Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Dude. . .

Meet your new "Uber-Cool" President. . .

(holy shit. . .)

Posted by: Ross Colvin

KAILUA, HI - Barack Obama may be the first U.S. president who can successfully pull off the shaka, a Hawaiian greeting Hawaiians say has various meanings, from “hang loose” and “cool” to “thanks.”

The hand gesture, also a common greeting in surfer culture, consists of curling the three middle fingers and extending the thumb and little finger.

The president-elect, looking uber-cool

(no kidding, they really wrote that)

with his White Sox baseball cap on backwards, flipped the shaka to a crowd of about 30 people as he left a gym on a Marine Corps base on the Hawaiian island of Oahu, where he is vacationing.

Obama, born and largely raised on Oahu, then walked over to greet the crowd, which had waited through a brief cloudburst to see him. Righting his baseball cap as he walked, he shook hands before posing with four babies.


Anonymous said...

Oh, please Even school kids here on the south side of Chiccago can throw gang symbols by the time they're 6.

midnight rider said...

True. But it doesn't exactly help this One look very presidential.