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Train carrying lawmakers to GOP retreat involved in accident

By Chad Pergram, Judson Berger
Published January 31, 2018

A train carrying members of Congress to a Republican retreat in West Virginia slammed into a dump truck on Wednesday, throwing lawmakers from their seats and leaving at least one person dead, officials said. 
The truck may have been stuck on the tracks. There are mixed reports over whether the train actually derailed. 
Lawmakers on the train flooded social media with images of the wrecked truck, as well as damage to the crumpled front of the train.
The nature or extent of injuries was also unclear. Amtrak said there were no reported injuries to passengers or crew members, though lawmakers reported minor injuries on board.
Rep. Jeff Denham, R-Calif., confirmed this fatality, and said others in the truck were airlifted out.
Amtrak released a brief statement saying the train "came into contact" with the vehicle. 
"There are no reported injuries to passengers or crew members. Local law enforcement is investigating the incident and crews are inspecting the equipment for damage," Amtrak spokeswoman Kimberly Woods said in a statement.
House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wis., was on the train but is fine, Fox News is told. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Wis., was not on the train.
The accident took place in Crozet, Va., near Charlottesville, Va. Members were on a special chartered Amtrak train to the Greenbrier resort, where Vice President Pence was set to speak Wednesday night, with a planned appearance from President Trump on Thursday.
The White House said Trump is "aware" of the accident, which comes one day after his State of the Union address. The retreat is where the party traditionally gathers to discuss their agenda and goals for the coming year.
While injuries on the train were described as minor, Rep. Roger Marshall, R-Kan., tweeted that he was helping the injured.
"We are on our way to our annual GOP retreat, the train carrying members and spouses hit something. Laina and I are ok, I am helping those that are injured, I will have Laina keep you updated as I know more," he tweeted.                                                                    
“We don't think that's the case,” he told Fox News.
Walker said lawmakers are unsure how this will affect their plans for attending the retreat.
“Obviously, we don't know what those plans are,” he said. “Don't even know if the train is operable at this point.”

Businesses added a robust 234,000 private sector jobs in January, payroll processor ADP reports

The Same People Who Oppose A DACA Deal That Is MORE Than They Asked For In The First Place, Part 2

Last night was filled with hilarious imagery, good to fill memes for the next year.

Cory Booker was a very angry man, burning up on his ineffectual, effete, cowardice.

Joe Kennedy with a cumload dripping down his face.

Pelosi working her jaw like an addled, old crackwhore.

Luis Guitierre getting up and storming out as Trump declared the Congressional Hall itself a tribute to the greatness of the American people.

The Black Caucus sitting furiously while Trump talks about African-American unemployment being at the lowest-levels ever.

I could go on.

They revealed themselves to be the America-haters they are, down deep inside.

Sourpuss Democrats Self-Immolate at State of the Union

From Roger Simon:
Let's give them the award straight up: Worst Performance by a Minority Party at a State of the Union Address. (Hey, it's awards season, right?) They broke the record. They get the prize with no runner-up for years to come. 
Steny Hoyer and Nancy Pelosi watching Trump's speech looked like a pair of sullen six-year olds on a sugar crash the day after Halloween. Bernie Sanders looked mummified. Schumer was slumped so deeply in his chair he was almost falling through the crack. 
Other Democrats, even ones who should have known better or secretly felt otherwise, sat on their hands. You could see them glancing at each other, wondering whether they were allowed to applaud or stand up. 
What a bunch of cowards. 
Who are these ungrateful corpses, middle America must have been asking. Good question. (Can you imagine how much money Pelosi has made in the stock market since Trump was elected? What does she have to be so upset about?) 
More jobs? No applause. Higher wages? No applause. Lowest black unemployment in history? Crickets. ISIS disappearing? Zzzz... 
What's wrong with these people? Don't they know nobody loves a sorehead? You think Colin Kaepernick could be elected president? 
And why were they so depressed, you may ask? Easy. Here's what they knew and what we all know. Trump is here to stay -- for the next seven years. And they're going to have to live with it. 
Reason: Trump is an upper, like Reagan and JFK. All three were cheerleaders for America and made/make us feel good. That's what wins. 
And why shouldn't it? Optimism and pessimism are largely self-fulfilling prophecies. For today's Democrats, it's "Unhappy Days Are Here Again!"

Tommy Robinson's Reaction To The New English Army Recruitment Video

President Donald Trump's State of The Union, 2018

So, I'm finally sitting down and watching the SOTU. 

