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Saturday, September 06, 2008


From Reliapundit at the Astute Bloggers:




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Al-Qaeda threatens to wipe the "worshippers of the cross" from the face of the earth

From Jihad Watch:

A new al-Qaeda video has warned the group will punish Denmark over newspaper caricatures of Islam's founder.

The video also identifies the Saudi national who was behind a suicide bombing at the Danish Embassy in Pakistan.

The alleged bomber, Kamal Saleem Atiyyah al-Fudli al-Hathli, makes an appearance in the video wearing an explosives vest.

He is shown warning of more attacks “to the worshippers of the cross in Denmark” and says: 'We will wipe you from the face of the Earth.'

The June 2 blast killed six people, including a Danish citizen.

Al-Qaeda claimed responsibility, saying it was carried out to fulfill Osama bin Laden's promise to exact revenge for the of a dozen cartoons showing the Prophet Muhammad.

Islam forbids any depiction of Muhammad, even favorable, for fear it could lead to idolatry.
The video also shows al-Qaeda's top commander in Afghanistan, Mustafa Abu al-Yazeed, who also warns of more attacks.

It had been thought al-Yazeed had been killed in August in Paksitan’s tribal area.

I wonder how many of us are ready to be killed for our faith, whether that faith be in Judaism, Christianity, Buddha, Natural Law, or the United States of America.
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The Republican Convention Was The Most Watched Convention EVER!

Yes, that means the Republican Convention beat the Democratic Convention hands down:

From Breitbart:

NEW YORK (AP) - As a television draw, John McCain was every bit the equal of Barack Obama.
The GOP presidential candidate attracted roughly the same number of viewers to his convention acceptance speech Thursday as Obama did before the Democrats last week, according to Nielsen Media Research.

It marked the end of an astonishing run where more than 40 million people watched political speeches on three nights by Obama, McCain and Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin. The Republican convention was the most-watched convention on television ever, beating a standard set by the Democrats a week earlier.

Three times in two weeks, political speeches were watched by more people than the "American Idol" finale, the Academy Awards and the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics this year.
"It clearly suggests that a great number of Americans think that who will be the next president is important and worthy of their time," said Tom Rosenstiel, a former political reporter and director of the Project for Excellence in journalism.

Last week, Obama's speech in Denver was seen by 38.4 million on 10 different commercial networks, and an additional 4 million on PBS.

Add it up, and that's McCain, 42.4 million, to Obama, 42.4 million.

And, of course, Palin beat the hell out of Biden (who no one cares about). Truth is, Palin almost beat Obama's viewership, despite being on four fewer networks.

So, the Republican Convention won.
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Honor Killings

What our Western mainstream media prefers not to tell / show us:

Married at 9, slain by parents at 17

By Bruce Loudon in Islamabad

September 06, 2008 12:00am

DESPAIR among human rights workers in Pakistan over a rash of so-called "honour killings" intensified yesterday when it was disclosed that a girl forced into marriage with a 45-year-old man at the age of nine had been killed by her parents because she asked for an annulment.

The girl, 17, who had been fighting a lonely but successful legal battle, was coming out of court in the Punjabi city of Sahiwal after being granted the annulment by a judge when she was surrounded by a group of men and shot in view of police.

The death of Saira Nusrat Bibi has added further to concerns among human rights campaigners already outraged over the case of five women - among them three teenage schoolgirls - buried alive in the province of Baluchistan because they wanted to marry men of their choice in defiance of the wishes of tribal leaders.

The Baluchistan case was worsened by an attempt by a member of the country's national parliament, senator Israr Ullah Zehri, to defend it, telling colleagues that "these are centuries-old traditions and I will continue to defend them", The Weekend Australian reports.

Members of the religious Jamaat-e-Islami party rounded on Senator Zehi, declaring: "We condemn this barbaric act. This is against Islam, against humanity and against civilised culture."

Yesterday, the Government bowed to pressure and ordered an inquiry into the killings.

Details that have emerged from the village of Baba Kot in Baluchistan indicate that the three girls -- aged between 16 and 18 - and two of their elderly relatives were "shot at" before being buried alive.

"When the fuming elders of the Umrani tribe came to know about the intentions of these girls, they picked them up from their homes along with two of their elderly relatives," one account said.

"The crying girls were pushed into official cars and driven to a deserted area. There they were pushed out of the cars, made to stand in a queue, and volleys of shots fired at them. As the bleeding girls fell to the sand, the tribesmen dragged them into a nearby ditch and levelled it with earth and stones.

"As the two shocked elderly women tried to rescue the hapless girls, they too were gunned down and buried in the same manner. The killers after burying these women returned to their tribe like conquerors without any action taken against them."


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Make Something Up

Those of you who like to comment anonymously, I urge you to give yourself a name of some sort, because when several different people use Anonymous, we don't know which anonymous is which. Make something up. It's fun! How about X-man. Or Hellrazer. Or Mr. Calm. Or Voss. Or Mrs. Landmine. The Faceless Avenger? The Prophet of Doom? Terminator? T-1000?

An easy way to do it is to create a blog on Blogger using your cool new name (it only takes a couple of minutes to do) and don't bother blogging on it if you don't want. But then Blogger will automatically put your cool name on the comment form for you. You can do this with complete anonymity.

If you need ideas for names, I'm sure the commentators on this site can come up with some great ones (many of them already have). You may be surprised to learn that my name is not actually Mr. Warrior, although I do look a lot like the guy in the picture.
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Better Watch Your Ps & Qs Dems

US Weekly is feeling the heat for its blatant slam job of Sarah Palin on this week's cover - with angry readers canceling their subscriptions in droves. Sources told MSNBC.com from 5,000 to 10,000 subscribers canceled after the magazine published its "Babies, Lies & Scandal" story about John McCain's running mate.

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In Selflessness and Democracy They Trust

Guest Commentary by Edward Cline:

The World Forum on the Future of Democracy at Colonial Williamsburg and the College of William and Mary, the subject of extensive commentary by this site’s host (“Colonial Williamsburg’s Summit of Scrambled Egg-Heads,” September 5), ended on September 18 [2007] on a flat note. Only one session of the three-day event was open to the public. The other sessions were “private” events at Colonial Williamsburg’s Williamsburg Lodge, so it cannot be determined if these secret deliberations ended on a high note. Perhaps The New York Times columnist David Brooks, one of the Forum participants, will wax poetic on those private sessions in the near future and let the world know what transpired in them.
That is what I wrote a year ago when flocks of One-Worlders, Global-Governmentalists, do-gooders and altruists of all shades of pinkish stripes, racial, gender, cultural and differently challenged egalitarians, humanity managers, and charter members of Club Clueless descended on Williamsburg to discuss “democracy.” Williamsburg, they all believed, was the cradle of democracy.

Of course, the untruth of that notion has never been questioned. It is propagated and repeated with utter disregard for the truth, from either ignorance or ulterior motives. Indeed, Colonial Williamsburg itself, in its various educational and visitor programs, harps constantly on “democracy.” The Founders, one hears, created a “democracy.” This is not the only way the Foundation has dispensed with facts and adulterated history at the behest of political correctness and craven pragmatism (and for a few federal grants), but it is a significant departure from its mantra that the “future may learn from the past.”

