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Science And The Rise Of Totalitarianism

Science And The Rise Of Totalitarianism

The cancellation of Professor Norman Fenton’s presentation at the UK’s NHS Health and Care Analytics Conference indicates a deeply disturbing increased level in the censorship of science.

The gravity of current developments is onerous. It is important to recognize parallels from the past and understand the initiating factors — including intolerance of ideas threatening state-approved ideology — that eventually allowed the rise of totalitarianism.

The National Health Service’s correspondence with Professor Fenton reveals this degradation. His scheduled presentation had nothing to do with the recent pandemic; the grounds for his dismissal claimed his views on vaccines may be distracting.

…the conference organising committee has just been alerted to the controversy around vaccinations on your Twitter account and fear that this may distract from the conference. They have asked that we not proceed with the planned session on Bayesian networks.

After receiving this notice, Professor Fenton wrote;

I was canceled not for the content of my talk but because I had done other work raising concerns about covid vaccine safety.

The NHS organizers openly admitted that an unacceptable perspective on a scientific topic — designated incontestable by authorities — is grounds for ex-communication.

This denial of participation is solely because of Professor Fenton’s willingness to appraise and discuss subject matter deemed controversial. However, no one who has examined his cautious analysis of data during the pandemic has presented evidence disputing any of his findings. 

Scientific integrity doesn’t matter to conference organizers — in the same way, truth didn’t matter to censors in the past. […] A repressive act against an accomplished scientist is analogous to the Nazi party’s initial marginalization of researchers and academics who interfered with their quest for absolute authority.

SHOCKING U.S. teaming up with ISIS and Al Qaeda in Syria to target mutual enemies

TRUMP: More Lockdowns? Yeah, We Will Not Comply

Tucker Carlson on His Interview with Trump, FOX Firing & America's Future

A 10-point primer on why the mRNA Covid shots are different from and riskier than other vaccines

1: mRNAs are not vaccines in any traditional sense. They work in a very different way.

2: Before 2020 mRNA biotechnology was - at best - several years from use outside clinical trials. The scientists working on it were struggling with the risks of repeated dosing.

3: The two large clinical trials in 2020 from Pfizer and Moderna that led to the approval of the mRNAs did NOT show that they reduced deaths from Covid, or from other causes.

4: mRNAs were not proven to work better or to be safer than - or even as safe as - traditional vaccines. They were not and have never been tested head-to-head against traditional vaccines.

5: The clinical trials showed the mRNAs caused more and more severe side effects than most traditional vaccines, especially flu shots. Real-world experience confirmed the trial findings.

6: The major clinical trials were effectively stopped in early 2021, and as a result we do not have long-term placebo-controlled safety data on the mRNAs.

7: We also do not have long-term controlled data on their effectiveness. This gap matters less, though, since everyone now agrees that - at best - they worked against Covid infection or transmission for a few months in 2021.

8: The evidence health authorities offer for their claims that the shots work against severe disease and death - even after they fail against infection - comes from “observational” studies. Those are hopelessly untrustworthy. The reason is that people are generally not vaccinated if they are on or near their deathbeds - and terminally ill people are obviously at very high risk of death from all causes, including Covid.

In essence, the people who receive vaccinations cannot be compared to those who do not. Health authorities are well aware of this issue, but they ignore it, because it enables them to claim the vaccines work.

9: The mRNAs appear to have zero or negative effectiveness against Omicron infection. Negative effectiveness means they may actually increase the risk of infection. Some studies show that the infection risk RISES with each additional dose.

10: Data from many countries that used mRNAs shows the booster campaigns in early 2022 and late 2022/early 2023 coincided with increases in all-cause deaths. This correlation is particularly striking in the second campaign, because it cannot be attributed to Covid.


Why Did the FDA Issue A New COVID Drug Emergency Use Authorization in April 2023?

Why Did the FDA Issue A New COVID Drug Emergency Use Authorization in April 2023? 

