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Monday, March 27, 2017

Okay content providers here IN THIS BLOG, your attitude has been noticed, STAY OUT OF PAKISTAN

Pakistan asks Facebook and Twitter to identify Pakistanis outside country who post anti-Islam material


“Detained Pakistani Bloggers Face Blasphemy Charges,” by Ayaz Gul, VOA News, March 24, 2017:

ISLAMABAD — An anti-terrorism court in Pakistan has put three online bloggers in the custody of a federal agency for a week so it can investigate blasphemy charges against them and determine whether they should be formally tried and punished.
Pakistan’s Federal Investigation Agency, or FIA, arrested the three men earlier this week as part of an ongoing crackdown on suspects involved in posting blasphemous material on social media.
Authorities say that laptops of the detainees have also been seized for forensic analysis….
Shortly after they went missing, radical clerics and hardliners through television interviews and talk shows accused the bloggers of committing blasphemy through online activities.
The five men have fled Pakistan because even allegations of blasphemy can provoke Islamists to kill those suspected of it.
A provincial governor, a federal minister and members of non-Muslim minority communities have been among those killed in Pakistan for criticizing or seeking reforms in the anti-blasphemy law, or for being wrongly accused of insulting Islam.
Social media challenged
Pakistani officials have also contacted Facebook and Twitter to request them to identify Pakistanis outside the country who are posting anti-Islam material so the government can pursue their extradition and prosecute them at home.
Federal Interior Minister Nisar Ali Khan announced this month that a Facebook delegation is to visit Pakistan soon to discuss the issue with his government….
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