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Friday, August 29, 2008

Well, they didn't blame the jews, so that leaves only one person to blame - GEORGE BUSH


Moscow officials point to U.S. role behind Georgia's actions

Russian officials are blaming the United States for the conflict in Georgia, arguing that the United States has fanned the flames of the conflict and using the conflict for domestic political gain.

Some sources in Russia suggested that the U.S. backing for Tbilisi is part of a covert American plan to subvert Russia.

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin stated Aug. 11 that he was surprised by the "scale of cynicism" on the part of the United States, which in criticizing Russia and transporting Georgian troops from Iraq to Georgia was "passing off white as black and black as white." Putin accused U.S. diplomats of maintaining a "Cold War mentality" and viewing Georgian leader Mikheil Saakashvili as they had Nicaragua's Somoza: "An SOB, but our SOB."

We're back to 1955. The cleanly elected president of Georgia, portrayed by the KGB's children of dizinformaziya like Putin, as Somoza is a canard totally dependent on the Gus Hall, Cyndy Sheehan, Michael Mooore left of the USA jumping into jackbooted lockstep. Even I'm not so sure they are THAT DUMB (but you never know).

"Everything speaks to the lack of desire of official Tbilisi and Washington to settle the conflict. Otherwise why did U.S. military planes transport 800 Georgian servicemen with military hardware from Iraq to Georgia?" Deputy Chief of the General Staff Anatoly Nogovitsyn stated Aug. 12.

Uh,,,,,, to defend their homeland from ANOTHER Russian invasion

Russian U.N. Ambassador Vitaliy Churkin said Aug. 11 that "we know that Saakashvili has not distinguished himself recently by the appropriateness of his analysis and actions, and we would not like to think that he was given some order from Washington. We would like to hope that, possibly, we were talking about some sort of incorrect interpretation on the part of the president of Georgia of any signals that could have been sent from Washington."

One Russian Duma leader, Boriz Gryzlov said the war was "part of the Republican Party's election campaign."


Yes, the Russians are so dumb that we could provoke them to war so Bush could get McCain elected. Do they realize how idiotic they appear?

Former Russian Baltic Fleet Commander Eduard Baltin was quoted in Gazeta as

saying that the U.S. "decided to conquer the world in a consistent way -- economically, informationally, ideologically, and through military operations, most often by others' hands... The U.S. made [Georgia] into a nuisance-state for Russia."

We'll give up our nefarious plan to conquer the world for ......one million dollars

Other commentators suggested that the Georgian conflict was a direct U.S. military probe at the Russian soft underbelly of the Caucasus.

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