In April 2023, the FDA gave EUA for a new drug to be used for covid 19 patients who were intubated or on ECMO. First off, why is this under EUA when the pandemic emergency was declared over in May? Why would they approve this just a month before? 
Several other people speculate this is replacing Remdesivir or Veklury. Why are they only giving this monoclonal antibody to the most severely ill? It is being deployed exactly like Remdesivir was……in “severely ill ventilated patients”. At the bottom of the link above is the EUA that was given this spring prior to the expiration of the covid emergency. 
How do you “sneak one in”? This is how. It is IV dosed, must be started within 48 hours of mechanical ventilation or ECMO. Also, the DRUG IS NOT APPROVED FOR USE, it is only granted EUA. Smells like every other covid treatment that has failed. Is it as deadly as Remdesivir? We don’t know yet.

Fitness Influencer Larissa Borges Dies Suddenly From Double Cardiac Arrest

33-year-old Brazilian fitness influencer has died from double cardiac arrest. Larissa Borges was hospitalized in Gramado on August 20th after suffering from cardiac arrest. 
Borges spent a week in a coma but died shortly after suffering cardiac arrest for a second time. 
“The pain of losing someone so young, just 33 years old, and so kind, is overwhelming,” Borges’ relatives wrote in an Instagram post announcing her death. 
“Our hearts are broken, and the longing we will feel is indescribable.”

It is pretty clear by now that young athletes and fitness influences do collapse and die of Cardiac Arrest on a regular basis. 

It's almost as if they aren't healthy at all.

O’Keefe Media Group: Police Bodycam Footage Shows NJ School Board Officals Calling Police on Citizens Who Look “Trumpish”

EVIDENCE OF TIES TO THE MI DEMOCRATIC PARTY? Newly Obtained Muskegon Police Report Reveals GBI Strategies Was Hired by “Empower Michigan” Project that Shares Address with MI Dem Party


EVIDENCE OF TIES TO THE MI DEMOCRATIC PARTY? Newly Obtained Muskegon Police Report Reveals GBI Strategies Was Hired by “Empower Michigan” Project that Shares Address with MI Dem Party

YouTube Demonetizes Channel Over Video of Democrats Challenging Election Results

Humpday Blues

Muddy Waters
She's Nineteen Years Old

Lahaina FIRE - Inside the RESTRICTED Area - The MIRACLE Neighborhood that Survived !!!

Comment below the video on Youtube:

@themicdfiles1865 7 hours ago 
There were large fires 5 years ago in Lahaina. Josh Green was a keynote speaker at the UN in July of this year. He had every statistic imaginable when it came to Hawaii complying with Agenda 2030 and Agenda 2050. Maui's utilities are operated by Hawaii Electric, but the majority stockholders are Vangaurd, State street, Black Rock, Geode, etc. These are investment corporations worth trillions. You can bet they know about the issues with the above ground power grid. 
You folks paid PG&E to trim the trees and foliage away from the power lines. Didn't happen. Why wouldn't the Big 3 protect their clients? They've had 5 years to fix this. 
How can Maui be the poster child for agenda 2030 with an inferior grid? 
Anybody notice that Hawaii Electric stocks took a dive and then came up 10% after the fires? Anybody notice the stock dumps before the fires on the part of the Big 3? They clearly want neighborhoods like yours intact and they want the land of the lower class. 
They considered it a waste to go into the poorer neighborhoods and upgrade the grid because they want the land and the indigenous people of Hawaii aren't selling. Climate change had nothing to do with it. 
Maui had 120% of the typical rainfall this year and it caused vegetation to grow larger. They didn't clean up the power lines on purpose. When you have exposure to corrosive salt air the coating on the power line get brittle and crack. Transistors rust and corrode and once it started, it was a domino effect. 
I would bet you anything that the houses near your home that burned were tied into the old electrical grid. Your garage door opener may have been as well. You should go because you're exposing yourself to a lot of toxins. Notice the power boxes on the sidewalks by the burnt down town homes. They're black. They were low income housing and tied into the old grid. This wasn't climate change, it wasn't the hurricane, as it was too far south. It wasn't Hawaii Electric's fault, but they're the sacrificial lamb. 
Why would Josh Green's first comments be about the state taking the land? Why did he have a blank look when asked about the missing children? I'm a dude from nowhere Wyoming, but I have a lot of Ohana over there that thankfully are ok. I can't imagine what you've all been through. This is negligence at best, but it has nefarious intentions all over it.

LAHAINA POLICE CHIEF: "We Will Have a Very Detailed After-Action (report), Longest After Action There's Ever Been, Every Data Point Is Going to Be SCRUBBED ..."

I think this is a case of him accidentally saying, EXACTLY WHAT HE MEANT.

He is going to erase all the evidence, and bury the report in an eternal grave. 

We'll never see it.

Wednesday, August 30, 2023

MARK CRISPIN MILLER: How that "wildfire" so PRECISELY burned out Maui's poorer residents—who may now be "resettled" in a "15-minute city" (Schwabspeak for "concentration camp")


Ukrainian Prosecutor EXPOSES Biden Corruption, Says Biden Got Him Fired, Likely Took Bribe

New Mandatory Hospital Staff Training Promotes Transitioning 4 Year Olds


An employee at Kaiser Permanente, one of the largest healthcare providers on the West Coast, reached out to us after she was mandated to take a new staff training on “gender affirming care.” The employee, who wishes to remain anonymous for fear of losing her job, was horrified that a healthcare facility would be promoting the mutilation and castration of children.

Let’s take a deep dive into what Kaiser is teaching their staff about children transitioning. First, the learning objections state that employees should be able to “explain the importance of gender affirming care to patients.” Doctors need to be able to explain to teenagers why it’s so important to get their breasts chopped off! Makes complete sense. 

... providers employed by KP are required to watch a forty-five minute course featuring a series of videos about Transgender and Gender Diverse care.  

In the training video, a young boy who now identifies as a girl, discusses how he always knew he was a boy from age 4. Another individual, now an adult identifying as a man, says she knew she was trans at age 3. 

More of the training video feature a variety of transgender people speaking of how unsafe they feel, the dangers of using a gendered restroom, and claims of “violence.” The most oppressed and marginalized group who only have their flags hanging all over schools, stores, libraries, streets, offices, etc., are of course, the true victims. 


Blacks For Trump


Tuesday, August 29, 2023

Illegal PLO construction needs to be stopped

A Gush Etzion mayor is determined to put a stop to illegal Islamic construction in the Judean desert area:
As part of his routine visits to areas throughout Gush Etzion, Gush Etzion Regional Council Mayor, and Yesha Council Chairman, Shlomo Ne'eman, today (Tuesday) stopped at the illegal PA town under construction in a strategic area, within a nature reserve, between Gush Etzion and the Judean Desert. Ne'eman discovered that construction at the site has progressed rapidly.

Ne'eman witnessed firsthand the trucks and other heavy equipment with PA license plates paving an access road to the new community.

According to Ne'eman, his visit proves how the PA is determined to quickly establish a new town in full view. The site is located not far from the Herodion National Park.

The Gush Etzion Regional Council recently launched a campaign titled: "Nothing is out of scope, as the PA builds," whose goal is to immediately stop the illegal PA building within the eastern Gush nature reserve.

During his visit today, Ne'eman said: "The enemy's heavy machinery continues to work full force. The tractors and trucks are their tanks – they are using them to conquer our land. Last Shabbat they paved another road. This is a nature reserve and we will keep it that way."

Ne'eman added: "The sounds of construction here are the sounds of destruction, they are destroying the desert, and creating a barrier between Gush Etzion and the Dead Sea. We see that the work to build a new city continues in full swing - one direction a house is being built and on the other side a mansion is already up, with Herodion in the background. If we sit idly by, this area will be transformed into a new Arab city. We will not allow this to happen. We will fight against it with all our might and we will stop this immediately."
Let's hope the authorities will be willing to confront the issue as quickly as possible.

DNA in mRNA Vaccines?

Is this true? 

If so, why?

Kentucky School District Cancels In-Person Learning Due to Covid, Flu


Here We Go Again: Kentucky School District Cancels In-Person Learning Due to Covid, Flu

Less than two weeks into the school year, a Kentucky school district has canceled in-person classes for the rest of the week after nearly a fifth of its students came down with Covid, strep throat, the flu and other illnesses.

The Lee County School District, which has just under 900 students, began classes Aug. 9 but noticed attendance drop to about 82% on Friday, Superintendent Earl Ray Schuler said. 

By Monday, the rate dipped to 81%, and 14 staff members called in sick, Schuler said.

The district canceled classes Tuesday and Wednesday and will shift to remote learning Thursday and Friday. Extracurricular activities, including sports practices and games, have been canceled through the week to allow for a deep clean of the schools, Schuler said.

RFK Jr: Blackrock is buying up all the private homes, like Bill Gates is snapping up all the farm land

CANDACE OWENS: Black People Respond To Trump's Mugshot

Maui Mayor & Police Chief finally answer questions regarding blocked roadways and fire response

Gotta Serve Somebody

Bob Dylan


We noted here the last few days that the predictable rush to blame the horrific Maui fires on climate change goes against what the so-called “consensus” science of the IPCC says about attribution of specific weather events. But you can’t stop the narrative for pesky little details like that.

But maybe the climatistas are right—just not in the way they know. In fact, it’s their fault. It is thought that the Maui fires were likely started by sparks from electric utility lines owned by Hawaiian Electric, just as the fires that killed nearly a 100 people in Paradise, California, a few years back were ignited by poorly maintained PG&E power lines. The Wall Street Journal reports this morning that Hawaiian Electric has been aware for years of the vulnerability and hazards of its electricity lines, but has done virtually nothing about it.

Why? The Journal’s subhed provides the answer: “It made little progress, focusing on a shift to clean energy.”

Between 2019 and 2022, it invested less than $245,000 on wildfire-specific projects on the island, regulatory filings show. . .  Former regulators and energy company officials said the utility was focused at that time on procuring renewable energy. . .

“You have to look at the scope and scale of the transformation within [Hawaiian Electric] that was occurring throughout the system,” said Mina Morita, who chaired the state utilities commission from 2011 to 2015. “While there was concern for wildfire risk, politically the focus was on electricity generation.”

The drive to reach the renewable goals also preoccupied private energy companies working with Hawaiian Electric and state energy officials, said Doug McLeod, a consultant who served for several years as the Maui county energy commissioner.

“Looking back with hindsight, the business opportunities were on the generation side, and the utility was going out for bid with all these big renewable-energy projects,” he said. “But in retrospect, it seems clear, we weren’t as focused on these fire risks as we should have been.”



Groove Collective

Monday, August 28, 2023

Maui Officials Reveal Cause of the Devastating Wildfires – Blowing Up Leftist Democrats’ “Climate Change” Narrative

The cause of the catastrophic wildfires that have likely killed thousands of innocent Hawaiians has reportedly been identified. 
In the process, it completely blows up the Democrats’ climate change narrative. 
As Fox News reported, officials in Maui said the fires were caused by downed power lines and failures by the state’s main power utility company. 
Due to these facts, the government of Maui County, Hawaii has filed a lawsuit against the Hawaii Electric Company and its subsidiaries for neglecting to properly power down live electrical equipment amid a red flag windstorm earlier this month. 
Because of this occurrence, downed power lines operated by the utility company sparked the series of deadly fires on the island. Maui County released the following statement regarding the lawsuit: 
The lawsuit alleges that the Defendants acted negligently by failing to power down their electrical equipment despite a National Weather Service Red Flag Warning on August 7th. 
The lawsuit further alleges HECO’s energized and downed power lines ignited dry fuel such as grass and brush, causing the fires. 
The lawsuit also alleges failure to maintain the system and power grid, which caused the systemic failures starting three different fires on August 8th. 
Moreover, Maui County said HECO had a duty “to properly maintain and repair the electric transmission lines, and other equipment including utility poles associated with their transmission of electricity, and to keep vegetation properly trimmed and maintained so as to prevent contact with overhead power lines and other electric equipment.” 
These facts revealed in this lawsuit pour cold water on the claims by national and Hawaii state Democrats that the fires were caused by “climate change.” 
As Cristina Laila previously reported, Hawaii Governor Josh Green went on CBS’s “Face the Nation” last week and blamed climate change for amplifying the fires.


