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'Coward-19?' Trudeau Tests Positive For COVID While Hiding Out From Canadian Truckers

Canadian Prime Minister was accused of hypocrisy when he suddenly was nowhere to be found late last week as a convoy of truckers rolled into Ottawa to protest the government's COVID mandates. Many scoffed at Trudeau's sudden disappearing act when confronted by a massive crowd of protesters, many carrying signs mocking his comment that the truckers and their supporters were part of a "tiny fringe minority".

Making matters worse for the PM, Canadian media reported Monday morning that Trudeau had been diagnosed with COVID, despite receiving a booster dose early this month on Jan. 4.

Is it possible to get infected with COVID while being boosted and in hiding? Or has Trudeau really been stricken with COWARD-19?

The truckers are protesting a new measure imposed by the Canadian government on Jan. 15 requiring unvaccinated cross-border truckers to quarantine upon returning home, making it virtually impossible for them to work. The convoy ended outside Parliament in Ottawa over the weekend, as thousands of protesters gathered.

Trudeau had reportedly decided to isolate due to one of his children testing positive for COVID. Now it appears he too has tested positive. Of maybe this is just another excuse for him to remain in hiding?

Former President Trump praised the Canadian truckers over the weekend, proclaiming that they were doing more to protect American freedoms than any lawmakers.

According to his own quarantine requirements, Trudeau now has an excuse to remain in hiding for up to 14 days.

Spotify CAVES To Demands Issuing COVID Warning, Joe Rogan DEFENDS His Show, Responds Gentlemanly

ISRAEL: More COVID in the Month of January 2022, Than In ALL of 2021


More COVID cases confirmed in Israel in January than all of 2021, data shows

960,500 people tested positive in 2021, compared to 1,160,000 this month so far; PM announces immediate addition of 45 more hospital beds in intensive care wards

There were more COVID-19 cases identified in Israel during January this year than the entirety of 2021, according to a report released Thursday.

The Coronavirus National Information and Knowledge Center said some 960,500 coronavirus cases were identified during 2021, while in January alone, as of Wednesday, more than 1,160,000 have tested positive.

The massive rise in cases has been blamed on the fast-spreading Omicron variant. On Wednesday, 67,723 new cases were recorded, according to Health Ministry data published Thursday. With more than 307,000 PCR and antigen tests carried out on Wednesday, the positivity rate stood at 24.58 percent.

As of Thursday afternoon, 480,501 Israelis were actively infected, with 2,483 hospitalized, 931 of those in serious condition, and 212 of them on ventilators. A week ago, serious cases stood at 587, and two weeks ago the figure was just 283.

Liatoahinsky Ensemble for Classical Music, Kyiv, Ukraine

Borodin's Nocturne

Sunday, January 30, 2022

Alex Berenson: "We Vaccinated 4 Billion People, Guess What Happened Next"


Claire Bridges: Double-Vaccinated 20-Year-Old Model Develops Myocarditis, Suffers Heart Attack And Has Both Legs Amputated


