Friday, December 16, 2005

Ahead of Schedule but as Predicted

Perhaps I'm not being pessimistic enough? Two accused terrorists have threatened to assassinate Australian Prime Minister John Howard.

"Abdulla Merhi, 20, and Hany Taha, 31, were among 10 men charged in the city last month with being members of a terrorist organization. ... During the hearing, Crown prosecutor Nick Robinson told the court police intercepted a conversation when Merhi said: "For example if John Howard kills innocent Muslim families do we ... have to kill him and his family?" court was told." (ht: Jihad Watch)

Who among us is surprised?


Krishna109 said...
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Krishna109 said...

Off topic:

I recently came across an interesting weblog (he has also posted some comments here): The Truth Project. It is an interesting concept-- it lists some suggestions as to specific actions people can take to counteract the spread of "disinformation" from the RoP propaganda machine & their MSM allies. Looks like a useful resource: nice list of practical suggestions. (See their "What You Can Do" link, also some of their other links). Perhaps we should post a link to them, and/or otherwise help make that information available? Thoughts anyone?

P.S: The previous "post deleted by author" was me-- after posting it, I decided to delete it & re-write it . . .

Baron Bodissey said...

"if John Howard kills innocent Muslim families..."

Talk about projection!

Pastorius said...


I'm pretty sure The Truth Project is a collaboration blog by our blogbrother Jason Pappas, and my friend Always on Watch.

linearthinker said...

I recall scanning some of the coverage following last weekend's riots. Seemed to me that Howard went out of his way to pacify the situation and condemn the actions of the hooligans. Now this?

Pastorius said...


Good point. Can you imagine, John Howard just going around slicing the throats of innocent Muslim families?

That reminds me of the time I heard a young gang-banger call in and complain to a radio talk show host that he didn't understand, kids NEED to be in gangs.

Why? the talk show host asked.

Because we need protection against our enemies.

Well, there are good kids in your neighborhood who aren't in gangs.

Yes, but we need protection just to walk down the street.

Well, then, maybe if you moved to Beverly Hills, then you wouldn't need to be in a gang.

No, you would still need protection from your enemies.

The kid just couldn't imagine a world without gangs and guns. Couldn't imagine it.