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Thursday, August 20, 2009

No, not the Onion : Director of National Intelligence-Saudi efforts to rehabilitate terrorists fostering terrorism

What's he getting paid again? From Bill Gertz...

Terrorism originating from Saudi Arabia is increasing, as part of a kingdom run effort to try and rehabilitate Islamist extremism, according to a report by Director of National Intelligence Dennis Blair.

The DNI report - written answers to questions posed by Congress - was released July 30 - and stated that U.S. intelligence assessments of the "increase in unsuccessful rehabilitation" of terrorists could not be disclosed publicly.

Yes, the fact that the Saudi's system fosters terrorism in every way is TOP SECRET EYES ONLY

Director of National Intelligence Dennis Blair delivers a speech on "the future of the U.S. intelligence community" to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce National Security Task Force in Washington on July 22. Reuters/Richard Clement
However, the report noted that the Saudi government disclosed in January 2009 that nine "graduates" of the rehabilitation program for former jihadists, including some former inmates at the Guantanamo prison, were arrested after rejoining terrorists groups.

The DNI report defended the Saudi program as "comprehensive" in seeking to address religious, psychological and socio-economic issues that prompt terrorists to carry out attacks.

The report said the terrorists are not trained to halt anti-U.S. activities and is limited to focusing on differences between Saudi Wahhabism, the conservative branch of Islam, and takfirism, the ideology of Al Qaida.

Now imagine that. Saudi anti terror activities do not exclude attacking attacking the USA and its people interest or goods. Why, I'm just so shocked and cannot imagine why that is.

The Saudis have stated that the program is most effective for terrorists with little religious training and that those released were "minor offenders" and that "hardened terrorists" do not get the training, presumably because they remain imprisoned.

The report said one shortcoming of the program is that Saudi government's catering to detainees. "For example, the Saudi government intentionally loses court cases mounted by detainees who believe they had been held to long by the Minister [of Interior] to demonstrate redress for detainee grievances," the reports aid.

Despite the money spent, lives spent, time spent, debate here, polarization, wars, dead american civilians in NY, Washington, PA, Iraq, Kuwait and Afghanistan, the CIA, and the entire national intelligence directorate STILL CANNOT ***OR WILL NOT*** IDENTIFY THE PROBLEM, IT'S ROOT or even who the enemy and it's allies are.

"Such effort taken to manage public perception may hurt Saudi Arabia over time if it begins to appear that extremists are given greater support and benefits than average Saudi citizens who have not committed offenses."

The report was part of written answers to questions from the Senate Intelligence Committee following February briefings to the Senate by Blair and released to the Federation of American Scientists.

And we're WINNING?

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Blogger Pastorius said...

I just learned something new. I thought Al Qaeda was a Wahabbist movement.

I thought Al Qaeda was critical of the Saudis because of their decadence, not because they were from another movement.

Thursday, August 20, 2009 7:21:00 pm  

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