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Sunday, March 26, 2017

Something is definitely wrong with this man's taste

It's been so long since we last took a look at what our old leftist friend, the former Comics Alliance writer and undeserved DC assistant editor Andy Khouri, was writing on his Twitter page. Here's a few items I think are vital for thinking about:

Law & Order was one of many early places where you could get a severe case of ultra-leftism, subtle or otherwise, shoved down your throat disguised as intellectualism, when in reality, it was little more than a whole case of cheapjack dramatic malarky that ultimately wound up taking all the easy paths, and as time went by, it could villify conservatives to boot. That young Mr. Khouri considers it a masterpiece is telling.

Later, young Mr. Khouri went and attacked Donald Trump after he pointed out that the Russian ambassador who met Jeff Sessions also visited Obama's administration 22 times in the past, and said:

I don't think little Mr. Khouri knows what it means, so there's no use in asking Trump that either. He should seek out a dictionary. And then, when Trump announced he learned of wiretapping by Obama in his tower, which The Hill now says appears to be the case, he said:

Whatever he's trying to say, it sounds very fishy. Tsk tsk. It could even be embarrassing for the places he's worked for.

And so, young master Khouri's just demonstrated how anti-Trump he really is, along with the poor taste he's got in TV dramas.
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