A previously healthy model from Florida has been in hospital fighting for her life after suffering a heart attack earlier this month. 
Claire Bridges, 20-years-old, was admitted to Tampa General Hospital on January 16th with severe leg pain and was diagnosed with myocarditis, rhabdomyolysis, mild pneumonia, cyanotic and acidosis. 
A few hours after being admitted, her heart stopped. Fully vaccinated 20-year-old model Claire Bridges suffered a heart attack earlier this month. 
Two weeks ago, Claire’s health rapidly deteriorated when her heart and other organs were impacted. She was quickly put in ICU on life support. Her father, Wayne, said about the ordeal: 
“She has been through so much with this. The last two weeks have felt like two months.” 
Wayne received a call from the ICU doctor saying CPR was being administrated because his daughter’s heart had stopped. Over the span of an hour and a half, the 20-year-old had to be revived two more times. 
Doctors and surgeons worked together to come up with the next course of action for her heart and other organs. 
The next morning, she was placed on a Tandem Heart and additional life support. 
And only a few hours later, she was placed on continuous dialysis because of her failing kidneys. 
While all of this was going on, pressure was building in her legs, not allowing blood to flow. 
Ultimately, it was decided the damage to her legs was too severe and irreversible — they needed to be amputated. Both her legs were surgically removed on Friday. Wayne wrote on Facebook: 
“When the moment came to let her know about losing her legs the doctor handled it beautifully but held nothing back. Claire whispered ‘I want Bionic legs‘ and smiled.” 
The 20-year-old Floridian had both her legs surgically removed on Friday. Her dad is hopeful she will be able to continue her fight and do what she loves. 
“We just know it’s a long road of recovery with the surgery, so we just hope that everyone holds her up with prayer.” 
Two different GoFundMe pages were created to help with medical and living expenses. So far, more than $90,000 has been raised between the two fundraising pages. 
One page reads in part: “Claire was admitted to Tampa General Hospital on Sunday, January 16th, with severe leg pain and Covid. Yes, she was vaccinated!”


Another four football (soccer to my American friends) matches were halted today due to medical emergencies in the stands. 
What is going on with the beautiful game? 
These emergencies seem to be happening more and more recently, both with players and spectators. Football is an intense game to play and, with the intense passion football fans have for the game, to watch too. 
However, there does not seem to have been this many medical emergencies in previous years. Is it being reported more or are there new procedures to stop games immediately? 
Maybe, but it is becoming noticeably obvious with more and more people questioning what is happening. 
They are becoming so common, the same doctor has saved two people within the space of months. 
According to this Twitter thread (which I know can’t be used as evidence but is interesting anecdotally all the same), there has been a 500% increase in deaths of FIFA players in 2021. 183 professional athletes and coaches have suddenly collapsed, 108 of them died. 2021 has broken all records for football players collapsing.  

If COVID was the reason you would have expected a rise in 2020, however, the rates were pretty low. Vaccines are the obvious go-to answer for this terrifying trend. 
Perhaps the 2021 variants have affected the heart more or it’s the spike protein whichever way it gets into your body (wild lab-created virus or lab-created vaccine). 
Is this happening at such a high frequency in other sports?


Bret Weinstein's Dark Horse Podcast: Omicron Blew Through, What's Next From The Public Health Tyrants?

Mark Knopfler
Telegraph Road

Saturday, January 29, 2022

Question: Do You Know Anyone Who Has Had a Baby Since December of 2020?

Starting sometime in December 2020, we began vaccinating people throughout the US and the rest of the Western World.

Here's my question:

Do you know anyone who has been

1) pregnant

2) trying to get pregnant

3) had a miscarriage

4) lost the baby after 4 months

5) lost the baby after 6 months

6) had a baby?

7) had a healthy baby?

8) was the person you knew vaccinated, or unvaccinated?

Marvel Star, Evangeline Lilly: "Nobody Should EVER Be Forced To Inject Their Body With Anything"

“Nobody should ever be forced to inject their body with anything.” She added, “This is not safe. This is not healthy.”
Evangeline Lilly, best known for playing Kate Austen in ABC’s drama series “Lost” and for her role as Hope van Dyne/Wasp in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, took to social media to confirm her attendance at a Washington, D.C., protest over the weekend in support of “bodily sovereignty.” 
The actress went on to explain she stands in opposition to government-mandated vaccine policies. 
“I believe nobody should ever be forced to inject their body with anything, against their will, under threat of violent attack, arrest or detention without trial, loss of employment, homelessness, starvation, loss of education, alienation from loved ones, excommunication from society … under any threat whatsoever,” Lilly wrote in a post published on her Instagram page. 
“This is not the way,” Lilly added about vaccine mandates. “This is not safe. This is not healthy. This is not love. I understand the world is in fear, but I don’t believe that answering fear with force will fix our problems. I was pro choice before COVID, and I am still pro choice today.”

