Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Bill Whittle: The Obama Administration Is Deliberately Attempting to Destroy This Economy

I've always considered Bill Whittle to be an intelligent guy, but a "moderate", like the Powerline guys, or Ed Morrissey, always just kind of splitting the difference of where we are and then taking the position in the middle.
That is an essentially amoral posture when one takes it on a consistent basis.

For this reason, I have generally ignored Whittle, Morrissey, and Powerline.

But, because these guys are so consistently afraid to say something "outlandish", I do think they are a good barometer for knowing when things have gotten completely out of control.

If Whittle is saying this - a position Midnight Rider, Always on Watch, and I have been taking for several years here at IBA - then we pretty much know we are right. 

IBA specializes in forming opinions on situations that are arising out on the horizons of the world. Whittle specializes in taking positions which have already become patently obvious.

Now, it may be true that we will never get the standard moderate Liberal to admit the truth of what Whittle says here, it really doesn't matter. If Whittle is saying something like this, it is soon to become an accepted Conservative truism.

“I no longer see a pathway where the ruination of this country can be blamed on incompetence or even rank stupidity. There’s no other explanation left for me now than a deliberate attempt to destroy this economy.”

And they still have four more years to succeed!


Anonymous said...

May be just conspiracy theory run amuck but Canada Frees Press and Texas Fred have been blogging Gossip/Info/Intel from the Northest Intelligence Network for sometime about a "DHS" mole saying the same thing but with worse objectives. It may be conspiracy theorists with a little too much egg nog but am passing it along as a point to ponder.

Link: http://www.texasfred.net/archives/19471

Charles Martel said...

This guy is 100% right. I'm surprised it took so long for someone to say it aloud. Ever since Obama came out of nowhere and beat Hillary, it was clear there was something very powerful behind the guy. Just having a president with a name like Barack Hussein Obama less than ten years after 9/11 was odd, at least. He may be black, but he is not a "true" African American, none of his ancestors was a slave (unless the Kenyan shepherd was not the dad ...) The fact that all his records are SEALED. His close associates throughout his life, concluding with the hateful pastor whose church he attended for twenty years ...

I suspected him from the beginning, but knew we would have to wait to see his true face. Unfortunately I was not proved wrong. But I have been called racist by my children, who say I'm crazy. My friends may not say it, but their conclusion cannot be much different. But I'm a good plummer at discovering leaks, and knew I was not wrong.

I've never been into politics, and to everybody's surprise, I worked like a mad person in the McCain campaign and this year in Romney's. But the Republicans are in a suicide mission, and chose two consecutive losers for VPs. Should they had nominated Condi Rice for VP, the results might have been quite different. She is a true African American, a woman with enough brains not only to be Secretary of State, but also to perform at the Kennedy Center in more than one occasion, one of them in a duet with Yo Yo Ma. Instead, they choose someone good with budgets??? C'mon! Oh! and they also appointed themselves a women's GYNs and proudly declared that a woman's body shuts down upon rape! What a bunch of losers!

And thanks to their stupidity, we have granted four more years to the masters of chaos, including the international stage. And unless someone among the Democrats comes to the same conclusion as Mr, Whittle, we are doomed. The End.