posted on this story, because I think it is so stupid, it does not belong on our very stupid website, where we regularly feature photographs of tits and ass.

Yes, it's that stupid.

But hypocrisy deserves to be exposed, so here:

Mueller and Comey Held Secret Meeting Before Comey Testified to Congress – For This Alone Mueller Should Resign!

Mueller and Comey Held Secret Meeting Before Comey Testified to Congress – For This Alone Mueller Should Resign!

NSA Whistleblower William Binney Debunks Russiagate Once and For All

House Intel Chairman Devin Nunes Subpoenas John McCain Associate Over Fusion GPS Dossier

Does The Walking Boot 
(Which Keeps Switching Feet) 
House a "Wire"?

From The Washington Examiner:
House Intelligence Committee chairman Devin Nunes has issued a subpoena to David Kramer, a former State Department official who, in late November 2016, traveled to London to receive a briefing and a copy of the Trump dossier from its author, former British spy Christopher Steele. Kramer then returned to the U.S. to give the document to Sen. John McCain. 
Kramer is a senior fellow at the McCain Institute for International Leadership at Arizona State University.

Humpday Blues

B.B. King
The Thrill Is Gone

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Truck Jihad in Illinois?

Irish Activists Target Anti-Jihadi Truck Barriers As ‘Merkel Lego’ Becomes The Norm Across Europe

As Christmas shoppers milled up and down, buskers played music and secondary school students fundraised for the homeless, few would have paid attention to the recently installed barriers at the top end of the pedestrianized street; a series of heavy duty ‘tree planters’ strategically placed to prevent ISIS-inspired jihadi attacks of the variety seen across Europe and most recently in Melbourne, Australia. 
Activists under the banner of ‘Generation Identity Ireland’ took the opportunity to draw attention to the not so festive reason for the barriers – installed by Dublin City Council in recent weeks – by posting public information style posters claiming that their purpose was to prevent ‘‘Islamic lorry [truck] attacks.’’ 
The tongue in cheek posters, adorned in brightly colored Christmas baubles, also thanked pedestrians for ‘’tolerating the Islamization of Europe.’’
And of course, this hurts the feelings of all the nice, Moderate Muslims out there (who are our friends and neighbors).

But they can FOAD.


July 2016 Hillary Clinton Refused to Be Interviewed by the State Department Inspector General!

Nearly two-thirds of Canadians say the government should charge and prosecute returning ISIS fighters, instead of rehabilitating them when they return to Canada


Justin Trudeau On Returning ISIS Fighters: They'll Be An 'Extraordinarily Powerful Voice' For Canada

Justice League #34 may feature Islamic terrorists, but still does enough to dampen the topic

Now here's something where veteran Christopher Priest almost succeeds in offering bold subject matter within the pages of the current Justice League volume, but there's still elements in here that take away impact, and do a disfavor to Wonder Woman in the process. For example, let's take a look at the picture below:
So two jihadists are holding some hostages - mainly two Christian nuns - and Wonder Woman takes the task of finding her way inside to stop them. But the mistake made is that they make her sound naive, which has become a troubling cliche by now. She says, "Praying on the defenseless while espousing a 'godly' ideology is an egregious form of self-deception." Which sounds like the kind of propaganda you might hear bad European politicians mouthing off, or even the weak statements from Dubya that he believed al Qaeda "hijacked a great religion." To make matters worse, Diana even says she doubts the terrorists would carry out their threat. It makes little difference how you look at this from a modern perspective; making WW sound so naive, not confronting the issue with a proper awareness of the barbarism and suicide mentality jihadists can go by, only makes her look idiotic and not well educated or trained at all.

And then, another problem is that the book just had to include DC's most notable apologia creation, Simon Baz, the Muslim Green Lantern. On which note, I recently found the following screenshot on Twitter, and guess what kind of person's upholding the Baz character, seen at the beginning of the issue doing Islamic prayer on another planet while wearing an odd outfit that looks like an Egyptian mummy:
See the hashtag in the text? "Free Palestine"? Yep, that's the kind of people lauding Geoff Johns' badly crafted character. Anti-Israelists. And if Johns and company do nothing to distance themselves from such a bunch, that's one more reason why I see no reason to support this dismal excuse for a science fiction adventure.