Lee Burge: Sunderland Goalkeeper Develops Inflammation Of The Heart After Receiving COVID-19 Vaccine

Lee Burge, 29, has been ruled out of action because of an ‘inflamed heart’
Sunderland goalkeeper Lee Burge is expected to remain sidelined for another four or five weeks because of heart issues developed after receiving the COVID-19 vaccine. 
Burge suffered heart palpitations recently and was shortly after diagnosed with an inflamed heart. Sunderland’s manager Lee Johnson believes that the heart problems affecting his goalkeeper could have been caused by his COVID vaccination. 
The 40-year-old coach said on Friday: “It seems to happen a lot after these injections or COVID. The weighting would be on COVID but you can’t rule out, I suppose, vaccination.” 
The manager added: “He [Burge] has 4-5 weeks when he has to keep his heart rate below 100bpm and have blood tests and hope it goes back to normal.” 
Burge has largely been used as a back-up to Sunderland’s No. 1 goalkeeper Thorben Hoffman this season. 
However, he has played nine times for the “Black Cats”, including in December’s League Cup quarter-final defeat at Arsenal. Data from December showed that around 75% of players in the English Football League (EFL) – in which Sunderland plays – have been either fully vaccinated, have had a single jab or were intending to be vaccinated. 
Double vaccinated players totaled 59%, while 16% were set to get the jab, and 25% of players did not intend to get a COVID vaccine at that time.


Tucker Carlson Speaks With Spokesperson for Canadian Trucker Convoy

HE SAID WHAT HE WOULD DO, HE DID IT, WE NEED HIM TO DO IT AGAIN!: Donald Trump, Playboy Interview, 1990


Donald Trump, Playboy Interview, 1990

From Playboy:
... here we are at the start of a new decade. How do you respond when people call you ostentatious, ego-ridden and a greedy symbol of the Eighties?
Rich men are less likely to like me, but the working man likes me because he knows I worked hard and didn’t inherit what I’ve built. Hey, I made it myself; I have a right to do what I want with it.
With so much poverty on the city streets, isn’t it embarrassing for you to flaunt your wealth?
There has always been a display of wealth and always will be, until the depression comes, which it always does. And let me tell you, a display is a good thing. It shows people that you can be successful. It can show you a way of life. Dynasty did it on TV. It’s very important that people aspire to be successful. The only way you can do it is if you look at somebody who is.
And for you, sitting snugly inside the one hundred and eighteen rooms of your Palm Beach mansion– People understand that the house in Florida is business. I use it very seldom. I could be happy living in a studio apartment.
Oh, come on.
I mean it; the houses, the planes and the boat are just investments. I paid twenty-nine million dollars for the Khashoggi yacht; two years later, I’ll be selling it for more than one hundred million dollars and getting a bigger one.
Why in the world do you need a bigger yacht?
I don’t. But the Khashoggi boat is worth more only if I sell it. This new one will–believe it or not–be even more spectacular and bring tremendous acclaim to Trump properties in Atlantic City.
What is it that attracts you to all this glitz?
I have glitzy casinos because people expect it; I’m not going to build the lobby of the IBM office building in Trump Castle. Glitz works in Atlantic City, and yet the Plaza Hotel has been brought back to its original elegance of 1907. So I don’t use glitz in all cases. And in my residential buildings, I sometimes use flash, which is a level below glitz.
Then what does all this–the yacht, the bronze tower, the casinos–really mean to you?
Props for the show.
And what is the show?
The show is “Trump” and it is sold-out performances everywhere. I’ve had fun doing it and will continue to have fun, and I think most people enjoy it.

What satisfaction, exactly, do you get out of doing a deal?
I love the creative process. I do what I do out of pure enjoyment. Hopefully, nobody does it better. There’s a beauty to making a great deal. It’s my canvas. And I like painting it.
I like the challenge and tell the story of the coal miner’s son. The coal miner gets black-lung disease, his son gets it, then his son . If I had been the son of a coal miner, I would have left the damn mines. But most people don’t have the imagination–or whatever–to leave their mine. They don’t have “it.”
You obviously have a lot of self-confidence. How do you use that in a business deal?
I believe in positive thinking, but I also believe in the power of negative thinking. You should prepare for the worst. If I’m doing a deal, I want to know how bad it’s going to be if everything doesn’t work rather than how good it’s going to be. I have a positive outlook, but I’m unfortunately also quite cynical. So if all the negatives happened, what would my strategy be? Would I want to be in that position? If I don’t, I don’t do the deal. My attitude is to focus on the down side because the up side will always take care of itself. If a deal is going to be great, it’s just a question of, How much am I going to make?
How far are you willing to push adversaries? I will demand anything I can get. When you’re doing business, you take people to the brink of breaking them without having them break, to the maximum point their heads can handle–without breaking them. That’s the sign of a good businessman: Somebody else would take them fifteen steps beyond their breaking point.
What if your pushing results in losing the deal?
Then I pushed him too far. I would have made a mistake. But I don’t. I push to the maximum of what he can stand and I get a better deal than he gets.

Another aspect of your deal making is how you handle the media. You managed to suppress an unflattering TV documentary about you funded by your archnemesis, [New York businessman and publisher] Leonard Stern. Do you also claim victory over him?
Total victory, yes. But I don’t want to dwell on triumph or defeat.
That may sound magnanimous, but, in fact, you’re known to exact revenge on people you think have tried to pull something on you.
I think I’m fair, not tough, in business. But if somebody is trying to do an injustice to me, I fight back harder than anybody I know. When somebody tries to harm you or your family, you have an absolute right to fight back.
You often say that the key to your success is being a good deal maker and a good manager. Why?
I’ve seen great deal makers go down the tubes because they haven’t known how to manage what they’ve had. Take [Saudi financier indicted for a felony] Adnan Khashoggi: He was a great deal maker but a bad businessman. Time will tell if Merv is a good manager. He is going to have to be.
When you were growing up in Queens, your father was supposedly a harsh taskmaster. It has been theorized that your father instilled in you a great sense of inadequacy. True?
That’s one hundred percent wrong. I was always very much accepted by my father. He adored Donald Trump and I’ve always known that. But I did want to prove to my father and other people that I had the ability to be successful on my own.
You’ve often said that your father made you work as a teenager and taught you the value of the buck.
My father never made me work. I liked to work during summers. I don’t understand these teenagers who sit home watching television all day. Where’s their appetite for competition? Working was in my genes.
Still, your father was one tough son of a bitch, wasn’t he?
He was a strong, strict father, a no-nonsense kind of guy, but he didn’t hit me. It wasn’t what he’d ever say to us, either. He ruled by demeanor, not the sword. And he never scared or intimidated me.
Your older brother, Fred, who died from heart failure brought on by acute alcoholism, had a more difficult time with him, didn’t he?
Take one environment and it will work completely differently on different children. Our family environment, the competitiveness, was a negative for Fred. It wasn’t easy for him being cast in a very tough environment, and I think it played havoc on him.
I was very close to him and it was very sad when he died … toughest situation I’ve had….

What did you learn from his experience?
[Pauses] Nobody has ever asked me that. But his death affected everything that has come after it…. I think constantly that I never really gave him thanks for it. He was the first Trump boy out there, and I subconsciously watched his moves.
And the lesson?
I saw people really taking advantage of Fred and the lesson I learned was always to keep up my guard one hundred percent, whereas he didn’t. He didn’t feel that there was really reason for that, which is a fatal mistake in life. People are too trusting. I’m a veryuntrusting guy. I study people all the time, automatically; it’s my way of life, for better or worse.
I am very skeptical about people; that’s self-preservation at work. I believe that, unfortunately, people are out for themselves. At this point, it’s to many people’s advantage to like me. Would the phone stop ringing, would these people kissing ass disappear if things were not going well?

Trump: Nothing wrong with ego. People need ego, whole nations need ego. I think our country needs more ego, because it is being ripped off so badly by our so-called allies; i.e., Japan, West Germany, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, etc. They have literally outegotized this country, because they rule the greatest money machine ever assembled and it’s sitting on our backs. Their products are better because they have so much subsidy.
We Americans are laughed at around the world for losing a hundred and fifty billion dollars year after year, for defending wealthy nations for nothing, nations that would be wiped off the face of the earth in about fifteen minutes if it weren’t for us. Our “allies” are making billions screwing us.
How do you feel about Japan’s economic pre-eminence?
Japan gets almost seventy percent of its oil from the Persian Gulf, relies on ships led back home by our destroyers, battleships, helicopters, frog men. Then the Japanese sail home, where they give the oil to fuel their factories so that they can knock the hell out of General Motors, Chrysler and Ford. Their openly screwing us is a disgrace. Why aren’t theypaying us? The Japanese cajole us, they bow to us, they tell us how great we are and then they pick our pockets. We’re losing hundreds of billions of dollars a year while they laugh at our stupidity.
The Japanese have their great scientists making cars and VCRs and we have our great scientists making missiles so we can defend Japan. Why aren’t we being reimbursed for our costs? The Japanese double-screw the U.S., a real trick: First they take all our money with their consumer goods, then they put it back in buying all of Manhattan. So either way, we lose.
You’re opposed to Japanese buying real estate in the U.S.?
I have great respect for the Japanese people and list many of them as great friends. But, hey, if you want to open up a business in Japan, good luck. It’s virtually impossible. But the Japanese can buy our buildings, our Wall Street firms, and there’s virtually nothing to stop them. In fact, bidding on a building in New York is an act of futility, because the Japanese will pay more than it’s worth just to screw us. They want to own Manhattan.
Of course, I shouldn’t even be complaining about it, because I’m one of the big beneficiaries of it. If I ever wanted to sell any of my properties, I’d have a field day. But it’s an embarrassment, I give great credit to the Japanese and their leaders, because they have made our leaders look totally second rate.

You believe in an eye for an eye?
When a man or woman cold-bloodedly murders, he or she should pay. It sets an example. Nobody can make the argument that the death penalty isn’t a deterrent. Either it will be brought back swiftly or our society will rot away. It is rotting away.