I discovered a Foundation site, Jeffersonblog.history.org, that raises questions about “democracy,” and I have posted a pair of commentaries whose purpose is to disabuse other contributors of the fallacy, danger, and futility of democracy. I stress that what the Founders created was a republic. These men abhorred democracies of any size, for they were astute students of history and saw that always and inevitably, democracy sired tyranny. The members of the Constitutional Convention went to great lengths to ensure that it did not happen in the United States.

The Foundation site poses a series of questions about democracy, but does not question the validity of the premiss that “democracy” is what it is all about, and presumes that no one who visits the site will disagree with or dispute the premiss. Most visitors to the site do not disagree with or dispute it, and so in their own remarks add confusion to a discussion that has already been diverted in the wrong direction. It is like watching a dog chasing its own tail.

The most recent question is a quotation from Thomas Jefferson’s letter to John Dickinson in 1801:

The greatest good we can do our country is to heal its party divisions and make them one people.
With some editing, here is my first contribution to the discussion, in which I define the terms by which I would engage in this Socratic dialogue:

“What astonishes me about this and other discussions in answer to the questions about ‘democracy,’ is that no one has questioned the use of the term ‘democracy.’’ When Benjamin Franklin, after the conclusion of the Constitutional Convention, was asked what kind of government the convention had created, he did not answer, ‘A democracy, if you can keep it,’ but rather, ‘A republic, if you can keep it.’ The most fundamental distinction between a democracy and a republican form of government is that the former means mob rule – catering to the mob’s or majority’s prejudices or appetites, at the expense of a minority – while a republic, as the Founders conceived of one, would protect an individual’s right to life, liberty, property and the pursuit of happiness. ‘Party divisions,’ under the first form of government, simply means struggles between warring factions for power and the growth of government over the lives of the citizens; under a republican form of government, party divisions would be defined by non-essentials and not propound wholesale violations of individual rights or encroach on the sanctity of the Bill of Rights.”

Shortly after posting that, a visitor asked me to clarify “party divisions defined by non-essentials.” I answered:

“By ‘party divisions defined by non-essentials,’ I meant that two political parties, such as the Republicans and Democrats, would agree on the fundamental sanctity of individual rights, but differ on how to implement legitimate government functions without suborning constitutional principles. For example, two or more parties in Congress might disagree on term limits, or on the correct amount of compensation that senators and representatives might have a right to claim from the general budget, or on purely administrative details concerning the legislative or judicial branches of government.”

In short, the parties would be Jefferson’s “one people,” in agreement on fundamentals, such as the inviolate right of an individual to his own life – that is, the core fact that he owns his own life and that it is not for disposal by the government or a majority, not even for “Country First” – but at odds over how to ensure that right and perpetuate it in the political process. Briefly, nothing that would be grounds for a civil war or the usurpation of individual rights or the reign of political anarchy. It was the non-specificity of the Constitution on limitations of power that moved anti-Federalists like Patrick Henry to insist that a Bill of Rights be appended to the Constitution delimiting government powers and establishing their boundaries.

I added to my second commentary this qualification:

“From another standpoint, a staunchly principled party devoted to the strict adherence to the Bill of Rights and other Constitutional assertions, would always be in opposition to any party advocating socialism, fascism, or any other collectivist form of government. Such an opposition, then, would certainly be defined and governed by essentials and the fundamentals of Constitutional law.”

Of course, a party that advocated the slavery and theft (such as “duty,” selflessness, and “giving back”) necessary under socialism, fascism, and other collectivist, individual rights-negating theories or policies would not gain enough popular support to win seats in Congress. Such a party would never become a danger or a peril. Ideally, such an American populace would be educated and smart enough to know that these theories or policies entailed enslavement of themselves or others, and selfish enough to deny their advocates any place in government. No “healing of party divisions” would be imperative or requited, because no injury would have ever occurred.

Again, of course, this is not the situation today. The two major parties, as can be plainly seen in the run-up to the November elections this year, do not occupy the same political or moral universe that the Founders inhabited. The Republicans and Democrats differ only over the aims of policies geared to create “one people”: the Republicans want to lasso everyone into a kind of nationalism fueled by a willingness to “serve” and “sacrifice”; the Democrats want to draft everyone to “serve” and “sacrifice” on the road to full-scale, America-destroying socialism. And both candidates, Barack Obama and John McCain, have touted the virtue of selflessness as a principal means to accomplish their end of creating “one people.”

I must add here that neither Jefferson, Washington, Henry, Madison, nor John Adams, nor any of the other Founders could imagine or foretell the puerile, anti-conceptual state of political dialogue today. To a man, they would warn: Unless you grasp fundamentals, you are doomed to downfall and even extinction.

John McCain’s acceptance speech of September 4th in Minneapolis was themed on selflessness. Obama’s acceptance speech in Denver was themed on selflessness. Selflessness, they both claim, is the “greatest good” that can create jobs, national security, a workable health care system, and a clean environment.

McCain’s political philosophy is a variation of John Donne’s “no man is an island,” coupled with the warning that if you think you are an island, he will guarantee that your life is made miserable. Obama’s political philosophy can be seen in his statement during his appearance with McCain at an evangelical church in California in August:

He sought to atone for youthful indiscretions, saying he had been guilty of ‘fundamental selfishness’ at times, notably in his experimentation with drugs….
A person who experiments with drugs is someone on a quest for selflessness, to escape from a self he does not much respect or care for. Which makes Obama just as much an enemy of individual rights and American freedom as McCain. As with McCain, selflessness is his password to virtue. The one wishes you to sacrifice and serve for the people, while the other wishes you to sacrifice and serve for God. ‘Stand up and fight!” proclaimed McCain last Thursday night with clenched fists and glassy eyes and to a cheering chapter of Club Clueless. “Stand up and fight!” – for a cause greater than yourself.

And God help you if you are not “one with the people.” God help you if you reply that without a self, there is no cause.

Crossposted at The Dougout
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Bhutto Widower Asif Ali Zardari Wins Pakistan Presidential Election

I just heard on FOXNEWS that Ali Zardari suffers from dementia, depression and other things from his time spent in a prison. And this is their new President.

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan — The widower of slain former leader Benazir Bhutto will succeed Pervez Musharraf as president of Pakistan after winning a landslide victory in Saturday's election.

Partial results announced by officials after separate votes in the federal and provincial assemblies show that Asif Ali Zardari won an overwhelming majority of the votes.

Pro-Zardari lawmakers, some in tears, shouted "Long live Bhutto!" as the results came in. The couple's two jubilant but tearful daughters, one carrying a portrait of their late mother, smiled and hugged friends in the gallery.

But Saturday also brought a brutal reminder of the threats to the nuclear-armed nation's stability when a suicide car bomber killed at least 13 people and wounded dozens in the northwestern city of Peshawar.

Already head of the main ruling party, Zardari becomes one of the most powerful civilian leaders in Pakistan's troubled 61-year history. Last month, he marshaled a coalition that forced longtime U.S. ally Musharraf to quit as head of state.

Zardari, a novice leader stained by past corruption allegations, takes over at a critical time for this volatile, nuclear-armed Muslim nation of more than 160 million.

Pakistan's economy is crumbling and Saturday's attack was the latest in a string of suicide bombings usually claimed by Islamic militants who have steadily gained strength since Pakistan joined the U.S. war on terrorism in 2001.

