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Saturday, March 04, 2017

The One Where Vladimir Putin Throws a HUGE PARTY

It was back in February 2016 when FSB Director Alexander Bortnikov kept his urgent appointment with Putin.

"Vlad, we have penetrated the Wikileaks servers, and now know all the contents of the Amerikanski Democratic Party's corrupt secrets. We know how corrupt some of their media is. The information is very compromising. We need to decide how we can utilize this information. I believe we should blackmail them. Kompromat in the extreme, by little steps. Agent Volodyna is our best woman for this. W Clinton will understand a little comment at the right moment and get the message to the right people."

"Show me, Alexadrovitch" Minutes pass as Putin reads, laughing out loud. "They are too stupid to be competing with us. No, no blackmail, for them. Wikileaks will hold some information back, we will alert the Democrats we have it all, perhaps lie. I see a bigger game. We will help Trump by doing nothing and letting Wikileaks simply do what they do best, and watch both the Democrats and B Obama, very very closely.  They will compromise themselves even more. Have Kislyak forge closer relations with Trump. I think his nationalist message might be enough when this corruption comes out."

Putin laughs again. "This is very amusing."

"Is that all, Premiere?"

"No, when Trump is elected, we use the kompromat on the Democrats to urge them to do what they wish to do anyway, anything and everything to stop the hated Trump. There will be complete political chaos at the moment Trump wishes to move. The Democrats will become our agents of influence without even considering their function, and paralyze the Americans."

"You are brilliant, Vladimir."

Putin looks balefully at Bortkinov. "No, you fool, this is basic." Putin rubs his chin. "Perhaps Obama will do something extremely stupid against Trump and we can observe this, and then, at the right moment alert Trump. Through the CIA and FBI, of course"
Putin smiles showing teeth.
"And then one day, alert the Democrats the information about this came from Russia". Laughter echoes loudly into the hallways

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Anonymous thelastenglishprince said...

The investigation against Trump and associates, led by the FBI, and assisted by the NSA and the Treasury Department's crime unit found "no conclusive evidence of wrongdoing".


Saturday, March 04, 2017 4:09:00 pm  

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