Back on the story itself involving Diana's encounter with the jihadists, it ends with one of them getting hold of her sword and using it to stab one of the nuns to death after the police throw in some flash bombs, and Batman arrives too late to stop him either. I don't think WW couldn't accomplish the raid so incompetently, which, coupled with the naive view of the jihadists, is hugely disappointing. She may not be as fast as the Flash, but her speed is still good enough to bring down the terrorists without serious risk that they'd manage to claim an innocent's life.

The following description from the reviewing site of Batman doesn't sound any better:
But I’m not that interested in a series in which we have to watch Batman crying some man tears over his terrible situation. [...]
If he's depicted as a sobber, that's another minus detracting from this whole story, which is apparently setting up "The people versus the Justice League". It may have been done before, but this is already becoming too much.

This could've been a nifty story where the League would have to bring down some Islamic jihadists, but I think they've blown it all the same, because political correctness unsurprisingly dictated the writing.

Diversity and Comics had the following to say in this video:

He seems to understand what's wrong with this whole mess, and why the dialogue simply doesn't do the subject matter...justice. Not even for Wonder Woman and Batman.

Swarthmore College Offers A Course In ‘Queering God’

From Fox:
One of the nation’s most prestigious liberal arts colleges is advancing a “queer theology” agenda with hopes of destabilizing traditional beliefs about what the Bible says about gender and sexuality. 
Swarthmore College, founded by Quakers, is offering courses in “queering the Bible” and “queering God.” 
The courses were first reported by Campus Reform. “Queering the Bible” is a one-credit class that surveys “queer and trans readings of biblical texts.” 
“By reading the Bible with the methods of queer and trans theoretical approaches, this class destabilizes long held assumptions about what the Bible – and religion – says about gender and sexuality,” the course description reads. 
The school’s religion department is also teaching a class that questions the sexuality of the Almighty called, “Queering God: Feminist and Queer Theology.” 
“The God of the Bible and later Jewish and Christian literature is distinctively masculine, definitely male. Or is He?” the course description reads. 
“If we can point out places in traditional writings where God is nurturing, forgiving, and loving, does that mean that God is feminine, or female?” 
Key themes of that particular class include exploring the “tensions between feminist and queer theology” and examines “feminist and queer writings about God.”

Muslim mayor of second largest Dutch city says he’s a Salafist

The mayor of Rotterdam, Ahmed Aboutaleb, shocked some of the listeners of his radio interview with Dutch broadcaster NPO. Aboutaleb discussed several things but caused commotion when he said that he sometimes considers himself a jihadist and that “every Muslim is a bit of a Salafist”. 
The mayor said: “A Muslim who’s a Salafist wants to look like the Prophet.” 
When the interviewer asks: “So according to that definition you’re a Salafist as well?” 
The mayor answers with “Yes… all Muslims are for a small part Salafist” He added: “Salafists can also be found among Christians, if you approach it linguistically. Salaf is a progenitor, and a Salafist is someone who wants to look like his progenitor. For example, a Muslim who wants to look like Mohammed. In Christianity you also have people who want to look like Christ in their actions. Every Muslim is a bit of a Salafist”. 
About jihad Aboutaleb said: “I get up every day at 7 o’clock to do good for a city in the Netherlands. That is the jihad in its purest form.” 
He added there are several forms of jihad, “of which the armed struggle is only one form”.
Wiki says:
The Salafist doctrine is centered around the concept of looking back to a prior historical period in an effort to understand how the contemporary world should be ordered. They reject religious innovation or bid'ah, and support the implementation of sharia (Islamic law)."

Black Unemployment Rate Lowest in 17 Years

From CNS:
( — According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics( BLS), the unemployment rate for black Americans is the lowest it has been since the year 2000, 17 years ago. 
In November, the national unemployment rate for black Americans, ages 16 and over, was 7.3%. 
The last time it was 7.3% was in the year 2000, during the months September, October and November. 
During the Bush and Obama years (2001 -2016), the black unemployment rate fluctuated between 7.7% and a high of 16.8%.

The time when the Black Unemployment Rate was highest was the Obama years, 2010-2011, during which time it was 15.4%-16.8%.