It is fucking hilarious to watch the glum Gollums of the Democrat Party glare and glower into the eyes of their imminent deaths, as Trump ticks off one massive accomplishment after another.

President Trump: “Freedom stands tall over one more monument: this one. This Capitol. This living monument — this is the monument to the American people.”

TRUMP: "In America, we know that faith and family, not government and bureaucracy, are the center of the American life"

The Same People Who Oppose A DACA Deal That Is MORE Than They Asked For In The First Place

FIGURES. Democrats SIT ON THEIR BUTTS When President Trump Says We “Proudly Stand for the National Anthem” (VIDEO)

WOW! Black Caucus Sits on Butts, Refuses to Applaud Record Low Black Unemployment Rates at SOTU (VIDEO)

Former US Attorney: IG Report Shows McCabe Made FBI Agents Fabricate Evidence – Implicates Obama’s Senior DOJ Officials

Duo Rosanna
Pachelbel Canon In D

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Where There's Smoke ...


The House Intelligence Committee on Monday evening voted to release a classified memo circulating in Congress that purportedly reveals government surveillance abuses. 
The vote was announced to reporters by California Rep. Adam Schiff, the top Democrat on the committee, who called it a “very sad day, I think, in the history of this committee.” The motion passed on a party-line basis, he said. 
President Trump now has five days to decide whether he has any objections before the memo can be publicly released.

NYT: FBI Director Christopher Wray Found "Something Concerning" About McCabe in Pending Inspector General Report on Hillary Email Investigation

SEAN HANNITY: When FBI Director Wray Read the FISA Memo on Sunday “It Shocked Him to His Core” 

BREAKING: FBI Official Says, Rosenstein Will Be Fired After Memo Released; USED Bogus Trump Dossier for FISA Warrant

The Tractors
Baby Likes To Rock It

Monday, January 29, 2018

Sara Carter: Insiders Say More FBI Resignations Coming

Current and former FBI officials said McCabe’s resignation is the beginning of more resignations to come.
“There are people lining up in the bureau to go after McCabe,” said a former FBI official, with knowledge.
“There will be a clean up at the Bureau of his cronies.”
According to several U.S. officials, McCabe’s government communications were collected as part of the ongoing DOJ Inspector General investigation, which is expected to be completed by March.
FBI spokeswoman Carol Cratty declined to comment on the resignation.
The process to declassify the document could take anywhere up to five days. President Trump is not expected to object to the memo’s release and the House Intelligence Committee is expected to pass it, stated White House officials in an earlier report.
“My understanding is they will proceed with the vote tonight,” said Rep. Jim Jordan, an Ohio Republican. “This memo is something I want every single journalist and American to see, I think it’s that important. If Wray saw the memo, there maybe something to McCabe’s resignation. Or it could also be something as innocent as him using his sick time or leave up until retirement.”
A bombshell four-page “FISA memo” alleging egregious surveillance abuse by the FBI, DOJ and Obama administration, specifically names FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, former FBI Director James Comey and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, according to the Daily Beast.
The GOP-authored memo made waves last week after it was made available to the full House of Representatives for viewing. With over 60 GOP lawmakers calling for its release, Capitol Hill sources on both sides of the aisle tell The Daily Beast that it’s only a matter of time before the general public is allowed to view the document – which is likely to stoke already-inflamed tensions between GOP lawmakers and the individuals named in the leak.
The facts contained in the Republican majority-authored report are said to be “jaw-dropping and demand full transparency,” according to Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL), while the top ranking Democrat on the House Intel Committee, Adam Schiff (D-CA) dismissed the memo as “profoundly misleading” talking points drafted by Republican staffers.
Several other GOP Congressmembers have weighed in. “I have read the memo,” tweeted Rep. Steve King (R-IA), adding “The sickening reality has set in. I no longer hold out hope there is an innocent explanation for the information the public has seen. I have long said it is worse than Watergate. It was #neverTrump & #alwaysHillary. #releasethememo.”
Along with the four-page memo, Congressional investigators learned from a new batch of text messages between anti-Trump FBI investigators that several individuals within the Department of Justice and the FBI may have come together in the “immediate aftermath” of the 2016 election to undermine President Trump, according to Rep. John Ratcliffe (R-TX) who has reviewed the texts.