Washington is pressing Pakistan to eradicate Taliban and Al Qaeda havens near its border with Afghanistan. A U.S.-led ground attack said to have killed at least 15 in Pakistan Wednesday sparked outrage and embarrassed Zardari's party.

As expected, Zardari trounced Mushahid Hussain, a senator from the pro-Musharraf party routed in February parliamentary elections, and Saeed-uz-Zaman Siddiqui, a former judge nominated by the opposition party of another ex-prime minister, Nawaz Sharif.

cross posted @ www.genycon.blogspot.com


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His Name, Please?

Perhaps someone here has more information about the story below.

September 5, 2008 article from the National Terror Alert Response Center:
A man is under arrest in Washington after an improvised explosive device, a rifle and some ammunition were allegedly found in his jeep, Capitol Police said Friday.

The man stopped to ask police for directions near the Capitol building at about 11 a.m. EDT Friday, at the intersection of 2nd and Independence Avenue Southeast, according to Capitol Police spokeswoman Sgt. Kimberly Schneider.

The officer responding noticed a rifle case on the car seat and inspected the jeep, discovering the IED, rifle and ammunition. A canine unit was enlisted to help.

“They’ve all been rendered safe right now because they’re in the custody of Capitol Police,” Schneider told reporters at a briefing Friday.

The officer took the unidentified man into custody; the vehicle is still being searched.

Library of Congress employees near where the jeep was stopped have been evacuated, and several roads have been closed while police continue their investigation.

Schneider said that it wasn’t clear what the man intended to do with the cache of weapons.
Here's the video report:

YouTube link

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Neislen TV Ratings during McCain's speech, amazing



And why do they hate Fox, really?

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Storm Track Infiltration: Italian Town Hotbed of al-Qaeda Activity

Remember those suicide strikes in Morocco awhile back? They were directed from a town in Northern Italy.

The Italians better step up their campaign of stopping the Islamist control and command centers, eh, I mean, mosques, from being built.

Read the rest at The Gathering Storm.
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No Wonder Islam Is Such A Powerful And Alluring Faith

(Thanks to Damien for sending this in.)

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McCain the Insurgent ?

Here's a meme (word of the moment) for you

Get McCain's earlier plan, and earlier message:
John McCain is trying to reform the Republican Party before a presidential defeat, with the old guard still around, and with a party base that still hasn't accepted the need to transform. The central drama of this week's convention was the struggle by reform Republicans to break through the gravitational pull of old habits and create something new.

Before the convention, some McCain aides wanted to sunder the links to the past in one bold stroke: Name Joe Lieberman as the vice presidential nominee, promise to serve only one term, vow to take a hiatus from partisanship and work by compromise to get things done. That proved to be a leap too far.

So McCain was pulled back. But he refused to stay there and pressed ahead by picking Sarah Palin.
This is from David Brooks of the NYT

What's happened? The last reform of this party took place after Nixon's 1960 defeat, was perturbed by the appearance of a non ideologue Nixon, who took advantage of th Democratic Party reform of 68-72 and completed in 1980 with the ascent of Reagan. Reagan as we all know transformed the party to conservatism. This continued past 1994 and Newt Gingrich's ascent on traditional conservative principles, but was wrecked on the big govt, big spending, corrupt mutations, and utter incompetence of the morphed republicans under Delay and Bush. Now comes, under, McCain wave 2. Conservatism was not enough to return a smaller functioning system. Reform is required. The corrupting forces on the conservative wave have to go, and what remains? Not important ideologically. That makes John McCain a revolutionary. He doesn't want to change the philosophy as much as he wants to change the machine. All this while recognizing, as he said that we are in a war against jihadism, and that war is worldwide. Something the other side denies forcefully.

Is that interpretation possible? This is why he needs to spell out the nitty gritty carefully. Is he trying to kill the instrument which generates corrupting lobbying dollars that flow into election campaign coffers, for most legislators? How do you say or somehow communicate that to the electorate without those interests concluding they are better off letting Obama win and picking up the pieces under a different party, while the republicans return to the $$ sucking fold in 2012?

The republicans face a Democratic party still trying to figure out who they are after it's 1972 reform. They have the morphed civil rights forces who now insist on equal outcome for all, by income transfer if needs be. They have the anti vitenam people who have morphed from patriotic dissent from a really needless war into america haters who think the basis of the nation, PROPERTY, is the evil at birth which eventually made Vietnam inevitable. They have the remains of the diminshing union influence. They have the sensation, which causes them to react, that as the nominal inheritors of FDR they have to take care of everyone (that mean EVERYONE without income) without his driving need to ensure that communism or fascism did not overtake an america in a corner in 1932.

Against this back ground we have Russian Expanionsm born of a fusion of Alexander III, and Nicolas I, and Stalin with the gift of cash under the ground that was never possible under any of their systems, and an apparently never dimished dislike of the USA.
We have an industrious and ingenious China, hobbled by the communist system anchor it is dragging around, which is determined to be as powerful as the USA.
Most importantly, we have an unimaginably rich, irresponsible, violent group in charge of the SINGLE most important economic commodity, whose peoples together (as any Pew poll tells us) believe myths and learn hatred too early in life for facts to intervene later as adults. This party believes our system reformed or not, democratic party dominated or not, is not Fukuyama's mythical endpoint of history. They have now priced this commodity so high after 1973 that it threatens the economic fabric of the world. It may be that that cannot continue.

Our domestic situation economically is the result of that commodity, and GREED. The greed Mr. McCain sees in govt. That commodity aside, are there any fundamental problems here? I really don't think so. Solve that problem and we can manage our problems with EITHER party in charge, in the usual back and forth and shouting. But one party TODAY is not going to move with a sense of urgency (as evidenced by one crowd shouting 'Drill baby, drill').

Who is best formed to push our tiller a little bit this way or that?

Are you kidding?

Someone else arrived to change the focus and "her language resonated more of supermarket aisle than the megachurch pulpit. More than the men on the tickets, she embodies the spirit of the moment: impatient, fed up, tough-minded, but ironical. Even in attack, she projected the cheerfulness of someone confident about the future."

Then McCain ... the insurgent and revolutionary.

Could it be?
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Giving them the freedoms to curb our own

More bemoaning of our gradual loss of freedom in Europe comes from Clifford D May, writing in Europe News. Free speech, he says, may end not with a bang, not even a whimper, "but with lawyerly assist".

"It was three years ago this month that the Danish newspaper, Jyllands-Posten, published twelve editorial cartoons satirizing Islamist terrorism," he writes. "Some Muslim organizations objected. Protests were organized. Danish embassies in Syria, Lebanon and Iran were set ablaze. Dozens of people were killed. The cartoonists and their editors received death threats from such characters as Mahmoud al-Zahar, a senior Hamas leader in Gaza."

He goes on to analyse the Motoons affair, which most readers will be familiar with by now, no doubt, and then tells us that the United Nations General Assembly is

considering a resolution sponsored by the 57-nation Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC). The ostensible purpose of "Combating Defamation of Religion" [. . .] is to stamp out "incitement to religious hatred, against Islam and Muslims in particular".

Read more on my regular blog here, plus a post on the latest chapter in the story of the novel The Jewel of Medina, the book about Aisha that Random House gutlessly pulled, to their eternal shame, and the obscenity of the obscenity police (Islamic obscenity police, of course!)