Sydney, Australia: Police Are Using Semi-Trailers and Concrete Billboards To Block Streets and Protect Shoppers

Just another one of the minor inconveniences we put up with for the pleasure of having all these Moderate Muslims as our friends and neighbors.
Little Richard
Tutti Frutti

France Erects Bullet-Proof Wall Around The Eiffel Tower

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Popular Anti-Islam, Ethnic Nationalist, British YouTuber Comes Out In Favor of Sharia Law

Wife of Pulse Nightclub Jihadist Admits She Knew About Attack

Moderate Muslims

From Truth Revolt:
Noor Salman, the wife of the Pulse nightclub terrorist Omar Mateen, has admitted to knowing about her husband’s plan to launch an attack. 
Days before the massacre that killed 49 people at the gay club, the 31-year-old mother said she “knew an attack was close” and said she drove past the location with her husband who told her it was a “target.” 
Since the attack, Salman has maintained her innocence and has lived in California with their young son, according to Daily Mail. Back in January, she was finally arrested and charged. 
She will soon face a jury in Florida; however, her lawyers are trying to block her statements to responding officers from being used in the trial. 
They say because she wasn’t under arrest when making the statements, they shouldn’t be considered as evidence. 
Suspicions arose when police investigators first talked with Salman and she seemed to anticipate what they were going to tell her about Mateen. One officer said she immediately blurted out that her husband is “careful with guns and would never hurt anybody” before they even said what happened. 
She also asked if they needed to take her to Disney World in Orlando. That seemed “odd” to investigators until they learned Mateen surveilled the family resort as a possible target. 
Another tidbit of information she offered voluntarily was that her husband “liked everybody, even homosexuals.” Salman added that he “liked homosexuals because they are sympathetic to Muslims.” 
Salman has since admitted that she saw her husband researching the gay hot-spot online two days before he walked in heavily armed. She asked him what it was and he told her a “target.” 
“I knew at that time the attack was close,” Salman admitted, telling officers the two had driven past the location. Salman said her husband picked Pulse because of “how upset people are going to be when it gets attacked.” 
Now, Salman has apologized for lying to the FBI: “I'm sorry for what happened. I wish I would go back and tell police and his family what he was going to do. “I’m sorry I lied to the FBI, these are my own words.” 
Salman’s lawyers allege that their client was never read her Miranda rights as another reason to pull these statements from evidence for her trial.

Retailers Feel Shoppers’ Christmas Cheer: Americans of all income levels, feeling flush, boosted their holiday spending


From the Wall St. Journal:
Retailers are enjoying some extra Christmas cheer. Fueled by high consumer confidence and a robust job market, U.S. retail sales in the holiday period rose at their best pace since 2011, according to Mastercard SpendingPulse, which tracks both online and in-store spending. 
Sales, excluding automobiles, rose 4.9% from Nov. 1 through Christmas Eve, compared with a 3.7% gain in the same period last year, according to the Mastercard Inc. MA 0.21% unit, which tracks all forms of payment. E-commerce continued to drive the gains, rising 18.1%. 
“It started with a bang in the week leading up to Black Friday,” said Sarah Quinlan, a senior vice president of marketing insights at Mastercard. 
She added that retailers benefited this year from Christmas Day falling on a Monday, giving shoppers a full weekend to scoop up last-minute purchases. Dec. 23 ranked next to Black Friday in terms of spending, according to Mastercard. 
“Overall, this year was a big win for retail,” Ms. Quinlan said.

UK church removes pews so that it can host Muslim events

"Christians" Bend Over For Muslims
The Muslims Are Right Behind Them

From Jihad Watch:
A CHURCH has been given the go ahead to remove its pews so they can welcome local Muslim community events. St Thomas Werneth in Oldham has been given the green light to remove the pews so it is able to hold more events within the wider community. 
In a ruling last month, Geoffrey Tattersall QC said the church would be allowed to remove the pews as the proposals would have “major public benefit outweighing any harm resulting from the loss of the pews”. 
The area, which is close to Manchester, has an 88 per cent non White-British population. Its website encouraged people of all nationalities to attend the services. 
They said: “We usually have at least six nationalities represented in the congregation on a given Sunday. “Whatever your background you can be assured of a warm welcome to our services and our Parish life.” 
The Chancellor of the Diocese of Manchester said: “Its continuing presence is important in enabling social cohesion and contact between local Muslims and Christians. 
“The purpose of the re-ordering of the Church is to open up the Church for community use, as part of its service and mission to the mainly Muslim community in the parish and to enable the wider community to share its heritage. 
“The Church wishes to be a place of welcome, growth and engagement for the local communities.” 
The Venerable Cherry Vann, the Archdeacon of Rochdale said there was significant interfaith work going on in the area and there was a “genuine desire among some of the Muslim leaders to build bridges and work in partnership with the Church. 
“Moreover there is clearly some goodwill towards the church in the (at present) largely Muslim community in Werneth and it is important that the church has the flexibility and capacity to exercise a ministry of hospitality to those living in the parish through a variety of community-based activities.”…

Queen’s Christmas Address Reflects On Horrors Of Radical Islamic Terrorism In 2017

Monday, December 25, 2017

Jane Seymour and the Mormon Tabernacle Choir
Good King Wenceslas

President Trump and Melania Give Christmas Greeting

What the Fuck?

