Saturday, June 03, 2023

Mind Manipulation — Who is in Control? Part 1

This link is to a video on mind control from Children’s Health Defense. It is not way out there. It deals with the ordinary. And it starts a little slow. But it is worth the time. Ilana Daniel has put together a lot of the current policies and technologies to suggest a general theme of controlling the future by controlling the minds of children. She references back to the CIA’s secret experiments on Canadians and Americans which created the Unabomber among who knows how many other villains. This was known as MK Ultra. As far as we know, no trials have taken place for the people responsible for these experiments on unwitting subjects. Ted Kazinsky is still in jail though.


revereridesagain said...

It's still difficult to talk to most people about MK-Ultra unless one was somehow personally touched by it, however peripherally. Because of my experience with a high-ranking PSYOPS occultist who was involved in trafficking and abusing children and women I suspect that at least some of what we are currently seeing in the form of the sexual elements of "woke", especially the "trans" phenomenon, could well be traced back to some connection there.

Pastorius said...

Interesting. I did not know you thought that.

Recently, I watched a video by Steven Schneider, where he put forth the theory that the GATE/IDEA/MGM program is an MKUltra effort.

It was short on evidence, but as a child of one of the earliest classes of the program, I can say it definitely was a propaganda tools and trauma was involved to the extent that they taught us the world was going to end.