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Why Do We Have to Put Up with This Vomit-Inducing Nonsense from Gordon Brown and David Miliband? Their Ramadan Message to Muslims: Lies, Lies,and More Damn Lies!

PAKISTAN TIMES: LONDON (UK): The British Prime Minister Gordon Brown in his Ramazan message has spoken of the huge contribution the Muslim community is making to Britain’s success in terms of its prosperity, society and culture. 

“Ramadan teaches patience and humility, and reminds us of our shared moral universe; our obligation to others,” he said. 

Emphasising the importance of the holy month, Brown said the message of empathy for the less fortunate is reflected in Ramazan by the daily fast. 

“Ramadan’s message of compassion and social justice spreads beyond Muslim communities; it speaks of shared values that unite us all,” he added. 

Recalling the hadith of the Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH), he said it emphasised the duty of care we owe one another and this special month is also the occasion to celebrate the diversity that contributes to Britain ‘s strength. 

The Prime Minister pointed out Ramazan is an opportune time to consider the contribution of Islam not just to Britain , but to the world as the Islamic art, science, and philosophy have enriched our lives over many centuries. 

He said Ramazan is also a time to recall the holy Prophet’s message that “the best richness is the richness of the soul,” while stressing to look forward to continuing positive engagement with British Muslim communities across the UK. Muslims Making a Huge Contribution to Britain’s Success: Brown >>> By Raza Mumtaz 'Pakistan Times' Executive Editor/UK Bureau Chief | September 5, 2008

The Dawning of a New Dark Age – Dust Jacket Hardcover, direct from the publishers (US) >>>
The Dawning of a New Dark Age – Paperback, direct from the publishers (US) >>>

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PIGMAN: Enter the Rat Cave

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Voices of Freedom Radio - Help!

Did anyone record our show last night?

If so, please get in contact with me.

At this point, we have no archived recording of the show. If you have one, please let me know.

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From Reliapundit at the Astute Bloggers:
















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Friday, September 05, 2008

Obama Will "Dispatch Female Surrogates" To Overcome The Palin Bounce

Get out there and get me some votes, bitch.
Barack suddenly finds himself on the ropes because of Palin. So, what does he do? He uses women. He uses them.

You thought Bill Clinton was a misogynist. You ain't seen nothing yet.

Senator Barack Obama will increasingly lean on prominent Democratic women to undercut Gov. Sarah Palin and Senator John McCain, dispatching Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton to Florida on Monday and bolstering his plan to deploy female surrogates to battleground states, Obama advisers said Thursday…

Obama aides said they were counting on not only Mrs. Clinton but also Democratic female governors to rebut Ms. Palin — and, by extension, Mr. McCain. Those governors include Janet Napolitano of Arizona and Kathleen Sebelius of Kansas…

“What McCain has done with Governor Palin’s nomination is aim right at a demographic that Obama needs to address quickly: noncollege-educated women,” said Mike McCurry, a former spokesman in the Clinton White House. “They need to maximize Biden’s ability to reach out to them, but at the end of the day, it is Obama who has to get that very, very critical group.”…

Advisers to Mrs. Clinton said that she stood ready to help the Obama-Biden ticket, but they urged the campaign not to overestimate the impact Mrs. Clinton could have, noting that she had other commitments this fall, like campaigning and raising money for Senate candidates.

In other words, Hilary doesn't want the stink of Obama's defeat on her. That's wise of her.


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If Islam is an Infection, What's the Cure?

I just watched I Am Legend, where Will Smith plays a guy trying to find a cure for an infection that makes people aggressive and violent (but only to uninfected people), and guess what I thought of?

In his book, Virus of the Mind, Richard Brodie writes about memes as a kind of virus. With this analogy, the Islamic Memeplex is like a supervirus that takes over a person's mind completely, making him aggressive and violent to uninfected people.

So if Islam is a memetic disease, what's the cure? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

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A Surprising Interview with Sherry Islam-Is-a-Religion of Peace Jones

ALTMUSLIM.COM: Back in April of this year, I received a phone call from University of Texas, Austin professor Denise Spellberg, an Islamic Studies expert in whose class I have guest lectured the past two years. She brought to my attention a book she had been sent to review entitled Jewel of Medina, a book she found offensive for its portrayal of Aisha, the youngest wife of the Prophet Muhammad. In a turn from most literary depictions of Aisha, this one was heavily fictionalized, with a dramatic story arc that, to Spellberg, represented a racy novel rather than an accurate depiction of her life. (Spellberg should know - her own scholarly work on Aisha is known as one of the most authoritative books on the subject.)

As I had not heard anything of the book, I sent an e-mail inquiry to a private listserv for graduate students in Islamic studies, describing the phone call I just received and asked if anyone could tell me more about it. After hearing no response for three weeks, I got an email out of the blue from the author of that book, Sherry Jones, who asked if we were interested in writing an advance review. What I didn't know at the time was that someone on the Islamic studies list passed my e-mail out of the listserv, where it ended up on the website of Husaini Youths, an overseas forum catering to young Shia Muslims. There, some offended readers voiced concern at the as-yet unpublished book, suggesting a seven point plan for pressuring Random House, the book's publisher, to cancel publication.

But they needn't have bothered. In June, Wall Street Journal reporter Asra Nomani told me she was writing an article on the reaction to the book, identifying me through her research on the issue and asking me to comment. It was then that I learned that Random House had indeed withdrawn the imminent publication of the book (set for August 12 of this year), despite having paid Jones a reported $100,000 advance. Cited in Random House's cancellation was a reference to unnamed "Islamic scholars" who advised them that the book could provoke extremist Muslims. And in some corners, I was identified as the catalyst for this chain of events.

The response to the story was explosive, with people around the world decrying perceived Muslim threats to the author and publisher - except for the fact that no Muslims were involved in the actual censorship. As the story played out, it has been revealed that there had been no violence or even threat of violence in response to the book. Hopefully, this means Muslims have learned a valuable lesson from the response to The Satanic Verses (which made Salman Rushdie a celebrity) and the Danish cartoon controversy (which did untold PR damage to Muslims worldwide). Because censoring the book - even self-censoring - was something that I abhorred, I wrote a response here supporting free speech in this case, which has incidentally been republished in Lebanon, Egypt, and the United Arab Emirates. Yet, the entrenched notion that Muslims are antithetical to free speech continues.

And then there's Sherry Jones herself. Jones spoke out when asked about the issue, contesting the description given of her book as "pornography." But as she felt that she was being used as a wedge between Muslims and those that dislike them, she began to withdraw from commenting further. While acknowledging her book would be controversial, she maintained that she wrote the book not just with respect, but with admiration for Aisha, and felt her interpretation and dramatization of her life would accentuate her known qualities, qualities which drew her to the subject matter after 9/11.

Sherry's insistence that she intended a respectful treatment of the subject matter, in addition to her reaching out to us before the controversy grew, made us wonder - is there more to this story than some would have us believe? Below, Sherry Jones speaks to us in detail about what her book represented, how she and I have weathered the storm, and about the sequel that she's already written. ”I Did All This in the Service of a Truth” >>> By Shahed Amanullah | September 4, 2008

The Dawning of a New Dark Age – Dust Jacket Hardcover, direct from the publishers (US) >>>
The Dawning of a New Dark Age – Paperback, direct from the publishers (US) >>>

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More On Khalid al-Mansour

YouTube link

More information on one of Obama's early backers, about whom Pastorius asked here on August 27, 2008, "Why Would A Rich, Connected Muslim Reach Out To Help Obama In 1987?"

