Friday, November 30, 2012

The GOP is Dead! - Long Live the GOP!

The GOP is dead, finished, all-she-wrote in Washington DC. That is to say, in Congress.
They're dead because the GOP are in a no-win situation proven by the Six Point ActionAgenda from Dick Morris--our famous prognosticator--laid out in his recent video.
Why? Because the agenda Morris sets out for the GOP must be done primarily from Washington and that agenda will be impossible to implement. As a matter of fact, some of the Republicans in Congress are sounding like they will go back on their principles to avoid the fiscal cliff.
They have to if they want to see themselves re-elected in two years.
If the GOP in Congress holds firm on taxes and cuts to the Federal budget and we go over the cliff, then the Republican controlled Congress will get the blame--egged on with the MSM--and the GOP will lose control of Congress and we are back to one party rule.
Again. I see the GOP in a no-win situation on a national level.
But there is hope for the preservation of our conservative principles and constitutional values in government. That hope is providing examples of how these same principles and values, stimulating the local economy, cutting taxes and spending, providing jobs, that will be impossible to implement by Congress can, in no uncertain terms, work.
Theseprinciples and values are working in the GOP controlled red states like Texas and purple states like New Jersey led by conservative or near conservative governors and legislatures--Republican governorships and legislatures that have grown in numbers with the last election.
In those states that represent the Democrat agenda, the worst of the blue states like California, are failing miserably.  Of course, Obama will bail out those states with the tax revenues from the successful red states but that's to be expected and hopefully the worst of what would happen.
The worst?
The blue state population see the success of the red state next door and leaves the cesspool of the liberal utopia and move to the red states--and infect the body politic there with their liberal ideology, unrepentant from their blue state experience.
The GOP and the principles and values it represents can survive and thrive in the red states and act as proven examples of conservative and constitutional principles--and that's where money and support should be channeled. Forget Washington DC. Forget Congress. The future of the GOP is on the state level.
Hear that Dick?


Always On Watch said...

I'll add the following, which is part of a comment that I left at another blog today....

To oppose Obama is -- GASP! -- racist.

Besides, by standing aside, the GOP will appear to be responsive to the will of the people.

Perceptions are everything! It was perceptions that send Romney down in defeat.

Always On Watch said...

One more thing....Dick Morris is spot on about the dangers of those treaties, which are permanent in nature.

WC said...

AOW - yes. Dick is right but the Dems have control of the Senate. They can approve the treaty.

WC said...
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midnight rider said...

The Senate approves treaties HOWEVER it must be done by a 2/3 majority of those present at the vote.

Also, courts have ruled that NO treaty supersedes the Constitution.

Not that that would matter much to this administration. . .