From what I understand, it is in the DNC's platform that ALL FIRES ARE THE RESULT OF CLIMATE CHANGE.

WTF? 2 Miles from Lahaina Fire A Melted Car Surrounded by Gravel

Mike Pence Says He Remains “Confident” That Trump Will Not Be the Republican Nominee (VIDEO)

UN Calls To Burn It All Down?

From the Vlad Tepes Blog:

This has been a very busy week, and an especially busy weekend. I have been out filming events from many sides of the communist revolution that has defined our time, and that few seem to notice for what they are. But a thought occurred on the way home from the last event after filming some of the Ottawa “gay Pride” parade downtown, and that is how interesting it is that the Secretary General of the UN called out that the Earth was now in a state of Global Boiling, in July and less than a week or two later, mysterious fires break out all over the damn world. with even more mysterious rules around them, like evacuating people and not letting them fight the fires, or not letting people leave, or access the areas post hoc, even by drone and so much more unusual and far less in accordance with what has always been the practice for dealing with disasters. Arrests of dozens of people for arson, but little to no coverage of this in the media. 

NFL Player Tommy Sweeney Collapses on Field During New York Giants Practice

The New York Giants experienced a terrifying incident during a practice session when their tight end, Tommy Sweeney, suddenly collapsed on the field. “Scary scene as TE Tommy Sweeney received significant medical attention while working on a side field for rehabbing players,” New York Giants beat reporter for The Athletic, Dan Duggan, wrote on Wednesday. “Unclear what happened, but [Head Coach Brian Daboll and General Manager Joe Schoen] came over and stayed there until Sweeney was put on a cart. He was shirtless, sitting up on the cart,” Duggan added.
The 28-year-old player was eventually carted off the practice field, and the Giants later announced that he was in “stable” condition. The team characterized the incident as a “medical event” and assured everyone that Sweeney was under the care of medical professionals in the Giants athletic training room.



Eroica Trio

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Coal Black Mattie

R.L. Boyce

NBC News Claims Climate Change Lockdowns Are Conspiracy, Says You're Crazy For Thinking It

Judge Dismisses Lawsuit From Six Sorority Sisters Over Transgender Biological Man Being Allowed to Join


Judge Dismisses Lawsuit From Six Sorority Sisters Over Transgender Biological Man Being Allowed to Join

Why Are There So Many Fires? Dr. David Martin Unveils What He Thinks Is Behind It


Pro-LGBT judge actually rules against Muslim-sponsored suit against indoctrination in Maryland school

This may be a coincidence, but what we have here is a most interesting case wherein Muslims lose - certainly this time - against the forcing of LGBT indoctrination in Maryland's school system:
A U.S. District Court judge denied Maryland parents’ request Thursday for an order allowing them to opt their children out of instruction using LGBTQ “Pride Storybooks.”

Atheist, Christian, Jewish, Muslim, and other parents demanded the right to opt out of an LGBTQ book curriculum for pre-K through fifth grades in Montgomery County Public Schools, a Maryland school district just outside the nation’s capital.

Although Maryland law requires schools to allow parents to opt their children out of “all sexuality instruction” and to provide advance notice for such lessons, the new policy, adopted in March, excluded any opt-out right.