Imagine You are Not a Politician, Yet You are Running For The Presidency

From the Conservative Treehouse:
Imagine that despite your always knowing the DC swamp was deep (dangerous and full of terrors), corrupt, and generally horrible, you decided to do it anyway. You “just had to”. 
Imagine you have spent years thinking about it; thinking about every angle within it; thinking and talking to people who know almost everything about it, well, from their perspective anyway; and ultimately you decided to do it. 
Imagine that even though you knew it was bad, it wasn’t until you actually began running that you discovered the depth of the corrupt nature with it. –SEE HERE– 
You see things in the campaign you never expected; things no-one ever talked about. One of the most alarming aspects of the *new knowledge* is discovering that the top-tier of the national intelligence apparatus has a political agenda you never thought about before.   
Imagine yourself, a very successful business person, coming to the realization that the intelligence apparatus could, indeed was, weaponized against you. You fall back on your past experience with hostile organizations as your reference point having to contemplate that parts of the United States Government institutions would likely begin to conspire against you. 
Imagine yourself having to deal with a weaponized intelligence community. Then, as time progresses, you begin to see those concerns are not imaginings – but they actually begin to surface. 
Re-read this October 2016 speech with ‘new eyes’: 
[…] For those who control the levers of power in Washington, and for the global special interests they partner with, our campaign represents an existential threat. 
[…] This is not simply another 4-year election. This is a crossroads in the history of our civilization that will determine whether or not We The People reclaim control over our government. 
The political establishment that is trying everything to stop us, is the same group responsible for our disastrous trade deals, massive illegal immigration, and economic and foreign policies that have bled this country dry. 
The political establishment has brought about the destruction of our factories and our jobs, as they flee to Mexico, China and other countries throughout the world. Our just-announced jobs numbers are anemic, and our gross domestic product, or GDP, is barely above one percent. 
Workers in the United States, were making less than they were almost 20 years ago – and yet they are working harder. It’s a global power structure that is responsible for the economic decisions that have robbed our working class, stripped our country of its wealth, and put that money into the pockets of a handful of large corporations and political entities. 
[…] This is a struggle for the survival of our nation. This election will determine whether we are a free nation, or whether we have only the illusion of Democracy but are in fact controlled by a small handful of global special interests rigging the system. This is not just conspiracy but reality, and you and I know it. 
[…] They control the Department of Justice, and they even clandestinely meet with the Attorney General of the United States – in the back of her airplane, while on the runway – for 39 minutes – to most likely discuss her reappointment in a Clinton Administration just prior to the Attorney General making a decision over whether or not to prosecute Hillary Clinton. 
Likewise, they have corrupted the Director of the FBI to the point at which stories are already saying the great men and women who work for the FBI are embarrassed and ashamed to what he’s done to one of our great institutions. Hillary Clinton is guilty of all of the things that Director Comey stated at his press conference and Congressional hearings, and far more – and yet he let her off the hook, while others lives are being destroyed for far less. 
This is a conspiracy against you, the American people. (link
Knowing what you know now, those words from October 13th, 2016, rally in West Palm Beach Florida most certainly hold a different resonance today, no? Who can anyone turn to when the very institutions created to preserve liberty are intentionally utilized to eliminate the most basic of liberties: the right to choose our own government. 
Imagine you are a candidate for the office of the presidency and you realize your political campaign is a very real existential threat to the system. As you begin to accept this reality you have to think entirely different now. These people are political enemies. As troubling as it is to accept, you have to face the reality of a weaponized intelligence community aligned against you; and a professional political class who will deny it exists.   
The system, including the media, are now in synergy to eliminate the threat you represent. 
Imagine, as time goes on, you realize this weaponized system is not going to go away. You begin to think about how to work around it, from your only reference points in dealing with hostile institutions. Approaches you know from business experience, become references. 
Thankfully, you have a man, an intelligence officer, General Mike Flynn, who can rightly explain the capability of the intelligence apparatus. Yet even he cannot adequately describe how it is weaponized. Imagine yourself having to deal with this issue. You are running for the Presidency, yet you have to accept a complete and incomprehensible inability to trust the U.S. intelligence community. 
You realize that, absent of your ability to coax individuals to change behavior inside the organization, it may be entirely necessary to build a parallel system that you can trust. The nomination was tough, but you won. 
It is within the general election when you really discover the scale of political alignment referenced as the ‘Deep Administrative State’. Somehow, through grit, work and a relentless effort – your campaign overcomes many obstacles and a key part of the electorate are sharp enough to understand the bigger issues. You win the election. 
But as people celebrate around you, you know this is not the summit. 
When dawn breaks, November 9th, 2016, everyone will begin to see what you already know; the summit is still a long way off. Those adverse interests are not going to accept the disruption. Well, not willingly anyway. As everyone else cheers, maybe you don’t quite enjoy the same victory because you sense what is to come… 
Then, at a critical juncture, a key player within the established system, who is not OK with what’s going on, comes to you and confirms your worst suspicions. –SEE HERE– 
The apparatus of the IC is weaponized against you; and it’s worse than you thought. However, despite the sheer scale of the opposition, and the people aligned against you, you have won the election – and thankfully that same key internal *whistle-blower* has a plan. 
He too has been thinking. 
Imagine the broad outline of a parallel intelligence system. A system that might only be temporary in nature, but feasibly could be trusted. A system that might overcome the challenge inherent from the domestic enemies embedded inside the current one.


