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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Not only that, the public health czar will use it to watch who is eating all those baby back ribs

Strategic UAV called first to be modeled on civilian aircraft

The Dominator-2, or Oz unmanned aerial vehicle has completed initial test flights and is the first UAV based on a certified civilian aircraft.

The platform, termed a strategic UAV, was meant to compete with other medium-altitude, long-endurance platforms, particularly the Heron of Israel Aerospace Industries.

"The Dominator-2 delivers technological superiority as well as operational and strategic abilities that are unprecedented in the global UAV market," Aeronautics Defense chief executive officer Avi Leumi said. "Development of the Dominator-2 provides Aeronautics with a strong foothold in international markets, and we believe that in the coming years Aeronautics will sell dozens of systems around the world."

In July 2009, Isarel's Aeronautics completed initial flights of the Dominator, based on the manned DA-42 aircraft manufactured by Austria's Diamond Aircraft. Executives said the flights tested a range of sub-assemblies and demonstrated an operational ceiling of 30,000 feet.

dominator2UAV.jpgExecutives said Dominator-2, with an endurance of 28 hours and which contains a 400 kilogram payload, has become the world's first UAV based on a manned aircraft with full civilian certification. They said this would pave the way for Dominator to enter the growing civilian UAV market. (?????????)

"There is tremendous potential for civilian use of UAVs, and in fact, just as UAVs are gradually replacing manned aircraft in carrying out numerous and diverse operations, we expect to see UAVs engaged in a variety of applications in the civilian market in the future," Leumi said on July 28.

"Beginning with areas which seem naturally close to defense, such as policing and security, and through fields such as agriculture, infrastructures, transportation and even environmental protection."

Dominator-2, with a maximum takeoff weight of 2,000 kilograms, joins two other companies -- IAI and the U.S. firm General Atomics -- that manufacture medium-altitude, long-endurance UAVs. Aeronautics said its latest platform, which could communicate with a ground station 300 kilometers away, could conduct high-quality intelligence that would attract the interest of NATO members.

"The UAV is now expected to continue its series of advanced flights to integrate additional systems and sensors that will enable it to perform complex intelligence missions," Aeronautics said.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, for pete's sake! Now I'm gonna have to spring for that shoulder-mount rpg launch rig I saw last week at the arms festival.

And I'm still barely able to get off a second shot within 30 seconds with that that little hand-cannon I can barely hold on to. . .

Dang it!


Sunday, August 23, 2009 5:25:00 am  
Blogger Suricou Raven said...

I wonder how vulnerable these things are to electronic countermeasures? They'd be fine for attacking terrorists holed up in caves or isolated buildings for whome the mobile phone is a new invention, but in a real war... well, if I were a dictator, I'd be hiring some electronics engineers now to study the feasability of jamming. The usual program for a UAV upon signal loss is to circle on autopilot until the connection is restored, and return to base if fuel runs low.

In civilian use, a 2000kg UAV certinly holds potential. Cropdusting comes immediatly to mind. It'd have to be espicially modified with the tank and spray nozzle, and a custom path-following autopilot, but it should be doable if the demand is there.

Sunday, August 23, 2009 1:35:00 pm  

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