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Thursday, August 07, 2008

'Israeli Arab' arrested for spying for Hezbullah - UPDATED WITH VIDEO

For those of you who are wondering why Israel is often reluctant to let 'Palestinians' leave the country, this story - just reported on Israel radio and not online yet - may explain why. The police have just allowed publication of the indictment of an 'Israeli Arab' from Kalandia ('east' Jerusalem) for spying for Hezbullah.

The 29-year old man was arrested at Ben Gurion Airport last month and charged with accepting 13,000 euros from Hezbullah as an incentive to get himself hired by an Israeli hospital - where he could update Hezbullah on the treatment of IDF officers and soldiers - and recruiting other 'Israeli Arabs' to do the same. The man was also to give Hezbullah intelligence information on Israel generally.

The 'Israeli Arab' (sorry, I wasn't by the computer so I didn't get the name) is a medical student in Germany and met the Hezbullah operative there....



More on this story:
Khaled Kashkush [pictured. CiJ] of Kalansuwa [Sorry about that. Kalandia is the checkpoint. Kalansuwa is the village. Still 'east' Jerusalem. CiJ], a medical student in Frankfurt, was arrested at Ben-Gurion Airport on July 16 in a joint operation of the Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency) and the Israel Police.

Kashkush had allegedly been approached by Muhammad Hashem - who also goes by other names such as Rami or Mazen - a known Lebanese Hizbullah agent who travels throughout world in an attempt to recruit and activate Hizbullah agents.
Fifth column....


Here's an extensive video report from Arutz Sheva with lots more details. Let's go to the videotape.
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