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Friday, March 24, 2017


Diversity Is Our Strength

From Daniel Greenfield:
On Saturday, Ziyed Ben Belgacem pays a visit to Orly Airport in Paris. He grabs a female soldier from behind and grapples for her rifle while holding a pellet gun to her head. He warns the other soldiers to drop their rifles and raise their hands. He shouts, "I am here to die in the name of Allah ... There will be deaths." 
He’s mostly right. 
It’s the plural part he gets wrong. The soldier goes low. Her friends shoot him dead. 
But he’s not entirely wrong either. There will be deaths. Even if they aren’t at Orly Airport. French Police go on to investigate the motive of the Tunisian Muslim settler. 
His father insists that he wasn’t a terrorist. 
The media rushes to blame drugs for his attack. It reports widely on the drugs in his system rather than the Koran found on his body. No one asks if he was on drugs or on Jihad. Ziyed Ben Belgacem had been in and out of prison. 
He was known to the authorities as a potential Jihadist and had been investigated for “radicalization” back in 2015. He had been suspected of burglaries last year and had been paroled in the fall. The system had failed all over again. 
Prince William and Kate had been in Paris meeting with victims of the Bataclan Islamic terror attack. They returned to the UK, but media reports emphasize that the latest attack wouldn’t change their plans. But the UK was no refuge from Islamic terror. Not even Westminster Palace was. 
On Wednesday, Khalid Masood, a Pakistani Muslim settler, rents a car in a town near Birmingham from an Enterprise rent-a-car shop sandwiched between a Staples and a beauty salon offering walk-in eyebrow waxing. 
Over a fifth of Birmingham is Muslim and by the time the bloodshed was over and Masood was in the hospital, police raided a flat over a restaurant advertising “A Taste of Persia”. 
Because diversity is our strength. 
Masood’s victims were certainly diverse. The men and women he ran over or pushed off Westminster Bridge included Brits, Americans, Romanians, Greeks, Chinese, South Koreans, Italians, Irish, Portuguese, Polish and French. That is the new form that diversity takes in the more multicultural cities. 
The victims are diverse. 
The killers are Muslim. 
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Now that you mention it . . .narratives such as "diversity is strength" is a point of discussion at Gates of Vienna in what a commenter characterized as "information laundering".
The thread is titled "This is How the Soros-Type "Civilian" Organizations Do It".
Commenter, "CrossWare" states:
"I would like to bring your attention to the part of the article, which talks about how this (sic) organizations gathering credibility by citing each other...
This is exactly what is happening in the media. The recipe is the same, but with a slight difference. They amplify the message while handing it from hand to hand."

Commenter "Raduit" adds:
Information laundering Wow.

Friday, March 24, 2017 9:42:00 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Westminster attacker told friend of desire to kill people

Khalid Masood spoke of dreaming about blood and killing someone - 17 years before murdering four innocent victims in London.

As investigators try to piece together his path to extremism, the Saudi embassy in London confirmed he was in the country three times.

Saturday, March 25, 2017 2:29:00 pm  

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