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Friday, June 08, 2018

CAIR Furious After Trump Trolls Muslim Groups With Ramadan Dinner Bait and Switch

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From the Conservative Journal:
Activist American Islamic cultural groups — including the controversial Council on American-Islamic Relations — have protested the White House’s decision to host an iftar dinner without inviting them. Iftar is the traditional Ramadan dinner held after sunset when observant Muslims are allowed to break the daily fast required during the holy month. 
The Trump White House broke with tradition by not holding one in 2017, but surprised many by hosting one this year — albeit with what The Associated Press described as “an intimate audience that included Cabinet members and ambassadors from many Muslim-majority nations including Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Jordan and the United Arab Emirates.” 
Trump wished the attendees a “Ramadan Mubarak” — a blessed holiday — and gave the assembled 30 to 40 individuals a “message of unity,” the AP reported. 
“In gathering together this evening, we honor a sacred tradition of one of the world’s great religions,” Trump said. “Only by working together can we achieve a future of security and prosperity for all.” 
However, several domestic Muslim groups — who have frequently clashed with the president — hosted a protest across the street from the White House called “NOT Trump’s Iftar.” 
The event was sponsored by CAIR, a group that was an unindicted co-conspirator in America’s largest terrorism-funding trial and has been controversial for its ties to terrorist groups and other religious extremists. 
“Wednesday’s event is designed as a counterpoint to the iftar that will take place at that same time in the White House,” CAIR stated in a news release. Advertisement - story continues below 
“President Trump has attacked Muslims since the beginning of his campaign and codified his Islamophobia with the Muslim Bans,” a Facebook post by CAIR on the matter reads. 
“Now he wants to make nice and host an iftar dinner after skipping the tradition last year. Join us this for a counter iftar held simultaneously outside the White House to say not in our name. Do you think this was a good move by the president? 
“Listen to people in the vanguard of the fight against Islamophobia, then join Muslims and allies as we break our fast and make sure the administration knows we support our Muslim siblings and neighbors.” 
CAIR is pretty much a liberal advocacy organization at this point, and that’s not even mentioning its extremely dubious contacts with extremist groups across the globe. 
The expectation that the Trump administration was going to “make nice” with CAIR and give their language about “Islamophobia” and “Muslim Bans” a venue for airing — at a White House iftar, no less — is prima facie absurd. 
Yet, this seemed to be what liberals were upset about. The Huffington Post (of course) ran a piece on Wednesday’s iftar dinner titled “Trump’s White House Iftar Is Missing Major American Muslim Groups.” 
No, not really. 
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