Excerpts from this September 4, 2008 essay by Kenneth R. Timmerman
Although many Americans have never heard of Khalid Abdullah Tariq al-Mansour (his full name), he is well known within the black community as a lawyer, an orthodox Muslim, a black nationalist, an author, an international deal-maker, an educator, and an outspoken enemy of Israel.

A graduate of Howard University with a law degree from the University of California, al-Mansour sits on numerous corporate boards, including the Saudi African Bank and Chicago-based LaGray Chemical Co. LaGray, which was formed to do business in Africa, counts former Nigerian President General Abdusalam Abubakar on its advisory board.

He also sits on the board of the non-profit African Leadership Academy, along with top McCain for President adviser Carly Fiorina, and organized a tribute to the President of Ghana at the Clinton White House in 1995, along with pop star Michael Jackson.

But his writings and books are packed with anti-American rhetoric reminiscent of the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Obama’s disgraced former pastor.


In the 1960s, when he founded the African American Association in the San Francisco Bay area, he was known as Donald Warden.

According to the Social Activism Project at the University of California at Berkley, Warden, a.k.a.Khalid al-Mansour, was the mentor of Black Panther Party founder Huey Newton and his cohort, Bobby Seale.

Newton later had a falling out with Warden, who was described in a 1994 book as “the most articulate spokesperson for black nationalism” at the time.

The falling out wasn’t purely political, according to author Hugh Pearson.


Al-Mansour’s more recent videotaped speeches focus on Muslim themes, and abound with anti-Semitic theories and anti-Israel vitriol.

“Today, the Palestinians are being brutalized like savages,” he told an audience in South Africa. “If you protest you will go to jail, and you may be killed. And they say they are the only democratic country in the Middle East. ... They are lying on God.”
He accused the Jews of “stealing the land the same way the Christians stole the land from the Indians in America.”

The Saudi Connection

But al-Mansour’s sponsorship of Obama as a prospective Harvard law student is important for another reason beyond his Islamic and anti-American rhetoric and early Black Panther ties.

At the time Percy Sutton, a former lawyer for Malcolm X and a former business partner of al-Mansour, says he was raising money for Obama’s graduate school education, al-Mansour was representing top members of the Saudi Royal family seeking to do business and exert influence in the United States.

In 1989, for example — just one year after Obama entered Harvard Law School — The Los Angeles Times revealed that al-Mansour had been advising Saudi billionaires Abdul Aziz and Khalid al-Ibrahimin their secret effort to acquire a major stake in prime oceanfront property in Marina del Rey, Calif., through “an elaborate network of corporate shells in California, the Caribbean and Europe.”

At the same time, he was also advising Prince Alwaleed bin Talal in his U.S. investments, and sits on the board of his premier investment vehicle, Kingdom Holdings.


Although al-Mansour glosses over his ties to the Saudi mega-billionaire in some of his public talks, he has represented the Saudi’s interests in the United States, in Britain, and in Africa for more than a quarter century, according to public records.

He told Newsmax that he has personally introduced Prince Alwaleed to “51 of the 53 leaders of Africa,” traveling from country to country on the Saudi prince’s private jet.

He knows virtually every black leader in America, from the business community, to community activists, to the worlds of politics and entertainment.

When Michael Jackson was on the ropes in the mid-1990s following a series of lawsuits by the parents of children accusing him of sexual abuse, al-Mansour introduced him to Prince Alwaleed, whose Kingdom Entertainment signed a joint venture with Jackson in 1996.

“Jackson and Alwaleed became pals in 1994, when a mutual friend from Alwaleed’s college days in California arranged a lunch meeting aboard the prince’s yacht in Cannes,” Time magazine reported about the new partnership in 1997.

The mutual friend was al-Mansour....
Read Timmerman's entire article HERE.

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Storm Track Appeasement: Boiling the Infidel Frog

We all know the cliché of boiling a frog. You don’t throw it into boiling water. You slowly heat it up as it doesn’t realize it’s boiling into he’s dead.

Same goes for Britain today and the USA tomorrow.

Read the rest at The Gathering Storm.
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Obama On Bill O'Reilly

The words "lightweight" and "obfuscator" come to mind.

Listen to him avoid the questions on Iran. Amazing.

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New Jersey Joins The Ummah

In a June 2, 2008 file photo, Imam Mohammad Qatanani, center, acknowledges supporters from the steps of a federal building in Newark, N.J., during a lunch break in his deportation trial.

Hamasistan Welcomes
the Islamic Republic of New Jersey
To Dar al-Islam


From the Associated Press:

NEWARK, N.J. (AP) — An influential New Jersey Muslim leader accused by some federal officials of having terrorist ties but praised by others as being an important ally won his fight to gain permanent U.S. residency Thursday.

A federal immigration judge in Newark ruled that Mohammad Qatanani, the spiritual leader of the Islamic Center of Passaic County, can remain in the U.S.

The ruling brought cheers, tears and applause from about a dozen Qatanani supporters who gathered in the courtroom.

"I would like to thank the judge for working hard in this case," Qatanani said. "This is a beautiful thing. The justice system in this country is great."

U.S. immigration authorities had sought to deport Qatanani on grounds that he failed to disclose on his green card application a prior arrest and conviction in Israel for being a member of Hamas — a group classified as a terrorist organization by the U.S. government.

Qatanani has denied being a Hamas member and said he was detained, not arrested, by the Israelis while traveling to his native West Bank in 1993. He said he was not notified of the charges against him or his conviction and that he was mentally and physically abused while in detention.

In ruling for Qatanani, immigration Judge Alberto J. Riefkohl questioned the reliability of the records submitted by the Department of Homeland Security purporting to show Qatanani's arrest and conviction in Israel. The judge called the U.S. government's case against Qatanani "patently incomplete," and found its two key witnesses — both federal agents — to not be credible.

Riefkohl also noted that Qatanani has received support from U.S. law enforcement officials. One supporter, U.S. Attorney Christopher Christie, was among several high-ranking law enforcement officials who attended a Ramadan fast-breaking celebration at the Paterson mosque.

"My view is he's always had a very good relationship with us, and he's a man of great goodwill," Christie said Wednesday before exchanging traditional cheek-kiss greetings with Qatanani and wishing him well.

Qatanani's lawyer, Claudia Slovinsky, said she hoped the ruling would send a message to government officials that they should not wield terrorism accusations lightly.

"The government does not believe we can have a Muslim imam who truly is what he says and appears to be," she said. "In addition to being a well-deserved victory, it goes beyond Dr. Qatanani, because it tells the government our judicial system doesn't rely on prejudice and discrimination, as they have urged."

Harold Ort, a spokesman for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, said after the hearing that the government has not yet decided whether to appeal.

The 44-year-old Palestinian has served as the imam, or Muslim religious leader, since 1996 at the mosque in Paterson, a city that is home to one of the largest Muslim populations in the region. Thursday's decision means that Qatanani, his wife and their three foreign-born children are granted legal permanent U.S. residency and will eventually be eligible for American citizenship.

His immigration fight garnered national attention for the unusual spectacle of high-ranking law enforcement officials taking the stand on his behalf.

