Sunday, December 23, 2012

Things that make you want to stand up and sing “AMERICA”


Judge: Louisiana Woman Can Flip Finger In Holiday Lights

A Louisiana woman ran afoul of police when she gave her neighbors an unusual holiday greeting, hanging Christmas lights in the shape of a middle finger.
Sarah Childs was in a dispute with some of her neighbors in Denham Springs, just east of Baton Rouge, so she decided to send a message with her decorations. Neighbors complained and police threatened to arrest her, so she and the American Civil Liberties Union of Louisiana sued the city.
A judge ruled in her favor Thursday.
“I imagine it will be back up before too long,” ACLU of Louisiana executive director Marjorie Esman said of the display.
Childs erected the lights on her roof last month. She has removed them twice — once after a police officer told her she could be fined and again after another officer threatened to arrest her, her lawsuit said.
When the lights were taken down there was one hand flipping the bird, and when they went back up, there were two.
Childs removed the lights but put them back up after the ACLU defended her in an open letter to the city. That time, the display showed two hands with extended middle fingers.

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I thought about posting on this yesterday. I agree; PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN!