Thursday, September 21, 2023

In France, anybody who protests against Muslim violence and calls for self-defense can be arrested

We have another example of how, in a way, France is tragically under a totalitarian grip doing favors for the Religion of Peace, and authorities arrest opponents over an Orwellian Thoughtcrime (via Jihad Watch):
After a migrant allegedly raped a French woman so brutally with a broomstick that she was forced into a month-long coma, two dozen right-wing protestors marched outside his home in Cherbourg, France. However, at least half of them are now facing criminal prosecution and up to five years in prison for an “unauthorized gathering” and for “promoting self-defense” despite the French government’s glaring inability to protect its own citizens.

The demonstration, which took place on Sept. 9, 2023, in the Provinces district, was on behalf of 29-year-old Mégane, who awoke from her coma but remains between life and death. The French government may have special reason to pursue Argos, the right-wing group that organized the protest, as the group is the direct heir to the French group Génération identitaire, which was banned by the government in 2021. Génération identitaire became a thorn in the government’s side after it ran a series of civil disobedience protests against the state of demographic transformation in France and the government’s failures to control illegal immigration.

[...] The prosecutor in the case is apparently taking issue with the group’s calls for self-defense, despite the state being increasingly unable to defend its citizens.

“You are appearing for having, through speeches made at an undeclared demonstration, incited willful harm to a person’s integrity by calling for self-defense,” stated Pierre-Yves Marot, the public prosecutor. He announced that five members of Argos were first arrested by the police and another seven were taken into custody inside a vehicle shortly afterwards.
The prosecutor should be utterly ashamed of himself, as should all police officials who arrested these brave opposition activists. All authorities who went against the protestors, including Generation Identitaire, instead of the jihadists who've poisoned France, should resign from the jobs they don't deserve.

But I also think even Israeli delegates concerned about what goes on in foreign countries should consider speaking out in favor of the opposition to Islamofascism in said foreign lands, because there's Europeans who need all the help they can get, and if Israeli representatives were to speak in their defense, it could be very important.

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Wednesday, September 20, 2023

"If We Allow Politicians To Disregard Fundamental Rights In Emergency Situations, They Will Create Emergency Situations In Order To Sidestep The Law"

Tom Morazzo: A Message To All Teachers and Other Union Members

Dr. Janci Lindsay: "Typically, You Would Only Get No More Than 200 Deaths In a Year For All of The Vaccines Combined ... We're At Over 35,000 Deaths"


Epidemiologist Says The Reason The US is Recommending Shots for All - EVEN INFANTS - Is Because The Healthcare System Itself Just Isn't Good Enough to Take Care of the People ...


American epidemiologists are feeling defensive.

They’re embarrassed that people have figured out the new American push for mRNA Covid jabs doesn’t match what the rest of the world is doing.

As you may know, most countries are not recommending Covid boosters for most healthy adults under 65 this fall. Meanwhile, the United States is pushing shots on six-month-old infants as well as healthy teenagers (!) and adults.

So why is the United States so far out of step?

This morning, Dr. Katelyn Jetelina, who writes the “Your Local Epidemiologist” Substack, and Dr. Gavin Yamey, a first-order mRNA fanatic, decided to answer that question – an unleashed one of the great self-owns of all time.

Yes, the reason that the United States needs mRNA shots this fall when other countries do not is … wait for it…

The American health-care system is so terrible.

Follow the logic here, please.

Drs. Jetelina and Yamey want Americans to ignore the advice other countries are giving and take expensive mRNA shots – because those countries deliver far better (and cheaper) health-care than the United States does.


Have you noticed that they're (quietly, and slowly) taking everything away?

From Mark Crispin Miller:

Homelessness is on the rise. The cost of housing keeps climbing. The WSJ describes some of what is going on:

“The fact that we are seeing elderly homelessness is something that we have not seen since the Great Depression,” said Dennis Culhane, a University of Pennsylvania social policy professor and researcher with expertise in homelessness and housing issues.

Ah, the answer might lie in buying a tiny house. You won’t be so happy and you won’t own much, but at least you will have a roof over your head. Be grateful, practice mindfulness and smoke some weed. You’ll be fine.

It’s a funny thing, but in addition to the war on cars (more about this in a future post), COVID-1984 ushered in an enhanced (“stay safe”) crisis of public transportation. Despite the fact that we are told everyone should ride public transport for the good of the planet, people are afraid to do it even as the reliability and stability of the entire system is under unprecedented stress. In addition to crime, people smoking pot and playing loud music and screaming on El trains, we now have ghost buses. Rent a bike or an electric scooter, contribute to the developing chaos on the streets, but that way you pay your own way and help us build 15-minute cities, smart cities, C40 Cities, or whatever you want to call them.

* * * * * * *

Driving on Argyle Street in Chicago yesterday, I happened on a CARE USA, food distribution point and stopped to film the astonishing mix of people waiting to get something to eat. They were quiet, polite, patiently waiting their turn.

So, where does this gradual diminution end? 

As businesses cut costs by having AI take over people's jobs, and, at the same time, prices go up up up, I wonder what they plan to do with us all.

Does anyone else ever wonder that?

Are 15 Minute Cities anything like the Jewish Ghettoes of the 1930's?



COVID-19 vaccine-associated mortality in the Southern Hemisphere

COVID-19 vaccine-associated mortality in the Southern Hemisphere

This is a must read. This document goes into the statistics of increased mortality after covid vaccines were deployed. If you want to look at graphs only and not have to read through it, scroll down to page 18. It breaks everything down very well. Great graphs, legends, etc.

Most won’t be surprised, but you can tell who the heaviest vaccinated countries were without a doubt. It is sad and devastating data.

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Monday, September 18, 2023

The Covid Protesters — Where Are They Now?


Remember when they were arresting people for the "crime" of shopping while maskless? 

Remember when they were arresting pregnant women in their pajamas for the "crime" of posting information about public protest events on Facebook? 

Remember when police were violently arresting teenagers for the "crime" of skating at an outdoor rink during lockdown? 

Remember when they were debanking truckers and their supporters in Canada for the "crime" of assembling in Ottawa? 

Remember when they were arresting pastors in front of their crying children for the "crime" of holding Sunday services during lockdown? 

Remember when they were firing teachers for refusing to take the genetic slurry clot shot jabs? 

Of course you do. But why do you remember all this so vividly? Because the establishment media was happy to air these scenes of trauma and abuse, that's why. The message of such images is clear: if you resist, you will be arrested, constitutional rights be damned. After all, this is an emergency. 

This is The Big Lie of the biosecurity state. And, like every other aspect of the biosecurity state, it is all kabuki theatre. The reason the same establishment media that plastered these dramatic arrests all over the evening news never told you about the follow-up to these stories is because, time and again, these unconstitutional mandates and the violent arrests of the mandate resisters were found to have been illegal and the cases were thrown out of court. In fact, in many instances, the charges were dropped before the case even made it to court. 

The people who are looking to traumatize and scare you, to keep you compliant and complacent, will never tell you what ended up happening to these people. So, allow me to do exactly that. 

Here's the story of what happened after the cameras stopped rolling on these COVID resisters. ...