The parents sued, requesting a preliminary injunction to force the Montgomery County school system to restore the opt-out provision until the court fully resolves the case. Classes resume next Monday, so parents had hoped to secure the injunction before that date.

District Judge Deborah Boardman rejected the parents’ motion Thursday, ruling that they “have not shown that [the school district’s] use of the storybooks crosses the line from permissible influence to potentially impermissible indoctrination.”

Boardman, an appointee of President Joe Biden, ruled that Montgomery County Public Schools had not violated parents’ right to free exercise of religion under the First Amendment because, under the policy, “teachers will occasionally read one of the handful of books, lead discussions and ask questions about the characters, and respond to questions and comments in ways that encourage tolerance for different views and lifestyles.”
No doubt, this was unexpected for some. But again, while it may be a form of coincidence, a Democrat-appointed judge actually ruled against the Muslims, if anyone, even though there were Judeo-Christians and atheists involved in the lawsuit.

I do feel sorry for the Judeo-Christians that they have to cope with this awful indoctrination. Also the atheists. But when it comes to the Religion of Peace, seriously, it's hard to feel sorry for them when one considers what their belief system is built upon, which is little different - and easily worse - than LGBT ideology. Some could say the Mohammedans and LGBT ideologues deserve each other.

The Muslims might vote Republican in response to this. But that still doesn't mean we should approve of their ideology any more than LGBT ideology, and Judeo-Christians/athiests shouldn't associate or work in cooperation with them to battle against this current 5th column tyranny.


Vlad Tepes Interviews Dr. Mark Trozzi


Tucker in Hungary

Greece Arrests Almost 80 “Arsonist Scums” as EU’s Largest-Ever Wildfires Rage Across the Country







Biden Regime Seeks Additional Funding for New COVID-19 Vaccine “That Works” – Warns Everyone Will Get It “No Matter Whether They’ve Gotten It Before or Not”

Project NextGen is a key part of the Biden-Harris Administration’s commitment to keeping people safe from COVID-19 variants,” said HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra. “These awards are a catalyst for the program – kickstarting efforts to more quickly develop vaccines and continue to ensure availability of effective treatments.”

Project NextGen, a $5 billion initiative led by ASPR’s Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA) in partnership with the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), coordinates across the federal government and the private sector to advance innovative vaccines and therapeutics into clinical trials, regulatory review, and potential commercial availability for the American people. The project builds on a better understanding of COVID-19 – with HHS developing, using, and constantly re-evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of current vaccines and therapeutics for over three years.

Recipients of the awards include:

  • $1 billion to four BARDA Clinical Trial partners to support vaccine Phase IIb clinical trial studies: ICON Government and Public Health Solutions, Inc of Hinckley, Ohio; Pharm-Olam, LLC, of Houston, Texas; Technical Resources Intl (TRI), Inc, of Bethesda, Maryland; and Rho Federal Systems, Inc., Durham, North Carolina.
  • $326 million to Regeneron to support the development of a next-generation monoclonal antibody for COVID-19 prevention.
  • $100 million to Global Health Investment Corp. (GHIC), the non-profit organization managing the BARDA Ventures investment portfolio to expand investments in new technologies that will accelerate responses in the future.
  • $10 million to Johnson & Johnson Innovation (JLABS) for a competition through Blue Knight, a BARDA-JLABS partnership.

The press release claims that their partnership with Regeneron will help develop a “novel monoclonal antibody that will protect people who do not respond to or cannot take existing vaccines,” despite their attempts to limit the distribution in Florida in 2021.

On Friday, Joe Biden announced that he plans to request more funding from Congress to develop a new COVID vaccine “that works.”

“I signed off this morning on a proposal we have to present to the Congress a request for additional funding for a new vaccine that is necessary, that works,” Biden told the reporters while vacationing in Lake Tahoe.

Biden warned that everyone will get it despite their previous vaccination status.

“It will likely be recommended that everybody get it no matter whether they’ve gotten it before or not,” he added.