FBI's No. 2 'removed' from post as Washington awaits damning GOP memo on Obama surveillance abuses

Top FBI official Andrew McCabe is stepping down from his post as deputy director, leaving the bureau after months of conflict-of-interest complaints from Republicans including President Trump.
A source confirmed to Fox News that McCabe is taking “terminal leave” – effectively taking vacation until he reaches his planned retirement in a matter of weeks. As such, he will not be reporting to work at the FBI anymore.
The move was first reported by NBC News.
McCabe has long been a controversial figure at the bureau.
Republicans have questioned McCabe’s ties to the Democratic Party, considering his wife ran as a Democrat for a Virginia Senate seat in 2015 and got financial help from a group tied to Clinton family ally Terry McAuliffe.
Trump himself tweeted in December: “How can FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, the man in charge, along with leakin’ James Comey, of the Phony Hillary Clinton investigation (including her 33,000 illegally deleted emails) be given $700,000 for wife’s campaign by Clinton Puppets during investigation?”
The Washington Post last week reported that Trump, during an Oval Office meeting last spring, pressed McCabe, who was then acting FBI director, about whom he voted for in the 2016 election. McCabe, according to the outlet, told the president he didn’t vote.

add this to it...

Day AFTER Boss Read Secret Memo...

‘It’s a cover-up from the FAA at the highest level’: Cockpit voice recording can’t be used in investigation, source says

From the San Jose Mercury News:
A top Federal Aviation Administration official has forbidden inspectors who are trying to determine why a Horizon Air commercial jet mistakenly landed on a Pullman, Washington, airport taxiway from reviewing “critical” evidence: recorded cockpit conversations between that flight’s pilots, a federal official familiar with the investigation said. 
The directive came straight from John Duncan, FAA’s head of flight standards who is in charge of the agency’s flight inspectors across the country, said the source, who requested anonymity because of the sensitive nature of the probe. 
Despite the cockpit voice recorder being quarantined by Horizon Air, inspectors investigating the incident have been prevented from listening to the audio of the pilot discussions. 
“It’s a cover-up from the FAA at the highest level,” the source said. “We don’t want this to happen again because next time they could hit someone and people will die.” 
FAA spokesman Ian Gregor declined to comment Friday: “The FAA does not comment on pending investigations.” 
The wayward flight is the latest high-profile airport mishap involving botched landings, including three at San Francisco International Airport — one of which could have resulted in one of the country’s biggest air disasters. 
Experts have said cockpit voice recorders are critical to determining what caused flight crew confusion. In the end, the Dec. 29 incident at Pullman-Moscow Regional Airport ended with the Horizon jet, along with its 38 passengers and four crew members, landing safely with no injuries.
Was the Pilot's name Moahmmed?

Our Federal agencies are out of control. They are our servants. But they obviously believe they are above the law.

So Much For Germany

IBA and any of us who post warnings about Islam wouldn't last long in Germany!

From Germany: Return of the Stasi Police (Gatestone Institute):
Germany's new censorship law, which has introduced state censorship on social media platforms, came into effect on October 1, 2017. The new law requires social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, to censor their users on behalf of the German state. Social media companies are obliged to delete or block any online "criminal offenses" such as libel, slander, defamation or incitement, within 24 hours of receipt of a user complaint -- regardless of whether the content is accurate or not. Social media companies are permitted seven days for more complicated cases. If they fail to do so, the German government can fine them up to 50 million euros for failing to comply with the law.

