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Saturday, August 02, 2008

Delusion !

"We're going to make sure that the Palestinians have a state that allows them to prosper as long as we also have certainty that Israel's security is not being compromised," Obama told NBC's Meet the Press earlier this week

You mean like Gaza?

He added that if the U.S. can "solve" the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, "then that will make it easier for Arab states and the Gulf States to support us when it comes to issues like Iraq and Afghanistan."
You mean Iraq and Afghanistan were about Israel? Of course where the former is concerned that's what your key foreign adviser Zbig hints around with his support....

Continued Obama: "It also will weaken Iran, which has been using Hamas and Hezbollah as a way to stir up mischief in the region. If we've gotten an Israeli-Palestinian peace deal, maybe at the same time peeling Syria out of the Iranian orbit, that makes it easier to isolate Iran so that they have a tougher time developing a nuclear weapon."
Is it me or is he listing every problem and linking it back to Israel?

Only a completely delusional naif like J Carter could think anything other than that a Palestinian state today, given the leaders and the opinions of the Palestinians themselves would lead directly to open war.

Fatah is NOT going to beat HAMAS. At best we would have open anarchy as we do now in what would be a wild west fiefdom of quranic and tribal gangs vying with each other to see who can build the most and longest ranged Qassams to fire at Israel proper, while the west was vying for the championship position at holding Israel back from defense of its own citizens.

No state is possible, and no peace is possible under the present set of circumstances.
Only when the Palestinian people themselves reject and dismember HAMAS and Fatah, and desire enhance the lives of their children IN THIS WORLD will there be anything to discuss.

Failure to recginize ANY of these realities by Mr. Obama should cause the most profound shuddering among those who think Mr. Bush a simpering moron.

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