Christie, U.S. Rep. Bill Pascrell, D-N.J., the special agent in charge of the FBI's Newark office, county prosecutors, sheriffs and the director of the New Jersey Office of Homeland Security praised Qatanani and mosque members for helping to build bridges with law enforcement in the wake of the Sept. 11 attacks.

During Qatanani's immigration hearing, Jewish, Catholic and Episcopalian leaders testified that they viewed him as a moderate Muslim leader dedicated to interfaith outreach. Hundreds of his supporters kept a vigil outside the courthouse during his trial, which began in early May.

Qatanani emigrated from Jordan in 1996 on a religious worker visa to lead the New Jersey mosque. He applied for permanent U.S. residency in 1999 for himself, his wife and the three of their six children who were not born in America.

In 2005, he initiated a meeting with immigration officials to inquire about the delay in his green card application, during which he told them about his detention in Israel. U.S. officials later received documents from Israel that claimed he had been arrested and convicted.

Lawyers for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security sought to portray Qatanani as a terrorist-affiliated Muslim activist, quoting a sermon he gave at the Paterson mosque in which he called Israelis "transgressors" and questioning his ties to his brother-in-law, a convicted Hamas terrorist who was killed by the Israelis.

Government lawyers also said Qatanani had been an outspoken university leader during his student days in Jordan.

The judge found no credible evidence linking him to terrorism and wrote that family ties to a convicted terrorist do not make someone a terrorist.

UPDATE: (thanks to Epaminondas)

More on Qatanani from the Investigative Project on Terrorism:

News reports have alternately described Qatanani as "revered" (see New York Times above), "influential," and "respected." Likewise, all media reports have outlined both the charges against Qatanani and his excuses, bolstered by a coterie of quotes from supporters about how revered, influential and respected Qatanani is.

What those stories do not detail is Qatanani's history of attending radical conferences in the United States, nor his frequent use of incendiary rhetoric in speeches and sermons.

Qatanani was a speaker at an Islamic Association for Palestine (IAP) conference in Chicago on November 27, 1999, introduced as the new imam of the Patterson Islamic Center in New Jersey.[1] IAP conferences are not good venues to participate or attend if one is trying to disprove an association with Hamas.

IAP is no longer an active organization, but for years it was a central player in Hamas' U.S. support network. Mousa Abu Marzook, currently the Deputy Political Bureau Chief for Hamas in Damascus, gave IAP $490,000 and is a former IAP board member. In a 2001 memo, the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service identified IAP as "part of Hamas' propaganda apparatus." In the summer of 2007, the Dallas trial charging the Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development (HLF) with providing material support for Hamas produced extensive evidence that IAP played a central role in the Muslim Brotherhood's Palestine Committee, shorthand for Hamas' U.S.-based infrastructure. This earned IAP the distinction of being named an unindicted coconspirator in the trial.

In a September 2004 Herald News article titled, "HAMAS: Charitable cause or terror organization? It depends on whom you ask," Qatanani came out in favor of supporting the families of suicide bombers:

Mohammad Qatanani, spiritual leader of the Islamic Center of Passaic County, posed a hypothetical question: What if the charity did support the children of suicide bombers? What would be wrong with that, he wondered?

"There is a big issue between supporting them before, not after," suicide attacks, he said.

Read the whole thing.

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The oh so sad next attack on Palin .. another farce .. Proclamation of Christian Heritage Week

Sent to me by a progressive friend, and then googled, we have a proclamation by Gov Palin that there be a Christian heritage week, thus 'proving' she is a 'Christian Rightist', and 'seeks to enforce Christian doctrine' on the rest of us. This is especially true since the proclamation notes several quotes by the likes of Franklin, Madison, Washington, and it is claimed that the quotes are out of context in order to further this effort to spread mandatory Christian Doctrine.

First of all, this proclamation is not exceptional. There are hundreds of such proclamations over the years from all sorts of states (and cities, but by no means every state), such as Alabama, New Hampshire, New Yoirk, New Jersey, Kentucky and Connecticut. Not all sport the quotes, and other contain some quotes, or other quotes. (I don't think Jeanne Shaheen could ever be confused with Pat Robertson)

Secondly, quotes from the Founding Fathers about the goodness of God and Christian society, and the benefits of prayer, are not exactly shocking news. They are all Christians, and they all REALLY believed.

Next the quotes being out of context thus distorting their meaning in order further the goal of these 'nefarious' Christians...lets take 2, those of Franklin and Washington.

(and this is taken from Politico's Ben Smith WHO OUGHT TO HAVE DONE HIS HOMEWORK, and mentions NONE OF THIS - but this thing is VIRAL)
""It is impossible to build an empire without our Father's aid. I believe the sacred writings which say that, Except the Lord build the house, they labor in vain that build it"

full speech in 1787 at the Consitutional Convention.
If one takes the time to go and read the entire context, his feeling about this is, IMHO, even more strongly represented, and is in no way distorted.

"animated alone by the pure spirit of Christianity, and conducting ourselves as the faithful subjects of our free government, we may enjoy every temporal and spiritual felicity."
Full Context . From a letter to catholics in the USA in 1790
expressing his supportive hope "that your fellow-citizens will not forget the patriotic part which you took in the accomplishment of their Revolution, and the establishment of your Government, or the important assistance which they received from a nation [France] in which the Roman Catholic faith is professed.

Quote then follows. Whoopee ! Shocking! So so, mundane, people.

And so on.

Once again started by blogs, in this case to attack the jews' possible vote for McCain (as was the Palin -Buchanan farce), and now furthered ONCE MORE by irresponsible journalism, a story easily debunked in about an hour makes it's way into 'reality'

When will those tasked as real reporters DO HOMEWORK WHEN CLAIMS ARE MADE?

This is simple stuff.

Why is the debunking HERE, and NOT Politico? Or MSNBC? or Fox for that matter....

It is actually getting BORING.

THe jewish vote problem Obama has can be summed up like this, Mr. Smith, and it is of OBAMA'S MAKING IN HIS ACTIONS:

Merrill 'american jews are the problem' Mcpeak

Samantha 'criticism of Obama is about what's good for the jews' Power
Zbig 'american jews are too powerful Mcarthyites, and Walt and Mearsheimer were right' Brzezinski

Robert 'I do negotiate with Hamas' Malley

Susan 'let's appoint Jimmy Carter and Jim Baker as chief middle east negotiators' Rice

Not to mention Pastor Wright.

Lastly, practiced for real, can anyone think a nation of Christian belief is necessarily something BAD? Why does REALLY having faith imply to some it will be enforced on others? Why are these same people so worried about the plot to make us all 'adhere' to Christian doctrine (DROP THAT BAGEL !) EXACLTY THE SAME FOLKS so IGNORANT of the requirements of THAT OTHER RELIGION? The one which requires the death of all the jews to get to the end of days and paradise for all, and teaches this to young minds HERE IN THE USA EVERY SINGLE DAY?

BTW, George Bush, every year signs a bill proclaiming Jewish Heritage Week.
I look forward to the movement for Shinto Heritage Week, and the publication of so many emails, blogs, and articles like Mr. Smith's warning of the effect of this terrible kind of idea. Imagine, pride in one's religious (and perhaps therefore cultural) heritage. SHOCK !

When will all this shame these people?