The new censorship law, however, was not fully enforced until January 1, 2018, in order to give the social media platforms time to prepare for their new role as the privatized thought police of the German state. Social media platforms now have the power to shape the form of current political and cultural discourse by deciding who will speak and what they will say.

On January 1, 2018, however, the law was immediately enforced. Twitter began by suspending the account of the deputy leader of the Alternative for Germany party (AfD), Beatrix von Storch, for 12 hours, after she tweeted the following in response to a New Year's greeting issued in Arabic by the Cologne Police:

"What the hell is happening in this country? Why is an official police site tweeting in Arabic? Do you think it is to appease the barbaric, gang-raping hordes of Muslim men?"
Von Storch also had her Facebook account suspended for repeating her tweet there. Facebook told her that her post contravened German law, as it constituted "incitement to hatred".

It did not stop there. Cologne police filed charges against von Storch for "incitement to hatred", which is punishable under section 130 of the German Criminal Code.
Read the rest HERE.

As if truth-telling is the root of the problem with Muslims' criminal behavior!

29 Palms

Robert Plant, Live

Let’s have the same immigration laws and border control restrictions that Mexico has

Tatyana Ryzhkova
Frédéric Chopin Valse, Op. 69 No. 2

Who is Jesus? Google Home Doesn’t Have A Clue

Sunday, January 28, 2018

The More Muslim Immigrants, The More We Have This Shit


Mall Of America Stabbing Suspect Pleads Guilty, Calls It Act Of Jihad

Al-Qaeda Leader Sick of Jihadists 'Who Cannot Hide a Secret' from Wives

The leader of al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula griped about wives spilling their jihadist husbands' secrets in a recent video that concluded with the terror group, frustrated about spies and subsequent drone strikes, issuing a blanket ban on cell phones.
The video noted that mobile phones are "considered spies in their own sense," and senior AQAP member Ibrahim al-Qosi, a former Guantanamo detainee of Sudanese origin, described the problem of loose or careless lips within the terror organization as "very serious."
Throughout the 36-minute video from AQAP's al-Malahem Media, accused spies discuss how they gathered information.
AQAP leader Qasim al-Raymi noted the "primary source of information comes from one or two mujahid brothers who feed him the information" without realizing it.
"The spy acquaints himself with them and offers a helping hand, and eventually gains information from them. The spy prays the best of prayers, and reads the Quran in front of them," he said, noting that fellow Muslims are the problem because "as for the disbelievers, we distance ourselves from them completely."
"One among the spies says, and this has been revealed to me by the brothers in the intelligence department... he says that the brothers are an open book," the at-times exasperated 39-year-old Yemeni terror emir added, stressing that "conveying against your brothers is considered treachery."
Al-Qosi said jihadists need to have the attitude that "a secret with me is a closed house, its keys are lost and doors sealed -- preserving secrets is among the completeness of a man's honor."
Al-Raymi lamented "brothers who cannot hide a secret even from their wife."
"Then the woman gets on the phone and spreads information that so and so is in a particular place. Brothers have been killed by such irresponsible actions of a woman. From among the best of our people. Just because of such recklessness. Where is the responsibility?" he said.
Ibrahim Abu Salih, a jihadist for nearly four decades who co-founded al-Qaeda's Arabian Peninsula branch, noted that "it is upon every mujahid in the path of Allah to preserve the secrets of his fellow brothers and to be cautious not to unknowingly serve the enemy of Allah, enriching them with information that exposes the operations of the mujahidin."
Al-Raymi called cell phones "a form of a spy agent -- an agent that is always with us."
One accused spy tells the camera that all jihadists have cell phones and are using them to call their wives and talk about their locations.
Abu Salih decried cell phones as "an electronic chip that is ready to guide a missile."
"Who is the one exposing the secrets of the mujahidin? They are the mujahidin themselves. When you see what is going on in the web forums you will be surprised," al-Raymi continued. "The transgression against the work of the mujahidin that goes on is unbelievable. They expose mujahidin's vision and plans, and then go on to open an open debate in a chat room."
"Our problem today is the exposure of Muslim secrets. That's it. We are an open book. Our way of thinking is exposed for the enemy to benefit from," he railed.
The video presented a pie chart of statistics compiled by the terror group over the past nine years detailing which kind of leak caused how many deaths. Saying "do not mention this to anybody, no one else knows" has contributed to the deaths of more than 30 jihadists, AQAP said.
A letter was circulated to AQAP jihadists declaring a "complete prohibition" on mobile phones "and means of communication through the internet."
"Just as it is completely prohibited to expose work secrets to anyone whatsoever. Whomever disobeys this will face a penalty with regard to the level of his crime," the statement said. "Whomever uses words in conducting his work, then he should limit his words to what is necessary only."
New ISIS Video Sings to U.S. Jihadists: 'It is Now Time to Rise, Slit Their Throats, Watch Them Die'


