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Jerry Seinfeld: Make Comedy Legal Again



Signalling Their Intentions

Mayor of Derry, Ireland, Lilian Seenoi-Barr believes anyone opposing mass immigration into Ireland is part of a “organised terrorist group”


Federal Government Giving Voter Registration Forms to Non-Citizen Refugees?

According to South Carolina state representative and congressional candidate Adam Morgan, the federal government is including voter registration forms in packets at the Social Security Office in Spartanburg, South Carolina.

“Is the Federal Gov giving voter registration forms to non-citizens?” Adam Morgan said on X.

“Yes, at least in SC. A refugee sent us this form that was given to her in a packet at the Social Security Office in Spartanburg. She asked “Why are they giving these to non-citizens?”” he said.

It gets worse.

According to Rep. Adam Morgan, the refugee’s relative “mailed the forms back and criticized the office for distributing them to people they knew were non-citizens.”

“A few weeks later the refugees received more voter registration forms in the mail,” Rep. Morgan said.


Did the Biden Administration Set Trump Up With the "Classified Documents"?

Matt Margolis at PJMedia looks at some new evidence unearthed by Julie Kelly.

Investigative journalist Julie Kelly found something interesting in the documents that could change everything. The first things is testimony from an FBI agent who testified that the General Services Association (GSA) had been in possession of Trump's boxes in Virginia before ordering Trump's team to come get them.

"So an entire pallet full of boxes that had been held by GSA somewhere outside of DC is dumped at Mar-a-Lago," Kelly notes. "Apparently these are the boxes that ended up containing papers with 'classified markings.'"

"I will double check indictment but I don't recall this event in the timeline," she added.

So, it appears that the Biden administration may have been responsible for shipping classified information to Trump's Mar-a-Lago home in Florida. 

This development is significant because Trump has previously blamed the GSA for packing the boxes that contained the classified documents, only to later accuse Trump of essentially stealing them and using that as pretext for sending the FBI to raid his Mar-a-Lago home in August 2022.

"It was a set-up from the get-go," remarked Tom Fitton, the founder of Judicial Watch.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden had classified information that he was never entitled to have stored in boxes in his garage for years, but was not charged. Biden blamed staffers for packing the classified information.


IT WAS ALL A SETUP: New Evidence Affirms Previous TGP Reporting that Deep State Sent Documents to Mar-a Lago to Set Up Trump

Elon Musk Resurfaces 7 Year-Old Warning That Predicted This New Danger

Wow! This dude was nails on this. Absolute NAILS!

Corporate Press Says HAVING BABIES IS FAR RIGHT, Leftism Is A Death Cult, The Future Is Conservative

Perhaps, The Future Is FAR-RIGHT!

Imelda May
Johnny Got A Boom Boom

Monday, April 29, 2024

Humza Yousaf resigns as Scotland's first minister

Some thankful news coming from Scotland, as the first Muslim to serve as premier at the north end of the UK is resigning, following controversial leftist policies that only caused a lot of justified outrage:
Humza Yousaf, Scotland’s first minister, resigned on Monday after just 13 months in office following a series of muddled progressive policies that culminated in him torpedoing his own governing coalition.

Yousaf, who became the first Muslim leader of a Western democracy, stepped down on Monday after his decision to rip up an agreement between his Scottish National Party and the Green Party, known as the Bute House Agreement, cost him a working majority.

[...] In the aftermath of Yousaf’s decision, a vote of no confidence was called for this week. And although he gave no indications he would resign last Friday, he changed his mind over the weekend.

[...] He became leader of the SNP and first minister in March 2023 after longtime party leader Nicola Sturgeon stepped down. Her resignation came during a police investigation into alleged misuse of campaign funds. Her husband, former SNP treasurer Peter Murrell, was charged with embezzlement earlier this month, while Sturgeon herself was questioned and released without charge last year. Both deny any wrongdoing.

Yousaf’s short-lived tenure will be remembered, however, for controversial legislation that would make it easier for people to change their gender, which was at odds with the Conservative-led Westminster government.

His party also introduced a hate crime law that made transgender identity a protected characteristic. The law generated criticism from the likes of Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling, who lives in Edinburgh, and even X owner Elon Musk.

In the end, Yousaf’s tenure was made untenable after he scrapped the Bute deal with the Greens over climate change policy disagreements.

