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Friday, March 31, 2017

Evelyn Farkas: "A Strange Video of Unknown Provenance"

"If they found out how we knew what we knew ..."

Clearly, the "Strange Video of Unknown Provenance" is from MSNBC.

But, Evelyn Farkas obviously regrets what she said a few weeks back on MSNBC. Because she's been trying to walk it back for several days now:

Evelyn Farkas responds to Trump supporters’ claims that she proved his wiretap allegation

From Powerline Blog:

This is the statement that she provided to The American Spectator's Jeffrey Lord, verbatim:
Unfortunately, a few days ago a strange video of unknown provenance popped up on the internet with a wild misinterpretation of comments I made on the air in March. The topic of the particular segment — the video was selectively cut to include only my comments out of context — was the Russia election hack/information operation and a NYT story that described Obama administration members trying to get intelligence information on the Russian hack to Congress. 
I explained, in my role as an analyst, that I knew there were concerns in Washington about what the Russians did and whether the American public would find out what happened. I stated that I was worried that Congress wasn’t being briefed — according to normal procedures, which I know well from my 8 years as a Professional Staff Member with the Senate Armed Services Committee. I shared my concerns with both sides of the aisle about the need to get all the information the Obama administration had with regard to the Russian hacking of our elections and any potential complicity by Americans. 
I was out of government, I didn’t have any classified information, or any knowledge of “tapping” or leaking or the NYT article before it came out. But I knew well from my time in government how the Russians operated and I could sense from media reports that the administration was concerned. I wanted to make sure that the standard procedure of White House briefing the Congress was taking place so that Congress knew everything the White House knew about what the Russians had done. 
At the end of the interview I did start a new thought “that’s why they leaked,” but got cut off. If I’d had time I would have explained that leaking is illegal and I would never condone it, but it seems that the people who were leaking to the New York Times might have also been concerned that the legislative branch was being left in the dark.
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