Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Salute the Culturist Generation Identitaire

In the long run, this late-mid October 2012 week might get memorialized as an important one in culturist history. Not for the American Presidential debates.  But because “Generation Identity,” (‘Identitare” in French), occupied, in the popular American vernacular, a mosque and demanded a public referendum on ending Islamic immigration and mosque construction.   This group scored on rhetoric; and they understand history.  An involving, public form of peaceful, culturist action, led by a new generation, has emerged.

The French Generation Identity movement is grounded in culturist historical basics; from the roof of the Poitiers mosque, in honor of October 25th, they hung a banner reading, “732 Generation Identitaire.”  The Muslims actually built the mosque to revenge the French Hero, Ancestor, and warrior, Charles Martel defeating the Muslims there and then.   The significance of this battle cannot be overstated.  Charles Martel’s victory over Islam likely prevented a repetition in France of the 700-year take over of Spain by the same Muslim forces.  

Culturists have history on their side and use it. The history of animosity and bloody battle between the West and Islam has not stopped.  Multiculturalists remove this historical angle and so project the relatively peaceful present back into the past and indefinitely into the future.  But, history and current geo-political activity show inter-civilizational conflict continuing.  In celebrating Charles’ Martel’s 732 battle, Generation Identity shows acute culturist historical awareness.

The word “Identity” in the name of Generation Identity refers, I argue, to culture.  Generation Identity begs their culturally French brethren to keep the region’s traditional majority culture from the aggression of a historically hostile culture.  As the West paradoxically makes individualism the root of our cultural commonality, our national culture groups collectively have trouble separating the individual identity tree from the cultural forest. We tend to see identity individually. But, Generation Identity’s highlighting their national history points collective cultural identity being their group name’s referent.

Cognitive dissonance happens when one can choose between an uncomfortable fact and changing your actions.  People would rather change their assessments of situations than face a challenging reality.  The older generation cowers at discussing the hard truth of Islam in the West.  The new generation has no comfortable fear abeyance mechanism, denial, or employment, making its generation accommodate and pretend to its doom.  As our forefathers did with the decline of religion, this generation can and must outstare this void with their eyes wide open. 

Culturists in other western nations, such as the British National Culturists, constitute new generational stances based on a fresh and clear interpretation of history. We western bretheren recognize common words in “Identitaire” and “Identity.” We agree with your statements against multiculturalists and globalists. When our separate nations band, western culturism stands stronger. In this spirit we salute your culturist hero Martel. And we culturists in America, England and elsewhere in the western world admire and salute you, Generation Identity, for your historic culturist initiative. 

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