Douglas Ross, the leader of the Scottish Conservatives who tabled the motion of no confidence, told STV that Yousaf was “forced … out of office for repeatedly failing Scotland.”
Not mentioned, and likely because these papers have regrettably succumbed to PC, is that Yousaf's policies would doubtless be employed in the future to enforce Islamic sharia, and not just LGBT ideology. Admittedly, it's interesting that an Islamist would approve of something like that, but surely because most Muslims couldn't give a damn if transsexuality ends up hurting "kuffar", so long as Muslims aren't affected.

Yousaf's departure from the role of First Minister in Scotland is most fortunate, and now, we must hope better yet, that the conservative party in Scotland will be able to win an election, if one is to be held soon.

BREAKING: Arizona Republican Party Declares Covid-19 Injections Biological and Technological Weapons, Passes Ban the Jab Resolution!

BREAKING: Arizona Republican Party Declares Covid-19 Injections Biological and Technological Weapons, Passes Ban the Jab Resolution!


Strong and credible evidence shows Covid 19 and Covid 19 injections are biological and technological weapons, and Pfizer’s clinical data revealed 1,223 deaths, 42,000 adverse cases, 158,000 adverse incidents, and approximately 1,000 side effects, and an enormous number of people have died and or have been permanently disabled after having been injected by the Covid 19 injections, and strong and credible evidence from Sweden exists that Covid mRNA shots alter human DNA, and government agencies, media, and tech companies, and other corporations have committed enormous fraud by claiming Covid injections are safe and effective, and The Florida Department of Health has called for a halt to the mRNA injections, and continued experimentation on humans and denial of informed consent are violations of the Nuremberg Code and therefore constitute crimes against humanity,


On behalf of the preservation of the human race, the 2024 Arizona Republican Party Presidential Nominating Convention Delegates call upon Governor Hobbs and the state legislature to prohibit the sale and distribution of Covid injections and all mRNA injections in Arizona, and for the Arizona Attorney General to immediately seize all Covid injections and mRNA injections in Arizona and perform a forensic analysis on these so-called “vaccines.”


Ana Vidovic

00:00 Cello Suite No 1 BWV 1007 by Johann Sebastian Bach 0:11 Prelude 2:57 Allemande 7:04 Courante 09:35 Sarabande 12:26 Menuet I / II 15:04 Gigue 16:47 Grande Ouverture Op. 61 by Mauro Giuliani 25:16 Sonata in A major K 322 by Domenico Scarlatti 28:22 Sonata in E major K 380 by Domenico Scarlatti 33:49 Recuerdos de la Alhambra by Francisco Tárrega 38:00 Coughing by an anonymous fan in the public 38:11 La Catedral by Agustín Barrios Mangoré 45:39 Una Limosna Por el Amor de Dios by Agustin Barrios Mangoré 49:35 Introduction and Variations on a Theme by Mozart Op 9 by Fernando Sor 58:09 Asturias by Isaac Albéniz

Sunday, April 28, 2024

Former Rock Vocalist Cherie Currie Denounces Democrats, Calls Obama ‘Terrible President’ in Blistering Critique — ‘Voting for Democrats Now Just Makes You a Fool’

“It used to be punk, R&R to vote Democrat. I fell for it,” Currie wrote on X.

“But when your party demands you live in fear, squalor, beyond your means by just buying groceries, gasoline, disrespecting our veterans, our police, our elderly, supporting criminals, chaos, riots, Hamas, failing Israel, demeaning us at every turn! Hurting our children! Wasting our money. Ineptitude with every policy! Lies and more lies… NO MORE! The Democrat Party can kiss my ass. They don’t give a damn. That’s true. Voting Dem used to be cool. But now, it just makes you a fool,” she added.

Currie’s fiery tirade didn’t stop there. She went on to criticize the party’s methods and messaging: “And ohhh are they the master of disguise! They lie and lie! They’ll take it up the rear for a single vote! Despicable sub humans.”

She continued by targeting Barack Obama specifically, questioning his leadership and accusing him of worsening racial tensions in the United States.

“Obama LIED. He was a terrible president, and I VOTED FOR HIM! But only once. Never in my wildest dreams did I think that man could create racism and devolve us as a nation. He did that. He’s a liar. A mistake! We are in this racist hellhole thanks to him!”



Felix Pastorius LIVE At The Cave

Did the Biden regime approve of ICC arrest warrants for Netanyahu?

According to Robert Spencer, it looks like a recent report is warning that approval could've been given by Biden for what even the ICC could be planning:
If a Wednesday report in the Israeli media is accurate, this is one of the most, if not the most, craven betrayal of an ally in American history, and in the entire world’s history.