Yours truly, MELECH
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Why Palin, they asked.. this is what the 'unpopular' McCain saw

The lady cracked open the entire corrupt republican big oil payola structure, and stared down ExxonMobil, ConocoPhillips, and BP. They all told her if she went ahead with her plans to end the corrupt structure that allowed them to curry favorable treatment for future lobbying jobs for retired govt officials, also and deny them state moneys for construction, they would NOT build a new natural gas pipeline worth scores of billions to Alaska, and bring AMERICAN CNG to the lower 48 states. Good Citizenship folks.

The former mayor of Wasilla had been appointed by Mr. Murkowski in 2003 to the state oil and gas regulatory agency. She'd had the temerity to blow the whistle on fellow GOP Commissioner Randy Ruedrich for refusing to disclose energy dealings. Mr. Murkowski and GOP Attorney General Gregg Renkes closed ranks around Mr. Ruedrich--who also chaired the state GOP. Mrs. Palin resigned. Having thus offended the entire old boy network, she challenged the governor for his seat. Mrs. Palin ran against the secret deal, and vowed to put the pipeline back out for competitive, transparent, bidding. She railed against cozy politics. Mr. Murkowski ran on his unpopular pipeline deal. The oil industry warned the state would never get its project without his leadership. Mrs. Palin walloped him in the primary and won office in late 2006.By February 2007 she'd released her requirements for pipeline bidding. They were stricter, and included only a $500 million state incentive. By May a cowed state house--reeling from scandal--passed her legislation.

The producers warned they would not bid, nor would anyone else. Five groups submitted proposals. A few months before the legislature awarded its license to TransCanada this July, Conoco and BP suddenly announced they'd be building their own pipeline with no state inducements whatsoever. They'd suddenly found the money.

Mrs. Palin has meanwhile passed an ethics law. She's tightened up oil oversight. She forced the legislature to rewrite the oil tax law. That new law raised taxes on the industry, for which Mrs. Palin is now taking some knocks, but the political background here is crucial.

The GOP machine has crumbled.


This story may be the essence of John McCain's domestic vision, and why so many machine republicans despise him. He may really NOT see the sides as Republican and Democrat, or conservative and liberal. He may see this as vested interests vs. the rest of us. Big Insurance companies, drug companies, oil companies, farming companies, financial companies, lawyers associations, huge unions, and their influence, and corrupt penetration of the instruments which are designed to make the federal govt a functioning system. This is why the folks who took the ball from the class of 1994 worked so hard against him during primaries, and we saw things like stories about his temper, and the enmity of certain senators.

Apparently Mr. McCain has something in mind.

Something OTHER.

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Three Teenage Girls Buried Alive In "Honour" Killings

All this because they wanted to marry men of their choice;

Three teenage girls who planned to defy their families and marry men of their choice were buried alive in “honour killings”. Now the Pakistani Government has been forced to order an inquiry, six weeks after the crimes.

The girls were taken from their remote village, Baba Kot, in southwestern Balochistan, to a deserted area where they were badly tortured before being pushed into a ditch and covered with sand and stones. One was named as Fauzia Bibi, 18, but the other two – thought to be aged 14 and 16 – were not identified.

When two older women – Jannat Bibi, 38, Fauzia’s aunt, and Fatima Bibi, 45, the mother of another girl – tried to protect the teenagers they were also buried alive. The assailants then fired into the air to deter anyone from approaching the scene.

Details of incident, which allegedly took place on July 13, were recently revealed by a human rights organisation. The deaths sparked protests nationwide and have led to angry scenes in parliament over accusations of an official cover-up.

Police have arrested six people, including the fathers and some of the brothers of the girls, who were allegedly involved in the murders. But human-rights activists say authorities are protecting a local politician said to have been involved in the incident.

The man, the younger brother of a minister in Balochistan’s provincial government and a member of the ruling Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP), reportedly abducted the girls at gun-point and took them away in a vehicle bearing a government registration plate. He was also allegedly involved in beating the girls. He and his brother deny all involvement.
read the rest...
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Thursday, September 04, 2008

1073 hits, to grab this picture TODAY

Ever wonder why things happen?
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But I still don't care if it's photoshop

Do you?
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Attacking the Taliban

While the world’s attention was focused on the conflict in Georgia, Pakistan’s military launched a full-scale assault against the Pakistani Taliban.

Read the whole story here: Pakistan versus the Taliban.
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Voices of Freedom

Pastorius, I'm telling you, I just can't take it.

Tonight on the Infidel Alliance version of the Voices of Freedom radio show (KFNX 1100 AM - Phoenix), we make fun of Joe Biden.

Hope you enjoy.

That's 8:00 PM tonight, West Coast time.
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Terror claims against NJ Muslim leader rejected


An influential New Jersey Muslim leader accused by some federal officials of having terrorist ties but praised by others as being an important ally won his fight to gain permanent U.S. residency Thursday.

A federal immigration judge in Newark ruled that Mohammad Qatanani, the spiritual leader of the Islamic Center of Passaic County, can remain in the U.S.

The ruling brought cheers, tears and applause from about a dozen Qatanani supporters who gathered in the courtroom.

''I would like to thank the judge for working hard in this case,'' Qatanani said. ''This is a beautiful thing. The justice system in this country is great.''

U.S. immigration authorities had sought to deport Qatanani on grounds that he failed to disclose on his green card application a prior arrest and conviction in Israel for being a member of Hamas -- a group classified as a terrorist organization by the U.S. government.

Qatanani has denied being a Hamas member and said he was detained, not arrested, by the Israelis while traveling to his native West Bank in 1993. He said he was not notified of the charges against him nor his conviction and that he was mentally and physically abused while in detention.

In ruling for Qatanani, immigration Judge Alberto J. Riefkohl questioned the reliability of the records submitted by the Department of Homeland Security purporting to show Qatanani's arrest and conviction in Israel. The judge called the U.S. government's case against Qatanani ''patently incomplete,'' and found its two key witnesses -- both federal agents -- to not be credible.

Okay so in these post Ashcroftwhowasamoron days, ask yourself about the nearly unbroken string of failures to convict these people, including a Sami Al Arian OUT ON BAIL...


Something is REALLY REALLY WRONG here.

Either the govt is well past incompetent, or they are trumping up cases. It's one or the other.

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"You really need to get off of the blogging soapbox and think about what you're doing"

This is a totally, 'it's all about me' post.....

Received about two hours ago after a playfully teasing post of Ann Coulter's on THE SARAH was sent to a progressive friend....
Who cares.She's terrible.I can't understand how you can support someone like her.You really need to get off of the blogging soapbox and think about what you're doing.

Another victory for tolerance in the free market of ideas here in america. So I answered in a way that Mrs. Epa will undoubtedly tell me was too harsh...
Barack Obama is without question, BY HIS ACTIONS, in the very best case, suspicious of American Jews, except (and at best) those who believe Israel is a historic mistake. His words since defeating Hillary have as much meaning as if Sarah Palin announced she favors choice.

Obama's appointments and advisers' statements, his 20 years at that church, and their statements about Farrakhan establish this.