The Islamic State issued a new video today calling on "brothers in Europe, America, Russia, Australia and elsewhere" to "kill them all" as "it is now time to rise."
The English-language nasheed, inspirational songs frequently released by terror groups, shows scenes of Western terrorists' handiwork -- including the March 2017 Westminster Bridge attack and the ISIS pledge video recorded by Berlin Christmas market terrorist Anis Amri -- mingled with ISIS battlefield scenes and beheadings in Syria.
The video from ISIS' official Al-Hayat Media Center was distributed widely on YouTube and social media platforms Twitter and Facebook, along with being posted on file-sharing sites.
"Your brothers in your lands have absolved themselves of blame, so leap onto their tracks and take an example from their actions and know that jannah [paradise] is beneath the shadows of swords," a narrator says before the nasheed starts.
"Go answer the call, don't spare none, kill them all, it is now time to rise, slit their throats, watch them die," goes the nasheed. "The Islamic State stands, and it stands and demands, that you worship the one, whom besides there is none."
"We're the grandsons of men, who gave all that they can, to rule all of the lands, with the law of Islam," the nasheed continued. "Holding up the flag high, and seeking paradise, o my brothers stay strong, victory won't be long."
"Together we will stand up, once filled with iman [faith], men who answered the call, terrorizing the world."
At this point, the video shows scenes from the 2015 San Bernardino attack, the 2015 Hyper Cacher kosher supermarket siege in France, and the 2016 Bastille Day attack in Nice, France.
"Through our blood comes success, and we'll give it our best, to destroy the kuffar [disbelievers], we will slaughter them all," the nasheed continues. "So my brothers erupt, let the world know we're up, by the will of Allah, we will conquer the world."
The video also includes a fleeting scene from October's mass shooting at a Las Vegas music festival.
Official ISIS media has persisted in claiming responsibility for the Oct. 1 mass shooting in Vegas, though investigators said in a recent report that they could not link shooter Stephen Paddock "to any specific ideology" and "nothing was found to indicate motive on the part of Paddock or that he acted with anyone else." This week, the ISIS-supporting Wafa' Media Foundation threatened another Vegas-style massacre in a propaganda image showing crosshairs and flames positioned over the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino.
In a December video released by Al-Hayat, a one-legged American jihadist referred to by nom de guerre Abu Salih Al-Amriki called for would-be terrorists to take advantage of gun availability in the United States.
Abu Salih said the ISIS flag will be raised above the White House -- a common threat from the terror group. "Yes, America, you will be overcome from where you least expect it," he added.

FBI Releases Docs Claiming RT Founder Beat Himself To Death In His Hotel Room

If you needed any more proof that the FBI is the U.S.S.R.

Democrat Kamala Harris Compares US Treatment of Muslims to Holocaust Victims on Holocaust Memorial Day

What an evil piece of shit Kamala Harris is.

President Trump Decreases the Debt to GDP Ratio in His First Year in Office – First Time in More than 50 Years!

The higher a country’s debt to GDP ratio, the less healthy the country’s economy. With the GDP numbers released yesterday, President Trump’s policies have officially decreased the Debt to GDP ratio by 1.2% in the President’s first year in office. 
No President in more than 50 years has decreased the Debt to GDP ratio in his first year in office by more than 1%. 
The last President to do so was Nixon in 1969. Presidents Reagan and George W. Bush decreased the Debt to GDP ratio in their first years in office but by less than 1%.
In contrast, President Obama increased the US Debt to GDP ratio his first year in office by 14.5%. Obama increased the rate a total of 37% over his 8 years in office.

Obama's Debt to GDP ratio did nothing but increase, except for the period between December of 2014 to September of 2015.

So, in other words, during 8 years of his Presidency Obama only managed to lower the Debt to Income ratio during one 9 month period.

