Monday, June 29, 2015

One-Year Anniversary: ISIS Pronounced Itself The Caliphate

Today, June 29, 2015, marks one year to the day.

We're in the middle of Ramadan.

American Independence Day is this week.

We are hearing rather intense warnings of the likelihood of a terrorist attack this week.

This article, dated June 28, 2015, points out the following:
...In Britain, the ISIS targeted the annual Armed Forces Day parade on Saturday, but intelligence officials foiled the plot, which was discovered by an undercover British agent who was recruited by the terrorist group.

The ISIS had told the investigator, according to the London Sun, “It will be big. We will hit the kuffar (unbelievers) hard InshAllah. Hit their soldiers in their own land. InshAllah. Soldiers that served in Iraq and Afghanistan will be present. Jump in the crowd and detonate the bomb.

“They think they can kill Muslims in Iraq and Afghanistan then come back to the UK and be safe. We’ll hit them hard InshAllah.”

The multiple attacks on Friday indicate, whether coordinated or not, are clear signs that the Islamic State’s declared war on the world is more than rhetoric....
This morning on CBS This Morning, Michael Morell, who served as the CIA deputy director until his retirement in 2013 and now is CBS News's Senior Security Correspondent, said (my best recollection of his exact words): "I wouldn't be at all surprised if we weren't sitting here in one week to discuss a major terrorist attack that had happened over the coming weekend."

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