you were invited to consider building a luxury hotel in Moscow a few years ago. What was your trip to Moscow like?
It was not long after the Korean plane was shot down over Russia. There I am up in my plane when my pilot announces, “We are now flying over the Soviet Union,” and I’m thinking to myself, What the hell am I doing here?
Then I look out the window and see two Russian fighter planes … I later found out, guiding us in. I had insisted on having two Russian colonels flying with me–I felt safer, and my pilot doesn’t speak great Russian, which is putting it mildly, and I didn’t want problems in radio communications.
Once you got to Moscow, how did the negotiations go?
I told them, “Guys, you have a basic problem. Far as real estate is concerned, it’s impossible to get title to Russian land, since the government owns it all. What kind of financing are you gonna get on a building where the land is owned by the goddamned motherland?”
They said, “No problem, Mr. Trump. We will work out lease arrangements.”
I said, “I want ownership, not leases.”
They came up with a solution: “Mr. Trump, we form a committee with ten people, of which seven are Russian and three are your representatives, and all disputes will be resolved in this manner.”
I thought to myself, Shit, seven to three–are we dealing in the world of the make-believe here or what?
What were your other impressions of the Soviet Union?
I was very unimpressed. Their system is a disaster. What you will see there soon is a revolution; the signs are all there with the demonstrations and picketing. Russia is out of control and the leadership knows it. That’s my problem with Gorbachev. Not a firm enough hand.
You mean firm hand as in China?
When the students poured into Tiananmen Square, the Chinese government almost blew it. Then they were vicious, they were horrible, but they put it down with strength. That shows you the power of strength. Our country is right now perceived as weak … as being spit on by the rest of the world—
Why is Gorbachev not firm enough?
I predict he will be overthrown, because he has shown extraordinary weakness. Suddenly, for the first time ever, there are coal-miner strikes and brush fires everywhere–which will all ultimately lead to a violent revolution. Yet Gorbachev is getting credit for being a wonderful leader–and we should continue giving him credit, because he’s destroying the Soviet Union. But his giving an inch is going to end up costing him and all his friends what they most cherish–their jobs.
Besides the real-estate deal, you’ve met with top-level Soviet officials to negotiate potential business deals with them; how did they strike you?
Generally, these guys are much tougher and smarter than our representatives. We have people in this country just as smart, but unfortunately, they’re not elected officials. We’re still suffering from a loss of respect that goes back to the Carter Administration, when helicopters were crashing into one another in Iran.
That was Carter’s emblem. There he was, being carried off from a race, needing oxygen. I don’t want my President to be carried off a race course. I don’t want my President landing on Austrian soil and falling down the stairs of his airplane. Some of our Presidents have been incredible jerk-offs. We need to be tough.
A favorite word of yours, tough. How do you define it?
Tough is being mentally capable of winning battles against an opponent and doing it with a smile. Tough is winning systematically.
Sometimes you sound like a Presidential candidate stirring up the voters.
I don’t want the Presidency. I’m going to help a lot of people with my foundation–and for me, the grass isn’t always greener.
But if the grass ever did look greener, which political party do you think you’d be more comfortable with?
Well, if I ever ran for office, I’d do better as a Democrat than as a Republican–and that’s not because I’d be more liberal, because I’m conservative. But the working guy would elect me. He likes me. When I walk down the street, those cabbies start yelling out their windows.
Another game: What’s the first thing President Trump would do upon entering the Oval Office?
Many things. A toughness of attitude would prevail. I’d throw a tax on every Mercedes-Benz rolling into this country and on all Japanese products, and we’d have wonderful allies again.
What would President Trump’s position on crime be? I see the values of this country in the way crime is tolerated, where people are virtually afraid to say “I want the death penalty.” Well, I want it. Where has this country gone when you’re not supposed to put in a grave the son of a bitch who robbed, beat, murdered and threw a ninety-year-old woman off the building? Where has this country gone?
What would be some of President Trump’s longer-term views of the future?
I think of the future, but I refuse to paint it. Anything can happen. But I often think of nuclear war.
Nuclear war?
I’ve always thought about the issue of nuclear war; it’s a very important element in my thought process. It’s the ultimate, the ultimate catastrophe, the biggest problem this world has, and nobody’s focusing on the nuts and bolts of it. It’s a little like sickness. People don’t believe they’re going to get sick until they do. Nobody wants to talk about it. I believe the greatest of all stupidities is people’s believing it will never happen, because everybody knows how destructive it will be, so nobody uses weapons. What bullshit.
Does any of that fuzzy thinking exist around the Trump office?
On a much lower level, I would never hire anybody who thinks that way, because he has absolutely no common sense. He’s living in a world of make-believe. It’s like thinking the Titantic can’t sink. Too many countries have nuclear weapons; nobody knows where they’re all pointed, what button it takes to launch them.
The bomb Harry Truman dropped on Hiroshima was a toy next to today’s. We have thousands of weapons pointed at us and nobody even knows if they’re going to go in the right direction. They’ve never really been tested. These jerks in charge don’t know how to paint a wall, and we’re relying on them to shoot nuclear missiles to Moscow. What happens if they don’t go there? What happens if our computer systems aren’t working? Nobody knows if this equipment works, and I’ve seen numerous reports lately stating that the probability is they don’t work. It’s a total mess.
And how would President Trump handle it?
He would believe very strongly in extreme military strength. He wouldn’t trust anyone. He wouldn’t trust the Russians; he wouldn’t trust our allies; he’d have a huge military arsenal, perfect it, understand it. Part of the problem is that we’re defending some of the wealthiest countries in the world for nothing…. We’re being laughed at around the world, defending Japan—
Wait. If you believe that the public shares these views, and that you could do the job, why not consider running for President?
I’d do the job as well as or better than anyone else. It’s my hope that George Bush can do a great job.
You categorically don’t want to be President?
I don’t want to be President. I’m one hundred percent sure. I’d change my mind only if I saw this country continue to go down the tubes.

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Spirit of Radio

Facebook Is Doing To The Canadian Trucker's Convoy, What They Did To The Republican Party In The Last Election, SHUTTING THEM DOWN




Police Threaten Avi Yemeni With Up To 2 Years In Jail For Posting a Video ...

Israel Is Now #1 In COVID Cases Per Capita, Proving All The Draconian Measures Are Utterly Worthless

According to the Times of Israel, a leading health expert in the country said that 0.6% of the population was testing positive daily for the virus — most likely the latest variant, omicron, which is highly contagious but also very mild. Prof. 
Eran Segal of The Weizmann Institute said at that rate, Israel currently leads the world in per capita infection rates, even though the population is required to get the latest version of vaccines available and despite heavy quarantine and lockdown regimes. However, Segal tried to excuse the high infection rate: 
But Segal noted it was likely that Israel was not truly the country with the highest infection rate. Rather, he attributed the figures to Israel being a leading country in the number of tests performed each day, relative to its population size. 
Israel is followed in the highest daily cases worldwide ranking by Mongolia, Peru, Canada and Georgia. 
The fact is, either you’re the number one country, per capita, in daily infections — or you’re not. And right now, Israel is No. 1, period, no matter how you look at the data.


Drowning Our Children In a Sewage Canal


From The Last English Prince:

Monday 07:45 a.m.

You draw your nine year old daughter in close and she nuzzles your neck. She comments, “Mommy. What is the perfume you are wearing? It smells nice!” You respond, “It is your Daddy’s favorite.” Thanking God again for giving you a daughter, a smile crosses your lips as you head out the door to work. Your child is in the best school in the city. She has a bright future ahead of her, with the educational offering.

Monday 10:00 a.m.

Your daughter is seated in the hallway of the municipal sewage work site. She is about to receive an Edge-Ucation.


“You are having some concerns about your period?”


“Yes. It seems icky. My Mom told me I will bleed once a month.”


“Do you have any other concerns?”


“Well, I like playing with boys more than the girls in my class. But I do want to grow up so that my best girlfriend and I can live together forever. I really like her!”

The counselor smiles pleasantly and gets a mental image of holding the little bitch underwater in the sewage canal with just a strand of hair floating in the e coli flotsam.

“You know what (you little slut!)? I really think that you are a boy! You just haven’t figured it out yet. So let’s pick a boy’s name you like. I will show you how to begin to bind your breasts. And to keep you on track, we will visit twice a week and I am going to help you heal from being born in the wrong body. Your body has betrayed you. It is very common, you know.” The counselor goes on, “But this is our secret. Your parents will not understand. You CANNOT trust your parents!” The counselor relishes the image again: a filthy strand of hair floating on the water. “Give it three months,” she thought. “It took about that amount of time to convince that eight year old boy to consider having his penis whacked off.”

Six months later...


