Monday, February 29, 2016

And the Oscar for Pandering, Lies and Hypocrisy Goes to……



I promised myself not to watch the annual masturbatory ritual of the Academy Awards but was trapped into seeing it at a dinner party we were required to attend.
Last night’s display of white guilt and Liberal politics went off the charts this year.
This disgusting display of pandering to Blacks by trotting token ones out one by one on stage and the Academy’s response to being bitch slapped by #blacklivesmatter and Rev Al given by an Academy representative apologizing and promising on international TV to be more inclusive in the future was bad enough.
Then you had Biden and Lady GagMe lie about the rape culture and provide the all required #tag prompting us all to say something if see a man affectionately slap a woman on the ass, sending you to re-education camp or worse – but God forbid you see a Muslim do something suspicions like building bombs next door – where’s the #tag for that? - then you are called an Islamophobe.
And finally, DiCaprio after thanking everyone but the bear  (he was not inclusive) shows his hypocrisy on global warming while flying all around the world to promote it spewing out more carbon than any of us do in a year then labeling the indigenous population with a new victim tag – we’re destroying their environment – adding to our exploitation of the culture.  Football Team names is not enough anymore.
God spare us from Liberal self-righteousness.

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Ciccio said...

I still think Rev Al wrestling his promptr was one of the best shows on TV and as deserving an Oscar as any of the other winners.