The Pope is such a Creep.


WikiLeaks lawyer’s office stormed by hooded raiders in ‘attempted robbery’ 
" Three hooded raiders broke into the office of WikiLeaks lawyer Baltasar Garzon in Madrid, covering security cameras with tape in what police described as a “very professional” operation.

The break-in took place at dawn on Monday, and police are treating it as an “attempted robbery,” El Pais reports.

The thieves didn’t take any money and police are waiting for technicians to confirm whether any files were taken or copied from Garzon’s computer. Police are analyzing the security cameras at the entrance to the office.
The break-in took place at dawn on Monday, and police are treating it as an “attempted robbery,” El Pais reports. 
The thieves didn’t take any money and police are waiting for technicians to confirm whether any files were taken or copied from Garzon’s computer. Police are analyzing the security cameras at the entrance to the office.
Clearly - political excrement is about to hit the fan.

Trump Cuts U.N. Budget

Keep voting against Israel, you anti-Semitic scum.
Today, the United Nations agreed on a budget for the 2018-2019 fiscal year. ‎Among a host of other successes, the United States negotiated a reduction of over $285 million off the 2016-2017 final budget. 
In addition to these significant cost savings, we reduced the UN’s bloated management and support functions, bolstered support for key U.S. priorities throughout the world, and instilled more discipline and accountability throughout the UN system. 
“The inefficiency and overspending of the United Nations are well known. We will no longer let the generosity of the American people be taken advantage of or remain unchecked. This historic reduction in spending – in addition to many other moves toward a more efficient and accountable UN – is a big step in the right direction." 
"While we are pleased with the results of this year’s budget negotiations, you can be sure we’ll continue to look at ways to increase the UN’s efficiency‎ while protecting our interests,” wrote Ambassador Nikki Haley.
Trump had warned them:
“They take hundreds of millions of dollars and even billions of dollars, and then they vote against us. Well, we’re watching those votes. Let them vote against us. We’ll save a lot.” 




Julian Assange's Twitter Account Has Been Deleted: Why? And By Whom?

I first became aware of this last evening. I didn't post on it, just in case it was some sort of mistake.

However, as this story has now reached the MSM, I guess it is time. Especially since they don't know what happened EITHER.

From CBS News:
The official Twitter account of controversial Wikileaks founder Julian Assange -- @JulianAssange -- isn't showing up. Instead, anyone trying to reach it gets this message:
It wasn't clear whether the account was suspended or deleted by Twitter or Assange himself -- or why or for how long. Twitter wasn't commenting. 
The official Wikileaks Twitter account was still live but wasn't mentioning the Assange account. 
An account purporting to be an alternative Assange account was claiming Twitter had deleted his official one ahead of a blockbuster story he's preparing to break. 
There was no confirmation that Assange was authoring that alternative account -- and that account has now been suspended by Twitter.
Of course, Assange may not be the author of that second account, but we do know a big, big story was set to appear in coming days. And I had speculated that the source/messenger would be Assange.


Mormon Tabernacle Choir
I Saw Three Ships

Pope Francis Calls On Europe To Take In More Migrants, Compares Them To “Joseph and Mary”

The Pope pulled up his skirt and dropped a load today.

Pope Francis Calls On Europe To Take In More Migrants, Compares Them To “Joseph and Mary”

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Anna Hawkins
O Come, O Come, Emmanuel

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End Game: The Gathering Storm of War Within the Deep State

We have been seeing a huge amount of news stories breaking lately, which confirm our worst suspicions and fears of what Obama, Hillary, and their cronies have been up to.

We now have evidence that Mueller, Comey, and McCabe and their friends saw themselves as people who must protect America against Trump, at whatever cost. Peter Strzok spoke of an anti-Trump "insurance policy", which it turns out is an investigation against Trump, which he believed could be used to remove Trump from office, were he to get elected.

