Saturday, December 27, 2008

Never Such Pinpoint Bombing In The History Of Warfare, As The BBC Inadvertently Makes Clear

Never Such Pinpoint Bombing In The History Of Warfare, As The BBC Inadvertently Makes Clear 

Here is an account by the BBC, from "the BBC's Rushdi Aboualouf," their man in Gaza (well, Tim Franks is the primary anti-Israel propagandist in Gaza, but Rushdi Abaoulouf  is apparently a member of the local supporting staff), an account meant to be entirely unsympathetic, of course, to Israel and of course meant  to win our sympathy for the "Palestinians" who have done nothing to deserve any of this:

"It's hard to find a secure place in Gaza. Gaza has no shelters, it has no safe places. The Hamas security compounds are in the middle of the city - it's not the kind of place where you see compounds outside the cities.

I have witnessed one of the compounds - which is 20m away from my house - I was standing on the balcony and I have seen the Israeli airplanes hitting the place. "

So what do we learn from his report? That the "security compounds" are deliberately placed "in the middle of the city." It's no different from the anti-aircraft missiles and guns deliberately placed on top of mosques and schools by  the PLO, in Lebanon in 1982, and Hezbollah hiding -- not quite to the extent that the PLO did  -- among civilians as much as possible.

And yet, look what the Israelis did -- the reporter was standing on his balcony, a mere 20 meters from "one of the compounds" and he saw "the Israeli airp[lanes hitting the place" and leaving him, still standiing on his balcony. And why did he stay on his balcony during all this? Because, despite the stories of they wish us all to believe, their own actions and attitudes bespeak their real understanding. They call the Israelis Nazis, but clamor to be treated in Israeli hospitals by those same "Nazis." They call the Israelis murderers, but whenever a group of Arabs wants to flee another group of Arabs -- those "Palestinians" who fled from King Hussein's Bedouin troops during the crackdown on Black September -- they try to ford the Jordan, arms raised, hoping desperately that they will be allowed to surrender to the Israeli "killers."

And here, on his balcony, in the full security of knowing how careful the Israelis are, this Arab reporter stands, and sees the bombing, some twenty meters away, of one of those military targets that the Israelis aimed for, and hit, and once again, showed the world that denounces them -- what other country, anywhere, has engaged in such spectacularly pinpoint bombing designed to spare all but strictly military targets, even with those targets deliberately having been placed smack in the middle of, cheek by jowl with, civilian apartment buildings, schools, hospitals.

Once again the Israeli Air Force amazes.


Anonymous said...

Too precise for Israel's own good. Should just ring Gaza with howitzers and fire until everything is flattened.

Ray Boyd said...

As a matter of interest I was surprised after hearing about BBC bias against Israel that all the reporting yesterday from the studios was even handed. They asked the palestinians some very pointed questions i.e. Palestinians never observed the peacefire, what do they expect if they shower rockets down on Israel?

Pastorius said...

That's very good to hear.

I believe it.

I saw some reports from Reuters, yesterday, which I thought were ridiculous. The headlines were "Israel Killed", quite literally.

When a Palestinian suicide bomber kills people in Israel, the headline usually says something like, "Bomb expplodes in market, fifteen dead".