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Wednesday, March 01, 2017

ISIS Leader’s “Farewell Speech” Orders Jihadists In Iraq To Flee Or Kill Themselves In Suicide Attacks?

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi: "Pull My Finger"

Is this true?

I guess we shall see when 10,000 splody-dopes push the button on themselves.
ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi has admitted defeat in Iraq and ordered militants to either flee or kill themselves in suicide attacks, it has been claimed. 
The terror mastermind is said to have issued a statement called ‘farewell speech’ which was distributed among ISIS preachers and clerics in parts of Iraq it still controls. 
According to local media, he urged supporters to run and hide and told ‘non-Arab fighters’ to either return home or blow themselves up with the promise of ’72 women in heaven’. 
News of the statement, which has yet to be verified, comes as US-backed Iraqi army units took control of the last major road out of western Mosul that had been in ISIS’ hands. 
Just days ago, British Defence Minister Michael Fallon said that he expected to see ISIS expelled from the country’s major towns by the end of 2017. According to Al Arabiya, Iraqi television network Alsumaria is reporting that al-Baghdadi has admitted defeat in the country. 
The exact whereabouts of the terror supremo remains a mystery and there have been frequent reports that he has been either seriously injured or killed during the conflict. 
Last month, it was reported that he had been ‘critically wounded’ in air strikes in northern Iraq. 
He is said to have been injured after a bombing raid in Al-Ba’aj. However, it was not the first time claims have emerged that al-Baghdadi has been either hurt or killed and there was no official confirmation.
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