In other words, they were planning on effectuating a coup against Trump if they felt they had to. This is the purpose of the Mueller investigation. We can now understand why Comey believed he was not in trouble when he was fired by Trump. He knew the next steps, because they were already planned out, and, indeed, had already been set in motion.

We know that the Dossier was paid for, in part, by Hillary's campaign, and by the FBI. We know that the Dossier was created by a member of a Foreign Government. We know this is against the law. We know that the Dossier was shown to McCain, who then leaked information about it. We know that they used that information to get a FISA warrant against Trump. We know that they spied on Trump during his campaign for office.

We know that Hillary used her political office to effectuate policy which gleaned her foundation tens of millions of dollars in "donations" (i.e. kickbacks).

We know that Obama allowed Hizballah to go on selling drugs at the request of Iran, so that he could ram through his deal "peace" deal.

We have also begun to understand how rampant sexual harrassment has been tolerated, and even funded, by members of our Press and media.

We have learned much more in the past 4-6 months. Honestly, I can't remember all the frightening and amazing revelations that have come out. And this is not a research paper, so I am not going to spend time digging up all the information. (Maybe some of you can add to this list in the comments.)

It has been noted in the Mainstream News of late that the kinds of stories that are coming out make Watergate pale in comparison. We are getting a glimpse behind the curtain of government, and we are finding that corruption and Treason are a way of life for these people.

But if all these stories are breakng in succession, one after another, then there must be something more going on behind the scenes. This is not all the result of mere good journalism.

After all, one of the things we are learning is that the MSM is more than perfectly willing to look the other way on corruption and Treason within government. In fact, the MSM is a willing accomplice.

So where is all this information coming from?

Here are my thoughts.

The real source seems to be

1) Wikileaks

2) a VERY VERY highly placed person in government (Trump?)

3) a decentralized group of people spread around the world (computer hackers? again, Wikileaks? both? and more?)

Personally, I think Trump came into office connected to people who knew how to get things done within and without government - I think Trump is a source (along with those who work for him and with him) and I think Wikileaks (and hackers) are digging shit up.

I think the information that has been coming out is coordinated by a large group of people who have decided to align themselves behind Trump. And Trump also just happens to be a guy who came along at the right time, who is strong enough, confident enough, and willing enough to do the work needed to take down those Deep State people on the other side.

Those Deep State people are also a very large and decentralized group of people spread out across the world.

In fact, many of the people who are releasing information may be Deep State people themselves, who just happen to be more closely aligned with the Conservative side. Or perhaps, many Deep State people have just become so disgusted by the decadence they see around them that they are willing to fight against their own. To commit a kind of Treason against the Deep State Shadow Government itself.

One could say that nothing has changed, because there have always been these factions within the Deep State Shadow Government of the United States. That they have always released information on each other.

The difference now is that they are pulling out all the stops against each other.

Both sides are now showing themselves willing to use every last weapon.

Or at least, it appears to be headed in that direction.

We are seeing an End Game.

The world of the Aftermath will look so different from our current world as to be unimaginable.

There is a great deal of information to follow. But let’s cut to the chase: The Obama-era FBI and Justice Department had great faith in Steele because he had previously collaborated with the bureau on a big case. Plus, Steele was working on the Trump-Russia project with the wife of a top Obama Justice Department official, who was personally briefed by Steele. 
The upper ranks of the FBI and DOJ strongly preferred Trump’s opponent, Hillary Clinton, to the point of overlooking significant evidence of her felony misconduct, even as they turned up the heat on Trump. 
In sum, the FBI and DOJ were predisposed to believe the allegations in Steele’s dossier. Because of their confidence in Steele, because they were predisposed to believe his scandalous claims about Donald Trump, they made grossly inadequate efforts to verify his claims. 
Contrary to what I hoped would be the case, I’ve come to believe Steele’s claims were used to obtain FISA surveillance authority for an investigation of Trump. 
What were these “allegations of collusion between Donald Trump’s campaign and Russia” that the FBI decided to “aggressively investigate”? The Journal doesn’t say. 
Were they the allegations in the Steele dossier? 
As I explained in the column, the question is critical for three reasons: 
(1) The Steele dossier was a Clinton campaign product. If it was used by the FBI and the Obama Justice Department to obtain a FISA warrant, that would mean law-enforcement agencies controlled by a Democratic president fed the FISA court political campaign material produced by the Democratic candidate whom the president had endorsed to succeed him. Partisan claims of egregious scheming with an adversarial foreign power would have been presented to the court with the FBI’s imprimatur, as if they were drawn from refined U.S. intelligence reporting. The objective would have been to spy on the opposition Republican campaign. 
(2) In June of this year, former FBI director James Comey testified that the dossier was “salacious and unverified.” While still director, Comey had described the dossier the same way when he briefed President-elect Trump on it in January 2017. If the dossier was still unverified as late as mid 2017, its allegations could not possibly have been verified months earlier, in the late summer or early autumn of 2016, when it appears that the FBI and DOJ used them in an application to the FISA court. 
(3) The dossier appears to contain misinformation. Knowing he was a spy-for-hire trusted by Americans, Steele’s Russian-regime sources had reason to believe that misinformation could be passed into the stream of U.S. intelligence and that it would be acted on — and leaked — as if it were true, to America’s detriment. This would sow discord in our political system. If the FBI and DOJ relied on the dossier, it likely means they were played by the Putin regime.

