Monday, October 29, 2012


According to the weather reports I've been hearing and reading, Northern Virginia, where I live, will be slammed by Hurricane Sandy.  Forecasts project Tuesday as the worst day, but heavy rains and strong winds have already arrived.

The AOW household is hunkered down.  We do expect to lose our electricity and web access.

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midnight rider said...

Hunkered down here in Reading/Berks, too. We're just starting to get the leadin edge of it. Pretty heavy rains and some wind, but this is goin to deteriorate throuhout the day. Not to worry, got plenty of coffee, bourbon, beer, cigarettes, water and a pack of Pop Tarts.

We're almost certain to lose power as well, they expect the eye (or what's left of it by the time it's this far inland) to pass over or very near us. Over the last 2 days the store sold out of D batteries, flashlights, lots of cases of water. Our local Cabelas sold over 500 generators in 2 days.

Good luck to everyone in it's path. Stay safe.