Jimmy Page, Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck
ARMS 1983

JIMMY PAGE SET Prelude Who's to Blame? (with Paul Rodgers) City Sirens (with Paul Rodgers) Boogie Mama (with Paul Rodgers) Midnight Moonlight (with Paul Rodgers) Stairway to Heaven (Instrumental) ALL-STAR SET Layla With a Little Help From My Friends ENCORE WITH RONNIE LANE April Fool Goodnight, Irene

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Jair Bolsonaro Says Cuba Was The Epstein of Tourist Destinations For The Elite

Klaus Schwab Claims Half The Cabinet Members of Major Western Governments Are His People

Quebec Canada Bans Unvaxxed From Buying Groceries at Major Retailers Unless They Are Accompanied by a “Health Warden” Who Will Ensure They Only Buy Food and Medicine

 Obviously, this is a punitive measure and has nothing to do with Health.

Quebec Canada Bans Unvaxxed From Buying Groceries at Major Retailers Unless They Are Accompanied by a “Health Warden” Who Will Ensure They Only Buy Food and Medicine

HOW DARE the CDC or whatever bit of the anti-American US government, not tell the public what disease it gave this woman!

HOW DARE the CDC or whatever bit of the anti-American US government, not tell the public what disease it gave this woman
How DARE they! What are they hiding exactly. What virus were those monkeys carrying that they do not want us to know has been introduced to the American public? NOWHERE in this article do they say what disease she has, as they did not tell her. But there is simply no way they do not know what it is. Whatever zoomorphic disease these monkeys have, would be the reason they are being transported to the CDC, would they not?

Pennsylvania woman who came into contact with laboratory monkeys last week after a truck carrying them crashed has said she developed unusual symptoms.

On her Facebook page and during media interviews, the woman, Michelle Fallon, said she developed symptoms after the accident. Fallon wrote that she sought emergency room treatment at the Geisinger Medical Center in Danville.

Fallon told local media that after the crash, she believed the truck was carrying cats. However, when she approached the cages, a monkey appeared and hissed at her.

“What a day I try to help out at a[n] accident seen was told there were cats in the crates. So I [go] over to pet them [only] To find out it’s monkeys. Then I noticed that’s there 3 in each and [one] was completely broken the other was half broken,” Fallon wrote. “So I knew 4 got away. So come home go to bed. My aunt runs into New[s] crew [and] was ask[ed] to do [an] interview. Then find out not to get close to the monkey.”

She continued: “Well tried to pet one, I touch the [crates] and walk in poop. Then was told to [meet] police at the scene. To talk about exposure. News crew was the[re]. I thought they were [Centers for Disease Control and Prevention] so I to them. End up doing interviews. Talk to police and a lady with CDC. I’m will getting a letter. I’m very low risk for I don’t know what yet.” 



Scotland, Britain, Israel, and Denmark are four of the world’s most highly vaccinated countries. They all have 90 percent adult Covid vaccination rates and 60 percent adult boosters. 
Yet the vast majority of deaths are occurring in vaccinated people; serious cases are soaring; and infections are almost literally off the charts. 
This is Covid vaccine failure at the most profound and basic level. SCOTLAND: Covid death rates (RATES, not raw numbers) by vaccination status for the last four weeks. 
Death rates in vaccinated but unboosted people have been higher than rates in the unvaccinated each week. Also, 87 percent of total deaths occurred in vaccinated people in the most recent week:

Justine Trudeau: "The Small Fringe Of Truckers Who Hold UNACCEPTABLE VIEWS"

Small Fringe = 50,000 Truckers who are convoying across Canada, and drawing huge crowds. 

"Unacceptable views" = People who decide they want to power to decide for themselves what they put in their bodies. 

UNBELIEVABLE! This guy is such a fruitcake.


Senator Ron Johnson Hearings : Discussion On Cancer Rates and Heart Damage

Whistleblowers Reveal DoD Medical Data Showing Military Cancer Diagnoses HAVE TRIPLED Since The Rollout Of The Experimental Vaccines – Along With a 10x Increase in Neurological Disorders and a Near 5x increase in Female INFERTILITY

Dr. Christina Parks Asks A Very Obvious Question That No One Else Is Asking

This scientist asks why anyone thought it was a good idea to inject mRNA into a body to have your own body make the very protein which is the problematic one in terms of the disease.



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