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Sunday, March 12, 2017

Jordan releases unrepentant murderer of 7 schoolgirls

This was doubtless the plan all along over in Jordan. A "soldier" who murdered 7 Jewish girls has been released from prison:
A Jordanian soldier who shot dead seven Israeli schoolgirls in 1997 was released from prison today, sparking outrage from the families of those he killed.

In March 1997 Ahmad Dakamseh fired an automatic weapon at the girls, who were ironically on a trip to the Island of Peace, a man-made park on the Jordanian border.

Sivan Fatihi, Natali Alkalai, Adi Malka, Ya'ala Me'iri, and Nirit Cohen, who were all 13, and Karen Cohen and Shiri Badayev, who were both 14, were killed and five others were wounded, as well as a teacher.

Dakamseh showed no remorse during interviews with Jordanian media. He said his opinion of Israelis had not changed and he added: 'As for my position on the Zionists, you all know...what I did 20 years ago.'

Hezi Cohen, who lost his daughter Nirit, said today: 'This morning takes us back 20 years, to that horrible day.'

He said: 'I'd like to tell the (Israeli) prime minister and defence minister "Our children's blood should not be worthless". You should have acted vis-a-vis Jordan to prevent this release at any cost.'
Unfortunately, the Jordanian authorities were likely to release him anyway, because truly, the country's never been respectable of Jews and Israel. The filthy murderer even got a warm welcome from his neighborhood crowd, in another blatant display of anti-semitism:
Hours after his release from 20 years in jail for gunning down seven Israeli schoolgirls, ex-Jordanian solider Ahmed Daqamseh declared on Sunday that Israelis are “human waste” that must be eradicated.

Daqamseh made his remarks to al-Jazeera TV station, shortly after returning from jail to his home village of Ibdir to cheering friends and family.

“The Israelis are the human waste of people, that the rest of the world has vomited up at our feet,” he told the TV station. “We must eliminate them by fire or by burial. If this is not done by our hands, the task will fall on the future generations to do.”

In remarks directed to the Jordanian people, Daqamseh urged: “Do not believe the lie that is normalization with the Zionist entity. Do not believe the lie that is the two-state solution. Palestine is one land from the river to the sea, there is no state called ‘Israel.'”
Some of the most repellent comments I've ever seen. The sentence he got - judged merely "insane" - was clearly deliberate, and in Jordan, "life" means only 2 decades.
Orit Cohen, whose sister Keren was killed, said: “Who says that tomorrow he (Daqamseh) won’t carry out another attack and murder more Israelis?”
And indeed, no matter what taqqiya he's vomiting out of his repulsive mouth, he most definitely could commit more murders tomorrow, and the difference is that next time, Jordan's authorities could be even more lenient on him than before. I've seen the signs they're sinking back into worse effects, and we shouldn't be surprised if things get very bad in the coming years.
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