Between October of 2015 and February, 2016, Obama's policies more than squandered the entirety of his previous decrease.

He blew it like Charlie Brown and the football.

He blew it like an 21 year gay guy on his knees in a bathroom stall.

Thank God for Trump.

Nancy Pelosi Proves the Republicans Would Lose Every Election to Some Other Party

Crumbs Pelosi announces that $1,000 to $2,000 more for American is more or less not enough for her monthly Ferrero Rocher bill and it’s insulting.
Next we have the Dems turning a blind eye for Maxine Waters responding to the State of the Union Address – Gee I wonder what she’ll say, BESIDES ‘Impeach 45’?
Then we have an image held incommunicado, in fact REPOSSESSED by none other than the Congressional Black Caucus (Hello, ‘civil rights’ icon John Lewis) showing them AND Barack Obama hobnobbing it with smiling anti-american racist. A picture which if I can make an analogy would show Donald Trump and David Duke at a private get together. You know the details, but it is moving enough to bring Alan Dershowitz out to say he would never have supported Mr. Obama had this picture simply been published in the normal order of things and Americans seen it, you know, if it hadn’t been grabbed back and put away by those who hold the angel of civil rights before them.
Next THREE democratic governors band together (NY, NJ, CT…you know, states run by dems with VERY HIGH TAXES, and will exceed the deductable caps) to KILL the Tax Cut/Tax reform for us all.
And then, we have Donald Trump, violating promises to his base in order to give the Dems legalization of all Dreamers AND a path to citizenship for means to really reduce what caused the agonies of these people living here, ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION,and what do they call it?
What do they call the plan they have been yelling for?
What is it because it came from the other side?


Make America white again?
Democrats cannot function unless their opposition is EVIL, demonized, unamerican.
Isn’t it enough that they nominated the only person Trump could beat?
Now if you support these Dreamers becoming Americans, guess what – YOU ARE A RACIST.
The Republicans must be thrilled that these are their opponents.

BREAKING: Now FBI Says They Can’t Find Deputy Director Andrew McCabe’s Text Messages

Innocent young woman surrounded, violently attacked by Misogynist Muslim men at tourist hot spot in Paris

Low Down Man

Squirrel Nut Zippers

Louis Prima
Night Train

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Trump at Davos: A Brand New United States

Papadopolous Had No Attorney When He Appeared in Court To Confess His Crime and Thereby Implicate Donald Trump

Consider the contrived nature of the following:

Audio reveals details of George Papadopoulos' July arraignment in closed Virginia courtroom. 

Listen to Van Grack wing it. Judge Beryl Howell delivers.

Legal experts said the brief appearance was noteworthy in a couple of respects.

First, Papadopoulos had no defense attorney. Typically, a public defender will stand in in such situations at least temporarily.

"That's odd," former federal prosecutor Jeffrey Cramer said. "You would not normally have a defendant appearing before the court and not be represented. The court wasn't concerned with it, but that was strange."

Second, Papadopoulos' arrest seems to have been the product of some haste. Indeed, when he was arrested at Dulles Airport on July 27 after coming off a flight from Munich, prosecutors had no warrant for him and no indictment or criminal complaint. The complaint would be filed the following morning and approved by Howell in Washington.

And when prosecutors filed the complaint the next day they got a spoken order from Howell to seal it, but followed up with a written request that they could take to the magistrate in Alexandria, where they showed up almost an hour later than she expected.

All of it suggests something of a scramble, rather than a carefully prepared plan to take Papadopolous into custody.

Podesta Is Going To Hang Like A Piece of Modern Art

The letter to John Podesta was released to the public and it looks really bad for Hillary’s former campaign chairman.

Here is a sampling of the 12 questions Podesta must answer and return to Congress.

2.) Did you or anyone else at Hillary for America receive copies of any ofthe memoranda comprising Mr. Steele’s dossier prior to its publication by Buzzfeein January of 2017? If so, how and when? Please provide all related documents.

5.) Did you or anyone else at Hillary for America distribute outside of the organization any of the dossier memoranda, information contained therein, or other information obtained by Mr. Steele?

6.) Did you or anyone else at Hillary for America communicate with any government officials -whether in the executive, legislative or judicial branches -regarding the dossier memoranda, information contained therein, or other information obtained by Mr. Steele? If so, please list the parties involved in the communication, the content of the communication, and the date and means of the communication. Please provide all related documents.