The Israeli journalist Amit Segal published a Hebrew-language story in the popular Israeli news outlet Mako that reveals an American betrayal of Israel of stupefying magnitude. “Very senior officials associated with the International Criminal Court in The Hague,” wrote Segal, “have spoken about Israel’s fear of arrest warrants for senior officials in the context of the war in Gaza. The officials told N12 [Mako’s broadcast channel] that the intention to issue such orders would not have been possible without American consent.”

The threat of arrest from the International Criminal Court is not hanging over the heads of minor officials only. “Last week,” Segal reports, “the Prime Minister’s Office held an urgent discussion on the issue, in which serious concerns were raised about allowing the issuance of arrest warrants against senior Israeli security and political leaders, including against Netanyahu himself.” This could all happen quickly: “Reports that have recently arrived in Jerusalem,” Segal continues, “indicate that the chance of issuing arrest warrants has increased dramatically, possibly as soon as next month.”

Segal noted that this was happening with American approval: “Regarding the intention to issue arrest warrants for senior Israelis, the sources at The Hague said that it is impossible that the chief prosecutor would have decided on such a dramatic step, in a war that is still ongoing, with very little evidence, if he had not at least had a ‘green light’ from the Americans. If this is true, this is another and unprecedented low in relations between Israel and the US, at a very sensitive time, on the eve of the ground entry to Rafah.”
Let's also remember Biden's "administration" refused to oppose a UN resolution against Israel a number of weeks ago, so this is no shock either. It's just another disgusting moment in a world that's eroding under political correctness and Orwellianism.

Update: foreign minister Yisrael Katz warns there'll be a wave of antisemitism if the ICC issues arrest warrants.

Update 2: Meir Ben-Shabbat makes clear the planned raid on Rafah must take place, even without the approval of the USA and the ICC.

San Diego Airport gave illegals their own line through security checkpoints, because they didn't have any documentation verifying who they are

Medical professionals are beginning to take a closer look at the potential adverse effects of COVID-19 vaccines, particularly following a series of health complications among younger adults.

Florencia Tarque, a 29-year-old Director of International Recruiting at Puulse Marketing, has come forward with a personal health crisis that her cardiologists suggest may be linked to her COVID-19 vaccination.

“Attention: Cardiologists are now saying my heart problem is more than likely a result of the COVID vaccine,” she wrote on Facebook.

Tarque, an athlete who has maintained a lifestyle centered around wellness, experienced a shocking medical scare earlier this month when she was admitted to the hospital after three electrocardiograms (EKGs) indicated signs of a heart attack.

Despite the alarming EKG results, an angiogram performed urgently revealed no blockages, leaving both Tarque and her medical team baffled. It was later determined that she had developed myopericarditis, an inflammation of the heart muscle and surrounding tissue.


Denver child’s heart beats again after 14 hours




Child transported to hospital following medical emergency at Liberty Middle School

April 23, 2024


Tampa teen gets life-saving transplant after heart condition diagnosis

April 24, 2024


Former Charleston Southern basketball player hospitalized after collapsing during pick-up game

North Charleston, S.C. - A former basketball player at Charleston Southern University (CSU) is recovering after he collapsed on the court last week. Junior Kalib Clinton collapsed and went into cardiac arrest while playing a pick-up game at CSU last Monday, according to family members. 
Clinton’s mother, Shana, said he was taken to a nearby hospital where he was resuscitated and placed on a ventilator. He is now in stable condition but suffered severe brain trauma and remains in the intensive care unit. Clinton played in 18 games during the 2023-24 season.  


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Saturday, April 27, 2024

Social Security Admin CEASES Publishing Voter Registration Data, HIDING Possible Voter Fraud

Raunchy Drag Show During New Mexico Prom Leads to Principal Being Removed and Several Employees Placed on Leave

Something just occurred to me for the first time. I don't know why I would not have thought of this before.

These Principals, and Librarians, and Teachers, and Police Men, and all the others who are promoting and supporting this Trannie Bullshit ARE BEING ENCOURAGE TO DO IT by someone in a position of authority over them.

If that is not the case, then how is it there are so many of these freaking perverts?

There just can't be this many adults  in positions of authority over children, who wake up and think to themselves, "You know what I think these children need? A Transexual to wave his/her/thems ass in their face. I'm going to go hire one for the prom, the assembly, the Book Club."

I honestly don't know anyone over 35 who thinks this kind of shit is ok to promote to children. And I have had all kinds of gays and weirdos as friends. I've been a fucking artist my whole life. 

Yes, the younger generation thinks it's ok, because they have been propagandized since before we realized this was a real problem.

So, who is promoting this shit? And where are the funds coming from to promote it in our insitutions?

