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Sunday, March 12, 2017

Students at controversial Sydney school 'were bullied into attending Muslim prayers, lectures on the Koran and cut their hair to conform to Islam'

Radicalization in the name of de-radicalization.

From The Daily Mail Australia:
High-school students being pressured to conform to Islamic religious practices 
Punchbowl Boys High School, Sydney, is 'at risk of radicalising Muslim students' 
A list of 19 schools across Sydney are taking part in counter-radicalism program Former principal 
Chris Griffiths, a Muslim man, initially refused the program Scared parents have claiming school is being run like a mosque not a school 
The program involves a team of experts who are educated on how to 'scan' for at-risk students, The Daily Telegraph reports. 
The team, which includes psychologists, IT workers and support workers, also assesses religious leaders working at the school. 
The program also works to ensure students or religious leaders don't attempt to convert non-believers to the religion. 
New principal Robert Patruno was met with threats of violence when he started in the position.     
Mr Patruno was confronted by two men of Middle Eastern appearance yesterday who reportedly told him: 
'We're going to get you, we're going to f*** you up, you dog'. 
Education Department Secretary Mark Scott told The Daily Telegraph Mr Griffiths was removed from his position when he turned down the deradicalisation program. 
Mr Scott said there were claims students assaulted, and threatened to behead teachers. 
The Education Department Secretary also reported the school was not welcoming to police and was becoming isolated.
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