Yet ANOTHER Jihadist Here Via Chain Migration

From Jihad Watch...

Pennsylvania: Muslim who shot police officer arrived in US via chain migration.

Click on the image below to enlarge it:

Akayed Ullah, the New York City subway jihad bomber, also came here via chain migration.

Chain migration will be Trump's next immigration reform, IMO. If Congress will allow such reform, that is.

Viktor Orban's Christmas message: We don't want to rename our Christmas markets and retreat behind concrete blocks

Uber driver arrested over murder of British diplomat told cops he killed her for 'wearing a short skirt'

From The Mirror:

A sick video on suspect Tarek Hawchieh's Facebook page shows him performing a sex act with a fish An Uber driver accused of raping and murdering a British diplomat told police he targeted her because she was wearing a short skirt, it has been reported. Tarek Hawchieh has been named as the man suspected of killing 30-year-old Rebecca Dykes in Beirut, and a horrifying Facebook video shows him taking part in a sex act with a fish. Ms Dykes, who worked at the British Embassy in the Lebanese capital, is believed to have been strangled after being picked up from a bar, where she had met with friends. Her body was found by police dumped at the side of the road, and the 29-year-old driver was identified using tracking information from his car. A Lebanese police source told MailOnline: "He said he found her pretty, wearing a short skirt…and so he decided to rape her as it would be easy as she was a foreigner."

Wife of Spy Firm Founder Bragged Fusion GPS Was Paid to Fabricate the Entire Russia Trump Scandal; House Investigators Want Answers

From Tablet:
A Tablet investigation using public sources to trace the evolution of the now-famous dossier suggests that central elements of the Russiagate scandal emerged not from the British ex-spy Christopher Steele’s top-secret “sources” in the Russian government—which are unlikely to exist separate from Russian government control—but from a series of stories that Fusion GPS co-founder Glenn Simpson and his wife Mary Jacoby co-wrote for The Wall Street Journal well before Fusion GPS existed, and Donald Trump was simply another loud-mouthed Manhattan real estate millionaire. 
Understanding the origins of the “Steele dossier” is especially important because of what it tells us about the nature and the workings of what its supporters would hopefully describe as an ongoing campaign to remove the elected president of the United States. 
Yet the involvement of sitting intelligence officials—and a sitting president—in such a campaign should be a frightening thought even to people who despise Trump and oppose every single one of his policies, especially in an age where the possibilities for such abuses have been multiplied by the power of secret courts, wide-spectrum surveillance, and the centralized creation and control of story-lines that live on social media while being fed from inside protected nodes of the federal bureaucracy. 
In a Facebook post from June 24, 2017, that Tablet has seen in screenshots, Jacoby claimed that her husband deserves the lion’s share of credit for Russiagate. (She has not replied to repeated requests for comment.) “It’s come to my attention that some people still don’t realize what Glenn’s role was in exposing Putin’s control of Donald Trump,” Jacoby wrote. “Let’s be clear. Glenn conducted the investigation. Glenn hired Chris Steele. Chris Steele worked for Glenn.” 
This assertion is hardly a simple assertion of family pride; it goes directly to the nature of what became known as the “Steele dossier,” on which the Russiagate narrative is founded. The fact that Jacoby is a reporter who often shared bylines with her husband at The Wall Street Journal is another reason to take her Facebook post seriously.