This alone DISQUALIFIES HIM from any further consideration for president as much as any adviser to McCain who announced that blacks acted for the interest of another nation, and to the detriment of the USA, and that those who objected to such a statement were guilty of McCarthyism. Such people should have been peremptorily DISCARDED. But as you well know, they still serve. And one who was fired, not for her anti Israel statements, but for anti Hillary statements is frequently mentioned without denial as a Sec State

Considering the 2500 years of expulsions, pogroms, mass murders, and multiple attempted genocides, I personally have come to the judgment that the existence of AN Israel (not a greater Israel) is COMPULSORY if jews are to survive.

I could just as easily ask how any American who happened to be Jewish can possibly, and thoughtlessly vote for such a person.

But if I did that, I would find such a statement to be intolerant. I know that those who are going to vote for him, have devoted much thought to it, and have reason.

Barack Obama's total naivety in thinking the ONE WAR we face is a defect limited to Waziristan and Afghanistan is galactically stupid, and generates GUFFAWS among the arabs I speak to. (But hey, maybe you've never read about the actions of Al Qaeda in the Maghreb, or in Thailand, or the Philippines where there are more than scores of deaths each week, and which have NOTHING to do with Iraq ...but I know how much these harsh facts disturb the dialectic)

That is contrasted to John McCain's RECOGNITION of the bitter reality:

"I think we are in a war against Islamic extremism, and I think that war is worldwide"

I could say 'You need to throw away the intolerant dialectic of progressivism as it is today, and deal with the facts which disturb it', but THAT would be intolerant. I know that some have given thought to their philosophy, and they are sincere in trying to make things better.

I have always found it interesting that it is the LEFT which is so intolerant today, and think it is NO COINCIDENCE that this is the font and seat of anti Semitism today.

Just as Barack Obama's campaign, while his crowd yowls emotionally about BUSHITLER (no favorite of mine) killing their civil rights, seeks to use the justice dept to silence harsh and vitriolic criticism of Obama, which has now subsequently and sadly (since I criticized it) turned out to be all too correct.

I had no idea who Obama was, or what he stood for. I had hoped for Giuliani vs Richardson at first blush, but Obama has come to me as the sum of his public actions, which I find, frankly, PREJUDICED, as indicated by his long association, with his spiritual mentor, and his subsequent actions in his appointments. Appointments he still maintains, despite knowledge of their frankly BIGOTED statements.


The real question is why it is more difficult to have a serious discussion with progressives than it is with salafis?
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Crybaby Muhammad

This is from Mohammed Pics. Great collection of images about Mohammad.
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posted by Citizen Warrior at permanent link# 4 Comments

Do You Have a Position?

Marketing guru Seth Godin said, "If you can't describe your position in eight words or less, you don't have a position."

What's your position in eight words or less?


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The Gathering Storm Radio Show

Listen to the nearly famous The Gathering Storm Radio Show, which WC and I cohost. The show broadcasts live every Friday beginning at noon, Pacific Time.

The call-in number is (646) 915-9870.

Callers welcome! 

Friday, September 5 (60 minutes): Our scheduled guests are Resa Laru Kirkland, aka "Resa The War Chick," and graphic novelist Bosch Fawstin.
Resa is a military historian and has appeared as a guest on The Armstrong Williams Radio Show and The Mike Reagan Radio Show. You can read more about Resa HERE and HERE. Her Blogger web site,America's War Chick, is HERE.

Bosch Fawstin, Eisner Awardnominee, is a cartoonist and the author of the graphic novelTable for One. He is currently working on his second graphic novel, The Infidel, about twin brothers whose Muslim background comes to the forefront of their lives on 9/11; one brother responds by creating a counter-jihad superhero comic book called Pigman, as the other surrenders to Islam and becomes a born again Muslim, following the faith to wherever it leads him. Mr. Fawstin's web site is HERE; his blog, The Infidel Blog, is HERE.

Listen to the September 5, 2008 edition of The Gathering Storm Radio Show, live or later, by CLICKING HERE.

September 12: Gordon Cucullo
September 19: Glen Jenvey
September 26: MK
October 3: Gayle

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Storm Track Intimidation: Allah Don’t Toot

Is there any kind of pleasure at all that Allah will allow? What a constipated religion.

This from Indonesia – yeah – that moderate Muslim country.

Read the rest at The Gathering Storm.
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The Imad Mugniyah children's museum

Under the title "Nabatiya Journal," the New York Times has produced what is apparently a full spread on Hezbullah's newest 'educational tool': A museum glorifying assassinated terrorist Imad Mugniyah.
The children crowd forward around the glass case, eager for a glimpse of the martyr’s bloodstained clothes. His belt is here, and the shoes he died in, scarred with shrapnel. The battered desk where he planned military operations still has his box of pencils on it, his in-box, his cellphone.

“May God kill the one who killed him,” an old woman says, wiping tears from her eyes as she stares through the glass.

The dead man being shown such veneration is Imad Mugniyah, the shadowy Hezbollah commander. Until his death in a car bombing in Syria in February he was virtually unknown here, his role in the militant Shiite group clothed in secrecy. But since then Hezbollah has hailed him as one of its great military leaders in the struggle against Israel....
If the exhibit is testimony to Mr. Mugniyah’s new public status as a Hezbollah hero, it is also evidence of the group’s increasingly sophisticated efforts to capture the hearts and imaginations of a new generation.

Hezbollah has organized similar exhibits before, most notably a mock-up of a military bunker that opened in southern Beirut a year ago, titled “The Spider’s Web,” to commemorate the first anniversary of the 2006 war.

But the new presentation is more extensive. It was conceived by the architect Ahmed Tirani and built in just three weeks by a staff of 290 working around the clock. In addition to an extraordinary array of weaponry and martyrs’ paraphernalia, it includes a large indoor room that was remodeled to resemble “what we believe the martyrs’ heaven is like,” according to one of the guides on duty.

In the darkened room, a figure representing a dead Hezbollah fighter lies on his back on a large sloping bank of white flowers. A sound of exploding bombs gives way to patriotic anthems as a screen shows a brilliant sunset and a coffin being carried through a dark forest. Later, a laser show illuminates the darkness. Other videos braid together images from the 2006 war, including some showing Mr. Mugniyah, along with scenes of Hezbollah soldiers training in the green hills of southern Lebanon.

On a recent afternoon, busloads of schoolchildren were arriving to see the exhibit, with a group of Boy Scouts.

“I came here to teach my kids the culture of resistance,” said a visitor who gave his name only as Ahmed, as he stood with his wife and two children. “I want them to see what the enemy is doing to us, and what we can do to fight them, because this enemy is not merciful.”
I wonder if the Boy Scouts would regard the museum as just another place to visit like the Times does.

Something is seriously wrong when this sort of 'exhibit' is the only 'culture' that a society can produce. And something is seriously wrong when a newspaper that regards itself as America's pre-eminent print journalism produces a report on the 'museum' that is nearly as much of a tribute to Mugniyah as the museum itself. The only hint of who Mugniyah was is the following:
Israel has denied any role in the Mugniyah killing, which took place in Damascus, the Syrian capital. But Israeli and Western agents had spent 25 years pursuing Mr. Mugniyah, who was blamed for a series of spectacular attacks, kidnappings and hijackings, including the suicide bombing of a United States Marines barracks in Beirut that killed 241 American service members in 1983.
Mugniyah was likely the pre-eminent terror tactician of his generation. I don't know who killed him, but I'm happy he's gone. For those who are interested, the Times has more pictures and a slide show at the link above. Personally, I found it sickening.

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