A New Mexico high school principal has been removed, and several employees were placed on leave after a raunchy drag performance at the prom left parents outraged.

Students say that the drag performer flashed their crotch, “did twerk on a couple of students,” and “let students twerk on them.”

The lewd performance took place at the prom for Atrisco Heritage Academy High School in Albuquerque on April 20. 

NBC News reports, “In a video on TikTok, students can be seen gathering around the performer in thigh-high black boots and a matching body suit, as the performer is bending over, squatting and dancing provocatively.”

The performer has been identified by local station KOB 4 as “Mythica Sahreen.”

Israel Hate Camps Funded By Soros and Other Hard Left Donors

George Soros is paying student radicals who are fueling nationwide explosion of Israel-hating protests

George Soros and his hard-left acolytes are paying agitators who are fueling the explosion of radical anti-Israel protests at colleges across the country.

The protests, which began when students took over Columbia University’s Morningside Heights campus lawn last week, have mushroomed nationwide.

Copycat tent cities have been set up at colleges including Harvard, Yale, Berkeley in California, the Ohio State University and Emory in Georgia — all of them organized by branches of the Soros-funded Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) — and at some, students have clashed with police.  

The SJP parent organization has been funded by a network of nonprofits ultimately funded by, among others, Soros, the billionaire left-wing investor.

At three colleges, the protests are being encouraged by paid radicals who are “fellows” of a Soros-funded group called the US Campaign for Palestinian Rights (USCPR).

Exposing the Freedom Convoy Lies

"Are You Guys Cops? Or Do You Just Identify As Cops?"

Bill Barr Insists He Will Vote For Trump Despite Trump Mocking Him

Friday, April 26, 2024

Rising Appalachia

WWIII Watch: Ukraine Bombs Oil Field Inside Russia the Same Day Biden, Democrats and RINOs Signs Ukraine War Funding Bill

Ukraine bombed the Russian oil field in the Smolensk region inside Russia on Wednesday.

This was the same day that Speaker Mike Johnson, Democrats, RINOs, and Joe Biden signed over another $60 billion to the eastern European nation in its now — offensive campaign — against Russia.

Joe Biden signed into law on Wednesday an aid package providing crucial military assistance to Ukraine, capping months of negotiations and debate.

Then Ukraine blew up a Russian oil field.

Biden Claims He Received “Very Salacious Pictures” From Women When He Was a Senator in the 70s That He Handed to Secret Service – Senators Don’t Have Secret Service!


Biden Claims He Received “Very Salacious Pictures” From Women When He Was a Senator in the 70s That He Handed to Secret Service – Senators Don’t Have Secret Service! (AUDIO)

Joe Biden laims He “Got Arrested Standing on a Porch with a Black Family” During Civil Rights Movement


Joe Biden laims He “Got Arrested Standing on a Porch with a Black Family” During Civil Rights Movement (AUDIO)

Joe Biden Tells Howard Stern He Saved 6 People From Drowning When He Was a Lifeguard


Joe Biden Tells Howard Stern He Saved 6 People From Drowning When He Was a Lifeguard

As Cancers in the Young Rise, the Pandemic Response Must Be Probed

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration recently released findings of seizures in toddlers and pulmonary embolisms in adults that may have been caused by Covid vaccines. Statistical significance aside, the agency concluded that the risk was worth the benefit.

We question this, with more than one million reports of potential vaccine injuries and 18,000 deaths on the government's own, long-trusted and likely undercounted, early warning system. These, the government takes pains to dismiss.

As evidence mounts and a movement of injured people grows, the Biden administration must recognize this growing public health problem. It must cease to stifle debate that has limited what journals print and what the public knows about vaccine consequences.

The harm is only starting to be recognized.

We face a looming threat to young people of, unthinkably but potentially, vaccine-abetted cancer. Driven by new cases, colon cancer rose to the leading cause of cancer death in men under 55, while cervical cancer rose to third in women 30 to 44.  These revelations come from the  2024 American Cancer Society American Cancer Society report, which covers only through 2021. 

Our review of more current CDC data suggest the society’s findings on young cancers are the tip of an emerging iceberg.

Compared to pre-pandemic 2019, cancer deaths in 2023 rose strikingly in 15-to-44-year-olds: Uterine cancer, up 37%; colorectal, up 17%; liver, up 8%, and—suggestive of quickly growing disease—“unspecified” metastatic cancer, up 14%. 

A group of under-the-radar physicians suspected Covid vaccines when in 2021 they noticed many more advanced malignancies. “Turbo cancer,” they called them, a phenomenon that vaccine "fact-checkers" have dismissed.  

But not so fast ...