7.) Did you or anyone else at Hillary for America instruct, request, suggest, or imply that any individuals should pass along information to Mr. Steele or his intermediaries? Please provide all related documents.

8.) Did you or anyone else at Hillary for America communicate with members of the press regarding the dossier memoranda, information contained therein, or other information obtained by Mr. Steele? If so, please list the parties involved in the communication…

10.) Were you or anyone else at Hillary for America aware of Mr. Steele s contacts with the FBI or other government agencies prior to the 2016 election? If so, who?

Potentiality for Widespread Prostitution in Hollywood Entertainment

Europe Is A Clusterfuck of Jew-Hatred: World remembers Holocaust amid signs of rising anti-Semitism

WARSAW, Poland (AP) — Elderly survivors were gathering Saturday at the former Auschwitz death camp and political leaders warned that the Nazi genocide must continue to serve as a warning as the world marked International Holocaust Remembrance Day. 
In Warsaw, Poland, U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson paid his respects in a solemn ceremony at a memorial to the Jews who died revolting against German forces in the doomed Warsaw Ghetto Uprising of 1943. Tillerson trailed two uniformed Polish military officers and readjusted a wreath underneath the monument, a hulking structure located in what was once the Warsaw Ghetto. 
The head of Warsaw's Jewish community read a prayer and Tillerson made brief remarks about the importance of not forgetting the horrors of the Holocaust. "On this occasion it reminds us that we can never, we can never, be indifferent to the face of evil," Tillerson said. 
"The western alliance which emerged from World War II has committed itself to the assuring the security of all, that this would never happen again," he said. "As we mark this day in solemn remembrance, let us repeat the words of our own commitment: Never again. Never again." 
His words came amid signs in Europe and beyond that ultra-nationalism and extreme right-wing groups are on the rise. In Germany and Austria, the nations that perpetrated the killing of 6 million Jews and millions of others during World War II, far-right parties with their roots in the Nazi era are gaining strength. 
The anti-migrant, anti-Muslim AfD party won seats in the German parliament for the first time last year, while in Austria the nationalist, anti-migrant Freedom Party is in the government. 
Both parties have had issues with members making anti-Semitic remarks. Even Poland — which was occupied and terrorized by Hitler's regime — was convulsed this week by revelations of a fringe neo-Nazi group that honors Hitler. 
Other ultranationalist parties that espouse anti-Jewish and anti-Muslim views seem increasingly emboldened as well. In Europe, that support is partially a backlash to the large influx of mostly Muslim migrants to Europe that peaked in 2015. 
Some of those migrants, especially from Arab countries, have brought their own brand of anti-Semitism with them. In Germany, many Jews have reported feeling threatened by anti-Semitism — both from native far-right groups and from Arabs — and Jewish institutions across the country have increased security.

Peter Strzok, and the Strzok Family

I am not sure this information is accurate. It is very interesting if it is.


(1) #AboutStrzok This is #PeterStrzok . He is in his 40s. He works for the #FBI . He was the only person to interview @HillaryClinton, with no recording, on her #HRCEmail investigation .

(2) #AboutStrzok How many #STRZOK family members are there? There are only 100 total Americans out of 300 million with this name . You can Google this. #PeterStrzokmust be unique in such a small family, right?
(4) #AboutStrzok The younger brother of #PeterStrzok Sr is #MarkStrzok who works for #Mammoet - They are world leaders in big cranes, with a speciality in moving nuclear Reactors.…
(5) #AboutStrzok The son of #MarkStrzok is #DevinStrzok , who is a coast guard graduate and now also lives in DC .…
(6) #AboutStrzok The wife of #MarkStrzok ... and mom of #DevinStrzok ... is #MarianaSrtzok .. Mariana (or Mary) is the daugther of General #JamesCartwright .
(7) #AboutStrzok #DevinStrzok is actually Devin Cartwright Strzok . His grandfather, General James Cartwright , was pardoned by Barrack Obama on his last day of office. Cartwright was accused of leaking info on #stuxnet .
(8) #AboutStrzok Another brother of #PeterStrzok Sr is #JamesStrzok - A Jesuit priest working in #Kenya ! With, no surprise, a solid military career, and deep knowledge in energy / resources ..…
(9) #AboutStrzok Wow, what is this... an emergency meeting between #DevinStrzok in the situation room in the #Whitehouse #WestWing in May 2015 ? With his new wife, at 9:45PM at night ?